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My familiy
This is my first story so if you do not have anything good to say, do not say anything at all.

Ch.1 Trip by car

It was a vacation I hope to soon forget and I hope my siblings will learn their lesson. It all started with my father. When my mother lived in a farm, he had fallen for her as his father drove by in a limo. Mom's brother wasn't appreciative of "city folk " tainting his daughter's soul. However, blood was thicker than water so my family had to go and visit my uncle. If that wasn't enough ,though, they had to adopt me. A black kid who hasn't even made all the way through puberty. I can't say the same for my brother and sister. They were born after my mom and dad adopted me. They thought they couldn't have anymore kids after a strange accident. I better explain why they are in this story. I'm sixteen and have gotten the hang of puberty. As for my brother and sister, they are just starting and, boy, did they get affected by hormones. I don't know how but he manages to sneak dirty magazines without even me watching. My sister studied from old videos that my grandpa had to give a handjob without the person knowing until they have an orgasm. It stinks to be in this family. As we were driving off, my brother was deviating how to turn our cousin who's the most super innocent and smart boy into a sex obsessed maniac like him. Our cousin has blond hair and was home schooled into being a genius. Also, since he did a lot of farm work, he had a great body that put my athletic body to shame. I can't stand him sometimes. "hey," whispered my brother. "What do you suppose we get the dirty magazines and rile ourselves up!" "Can't you just sit down without thinking about so much sex?" I responded. My sister reached out and started to jerk him off without either of us knowing. She so thin and her hands are so delicate she knows how to squeeze roll and pull someone with ease. Plus she has had a few years of practice. As my brother was talking to me his red hair in his eyes slightly. My sister grinned and hinted at what she was doing to me (we love to pull this prank on him.) My brother was talking way at why it's okay to look at magazines. I could tell he was clueless. He was leaning over to me with his hands on the seat and just jabbering away while her hands were moving in various motions without his pants shifting at all. All of a sudden ,as we planned, my brother started to shudder and shiver and his eyes went cross eyed. His hands gripped the seat with extreme ecstasy and stiffening. When he finally stop shooting his load into his pants. He gasped for air from the extreme pleasure. Finally he looked down and saw his pants all wet. Wow! the cum really bled through his jeans. He looked frustratingly at my sister who pretended to be asleep. He shoved her because he knew she was just acting innocent and looked angrily at me. "You little sneaks!" he said. "What am I supposed to do now when we get there, say I wet my pants again like last time?" "Don't worry," I said "It'll dry out before we get there. "Don't bother," responded my sister. "We're here." As she pulled her long brown hair back, She grabbed paper towels we had in the car and shoved them in my brother's pants. We had already parked and there was Uncle Jake, Auntie Eliza, and (who else but) cousin Sam. "Hi bro!" proclaimed my father to Jake. Jake just stared in silence for a moment and walked right past him to go to mom. "Hi sis!" said Jake. "It's so good to see my Nick and Rachael!" I forgot to say my brother is Nick and my sister is Rachael. "Nice to see you too, Uncle" I said under my breath. My cousin Sam (younger than me by three years and looking as muscular as ever) walked up to me and gave me a huge hug! "I love to see you all the time," said Sam. "I have a feeling this will be a visit we'll never forget!" I looked back at my sister and brother who gave an evil gin to me as if I were in on the plan. "Oh! You won't forget it for sure."


As we last left off, I was pulled into an awful situation by my siblings.

My cousin Sam was certainly one of the handsome lot. He was also known to be very strong in his innocence. His face didn't have any flaws because mainly because he didn't eat sugar and that kept his face from getting zits. His body was mainly solid. I was so thankful I was older and stronger. He didn't worry about sexual activity because he lives so far away from our sex - crazed society. His shirt was unbuttoned revealing his six pack and he wore jeans with cowboy boots. I envy him so bad! I was getting myself angry and decided to point out my qualities that he didn't so it made me feel a bit better. "Let's go to dinner kids!" said my Uncle. He grabbed Nick and Rachael and pulled them to the building. "Hello," I shouted. " I'm here too! I'm Joseph! Remember me?!" My aunt walked up to me and helped calmed me and my father down. "Sometimes I don't know why I married that man, I hope you'll forgive him." I walked into the farmhouse and saw a chair open. Fortunately, I was placed at the sides of the table so I could leave if I get mad or sick. "There was silence in the room until my aunt shoved her elbow into Uncle Jake's side. As she pointed at me to make conversation with. "So," shouted Jake. "What have you done that's soooo magica... Oof!" Jake's side was shoved again. "I signed up for over 6 clubs, I'm in Rowing and I go to a prep school. We..." "Perfect! I've heard enough! Ouch!" Jake was jabbed again. I stayed silent this time and decide to change the subject. " What has Sam been doing." And that got Jake going. "What can't I say about my son! He smart, great, fun..." I decided to sit and just stare into space. All of a sudden I realized my sister was gone." I was feeling something come on." If her hand jobs weren't powerful enough, Her blowjobs were extremely fantastic. I felt a boiling orgasm coming and was getting scared people would notice. "What do you think about our son kid?!" said Jake to me. "I.. well... uh..." Nick gave me an expression that basically told me he planned this. I could tell he was trying to get me to join him in his plot against Sam or be totally embarrassed and lose the little respect opportunity I gained from Jake. I tried to keep my composure. "Your son is kind and thoughtful..." I was loosing my control. "Enough with the vague, blurry crap." said Jake. "Give details!" I was really losing it and my face was turning red. "He knows the ure inside and out. He is very good with... with..." I was ready to explode and I could barely speak. "You can stop this you know" whispered Rachael. I wasn't going down so easily. I used my foot to kick and slow/stun her a bit and I said every thing as fast as I could. "He's a great dancer,singer, thinker, and all around good guy to be with!" I finally couldn't hold and exploded all over underneath the table, the ground and the white table cloth (thank goodness!) Everything went blurry for a few seconds. My elbows on the table were shaking and my face turned bright red. I tried to settle my breath by holding air in my lungs and kept on smiling as if nothing went wrong. My sister slowly rose from the table onto her seat. She was rubbing her face with the napkins in such disgust and was slightly gagging from my seven inches. Everyone looked at her and wondered what happened. "Sorry, my milk went down the wrong way." Rachael said embarrassed. Nick was in shock that anyone could beat his sister. No one ever gagged or subdued her in such a manner. Nick secretly pointed his middle finger at me and mouthed "This isn't over." I was so sensitive and needed to leave the room for some air. "Oh No!" I said "Her coughing fit bumped my drink and it spill on my pants." Do you want us to help you clean it?" said Jake slightly in a taunt manner that made me seem like a baby. Jake was jabbed again. "I better step out." I ran out in a relieved manner. I wonder why my brother wants me to have Sam be like him. Unless my brother WANTS him.


2008-03-26 07:13:35
Total crap story. Waste of time reading it .Try thinking before you write.


2008-03-10 11:53:11
read before you write


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With all duerepect you cant write to save own sorry ass


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stop stop stop stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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