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An ad on an adult meeting website leads to more than expected.
Two Men Wanted: Two young men needed to fulfill our fantasy of having two men fuck the wife as hubby takes photos. Must be prepared to have photos taken and published on the net. Must also be prepared to perform DP and not scared of another mans dick.

I typed the message into the Adult Match Finder profile and hovered over the ‘Enter’ button.

“Are you happy with this and the photos?” I asked Sharon as she lay naked next to me.

“No one will reply.” She said.

“Bullshit.” I said. “You’ll be swamped with offers.”

“No young men are interested in a 43 year old, middle aged woman.”

“It’s all to do with attitude.” I said. “And you have plenty of attitude.”

“Nah.” She rolled onto her back. “It’s been seven years since we had that threesome. I’m not as hot as I was.”

My mind flashed back to our first threesome when Sharon had her first double penetration. I can still recall the images of her lying down with her legs spread wide and cum dribbling out of her mouth and cunt. It was like it was yesterday.

“Look at you.” I pressed enter and sent it on its way. “You want it real bad don’t you?”

“I’m going to have to make do with Mr Happy forever and ever.” She picked up her dildo and rubbed it on her pussy. “Because no one will want any of this.”

I pulled my expanding cock out of my track suit pants and stroked it as she closed her eyes and slipped the dildo into her hairy, but trimmed pussy. I walked over to her as I admired her long black curly hair that fell back on the bed, her flat belly and nice tits as she rubbed her clit.

“I certainly want it.” I said as I rubbed my cock against her mouth.

Three days later I opened up our profile on AMF and lo and behold there were 265 messages.

“Look at this.” I said as I moved the laptop over to her. “265 messages from a bunch of horny men in three days.”

“Bullshit” she said as she spun the laptop around towards her. “I’m going to have to check these out.” Finally she believed what I had been telling her all along.

“Women can easily score.” I said to her for the umpteenth time. “Now pick two and I will organise the rest ok.”

“Some are pretty young.” she said. “Here is one that is 19. And he’s hot too.”

I could see she was getting excited about what she was doing and her pert boobs were nearly out of her short black nightie as she leant over the laptop. I reached in and gave one a squeeze and she slapped me on the hand.

“You’ll get yours later.” She said. “I have work to do.”

She certainly did.


“I have the two I want.”She said. “One is that 19 year old you saw last week and the other is a 26 year old Italian lad.”

“Show me.” I lay on the bed next to her and looked at the images on the monitor. “I suppose they look ok.”

I lifted up the bottom of her nightie and rubbed her arse.

“Send them the details of where we will meet.” I said. “I’ve booked the honeymoon suite at Crowne Plaza. Get their mobile phone numbers so we can contact them on the day.”

“I already have them.” She said.

She was certainly keen.


I lugged the flash equipment and my cameras up to the room and set the Elinchroms and reflectors up in strategic positions around the room. The scenario was that Sharon was to be the mother of a bride who gets fucked by the two groomsmen. I don’t know why we were bothering with a scenario but it just seemed like a bit more fun than just a straight shoot. The two lads were to be dressed in tuxedos and were to get her drunk and seduce her before going to the wedding.

Sharon was out getting herself a full beauty treatment as I set up and at about 5.30 there was a knock on the door. I opened it up and there before me was Sharon looking better than she had looked for years. Her hair was dark and curly as always but it shone. Her face looked ten years younger and the short black dress she wore accentuated her firm boobs and hot arse. The fish net stockings only helped things along.

“Fucking hell.” I said. “You look 33 not 43.”

“Yeah I look alright don’t I.” She waltzed into the room.

“How am I supposed to wait until 7.30 before I get to see what’s below.”

She pulled a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and grabbed one of the joints I’d rolled of the top of the dresser.

“We can have a drink, order a meal and relax.” She said.

I was feeling very mellow as the wine, champagne and hooch took effect and relaxed my mind. Sharon was lying back on the lounge looking very happy as the mobile buzzed to life. I had been looking at the photos of the two and we both went for the phone at once. I was quicker though.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hi. It’s Gianni here.” the voice said. “We are here. What room is it?”

I told him the room and wondered why he said ‘we’. I didn’t think that the two knew each other or were going to meet but I had not been doing that part of the organising.

“They are coming up.” I said just as the phone rang again. “Hi it’s Tim here how you doing?”

