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This is a true story with the names changed.

One of the girls at school was in a bad car accident. She had to wear a full body cast for a year. Her mother wanted her to enjoy her friends and not be left out so she would invite all her girl friends over after school to socialize. They intern invited some of the boys including me. The girls taught me how to dance and we had a great time. Basket Ball was over so I didn’t have much to do after school. It was great fun. We would party Friday and Saturday nights. There were eight girls and twelve guys. When summer came we would party there almost every night.

One night we were drinking quite a bit. I noticed that one of my friends named Jim was getting the mother drunk. He kept giving her shots of tequila. I had never seen her drink before. I forgot about it and was having a good time dancing when I noticed my friend and the mother were gone. About ten minutes later I saw Jim come out of the bedroom and whispered something to one of the guys. I saw the guys eyes get real wide and then he went into the bedroom.

I walked over to the bedroom and looked in. There was the girls mother sprawled out on the bed with her dress up to her chin and Bill the guy I saw go in was fucking her. I stepped into the bedroom and said, what the fuck are you doing, are you crazy? The woman was moaning a little but you could tell she was out of it. He said, “Jim said to go for it that she likes it. Shit I said we are going to ruin a good thing doing this. Bill pulled up his pants and said suit yourself but as soon as I can get another hard on I’m coming back for more.

He left and I locked the door. I wanted to sober her up but as I looked at her gapping pussy and crop of black hair I suddenly got a hard on. She was not a pretty woman by any means. She was a little plump, not fat but well rounded in her late forties. She had large tits that sagged to the sides of her chest as she laid there. I was pretty drunk and I thought what the hell, way not. I dropped my Jeans and underwear and mounted her. She was a little sloppy from the previous two guys cum but she felt hot and her pussy tightened around my cock as I began to shove it in and out of her. Her big tits had large areolas and her nipples were a dark pink. I began to suck on her tits as I pounded that sloppy pussy. She began to moan and suddenly she wrapped her legs around my sides and was fucking me back. She opened her eyes and smiled and said in a slurring voice. Fuck me son, I haven’t had a nice dick in me in ten years. I don’t think she remembered the first two. And fuck her I did. I guess because I was drunk I lasted for about twenty minutes before I let go of a huge wad of cum deep into her stomach. As I got up she said “Thank you young man I haven’t cum like that in a long time. You can come back anytime.” I grinned and said, you can count on it and left.

When I opened the door Jim was waiting for seconds. When I went in for seconds she was wide awake. I got her up and to the bathroom and made her take douche. She gave me a Blow Job before I fucked her in order for her cunt to lubricate after the douche. She asked me how many guys had fucked her. I said do you really want to know? She said “Yes.” I told her all twelve guys and some more than once. “Shit she said, there goes my reputation, does my daughter know?” I said no the guys have been very careful not to let any of the girls know what was going on. “Will you thank them for me” Sure I said as I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy.

It turned out that eleven of the original guys fucked her off and on until they got out of high school. I never fucked her again after that night because of events that happened about the same time in my own home.

One night when I was twelve years old before the above events happened I got up to pee and as I walked to the bathroom I heard a noise coming from my parent’s room. It sounded like someone was moaning or crying. I opened their door and it squeaked as I looked in. Mom was lying on the bed with her legs over the end of the bed and Dad’s head was between her legs. Mom looked over and screamed at me to get out. I ran back to my bedroom and because I had to pee so bad I peed my pajamas. Mom came in a few minutes later and tried to sooth my crying. I said I was sorry that I thought I heard her crying and just wanted to find out if she was OK. She helped me change my pajamas and she held my head between her breasts and stroked my head as she told me everything was ok and that she was sorry she yelled at me. I felt her nipple on my cheek and I turned my head and began to suck it through her gown. Mom didn't say anything she just kept stroking my head. Her nipple got real hard and large and I kept sucking until I fell asleep.

