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His Mom My Mom 2

To recap my first story: Jack and I had been fucking his Mother after Jack caught me fucking her while sitting on the toilet. I mentioned to her about the porno films showing two women eating each other that I found in my Mom & Dads room. The following week when our two families got together I saw Faye, Jacks Mother, finger fucking my Mother making her climax. It turned me on and I decided I wanted to really fuck my Mom. I got Faye to promise two help me seduce my Mother/

Part 2
That Saturday I talked Jack into going to the park and play some basketball. He wanted to stay home and fuck his Mother as many times as he could over the week-end. I told him that Faye and my Mom going shopping and that we could fuck Faye when she got back.

That evening I notice that Mom seemed to be in great spirits. She was singing to herself while fixing diner and kept smiling a lot. She was dressed in a light summer dress. She looked beautiful. My Mom is just the opposite of Jacks Mother. She is 5’ 5” and weighs about 115 lbs with strawberry colored hair. I once saw Mom in the nude when I had snuck into her bedroom while she was taking a shower. She had really nice tits with barely any sag at all. Her areolas were a very light pink and she had nice round nipples a little darker. The hair around her pussy was a light blonde with a hint of red. I remembered jacking off twice I got so turned on looking at her. I checked her bra size in her drawer and they were all 36cc.

About half way thru diner I dropped my knife on the floor and when I bent down to pick it up I looked across the table and My Mom was sitting with her legs wide apart. She didn’t have any underwear on and I could see her pussy. I pretended to search for the knife as I stared at that gorgeous pussy looking back at me. I noticed there was a little white stain just outside those lips and I realized it was some of her cum. My cock became instantly hard and I cracked my head on the table when I straightened up. I looked at Mom and I must have had a flushed looked on my face because she suddenly turned beet red and I could tell she closed her legs together. For the longest moment we just starred at each other until Mother cracked the spell by coughing and then she got up and went to the sink and drank a full glass of water before returning to the table.

I kept thinking, was Faye successful in seducing Mother? I couldn’t wait to get over to Jacks and ask her. I quickly finished eating and told Mom & Dad I was going next door because Jack and I had some homework to do before Monday. I stood up forgetting about my hard on. When I did I saw Mom staring at the tent in my pants. When our eyes met she turned beet red again. As I left I heard Mom say she wanted to talk to me when I got home.

I ran next door and didn’t even knock as I burst into the kitchen. There was Faye laying on her back on the kitchen table with her head back over the edge of the table with Jack’s cock fucking her mouth. He had his whole cock deep down her throat. I almost started laughing because it was quite comical. However when I saw her legs spread wide apart and her pussy beckoning me I forgot about what I ran over there for. I dropped my pants and stuck my cock right into her waiting cunt. I picked up Jacks count and we began fucking her in unison. Both shoving our cocks into her together. Jack came first driving a load of cum down her throat as I continued to fuck her. After about eight more minutes I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock as deep as I could and let lose a torrent of cum into her waiting love channel.

Jack went into the bathroom to pee and clean up, so I asked Fay if she had been successful. "Well honey I have to tell you I have never had my pussy eaten so well. Your Mom made me cum so much I thought I would go insane. We made love to each other for almost four hours, we almost got caught by your dad when we lost tract of the time and he came home about four this afternoon. I didn’t think I had any loving left in me but you and Jack just proved me wrong.

I started to get hard again just thinking about Mom eating Faye’s pussy. When Fay saw my hard on she said I don’t think my pussy can stand any more. I turned her over on the table and shoved my cock into her Ass. She Moaned, “Oh god Burt you always seem to know the right thing to do, that really feels good, now fuck me, fuck me hard, and I did.

I went home about 9”30 and took a shower. I hardly got into bed when Mom came into my room. She said “Were you looking up my dress at diner?” I stammered, I’mm, I’m really sorry Mom, when I dropped my knife and went looking for it I couldn’t help looking at your open legs. When I saw you with no underwear on I could only stare at your pussy. “Where did you learn that kind of language young man? However I do want to apologize to you. That was not very lady like of me and I’m sorry I had such an effect on you. I’m your Mother and you should never look at me in that manner.”