I couldn’t work out what was going on.

“Yeah hi Steve.” I said thinking that they must be together and just doing as instructed and ringing up. I told him the room as well and as he hung up he also said. “We’ll be right there.”

“They both said we.” I said to Sharon as she stood up and straightened herself up.

“Maybe they met each other downstairs.” She said. “Not too many people dressed in Tuxedos around.”

“Fair enough.” I said and I turned all the flashes on.

Moments later as Sharon was pacing around the room a knock resonated from the door. She smiled at me and walked over.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“Too late now if I wasn’t.” She said.

She opened the door and although I couldn’t see out into the hallway from where I was I knew something was wrong.

“Oh fuck.” Sharon said and stepped back into the room. She had her hands over her mouth and turned to me with a look of surprise on her face.

“Are you Sharon?” I heard Gianni say.

I came around the corner and saw not two but four men dressed in Tuxedos standing at the doorway.

“What the fuck has happened.” I said to no one in particular.

“I think I fucked up.” Sharon said.

“Quick come in.” I said to them “No point in standing out there.”

They shuffled in and I recognised Steve and Gianni but the other two were a mystery.

“I’m Mark.” I said. “I recognise Steve and Gianni but who are you two?”

“I’m Greg.” One of them said. “And I’m Tony.” Said another Italian fellow who looked like he was an athlete of some deion.

“Bloody hell.” I said. “What are we going to do now?”

“Why what’s the problem.” Tony said.

“It was only supposed to be the two of us.” Gianni said.

“No it was only supposed to be you and Steve here.” Sharon said. “Do you guys want a drink?”

They all nodded and looked at her as she walked to the fridge.

“Well this is a disappointment.” Greg said. “Not only have I rented this poxy tuxedo but I’m missing out on a fine piece of arse.”

We all laughed.

“We could both go down to the bar and drown our sorrows.” Tony said. “I saw a few nice ladies down there.” He winked at Greg. “Women love a man in a suit.”

“Have a beer.” Sharon said.

We chatted for a while and soon enough we worked out that both Steve and Gianni thought that they were to bring a friend to make up the two men wanted. Neither of them knew about the other.

Sharon stood up and looked at the two dejected men and said. “Not many weddings only have two best men.”

With that my ears pricked up and two previously sad men looked happy.

“What do you mean.” Tony said. “Are you thinking of taking us all on?”

She turned to me and smiled. “Well two dick, four dicks.” She shrugged. “Twice the fun.”

“She has a point.” Greg said.

This was becoming even better than I had expected.

“Looks like you may not have wasted your money.” I said to Greg.

With that Sharon walked over to Gianni and rubbed her hands over his body.

I grabbed my camera and turned it on.

Gianni rubbed up and down the sides of her body. He lifted up the sides of her dress revealing her suspenders.

CLICK: I took a photo of Gianni lifting her dress higher revealing her lace panties.

Greg moved over and rubbed her arse. Sharon quickly moved her hand down to Gianni’s pants.

CLICK: One of her undoing his belt buckle

Greg knelt down and continued rubbing her arse.

CLICK: One of him kissing her arse as she pulls Gianni’s cock out of his pants.

“She is one horny lady.” Tony said as he unzipped his pants.

CLICK: One of Sharon looking down at Tony as he pulls his cock out.

Gianni began rubbing her boobs and Steve stood up and unzipped his fly as well.

CLICK: One of Gianni playing with her boobs as she rubs his cock. Steve and Tony are pumping their own cocks.

Tony’s cock was massive and Sharon grabbed it with her other hand. Greg pulled her panties down and slid a finger along her trimmed snatch. So that was what she was hiding, her nearly hairless pussy.

“Fuck she’s wet.” He said as she bent over further.

CLICK: One of Greg sliding two fingers into her pussy as she held onto Tony and Steve’s cocks.

With Greg behind her and the other three in front she leant right forward and Gianni, who was in the middle of the three, pulled her hair back and guided his cock into her mouth.

CLICK: One of Greg now sliding three fingers into her cunt and Sharon holding onto two cocks as she sucked Gianni.

Greg stood up and looked at me and said. “You have one horny fucking wife here mate.” He undid his pants and pulled out an eight incher. He pulled her panties all the way off and she spread her legs wider. He pushed her black dress up over her back and as he did so Gianni and Steve swapped places and she took Steve’s smaller cock into her mouth.