Quite often after that night I would hear noises coming from my parent’s room. So one afternoon while Mom was shopping I got the W-D 40 from the garage and squirted it on their bedroom hinges. After that when I would hear those noises I would sneak over and open their door very quietly and watch my Dad as he would fuck Mom or eat her pussy. I had taken a sex education course that year so I knew a little about what he was doing to her. She would moan and cry out “Oh god honey, that’s nice, Oh eat my pussy honey you are making me cum yesssss Ohhhhhh shits that’s feels good. Or she would say Yes baby, oh god your cock feels so good, fuck me fuck me hard.” And I would watch Dad pound his cock into her pussy. I always got a hard on and then go to my room and jack off.

When I was thirteen Dad got a job as a sports broad caster. He had been a great football player both in college and the pros but blew his knee out in his fifth year as a pro. He had to fly all over the United States to various games and was gone a lot. Everything was fine for a couple of years. Then the fighting started when Dad was home. Mom would accuse him of playing around and of course Dad denied it. Mom started drinking. She never worked because Dad made a lot of money so she had a lot of time on her hands.

Mom also started drinking first thing in the morning and she got to where she never dressed in the morning when She fixed my breakfast. She usually had her robe alnd night gown on but some times she didn’t have her night gown on. I could see her beautiful tits when she bent over and some times when she would sit down her legs would be open and I could see her pussy. I would get a hard on and go into the bathroom and jack off before I went to school. I began to imagine what it would be like to fuck my Mother. Mom was a beautiful woman at 35 with bright red hair. She was 5”10” and she said she weighed 145 lbs. She also had light red hair above her pussy while shaving the rest around her pussy. Her tits were a firm about a 36c.

I came home one afternoon after school and found Mom sprawled out on the couch. Their was an empty bottle of gin on the floor. She was passed out and snoring. Her robe was wide open exposing both her tits and her pussy. At first I was pretty disgusted. But as I looked at her beautiful body I began to get a hard on. One leg was on the floor and the other on the couch. I reached over and lifted the leg on the couch and placed it over the top of the back. Her pussy was now fully exposed. My hand was shaking as I knelt down beside her and inserted a finger into her vagina. Very slowly I began to move it in and our of her pussy. I took another finger and inserted it into her and using my thumb I began to rub her clit and pump my fingers in and out of her. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as I finger fucked her. Mom began to moan and push her pussy at my fingers as I continued to finger fucked her.

I moved between her legs and lowered my head to her pussy and began to lick and suck her vagina like I had seen Dad do it so many times. Mom started moaning as I ran my tongue up and down her slit, guiding it over her clit and then down deep into the folds of her cunt. Mom grabbed the sides of my head and said “Oh yesss Dan (that’s my Dads name) that feels so good, ohhhhh honey your making me cum.” I felt her ass shudder as she climaxed and she pushed my head hard into the folds of her pussy. I made her cum several more times sucking that wonderful pussy. I heard her say “O h god honey fuck me, I’m so hot my pussy needs your cock. What could I do, so I dropped my pants and buried my cock deep into her waiting cunt.

At sixteen I was a big kid like my Dad who was 6’5” and weighed about 240lbs. I was not that big yet but I was 6’2” and weighed 190lbs. Like my Dad I had a pretty big cock. It was 7 & ¼ inches and about as big around as a door knob. As I entered my Mothers womb I got a strange feeling realizing this is where I originally came out of. It excited me and my cock got even harder. I felt the warm almost hot insides of her pussy as I slid in. I can’t fully explain the feeling I had as I realized I was fucking my own Mother. It was a combination of guilt and desires all rolled into one.

I felt Mom’s pussy lips tighten around my cock as I started pumping in and out of her. Sliding my cock almost completely out of her and then plunging deep into the recesses of her wonderful vagina. Mom swung her legs around my waist and placed her heels on my butt and began to pump her ass causing her pussy to jamb against my cock as I plunged into her. Her pussy and my cock were pounding into each other with a great deal of force and Mom was Moaning as she kept cumming over and over.
"Oh god Dan, you feel so good, ummmmm, yes thats it baby make Mommy cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhh thats good baby, harder baby harder.

