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Bunny Chapter 1

I was sitting in the school cafeteria, the end of which was a stage that was used to put on all of the school plays, and where the drama class met and practiced. As it happened there were several freshmen girls who were hanging out waiting for class to start. When they saw me, the sauntered over asking what I was doing there, and had I come to watch them practice. I told them I didn’t have a class that period and it was either here or the library. The shorter of the two, who I would later learn was Bunny, held out a book she had been looking at and said I could read it to keep from being bored. As I took it from her hand she looked at the other girl, giggled, then rapidly walked away, pausing long enough to say over her shoulder that she would “get it from me” after class. What I didn’t know at the time was that even though I didn’t know who these girls were, they knew all about me.

Like most 17 years old guys I pretty much thought about sex all of the time, but even so I was still pretty naïve, as I lived in a small town, the internet had yet to be created, and the most risqué written material I could get my hands on was “Playboy” magazine, and that not very often. Considering the style that was in fashion at the high school I attended was the micro mini, I was also pretty much horny all of the time, the type of horny that would have me fucking some ugly fat chick and knowing I would be regretting it the next day, but doing it anyway type of horny. Outside of having a one-track mind, I was an ok guy. I was good looking, muscular but trim. I had abs like the ones shown in those ads for workout machines and a butt to match. I was five foot ten and weighed right at 145 Lbs. I had a good size cock: about eight and a half inches long, but also very thick for the length. At this time all I had ever thought about my cock was how to get it into some girl’s pussy, outside of that, I just though a cock was a cock and since I had no siblings and had not had to take gym since sixth grade, I had nothing to compare it to should I even think to do so. I didn’t realize that it was bigger than other cocks, or that would be something of interests to girls. The only two girls that I had had sex with up until then, had not mentioned anything about my cock size, well… at least not to me. I mean, not knowing much about sex, I was doing good just to stick it in them. Evidently one of them had said something to someone because both of these two little freshmen girls seemed to know exactly what I had between my legs, although I would not find that out till over a year later.

I looked down at the cover of the small book Bunny had given me, the title read “Family Fun.” I was just bored enough that I thumbed through the first few pages and started reading. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this wasn’t the kind of book that I thought it was. The story was about a young pre-teen girl, and it chronicled her adventures from her first sexual encounter at age nine, with her older brother, to being gang banged by both brothers and three male cousins. By the fifth chapter the girl who was yet to have her first period, was getting both holes fucked at the same time while she sucked cock or ate the pussies’ of her even younger female cousins. I had just started chapter six, where it looked like she was going to get it from her father and uncle at the same time, when the bell rang for class to be over. I looked up from the book feeling very self-conscious as I saw Bunny walking toward me, and the fact that my dick was hard as a rock certainly didn’t help.

Bunny slid onto the bench next to me and asked if I liked the book. Before I could say anything, she leaned over and looked down at my cock, which was trying to explode out of my pants and said, “Looks like you did”. She took the book from my hands and stood up holding her other hand out to me and asked if I could help her put up some props that needed to go on a shelf she couldn’t reach, and everybody had already gone. I just nodded dumbly as I took her hand and followed her onto the stage and through the heavy curtains, and to a dark area back stage. She stopped in front of a bookshelf, picked up a box full of props, handed it to me, and pointed to the top shelf, which was about seven feet off the ground. I had to stretch to begin to slide the box onto the shelf, just as I had it about halfway, I felt and heard the zipper of my pants being zipped down. The next thing I knew, Bunny’s hand had shot inside, captured my stiff cock and pulled it outside of my pants. I looked down at her squatting before me as I gave the box one last shove onto the shelf. She was looking up at me with those big little girl eyes as she stroked my cock with her little hand, which would barely fit halfway around. She then looked at my dick, stuck out her tongue, and licked completely around the head. She looked up at me once more and smiled, then stretched her lips slowly around it until she had engulfed all of the head.

As she moved her head forward and began stroking me with her hand, I could feel the back of her throat as my cock bumped up against it. She reached out with her other hand and began gently stroking and squeezing my balls as they hung heavily between my legs. I had, had a hard on for nearly an hour strait by the time my cock was filling Bunny’s mouth. Between the warm wet feeling of her sucking, and the stroking and caressing of her soft little hands on my shaft and balls, it was probably less than a minute before I started shooting my load down her throat, and down her throat it definitely seemed, for as I began to cum, she shoved my cock as far into her mouth as it appeared able to physically go. It felt like my cock head was pushed into her throat until it was stuck tight, like a plug in a jug. I began shooting load after load straight down into her belly as she used both hands to vigorously stroke my shaft up and down. Overcome with the need to fuck something, I grabbed her head and tried to shove my cock further down her throat as I continued to cum. She took her hands off my shaft and grabbed my ass trying to help me shove my cock even further down her throat. Somehow, between the two of us, we managed to shove my dick completely down her small throat, so that my balls were smashed up against her chin. Still, I could not contain my lust and grabbed her head even tighter and started fucking my cock in and out of her throat as I continue to cum for more than a minute. I knew I must be hurting her, as I could hear her making gagging sounds: still she kept pulling me into her, using her hands to impale her throat on my cock.

Slowly my orgasm began to wan, and my knees began to buckle beneath me. With my cock still buried in her throat she helped me sink to the floor, her long brown hair falling onto my stomach and between my thighs, tickling my balls and causing one last eruption of cum to shoot into her mouth just she pulled her throat off of my cock. She then began licking hungrily up and down my shaft and around my balls searching for any cum she had missed. When she finished, she helped me get my cock back in my pants and my pants zipped up. She then put her arms around my neck pulling me on to her and kissing me deeply with her bruised puffy lips. When we finished kissing, she got up and started to walk towards the front of the stage. Before she went through the curtains, she stopped and turned back toward me. “You can meet me here after school if you want to give me a ride”, she said with a leer, glancing at my cock. She flipped up the back of her skirt, showing me her little tight ass which was barely covered by a pair of silky powered blue panties.Then she was through the curtains and gone, even as my cock was starting to rise once more.

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2013-01-24 09:39:26
NO INCEST delete and rewrite and put it in the PROPER catagory.

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2010-04-15 20:35:53
wrong area the only incest was in the book so it doesn't count don't give up your day job this needs a lot of work and a total rewrite

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2008-07-09 16:20:11
wow sucks bad


2008-02-16 08:31:18
hey when are u gunna make a bunny chapter 2????? cant wait and great story 2


2007-11-06 10:20:07
Very good, my rating for it would be higher if I knew for sertain that there was more to come.

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