CLICK: One of Greg, his cock pointing out, pushing her dress up as the three other cocks waited.

Greg squatted down and rubbed his cock on her wet slit. I moved around to get a better look.

CLICK: One of Greg’s cock pushing against her pussy and the other three cocks in the background.

“Fuck me.” Sharon said as he rubbed his cock on to her slit some more.

He lined his cock up and eased his length into her wet pussy.

“Fuck.” They both said together as he buried his cock into her.

“You are so wet and tight.” Greg said.

CLICK: One of his cock all the way in her cunt.

“Go you slut.” Gianni said as he moved Steve out of the way and offered his cock to Sharon who sucked it into her mouth.

CLICK: I took one of Sharon with a cock in her mouth, her dress rolled up around her middle and Greg fucking her pussy.

The angle was perfect for Greg who was really pumping into her as she stood leaning over sucking Gianni’s cock. I moved around to take a shot of her sucking Gianni’s cock and as I did Tony also moved in and she had two cocks to contend with.

CLICK: One of her sucking two cocks into her mouth.

This leaning over position must have begun to hurt a bit so after sucking the two cocks for a while Sharon eased Greg out of her pussy and squatted down in front of him and immediately sucked his slick cock into her mouth tasting her juices.

“Come here.” She said to the other three and they moved over to her. She moved two behind her and two in front and pulled them close.

“Take one of me covered in cocks.” She said to me.

CLICK: One of the lads draped their cocks over her head as she sucked Tony’s fat monster into her mouth.

CLICK: She swapped to Steve’s and sucked that as well.

“Let’s get somewhere comfy.” She said as she stood up. “Get undressed.”

These boys were very obedient and they all began to strip as Sharon also peeled her black dress off and fingered her pussy as she watched them strip. She saw me standing there taking a few pics and she came over to me.

“You can’t be comfortable with that tied up?” she said as she rubbed my swollen cock.

“Best get out number five.” I said smiling.

She squatted down again and unbuckled my pants.

CLICK: One of her pulling my cock out and..

CLICK: One of her sucking it.

Tony and Steve were the first undressed and they came over to Sharon who was slobbering over my length.

CLICK: I took one of her sucking my cock as two other cocks were on the side of the picture.

Sharon stood up and kissed me as Tony and Steve took her over to the bed.

I climbed out of my pants and then twisted the flashes around to highlight the bed.

Sharon lay back with her legs spread and her fishnets and suspenders still on. Her long black hair trailed back onto the bed and she rubbed her pussy as Steve and Tony sucked each breast.

“Lick me.” She said to Greg as he came over to the bed. Needless to say he jumped at the chance and landed on the bed and swooped down into her open snatch. Gianni saw that her mouth was empty and he climbed on the bed and took her head in his hands.

CLICK: I took one of her sucking his cock as the other three licked and sucked her body.

Sharon is really sensitive to having her clit sucked and tonight she was extra sensitive and as the two licked and sucked her nipples and Greg tongued her pussy she took action.

“Suck my clit. Make me cum.” She pleaded.

Greg must have done so because she began bucking as though someone had electrocuted her and she nearly crushed his head as an orgasm swept across her. She could only moan with Gianni’s dick in her mouth and he was lucky she didn’t bite it off.

“Someone fuck me.” She said as she momentarily removed Gianni’s cock.

“That’ll be me.” Greg said as he moved position.

CLICK: One of Greg’s cock entering her sopping pussy.

Steve wanted his dick sucked as well so he moved away from her boobs and she grabbed his cock and alternated between his and Gianni’s.

CLICK: One of Sharon holding two dicks as Greg fucks her.

I could tell by the way that Greg was pounding her that he wouldn’t be far away from shooting his load and sure enough he announced he was going to cum.

“Fuck man.” He said looking back over to me. “Where do you want me to cum?”

I didn’t really care but for the photos I said, “Just come on her pussy.”

Like a true professional he whipped his cock out and after a few pumps he squirted a stream of cum onto her open and red pussy and onto her stomach.

“Ah fuck. Yeah.” He said as he rubbed his cock into the cum he had left on her.

CLICK: One of her open pussy with his dick rubbing cum through her pubes.

Sharon rubbed the cum over her cunt and down around her arsehole so I knew what she wanted now.

“Someone going to fuck her arse?” I said.