I saw Mom open her eyes for a moment, I’m not sure if she recognized me or not but she closed her eyes and continued fucking me back. I felt my balls load up and I buried my cock deep into Mom and I could feel her cervix as I came directly into it. I flopped down onto Mom as I felt surge after surge of my love offering penetrate deep into her womb. Mom kept saying over and over. “Oh god Dan that was wonderful, her words were slurred and then she passed out again.

I got up and took a shower. It was now five o’clock so I fixed my self a hamburger and
drank two glasses of milk. About six I went into the living room and Mom was still out so I fucked her again. It was not as intense as the first time but once I got going Mom would respond and fuck me back. I fucked her for about ten minutes before I emptied another load of my love offering into my mothers pussy. At about ten I picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I took her robe off and put her in bed. Then I got undressed and climbed in beside her. She was facing away from me so I slipped my cock into her really wet pussy and fucked her doggy fashion for awhile. Then I tried to fuck her in the ass but it was just too tight. I went back to fucking her pussy and fell asleep with my cock still in her.

About seven the next morning Mom was shaking me and screaming, “What are you doing naked in my bed.” I looked at her and smiled, what does it look like. You fucked me three times last night and with that statement I reached up and pulled her to me and kissed her hard, shoving my tongue into her mouth. She bit down on my tongue and pushed me away and said “We didn’t shit did we? You were passed out and you were feeling no pain when I got home from school. After my shower I came to wake you up and I only had a towel wrapped around me. When I bent over to help you up you grabbed my cock and the next thing we were fucking, I lied.

“Shit, Shit, shit, this can’t be happening. I’m your Mother and you’re my son that’s incest for christ sake. This can’t happen again and your father must never know. Do you understand.” Yes Mom, but I don’t know why not, you enjoyed it. You fucked me so hard and told me what a good lover I was. I don’t see the harm if we love each other I said. “Because it’s wrong, that’s why. I could go to jail and your Dad would divorce me if he ever found out.” Well I certainly won’t tell anyone, and I don’t think you will either.
“That’s not the point, incest is against the law and it’s wrong no matter how good it feels. Now get out and we will never speak of this again.”

It was a strained relationship for awhile. Mom would not look at me and she stopped drinking and would come down fully dressed in the morning. After about a month things softened up some. We began to talk again. Dad came home and there was only one fight and that was over me wanting to go down to Mexico for a week end. Dad was home for a whole week that time. Before he left for another assignment he fucked Mom every night he was here and I watched him eat her pussy twise.

About two months later Mom heard a rumor that Dad was having an affair with a secretary and started drinking again. That night We were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Mom was in her night gown. She didn’t have her robe on and when she stood up to go to the bathroom I could see right thru it. She wasn’t wearing any underwear either and I got a hard on. When she came back she sat down next to me and I put my arms around her. She looked down at my crotch and saw my hard cock. She had a couple more shots of gin and laid her head on my shoulder.

I don’t know why but I leaned over and kissed her, gently at first and then a little more intently. I was surprise when she kissed me back, her tongue entered my mouth and our kisses became more and more passionate. I reached over and squeezed her breast and she let out a slight moan. I moved my hand down to her thigh and slowly moved my hand between her legs. She parted her legs to give me access to her pussy. She started rubbing my cock as I inserted two fingers into her wet vagina and began to finger fuck her. I knew she came because I felt her pussy lips tightened around my fingers. I made her cum two more times before I lifted her to her feet and removed her night gown. At the same time she shoved my pajama bottoms to the floor.

I gently laid her back down on the couch. Except for that brief moment when I removed her gown we had never stopped kissing. Both our breaths were labored as I began to suck on one of Moms nipples and at the same time I kneaded and rolled the nipple of the other breast. I took turns sucking and kissing her breasts for quite awhile before I slid down her body and placed my face between her legs. I ran my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy as I pushed two fingers into her hot wet love hole and hungrily sucked on her clitoris. She was bucking against my fingers and I was afraid my teeth might accidentally hit her clit. Luckily I didn't I ate my mother’s pussy for over a half an hour sucking her clit and running my tongue up and down her wonderful pussy. She had a strong aroma with a slight strawberry taste. I can’t tell you how many times she came but the couch had a big stain from her dripping cunt.

