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Starts off slow, and its ALOT difforent from the first.
Lily opened her eyes. It was late. She looked at the time; it was 4:30 in the morning. The couch on which she slept was very uncomfortable. She could hear her father in the other room snoring. Her mother was in the hospital tonight due to an accident she had when she tries to go to the store.

Lily’s mom was very sick, she has hat heat problems since she was a young girl and they were just now starting to affect her. Lily’s family was very poor, her mother didn’t work and her father just recently quit his job to stay home with his wife. Lily was the only one who earned money in the family, though she was not proud of what she did. Mr. Darrel was her English teacher at school. He was a handsome man, dark hair, strong looking body, and he was very tan. Tom spent a lot of his time outside with his shirt off. Lily knew this because she passed by his house almost everyday after school to go to the store for her parents. Every Friday, Lily would go home from school with Tom Darrel and have sex with him. He paid her very well and it was always enough for Lily’s family to get by.

Although, Lily’s parents had no idea what Lily was doing on Fridays, they though she worked at the small gas station down the street. Today happened to be Friday. Lily managed to fall back to sleep. She awoke at six o’clock, walked to the bathroom, removed her nightgown and stepped into a cold shower that she had turned on for herself. She did not grab the lunch that her mother had made for her, she was not hungry.

Lily arrived at her school. She walked into her English class, Mr. Darrel was sitting at his desk when she walked in. He looked up and smiled.

“Hey beautiful!” He said getting up and walking to her. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Mr. Darrel!” Lily said smiling.

“Please Lily, how many times do I need to say it? Call me Tom.”

“Sorry, force of habit.”

“So…you coming over today?” He said grinning.

“I planned on it.”

“Good, see you in a few hours.”

* * *

It was now 2:30. Lily walked out of her 6th period class towards Mr. Darrel’s class. She walked in. As usual, Tom was sitting at his desk working.

“I’m ready.” Lily said walking over to his desk.

“Ok, lets get going.”

Both walked out of the school and towards Tom’s house. When they got there, Tom put the key in the doorknob and walked in. The room large, couch, chairs, basic living room stuff. There was a room in the back of the house that Tom used for modeling. Lily remembered the first time she went into that room. She was very scared at first but when she saw Tom take off his clothes, all fear left her.

Tom was already removing his clothes before the door even closed. His muscular body was just as tan as it has always been. Lily removed her shirt and bra. He perky tits were just the perfect size for a girl her age. It was cold in his house which made her nipples erect. Lily then unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to the floor along with her panties. Tom walked over to the couch and sat down. His large dick already a full erection. Lily walked over to him, grabbing his cock with one hand, starting to jerk it.

Lily had gotten very good with hand jobs and blowjobs since she started “working” for Tom. Tom was already letting out soft moans. Lily got down on her knees and placed her head right in between Tom’s legs. She moved her lips close to his ball sack. She stuck out her tongue and licked him a little. Another small moan came from Tom. Lily loved to tease Tom. She opened her mouth wide and placed one of his balls right in. She sucked on it a little more.

Lily moved her head up to the top of his large cock. She kissed the head lightly. Then did it again but opened her mouth a little more, just to fit more of his shaft in. Finally she opened her mouth wide and moved down on the whole thing. She pushed it so far back into her throat she gagged a little.

She pulled her mouth away from his dick. She stood up and looked at Tom and smiled. She sat facing him on his lap. She moved up a little more so that the bottom of his dick was right up against her tight, wet pussy. She moved up and down a little just to tease him a little more. She finally sat up all the way, placed the head of his dick right at the opening of her pussy and moved down. It felt just as good as it did every Friday. The pleasure was just so much as she bounced up and down on his cock her breasts bouncing along as well. Lily’s body trembled as a huge orgasm oozed out from her pussy. She let out a loud moan…

“Uhhhhhhh…yeaaaaaah. God, fuck me hard Tom, fuck me haaaaaard!!!”

Tom reached up and squeezed her wonderful tit in his hand. Lily leaned forward and Tom moved his tongue in a circle around her nipple on her other breast. They both stopped for a second as Lily removed Tom’s cock from her dripping pussy. Tom laid her down and moved his mouth to her crotch. He kissed her wet pussy lips and started to lick furiously. Lily moaned as another huge orgasm shot into his mouth. Tom swallowed it.

Tom moved his body upwards and entered her pussy again, thrusting his cock in and out, faster and faster. Tom felt so much pleasure shooting through his body. Tom made the movement to remove his cock from his student but it was too late. Many jets of his warm cum had already shot into her pussy.

“Oh shit! God damn!” Tom yelled.

“What did you do!?!” Lily screamed as she saw the white oozing cum dripping from her pussy.

“I’m so sorry, Lily!” Tom’s face looked like he was about to cry.

Lily burst into tears. Tom reached over and grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him and held her.

“Lily…” Tom’s voice was shaking but very serious.


“I’m going to be behind you on anything you do…”

“What do you mean?”



“I’m against it but I want you to know, if you do get pregnant, I’m behind you…and I wont even tell your parents…”



“I…I love you.”

Tom smiled and kissed Lily on the lips. Their tongues moved around in each other’s mouths and their naked bodies grinded together.

* * *

Lily was on her way home when she stuck her hands into her pockets. She felt something. Paper? She took it out. It looked like a note. Tom must have stuck the note in her pocket when she was in the bathroom cleaning up from the best and worst afternoon of her life. She unfolded it…

Dear Lily,
I want you to know I love you so much…when you said it to me, it was the best feeling if my life. Know we cannot be together or do what we have been doing anymore. We should have never started this. You wouldn’t be in the position your in if it wasn’t for me. I think its best for both of us if we don’t see each other anymore…so this is why I am quitting my job at the school and tomorrow I will be off to join the army. I love you so much, but this is best…

Your dearest teacher,
Mr. Darrel (Tom)

Lily dropped to her knees. Tears running down her face. She was young and scared. And she didn’t know what she was going to do…

To Be Continued…

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2009-04-09 23:52:46
i thought it was good and yes any cum can mean instant pregnancy and the morning pill has only a 70% chance of working.


2007-10-29 23:00:50
How did you fuck up this story, it had decent potential in part one, but this was just awful. Did you steal the first one or something, and decide you'll make your own Part Two?


2007-10-29 11:56:31
Go Junkfree!!!!


2007-10-26 13:17:38
bam herpes



2007-10-26 11:38:50
And then,she got her fathers shotgun,went to "Teacher Tom's" house. SHOT HIM IN THE FACE. and said "Bye-Bye" and lived happly ever after.
Of course she was released from custody when she explained how he had "TAKEN ADVANTAGE" of her.
Got Millions from School District when she sued them for "Teacher Rape".
How 'bout THAT for an ending?

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