Steve leapt back like a Samurai and Sharon rolled over on the bed into a doggie position.

“Me, me, me.” Steve said as he spat on his dick.

He knelt behind her and firstly slipped his cock into her pussy.

Greg was sitting on the pillows rubbing his slightly deflated dick as Tony moved to her face and handed her his dick. Gianni also moved towards her so she had two cocks to suck.

CLICK: One from underneath of Steve’s cock in her pussy.

Steve pulled his cock out and Sharon reached underneath and rubbed her swollen clit as he lined his cock up with her arsehole. I moved in close as he slid in.

CLICK: One of his cock sliding in as she fingers her pussy.

“Oh God.” She whispered. “Fuck that’s good.”

CLICK: Many more of his cock sliding into her arse as she rubs her clit.

I stood back and took a few of her having her arse fucked and alternately sucking on Tony’s and Gianni’s cocks. Greg was getting himself a beer out of the fridge and I had an idea.

“Hey Greg.” I said. “Come and take a few pics for me.”

“No worries.” He said after downing some of his beer. “Just aim and shoot.”

“Yeah.” I said. “Pretty much describes the nights activities.”

We both laughed as I finished getting undressed. Steve was alternating between her arse and her pussy so I got the lube from the dresser and as Steve slid into her arse I squirted some down around his cock.

“She’s going to need the lube for what’s next.” I said. “Tony is going to fuck her pussy with that gigantor cock of his while Gianni has her arse.”

“Oh yeah.” Was all she could say as Steve pulled his slippery cock out of her arse and then politely wiped it onto a towel on the side of the bed.

CLICK: One of us all rearranging ourselves with Sharon still hunched over doggie style.

I moved to Sharon’s head and she grabbed my cock and began sucking it as Greg continued taking shots.

“Lie down Tony.” I said to him. “Sharon climb on.”

Tony lay on his back and pumped his massive cock a few times and before mounting him Sharon sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could. She made sure it was nice and wet with spit and because she had turned her arse towards me I couldn’t resist the opportunity to slide my dick into her snatch. Some of the lube had made it even more slippery and with her sucking Tony’s whopper and the other guys all standing around with massive hard-ons I almost came. I resisted though and pulled my cock out and squeezed a glob of pre-cum out for her. She climbed on top of Tony as soon as I finished and with the glob still hanging from my cock she stuck her tongue out.

CLICK: One of her licking the pre-cum off my knob.

CLICK: One of Tony’s cock filling her pussy as he stuck a finger in her arse.

CLICK: One of the three of us on the bed with the other two in the background.

Sharon had become silent as she fucked and sucked us both. I could tell that she was nearing another peak in her orgasmic roller coaster ride and sure enough before Gianni even entered her arse, she came again.

“Come on, oh fuck, I’m cumming.” She said as Gianni stood on the bed with his cock hard and glistening with lube. “Fuck my arse. Quickly”

CLICK: One of Gianni lining his cock up in her arse hole with Tony’s fully in her cunt.

She took my cock back in her mouth for a moment before releasing it as Gianni forced himself into the tight hole.

“Fuck that’s tight.” He said as he and Tony treated her to her first DP of the night. I rubbed my cock on her face as she took to having her rear ends filled with hard cock. Steve also moved up onto the bed and she took his cock into her mouth as soon as he got there. I decided to get Greg back into the action and I hopped off the bed.

“Get back into it mate.” I said to him. “Thanks for taking those.”

“My pleasure.” He said as he passed me the camera. “This is one horny slut of a wife you have here.”

“Why thank you.” I said “For that compliment you can have her arse next.”

“Cheers.” He said as he took a swig from a bottle of beer he had just picked up.

He climbed up on the bed and knelt next to Steve who had a hold of her head and was fucking her mouth.

CLICK: One of her with Steve fucking her mouth, Greg wanking his cock and Tony and Gianni fucking her pussy and arse.

After a few more shots and Sharon moaning for more I interrupted the activities.

“Greg, your turn in her arse.” I said.

He was so quick to jump off the bed I thought he was going to over balance and fall into the esky. Gianni reluctantly pulled out after Greg slipped some lube on his cock and climbed on as well.

“Come here.” She said to him.

I was a bit surprised to see her willingly take his cock in her mouth but I think she was beyond caring. All she wanted was sex and lots of it.