Oh Mom, how can you say that, you are the most beautiful and sexiest women I have ever known. She flushed a deep red and kind of squirmed on the bed with her legs. “I’m real sorry I put you in that kind of situation but I am your Mother and you should never look at me like that. I’m very flattered that you think I’m attractive but we mustn’t think along those lines, do you understand me.” I guess so, but it is going to be hard after seeing you like that. She flushed again and said, “Honey we will just have to try”

She leaned over and started to kiss me on the cheek but I turned and she kissed me on the mouth. I put my arms around her head and held her tight. I tried to put my tongue in her mouth but she wouldn’t part her lips. She started to push me away as she did her hand accidentally went down for balance and she wrapped her hand around my hard cock. For a brief moment that seemed like forever we were positioned with her Ass half raised off the bed and her hand wrapped around my cock. Our lips were still together because I was still holding her tight.

She finally broke free, her face was again flushed. She said, “Burt, please don’t do that. I’m your Mother and it’s not right. You should never have those kind of feeling toward your own Mother.” In our little scuffle the strap on her night gown had fallen off her shoulder and her right tit became exposed. I could not help myself. I reached up and gently squeezed it running my thumb over her nipple. She was leaning over and my action caused her to suck in her breath and she became flushed again. “Stop it Burt, stop it this instant. I want no more of that out of you, do you understand? I’m your Mother for god’s sake” and she left. I jacked off but couldn’t make myself cum so I went to sleep with my cock in my hand.

The next morning (Sunday) Mom would not look at me all during breakfast. Faye and Jack came over about ten thirty and we all piled into Dads car for a ride to church. Faye sat between Jack and me in the back seat. We kept trying to run our hands up between Faye’s legs. I leaned forward and put my chin on the front seat and asked Dad if maybe we could go to the park and play a little one on one basketball with Jack. As I talked I reached back and ran my hand up Faye’s dress and pulled her panties aside and began finger fucking her. She stopped resisting and scooted forward so my fingers were buried inside her hot cunt. Just as we got to church I heard her give a soft sigh and a little moan as she came.

As we were walking up to the church, Jack whispered, “I don’t want to play basket ball with your Dad, I want to fuck Mom. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked Faye’s pussy juice off them. I could smell her pungent odor and decided I better wash them off. When Jack and I were in the bathroom I told him Mom mentioned that she and Faye were going to do something that afternoon. Mom sang in the church quire and some times did a solo. She had a beautiful voice.

When We got back to the house from playing basketball I noticed that both Mom and Faye had that flushed look. Mom’s dress was a little wrinkled and Faye winked at me. I got a hard on thinking about what may have happened between them. That late afternoon I was over at Jack’s house fucking Faye, when I asked her how we could set Mom up for me. She said “I’m scared that if I do she will never forgive me. I don’t want to lose your Mom’s friendship.” Don’t worry, we will say I blackmailed you into doing it. That I threatened to expose you for fucking me. “ Won’t that make her just as mad? Fucking her son isn’t going to make her happy;” We will tell her Jack and I forced you to fuck us and after you did you couldn’t stop or we wouldn’t let you stop.

“Well it could work out maybe. It’s Jacks birthday next Sunday and his Dad has asked to take him to the ball game.” I’ll try and figure out a way to get your Mom over here. You will have to figure out how to occupy your Dad..” No problem, Dad will be watching football all day. So here is how I think we should do this. I told her my plan. She smiled and said that should work. I grabbed her and gave her a big kiss as I came in her. I was so excited that later I fucked her in the Ass as Jack was fucking her pussy. We had not done that before. Faye said, “My god that was great, we will have to do that some more. I came eight times from both your cocks in me at the same time. I could hardly wait for Sunday.

Monday morning at breakfast I noticed Mom was still in her gown and robe. Dad had already left for work. She told me that she wasn’t feeling well and decided to take a day off work. I remembered Faye only worked a half a day on Monday and Friday because she usually worked ten hour days Tuesday thru Thursday. I smiled to myself knowing what they would be doing that afternoon.

When I got ready to leave for school, Mom seemed to be preoccupied because when she gave me a kiss and a hug it lasted quit a bit longer than usual. I got a hard on and it rose between her legs right about her clit level. I started to dry fuck her and she momentarily responded by pressing her puss against my cock. She gave me a strange look and then realized what was happening and pushed me away. She had that flushed look again. “Burt, I told you, you couldn’t be thinking like that. I’m your Mom and it is wrong.” Sorry Mom, I got carried away, I said. “Well just stop it.” If you don’t I will tell your Dad or I may just have to stop giving you any hugs.

