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Pregnant Jenny fulfils a fantasy
Jenny was 28 years old, a slim, good looking girl with a friendly smile, she was proud that she still turned heads when she walked down the street especially as Jenny was also 8 months pregnant, Jenny loved being pregnant it made her feel more womanly, sexy in fact, knowing she was fertile and with child. Jenny found that as her pregnancy had gone on she found herself becoming incredibly horny so much so that she had taken to using her vibrator at least once a day.

The one thing that caused her some frustration was that her husband Bill had gone off sex and with Jenny feeling so horny she really needed to feel her husbands hard prick inside her but no matter what she did the most he would do was give her a kiss and a cuddle, and perhaps jack off over her large boobs and although Jenny enjoyed seeing the cum explode from Bill's prick and feeling the hot seed splash across her nipples it didn't really satisfy her needs she was worried that he didn't find her sexy anymore or maybe he had someone else?? No Jenny thought Bill wouldn't be unfaithful.

Being proud of her pregnancy and her body Jenny didn't try and hide it by wearing baggy clothes, Jenny carried her bump with pride and happily wore crop tops and short skirts, liking the admiring glances she still got from other men and fantasizing about them when she got home with her vibrator. In fact fantasizing about sex with strange men became such a regular thing that you would almost call it an obsession with Jenny.

One afternoon Jenny felt restless and couldn't get comfortable as the baby seemed to be moving around more than usual. As it was a lovely day she decided to go for a walk round the park hoping that would take her mind off it. On her way home Jenny suddenly felt very tired and had to lean up against someones garden fence. Just at that moment 60 year old Jeff looked of of his window and saw this very pretty young lady leaning against his fence. he noticed she was pregnant and immediately concerned went out to offer her some help or a glass of water. Jenny returned Jeff's warm smile and friendly greeting she was just about to decline the glass of water when she winced in pain as the baby moved again. Jeff immediately offer to take her indoors so she could rest up and decide if she wanted him to call an ambulance. Once inside Jeff let Jenny sit on a comfortable chair and brought her a cup of tea. "Nothing like a nice cup of tea to make you feel better" he said in his deep voice. They chatted for sometime and Jenny began to feel very horny listening to his voice and looking at his broad shoulders and rough looking hands. He was still in good shape and even with his grey hair looked much younger than his 60 years.

Jenny was feeling better and put the pain dowm to indegestion or somehting and was ready to go home so she could use her vibrator on her newest fantasy, as she got up and thanked him for his kindness she started to say she wished there was something she could do. It was then Jenny noticed the big bulge in the front of Jeff's trousers. Jenny giggled and smiling said "I'm flattered if that is because of me"
Jeff looked down and returned the smile. Jenny's easy manner meant he didn't feel embarrassed about it. Jeff had got hard sneaking glances at Jenny's big boobs while they talked and explained that since his wife died 5 years ago it had been so long that he had almost forgotten what it was to feel such passion for a pretty girl. Jenny blushed at the compliment and remembering how horny she was feeling after just a few weeks without sex wondered how bad it would after 5 years. Without thinking anymore Jenny put her hand out to touch the hard cock poking up inside of Jeff's trousers.
"You don't mind do you ?" Jenny asked "I just want to touch it ...hold it ...for you"

Jeff didn't mind one bit although he wasn't sure where this would end and he undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor. Jenny pulled down his boxer shorts and and Jeff's hard thick cock bobbed in front of her. "Wow" was all Jenny could say as she wrapped her fingers around his hot cock. The gentle strokes of Jenny's hand up and down his thick shaft felt like heaven to Jeff and within seconds, much to his disappointment, he started to cum. Jenny felt his cock spasm and panicking momentarily because she did not want to get his cum on her clothes she opened her mouth and took the head inside. Jeff groaned as he fired three heavy spurts of cum into Jenny's soft, warm mouth. Jenny instinctively swallowed it all down and looking up at Jeff mouthed 'Thank you' .

Jenny realised she hadn't given Bill a blow job for a while either. This thought made her even more horny, time to be getting home and use her vibrator to satisfy herself she thought. It was then Jenny realised that she was still stroking Jeff's prick and although it had started to soften after he had cum her stroking was now making it hard again. What staying power for an old guy Jenny thought and felt her pussy getting very wet she was too horny to stop now anyway.

It's been so long ..... Thank you" Jeff stammered "Do you mind" as her reached out to grope her full tits.

Jenny smiled and and shook her head as she opened her mouth to engulf the now rock hard cock once more, hoping he would last a bit longer this time.

Jeff looked down as Jenny bobbed her head on his throbbing prick her warm tongue lashing his bulbous head, he could feel her hard nipples under his hand and wanted to see more, gently he cupped Jenny's head in his hands and reluctantly pulled her off his prick. He didn't want to cum in her mouth again, Jeff wanted some pussy "Please take off your clothes for me " he said as he bent down to kiss her.

They kissed passionately and Jenny eagerly got up and pulled her top over her head and reached behind to unsnap her bra. Jeff smiled appreciatively as he admired Jenny full tits with their big hard nipples poking out. His rough finger traced a line from her lips, down her neck across her tits and finally circling her sensitive nipples, pushing it in and watching it spring back up. He then carried on down over her swollen tummy as Jenny unzipped her skirt and pulled it down with her panties. They kissed again, tongues swilling around, seeking each other out. Jeff turned Jenny round so she could kneel on the chair, she was just the right height for him now and he brushed his hand down her back over her buttocks on the way to Jenny's very wet very hot pussy.
Jenny gasped as his fingers traced her lips and puckered asshole feeling the wetness there. "Please" Jenny whimpered, she needed fucking and couldn't wait any longer.
Jeff rubbed the head of his prick against Jenny's puffy lips and clit before thrusting forward. Jenny orgasmed almost immediately as she felt the hard cock fill her steaming pussy. A feeling she had missed motre than she thought possible.

Jeff was amazed by how wet Jenny was and started to build a steady rhythm of long deep strokes then changing to short strokes before going back to the long strokes. Having already cum once Jeff was able to keep going for much longer than usual. After about 15 mins of solid hard fucking Jenny came for a third time and old Jeff could feel his seed boiling up in his balls again. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer now. He squeezed Jenny's arse and pumped her harder a few more times before holding himself deep inside Jenny's hot pussy as he released another large load of cum deep inside her. This was an incredible feeling for Jenny who screamed in pleasure as she felt the hot cum splashing the walls of her pussy, causing to have her hardest orgasm yet. Jeff didn't want to leave and held himself, grinding against Jenny's bum cheeks until his prick started to softened . As he slipped reluctantly from Jenny she was hit by a wave a guilt about Bill.

Jeff helped Jenny to get dressed before pulling his trousers back up. Giving Jeff an awkward peck on the cheek goodbye and mumbling something about being in touch, she hurried off home. Once outside Jenny smiled to herself she knew what she did was wrong, she could feel Jeff's load soiling her knickers but stranger sex had been so exciting and she couldn't wait to get home and start using that vibrator of hers again.......

To Be Continued - There are more adventures for Jenny to have pregnant or not let me know if you want more?

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2007-11-03 18:59:33
When my wife was pregnant i found her so horny and sexy that i couldn't keep my hands off her and we fucked all the time. I think there is nothing as sexy as a gorgeous pregnant woman.

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