I don’t know why I did it but I took one of my fingers out of her vagina and shoved it up Mothers ass. She seemed to respond even more, so I continued shoving my finger in and out of her ass as I sucked her clit. Finally Mother gasped “Oh god son fuck me, I’m so hot I think that if I don’t get your cock in me I will explode. She was right, as I entered her pussy my cock felt like it was entering a furnace. She came as I entered her wonderful love hole. I came within a couple of minutes, but I was so turned on that my cock stayed hard as I continued to fuck her. She was mumbling and groaning so loud that I was wondering if our neighbors could hear. “OH honey, OH shit I can’t stop cumming, your cock has my pussy on fire, OHHHHHH FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD YESSSSSS THAT’S IT BABBY, OH SHIT THERE IT CUMS AGAIN.” She reared up her ass and I could feel her shudder all the way up the length of my shaft. “OHHH god BABBY I’M NOT SURE I CAN TAKE MUCH MORE auuuugggh mmmmmmm” she screamed.

That did it. I lifted her legs above her head and shoved my cock as hard as I could deep into her fuck whole. When I felt the tip of my cock shove into her cervix I let go a load of cum that took me almost three minutes to finish. I filled her love hole with my love offering and we were both covered in sweat. She was still cumming two minutes after I had stopped fucking her.

I fucked her three more times that night and stayed home from school the next day. We fucked about every three or four hours all day and most of that night. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We fucked all through the week end and by Monday I was exhausted. I was glad to take a break. We cooled down some but fucked at leased once a day and some times twice for the next year. I soon began sleeping with her when Dad was on the road. She never failed to wake me in the morning by sucking my cock, Some times I would cum in her mouth and sometimes we would just fuck. Those were the times when I fucked her twice because we always fucked before we went to sleep. She let me fuck her in the ass but it hurt her so much I never did it again.

It has been ten years since I started fucking Mom. I fucked her graduation night in the car just like I might have if I had a date. When I went away to college she would come and visit me and we would fuck like young lovers. One time when Dad Mom and I were at Dad’s parents house for a visit, I toe fucked her while we ate dinner. Mom almost gave it away when I made her cum. She let out a low grown and when everyone looked at her she said, “I got a cramp in my side.” Everyone laughed.

We had a few close calls. One night I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Mom came in and I fucked her doggy fashion over the sink. I had hardly stopped cumming in her hot cunt when I heard Dad coming down the hall. I quickly sat down and took a big gulp of milk as he walked in. Another time I heard Dad fucking Mom and it made me horny. Dad always fell asleep after fucking so I snuck into her bedroom and stood by her side of the bed. She took my ragging hard on into her mouth and I fucked her throat until I shot a load of cum deep into her throat channel. She never lost a drop. I almost shit my pants when Dad turned over and was facing me as I was cumming in Moms mouth. He never woke up.

That’s my story, I have fucked several women over the years but none of them were as good as Mom. She is now in her mid forty’s and still looks great. Her tits are beginning to sag a little but other than that she still is a sex pot. Oh, I did leave out one thing. The night I first fucked her, she was off the pill and got pregnant. I wanted her to keep it and pretend it was Dad’s but Mom said he had been fixed so she had it aborted. I still live at home and continue to fuck my Mom as often as I can.
The End.
All right belong to the Author.


2017-09-20 03:50:02
I first fucked my mom when I was 15. My dad was in the hospital and died two months later. She had a son seven months later.

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2011-03-25 02:25:54
Great story. When mom got pregnant she should have had the child even tho her husband got fixed. She could have claimed rape or some other story.

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2010-09-30 21:34:28
i first fucked my mother when i was 17 she was 35, im now 42 and we live as a couple i class her as my wife.we moved away from where i grew up. she loves to suck me dry and on the odd occasion likes me to fuck her ass as well.

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2010-09-20 21:31:47
do sons really fuck their mums? or is it all fantasy?

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