CLICK: Another shot of the new combination but with Greg holding onto her stockings and suspenders.

Greg and Tony really kept the pace up nicely and after what seemed 10 minutes and 20 more pics Gianni spoke to Tony.

“Do you want to give her the chairlift like we did that slut at the wedding the other week.”

“Yeah she’ll love it.” Tony said.

“What’s a chairlift?” I asked.

“Don’t you know?” Tony asked.

“I’ve never heard of it either.” Steve said.

“Ok everyone off her.” Gianni said.

Greg slid his cock out of her arse and Sharon slid off Tony and laid on her back with her legs spread wide.

“What’s a chairlift?” Sharon asked as she readjusted her fishnets and suspenders. I looked at Gianni and raised my eyebrows in anticipation of a response.

“Tony and I will hold her up while you three take turns fucking her.” He said shrugging. “We carry her like a chairlift.”

“Sounds good to me.” Sharon said as she pulled up her stockings and moved between the two Italians. I grabbed the camera and started taking some more pics of her being lifted up.

CLICK: One of with her legs wide open, her cunt gaping and wet and the two men holding her and sucking a tit each.

Greg was the first to enter her pussy and the two lads rocked her back and forth like a swing.

“That is fucking brilliant.” She said. “Tilt me back and Steve come here.”

They tilted her head back so Steve could enter her mouth and here she was slung between two men who were sucking a tit each and a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. No wonder she came again.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” she cried. “Fuck me like a whore.”

“You are a fucking whore.” Steve said. “I’m going to fuck your arse you dirty slut.”

Greg pulled out and went around to Tony. “I’ll hold the tart.”

They clumsily swapped positions and Steve got into position.

CLICK: One of the five of them all surrounding Sharon who had Tony’s cock, just barely, in her mouth. Steve had finally slid into her arse and her cunt was open and ready for rubbing and Steve began rubbing her clit and sliding some fingers in as he fucked her arse.

Tony, who was getting a fine blow job from Sharon could not hold back any longer and he pulled his cock out and with a few quick pumps he sprayed a load over her face.

“Ah that’s the girl.” He said “Swallow it up.”

CLICK: One of the cum all over her face as she licked at it upside down.

Steve, at the site of all this cum must have felt his balls tighten as he pulled his cock out of her arse and sprayed his substantial load over her cunt and onto her belly.

CLICK: A shot of cum dripping down her pussy and onto her arse.

“My turn.” Gianni said as he put her down. “Get on your knees and bend over like the dog you are.” He said.

She went to get on the bed but he wasn’t having any of that.

“Here on the floor.”

She obediently got on all floors and he slid his arse into her cunt before pulling it out and easily sliding it into her arse. The other three just stood and watched with slightly deflated cocks as I took a few more pics before handing the camera to Steve.

“Your turn.” I said before I knelt on the floor and pulled her cummy face towards my cock. My orgasm took me by surprise and I felt my balls tighten as I filled her mouth with semen. She couldn’t swallow it and most dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

CLICK: One of my cock rubbing cum over her face.

Gianni was about to cum as well and he pulled out and raced around to her face. Greg knelt behind her and had another go at her pussy as Gianni sent a rope of cum onto her face and into her hair. Her face was covered in sticky jism and after about five minutes of pounding Greg came in her pussy, just as she likes it.

She rolled onto her back and opened the one eye that wasn’t stuck shut. I marvelled at her sensational body lying there with her stockinged legs spread wide.

“I think that might do you boys.” She said as she pulled her hair back. “I need to have a spa.”

“But its only 9.30.” Gianni said.

“Good.” She said smiling. “Go downstairs, have a drink, and come back at 11.”

I love my slutty, horny wife.

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2010-06-17 04:28:48
"She obediently got on all floors and he slid his arse into her cunt before pulling it out and easily sliding it into her arse."

Made a mistake in that, im shure you can figure it out for yourself.


2007-11-20 23:13:14
get a second chick in on this...5 cocks 6 holes...let the fun begin!


2007-10-22 13:36:53
Pretty tame given the material, more detail needed ,maybe a man-on-man angle would spice it up a bit.


2007-10-22 07:00:07
Alright it was a pretty decent story, however you gotta spice your dialouge up a bit. accentuate the moanings and orgasmic screaming and you will do much better. room for improvement, but it was still a turn-on nevertheless. 8/10

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