This is a story of underage cousins going through their sexual education with one another. Most of us experimented with someone close when we were young so don't call me sick for doing so.
It had been tradition for all the seperate parts of my family to camp at the same campsite at the lake that lies about an hour and a bit from where we live. Most weekends spent at the lake consisted of my entire family sitting around a single campfire chatting and enjoying each others company. I was about 10 years old at this point in my life and many of my cousins were not much older. I particularily stuck with my cousin Melissa during these weekends at the lake simply for the fact that we were about the same age. Looking back now, I guess it never occurred to me just how sexy she was back then (although I can't help but notice now), but perhaps thats just because my hormones hadn't fully kicked in yet.

Melissa at the time couldn't have weighed more than about 70 or 75 pounds, was slim and had very small buds for breasts. I don't even recall whether she wore a bra, but I highly doubt it. As for me I was not the smallest 10 year old. I weighed a little over 110 pounds.

So there we were at the lake on yet another of those reocurring weekends. Melissa and I spent most of the Friday afternoon swimming in the lake. As usual the lake was quite cold and it was always a challenge to see who had the guts to jump in first. The challenge usually ended up with me throwing Melissa in the water and then jumping in after. This was just so I could push her in and still have the satisfaction of saying I was the first to jump in willingly.

We had probably been playing around in the water for about two hours when Melissa's mom, my aunt came down to call us back to the campsite for dinner. We swam over to the dock ladder and Melissa began to climb up. I was close behind and couldn't help but glance up the skirt of her swimsuit as she clambered up the ladder. I got an eyeful of a nice camel toe pushing tightly against the bottoms of her swimsuit. I instantly got a hard-on. When I reached the top of the ladder I immediately turned my body away from hers hoping she wouldn't notice the bulge in my shorts. I covered myself up with my towel to warm up and hunched my body forward slightly to release some of the pressure of my cock on my shorts. It seemed to work but only momentarily. I watched as Melissa swung her towel around and over her head to put it over her shoulders. As she raised her arms I noticed her hard nipples (no doubt from the frigid water) pushing against the thin material of her top. She wrapped the towel around herself and we headed back up to the campsite for dinner.

We dried off by the campfire while roasting some hotdogs for dinner with the entire family. Then Melissa came up with an idea:

"Hey mom?" She called to her Mother, my Aunt.

"What is it Melissa?" replied my Aunt.

"Do you think it would be ok if Martin stayed at our trailer tonight?" asked Melissa.

"Well I don't know, it would be up to his mom," she said.

My mom looked at me and asked, "What do you think Martin?"

"Can I?," I replied.

So there it was. Tonight I would stay at my cousin's trailer. Of course I had no idea what would happen later that night. After dinner was over we spent the usual time sitting around the campfire talking and before long it was time to put the fire out and go to bed for the night. Melissa, my Aunt, my Uncle, Melissa's brother, and myself left our campsite and walked a couple minutes in the pitch dark back to their campsite.

When we got there we quickly got into the fifth wheel trailer of my Uncle's. The fifth-wheel had the kitchen at the back of the camper, the living area ahead of that and then a large bed over top of the fifth wheel. The couch in the living area folded down into a bed and the kitchen tale could also be taken down and turned into yet another small bed.

"Well kids time to get ready for bed," said my Aunt.

Melissa slipped into the small closet sized bathroom to change into her pajamas. It didn't take much for me to get ready for bed as I just had to take my shorts off and sleep in my boxer shorts.

While Melissa was in the bathroom my Aunt asked me where I would like to sleep. I wasn't sure how to answer and I think she could see the confusion on my face. You can sleep where the table is or you can sleep on the sofa-bed with Melissa. Obviously the latter was much more tempting and so I told her that she didn't need to bother making two beds, and that I would simply sleep on the sofa-bed with Melissa.

At this point Melissa came out of the bathroom wearing a pink coloured Winnie the Pooh shirt. It was one of those night shirts that went all the way down to her knees.

"Well good night kids, see you in the morning," said my Aunt as she went up the small set of stairs and closed the curtain to the main bedroom. Melissa's much younger brother slept in bed with his parents because he was very young and was probably afraid of the dark or something. I never really knew though.

Melissa and I lay there face to face under a single large sleeping bag opened up, quietly chatting about the days events and that probably lasted for about an hour almost, although I wasn't paying attention to the time. Suddenly the topic of conversation changed.

"Do you know what sex is?" Melissa asked me.

"Ummm, no. Do you?" I answered.

"From what I've heard its when a guy and a girl start, playing with each others private parts and then the guy puts his penis inside the girls vagina." She replied.

"Really?" I questioned. "That sounds weird."

"I know! A friend of mine told me that she heard from her older sister that it feels really good. She also said that older people use different names for their private parts." She enlightened me.

"Well what do they call them?" I asked.

"She said that a guys penis is called his cock and a girls vagina is called her pussy or cunt." she answered.

"Weird," I replied.

"Yeah it kinda makes me feel funny to say them." said Melissa.

There was a silence for about a minute before she said something again.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?" she asked.

"No," was my simple reply.

"Would you like to kiss me?" she asked.