I really got distracted that day. I was in my history class sitting in the back row. Mrs. Turner my teacher was sitting at her desk. Her old one was out for repair and the new temporary one didn’t have a front. Mrs. Turner is only about 4’11’ or 5’. She is quite stocky but her tits that sit high on her chest seem rather nice. Her feet won’t reach the floor when she is sitting so she has a short little stool to put her feet on. I guess she forgot about the desk not having a front because she was sitting there with her legs wide open. From my vantage point I could see her cunt. She had on white panties and a crop of black hair showed through them and on either side of her panties.

I got an instant hard on. Ray who sat across the isle from me saw what I was looking at and he giggled. We were leaning in the isle getting a good look when she realized what we were doing. She shoved her legs together and said, “Ray, Burt march yourselves up here immediately just as the bell rang. Both of us walked up and stood in front of her desk. I looked over at Ray and he had a hard on too. “Just what do you two think you were doing?” I started to stammer, I’m, I’m sorry, but Ray who had more balls than brains said we were looking at your pussy, what did you think we were doing. You were sitting there with your legs wide open inviting us to look."

I thought oh shit; we are in real trouble now. She turned a deep red and Stammered, “Don’t you talk to me that way young man, I’ll send you to the Principals office for disciplinary action.” “No you won’t because we will tell him you kept showing us your pussy all morning. When we didn’t want to fuck you, you got mad.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I new I was going to get expelled.

She stood up and came around the table. Her face was as red as a beet. She started to wave her finger at Ray but to my amazement he lifter her up by her arm pits and sat her on the table. Now Ray was a tackle on the junior football team and was pretty big for his age. He shoved her back and as he did her legs came apart and he stepped between them

I could hardly believe what was happening. Ray undid his pants and pulled her forward so her Ass was on the edge of the Table. He held her down with one hand and took the other and pulled her panties aside as he shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Her eyes were as big as saucers as he pumped his cock in and out of her. I kept waiting for her to scream but all I could hear was him grunting as he pounded her. I ran over to the door and locked it. I kept saying, are you crazy Ray, your going to get us both kicked out of school or sent to jail.

To my utter amazement she put her arms around his nick and began to fuck him back. She began to moan rather loudly, Ohhh shit, I can’t believe what I’m doing but it feels so good. Ray Yesssss oh christ don’t stop, fuck me, Ray fuck me hard. It’s been eight years since I had a cock inside me.” I was dumb founded as Ray kept pounding her pussy. He came once but kept right on fucking her without missing a beat. Finally it dawned on me I was missing out. I dropped my pants and jumped up on the table. I straddled her face and lowered my cock directly into her mouth. She grabbed it and began to suck. Boy did she suck. I lasted about three minutes before I came. She really choked when I shot my load straight down her throat. There was cum all over her face and chest.

Ray finally came and we both put our pants on. There was a banging at the door because the next class was due. Mrs. Turner jumped up and pulled her dress down. “Shit, what am I going to do?” Ray said, “Just play it cool. Go sit down I’ll open a window so that there isn’t any smell. When the next class comes in you tell Burt and I that for talking in class we are to report to you after sixth period. We will be back to fuck your brains out, won’t we Burt.” What could I say, so I said I guess so? “Alright then open the door Burt.” We left and the teacher told the next class that she would be right back that she needed to use the bathroom.

That after noon after sixth period I went to Mrs. Turners room but Ray had not arrived yet. She said “I don’t know what got into me earlier, but it was a mistake and I’m sorry. I hope you don’t think to badly of me.” Not at all I said I really enjoyed what we did. Just then Ray walked in and locked the door. Mrs. Turner said, “Ray we can’t be doing this. It was a mistake on my part. I could get fired and/or go to jail. You are both under age.” “Nonsense, you liked what we did. Neither of us will tell anyone. We don’t want to ruin a good thing, do we Burt.” No I said we don’t.

Mrs. Turner said “I’m sorry boys I just can’t. I feel so guilty already.” Ray just walked over to her and put his hands under her dress and pulled her panties off. “He said no ands or buts were going to fuck you as often as we want and you’re going to enjoy it.” She started to protest but when Ray shoved two fingers up her cunt and began to finger fuck her she got real quiet. Her breathing became ragged and I could see her squat a little to let his fingers better access. I watched her Ass quiver as she came on his fingers.