I couldn't even speak. My cousin Melissa, had just offered to let me kiss her.

"Are you sure?" I inquired.

"i wouldn't have said it if I wasn't serious," she said.

I shuffled up to her and wrapped my arms around her and moved my lips towards hers. At the last second I hesitated. However, Melissa really wanted to and there was no stopping her. She grabbed me by either side of my face and our lips met. My very first kiss with a girl and it was with my own cousin! And it was wonderful. We pecked at each other a few more times until she opened her mouth and I felt her tongue pushing against my lips. I don't know exactly why I did but I opened my mouth and let her tongue slip into my mouth. It must be instinct. We were making out like that for what seemed like a lifetime and when our kiss broke Melissa rested her head on my shoulder.

With her head on my shoulder she whispered in my ear.

"You can kiss me anywhere you want" she whispered. As she said this she broke our embrace and reached down and pulled her long night shirt up to her neck. I couldn't see anything under the blanket but when I put my arms back around her all I felt was her bare flesh. I crawled underneath the blanket and began kissing her chest. My mouth found its way to her puffy nipples which, although I didn't know why, were big and hard. I put my lips over one nipple and started sucking. Melissa let out a quiet moan and I poked my head up above the blanket and looked up towards the front of the trailer and her parents bedroom. I heard nothing. I looked at Melissa and raised my finger to my lips making sure she remembered where we were. I'm sure she understood that we would get in trouble for what we were doing if anyone found out. Melissa nodded and so I went back to what I was doing.

I crawled back underneath the blanket covering both of us and started kissing down her chest towards her flat stomach. I kept kissing and licking her all over her body while my hands remained on her tiny breasts to play with her nipples. I continued kissing down her body, all the way down her legs and back up. I poked my head up above the blanket and she whispered in my ear again.

"I want you to lick my pussy," she whispered. With that she pushed my head back down towards her waiting pussy. Her smell was sweet and intoxicating and it drew me towards it. I reached out with my tongue and touched her virgin lips. My god did it taste good. It tasted almost as good as it smelt. I licked and sucked and nibbled on her young juicy pussy . I managed to find something hard in between her lips (her clitoris although I didn't know thats what it was) and I flicked my tongue against it and she let out another small moan and started breathing very heavy. Soon she was bucking her hips at causing her cunt to press harder against my face. I was quite shocked that we didn't wake her parents with how much she was causing the trailer to rock. Suddenly she stopped bucking and her whole body went stiff and she started shaking. I sat there semi-panicking as she looked like she was having a seizure. Seconds later her body relaxed.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, that felt incredible." She said while letting out a sigh.

She pulled me back up so that I was face to face with her and we cuddled some more. We must have held each other for about 10 minutes, although it seemed like an eternity. Then Melissa placed her hands on my shoulders prying us apart and pushed them down on the bed so I was flat on my back.

"Your turn," she said.

I just looked at her with a look of concern. I didn't know what she was going to do to me.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'm gonna make you feel really good."

With that said, she started running her tongue all over my chest and down my body. Almost exactly as I had done to her. It was quite a new and wonderful feeling for me and I started getting really excited. My dick felt like it was going to explode. She slowly peeled my boxers down my legs, over my feet, and off.

Melissa's tongue made it down to my erect cock and she started licking up and down the shaft, stopping only at the top to run circles around the head with her tongue. She kept doing this same motion a few more times and then soon opened her mouth and let my 10 year old cock slide into her mouth. She began sucking up and down the length of my cock quietly moaning with every downward motion.

I was feeling blissful until all of a sudden I was feeling very "full". It was almost like I had to let something go, but just wasn't ready yet. Her constant sucking was getting me there though. Suddenly she stopped.

"What are you doing", I asked.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" She replied.

"Definitely" I said with subtle enthusiasm.

With that said Melissa climbed over top of me and laid down on her back.

"What do I do?" I questioned her.

"I'll spread my legs and you crawl in between them, then lean forward and try to put your cock in my pussy", she said.

"Ok..." I said, unsure of totally where my cock was supposed to go.

I did as she instructed and crawled up between her thighs and leaned forward, pushing my cock towards her dripping cunt. I pushed once, twice, three times, but all I got was resistance. Melissa grabbed my cock and guided me into her hole. As soon as I was in it felt like a whole new world. It was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one, but even better. It was soft, but tight, and slippery as all hell. I pushed in as far as I could. (Her hymen had already been broken). I felt like my cock was in a vice grip, but a pleasurable grip it was. I pulled back slightly and quickly plunged back in with a low grunt. I was already close to that feeling of exploding. I quickened my pace a bit and soon had a nice rhythm going. After about a minute I started losing my pace as I was right on the verge of letting go. She could tell I was getting close and she was getting that quiver again, and with one last push into her cunt I let go. My body started shaking and my cock was jumping inside her. At the very same moment she started convulsing again. I collapsed on top of her and my cock slid out of her used pussy.

We put what little clothing we had back on, and fell asleep holding each other. We awoke the next morning and acted as if nothing had happened. Life went on as usual, however, I constantly wondered if my aunt noticed the white stain on the mattress cover.

But thats another story....

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