He said, “Ok Burt, you get to fuck her first this time, I want a blow job.” With that he turned her around and sat in the chair. He pulled her head down and forced his cock into her mouth. She began to really suck his cock moving up and down his shaft. His cock was about the same size as mine about 6 + inches. “Well what are you waiting for Burt look at that fine Ass and pussy?” That was all I needed. I took off my pants and underwear and shoved my very hard dick deep into her pussy. I was surprise at how tight her vagina was especially for a 41 year old woman. Her cunt lips tightened around my cock as I began to slide in and out of her. Her cunt was really hot but I was able to last almost ten minutes before I erupted deep inside her pussy cavity. I felt squirt after squirt penetrate deep inside her. She was pushing back at me the whole time. She must have cum several times because her and my cum was oozing out of her pussy and down the inside of her legs when I pulled out.

I stood there watching her suck his cock. She would go clear down his shaft until her lips touched his pubic hair and then lift up until it was almost out of her mouth. Up and down, up and down she went. My cock never got completely soft and started to rise again as I watched. Ray said I see you are getting hard again, why don’t you fuck her in the ass?” She made a muffeled cry protest but Ray pushed her head back down and nodded to me to go ahead.

My cock was still wet from fucking her so I first shoved a couple of fingers into her pussy and then I shoved first one then the other up her ass. Her sphincter muscle was really tight. I don’t think she had ever had anything up there. It took me about four minutes to loosen it up before I shoved the head of my cock into that tight hole. Her sphincter muscle resisted at first and then I plunged all the way to my balls. She let out a muffled scream so I just held my cock in place not moving for a couple of minutes.

I then slowly began to move in and out of her. Bringing my cock out until it was almost out of her and then I slowly shoved it back in until my abdomen was tight against her ass. I slowly increased my tempo. After I had fucked her for several minutes she began to moan. Mmmmmmgddd was her muffled sound as she sucked Rays Cock. She lifted her head and said, “Oh Burt that feels so good. I never knew that having someone fuck me in the ass could be that wonderful. Please fuck my ass harder Burt. Yesss that’s it fuck me harder, harder ohhhh god yesss.” I pounded her Ass as hard as I could and came at the same time as Ray did. He erupted fully in her mouth as he held he head tight against his cock. She was choking and coughing as Ray shot load after load of his rope like sperm up into and down her throat. I filled her Ass with my own offering.

I unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra. Her tits were perfectly round. Not real big just a handful but they stood there fully with hardly any sag. Not bad for a 41 year old. She had small areolas that were a dark almost black look. Her nipples were small but protruding out from her breast. I played with them for awhile and kissed and sucked her nipples. She would moan every time I sucked or bit her nipples.

I realized that it was almost five o’clock and told them I had to go. I said same time tomorrow? Both nodded in the affirmative. Ray had gotten hard again and had lifted up Mrs. Turner impaling her on his cock and walked them both over to the door. I slipped out and I heard the door lock as I left.

That night I was just to tired to go over to Faye’s and went to bed. I could find out tomorrow night how it went. The next morning I woke up early because I had gone to bed so early. As I walked past Mom & Dads bedroom I heard Mom moaning and could hear the bed bang against the wall. I smiled knowing Dad was giving her a good fucking. I wondered if I could do as good a job.

When Dad came into the kitchen later ready for work he said “Your Mom is still asleep be sure and wake her by 7:30 so she can get to work on time.” Sure Dad I said. It was 6:45. I ate breakfast and went to wake her up. When I walked in Mom was sprawled across the bed. She was laying on her back with her legs wide open. Her night gown was up by her waist and her pussy lips were spread a little apart. I could see Dads sperm oozing out of her pussy. I just stood there as my cock getting harder and harder.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING THERE, how dare you come into our bedroom like that?” Sshe screamed. I stammered, I’m sorry Mom, Dad asked me to wake you up at 7:30 so that you could get to work on time. “Well you should have at least knocked. How long have you been standing there?” I just walked in I lied. She looked at the tent in my pants and said well it must have been long enough for you to get a hard on. I’m sorry you had to see me like this, now get out of here, and knock next time. I Exited her bedroom quickly.

I heard her in the shower and then about 8:15 she came into the kitchen as I was about to leave for school. “I think we need to have another talk tonight. I can’t have you getting a hard on every time we are near each other. So we both should think of a possible solution.

After school Ray and I fucked Mrs. Turner twice and she gave each of us a blow job. We fucked her every day like that for six weeks until we got a big surprise. We came to her class and I noticed she was very pale and about half way thru the class she got up suddenly and left the room. That afternoon when we came for out daily fuck she was sitting there crying. We both asked at the same time what the matter was. "I’m pregnant that’s what the matter is." We were both speechless. “It must have happened that first day before I started to take the pill” She said. What are you going to do I asked? “I don’t know, I’m 41 years old for christ sake. That’s to old to have a baby. I guess I’ll have to take a leave of absence and have it aborted. Ray and I fucked her inspite of her grief. In fact we fucked her three time's each that afternoon. She was exhausted when we got though. I didnt' get home from school until almost six PM.

For the next two days she had a terrible time trying not to throw up during her class's. Ray and I fucked her anyway. Once she puked all over Ray while she was giving him a blow job and I was fucking her. That week was a tough week for me too. I was fucking Mrs. Turner every afternoon and Faye almost every night. I had to fake cumming several times with Faye. What kept me going was the anticipation of the possibility that I might get to fuck Mom Sunday Just before my 16th birthday.

I was drinking a lot of milk and eating yogurt to keep my strength up. I had meat as much as I could and took some multiple vitamins. That night after I had walked into Moms bedroom and saw her pussy with Dad’s cum oozing out of her she came to my room. I was laying there with only my shorts on and a sheet covering my legs. She didn’t sit down this time. She said, “cover yourself up” so I pulled the sheet up to my waist. “What am I going to do about you? I can’t have you getting all excited every time were together. Its ludicrous, I’m your Mother for gods sake. You should not be thinking of me sexually. don’t you know how wrong that is? I know there are area’s of the country where incest is accepted but not here. You are just going to have to control yourself; you are making me very uncomfortable.”

I didn’t say anything for a short time and then I got up and walked over to Mom. I took her in my arms and said at the same time I’m sorry Mom I’ll try. I think that circumstances the last few days have contributed to it. As we stood there with our arms atound each other in a tight hug try as I could I couldn’t help but get another hard on. It rose up and came out of my shorts and went between her legs as we hugged.

For some crazy reason I reached down and grabbed both cheeks of her Ass and pulled her to me. She tried to push away and in doing so her legs came apart as she tried to get some leverage. I reached further down and grabbed her thighs and lifted her up. Her legs automatically wrapped around my waist and as I eased her down a little forcing my cock into her pussy thru her gown. I was kind of in frenzy as I began to fuck her thru her gown. She grabbed me by the hair and slapped me as hard as she could just as I shot a load of cum into her pussy thru her gown.

I just buried my head into her chest and began to sob, I’m sorry Mom, oh god I’m sorry I cried. I don’t know what came over me. “Put me down, put me down this instant.” I let her slide down my front and I fell back on the bed crying. I’m sorry Mom I’m so sorry I kept saying over and over. “Look at my gown, how the hell am I going to explain to your Dad that I have your cum all over it. I just kept say how sorry I was. “Shit, shit, shit,” she said as she left. I heard her go into the hall bathroom and I heard the water running and then I the hair dryer.

She came back to my room but only to the open door. Through gritted teeth she whispered. “Don’t you ever try that again or I will have to tell you Father. I almost said, why won't you let me fuck me? You have been eating Faye’s pussy and that’s cheating on Dad in a way. So there both wrong but it feels right.
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Very interesting case. The court dediced there was a triable issue of fact here regarding her excessive use of force, but to me this almost seems like the issue lies with the level of training received. Were her actions reasonable given her prior experiences and the training she received? Definitely not an easy decision to make.

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Wow. I'm so glad you filnaly got to experience this! I'll have to make sure Cane reads this as I know he'll appreciate ... but I imagine Jane found herself just as turned on as I did my first time using a harness. I was surprised as to be honest at first I was more or less doing it out of sheer love for Cane ... but I instantly found that his reaction made me LOVE it.As for donning the harness and giving her double duty ... oh my goodness. I now have a new plan for Cane and our own harness!

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It's taking too long to get into mother's pussy. All that teacher fucking might make him lose interest.


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Great series. I first fucked my mom when I was in 8th grade. I fucked my sister too. I got mom pregnant when I was in 9th grade and then every two years after that, My sister got pregnant when she was 10, I was 16 and by the time I left home at 24< i gave my sister 4 children. I fucked my sister's two best friends and got them both pregnant too. My mom's best friend in Mississippi got pregnant by me and her besdt friend at home got pregnant two times by me.

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