Chapter 14

Beth sat at her table and scanned the rest of the dining hall with a wary eye before turning to her own plate with a slight frown. “Mind if we join you?” Dannie asked as she set her tray down on Beth’s left while Kathy sat down on the right.

“Dannie, Kathy, I’m on monitor duty right now,” Beth pointed out. “You really shouldn’t be sitting with me.”

“There’s no rule that says we can’t join you,” Dannie said as she scooted closer to Beth and gave her a quick smile. “Besides, this is the one place in camp where we can talk to you and don’t have to worry about someone overhearing us since there’s so much background noise.”

“Good point,” Beth said as she glanced at the food on her plate and swallowed hard.

“Hard to decide if you want to eat now and take a chance at losing everything later,” Dannie commented as she lifted her spoon to her mouth and ate the mashed potatoes on it.

“What do you mean,” Beth asked, giving both girls a sidelong glance, she noticed that Kathy was giving her food the same uncertain look she was giving hers.

“I think you know exactly what I mean,” Dannie said as she reached under the table to pat Beth’s stomach before Beth pushed it away with a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed. “I saw the way you looked when you left Jake this morning, it was the same look I saw in the mirror whenever I had morning sickness. The thing is I saw the same look on your face three weeks ago - before you and I started fucking Jake. I’m guessing that means you were already pregnant back then which means that Jake isn’t the father of your baby. And I’m sure you realize that I was already pregnant that day I arrived at camp - in fact Ben noticed that you were almost as green as me after the bus ride that morning.”

“I guess I was,” Beth sighed as she watched Dannie empty her plate and look wistfully back at the food line. “The thing is I’m still having morning sickness, how is it that you’re already over it?”

“Luck of the draw,” Dannie said with a shrug as she snatched a roll off Kathy’s tray and started pulling it apart and shoving the shreds in her mouth. “I was sick for less than a week, in fact that day on the bus was the last time I remember getting queasy. My mom always said that she only got sick once or twice for every pregnancy.”

“And my mom always said that she was sick right up to the day before I was born,” Beth sighed as she picked up her spoon and shifted a spoonful of mashed potatoes to her mouth and swallowed it. “Oh God, I hope she was exaggerating.”

“My mom said she had to put up with morning sickness for the first three months and then it was gone like it was never there,” Kathy said as she shredded another roll from her tray and placed each shred in her mouth and chewed it carefully before swallowing. “I hope to end up like Dannie, but I’m willing to put up with whatever I have to for these babies.”

“Babies?” Beth asked as she glanced at the red heads face before letting her eyes run down to her still flat belly.

“Looks that way,” Kathy said, giving the other two girls at the table a weak smile.

“You told me you were pregnant,” Dannie said, “but this is the first I heard about more than one baby. Are you sure?”

“Not completely,” Kathy said with a shrug. “You remember George gave me a pregnancy test this morning after our fuck session right?”

“Sure,” Dannie said, “he said that the fact your period was late and you were feeling queasy meant there was a good chance you were pregnant but he wanted to be sure.”

“You remember the look on his face when the test came up positive?” Kathy asked. “He said the result came up so fast and strong that he sent a sample to a friend of his who owed him a big favor and he rushed the lab results. According to the results I have more than twice the level of pregnancy hormones the tests check for. George told me just before dinner and said that that high a result could mean that I’m carrying more than one baby.”

“Wow,” Dannie said, giving her friend a lust filled smile, “I wonder if George and Ben both won the competition. Do you think you’re carrying one baby from each? Or did one of them get really luck?”

“I’m hoping they both got lucky,” Kathy giggled, “I’d hate to disappoint either one of them after they did such a great job knocking me up.”

“Wait a minute,” Beth said glancing from Dannie’s curly blond hair to Kathy’s straight red hair and back again. “Do you mean to say that both George and Ben fucked you and tried to knock you up?”

“They didn’t just try,” Kathy said with a snort, “at least one of them succeeded. Since my dad and brother didn’t want to knock me up I decided one of them should have a chance.”

“But George is the camp nurse,” Beth hissed, looking around the room to make sure no one could hear what they were talking about.

“That’s right,” Dannie said, “but as I found out on my first day here at camp, the only thing he likes better than fucking pregnant girls is knocking them up in the first place.”

“Does that mean that he knocked you up too?” Beth asked.

“I thought you already figured that out,” Dannie pointed out. “After all, you were the one who sent me to him because I was sick to my stomach after the bus ride. No, he’s not the father or my baby - and Ben and Jake aren’t either.”

“In that case who is the father?” Beth asked, she looked like she was almost afraid of the answer.

Now it was Dannie’s turn to look around the room to make sure no one was close enough to hear and even then she dropped her voice so low Beth had to put her ear next to the blond girl’s mouth to hear what she said. “My brother Ken knocked me up,” she whispered as she watched Beth’s reaction.

“Did your brother rape you?” Beth asked in a voice that was almost a hiss.

“Hell no,” Dannie answered so fast she almost started before Beth finished her question. “I had to beg Ken to fuck me, and when he realized that I wanted him to knock me up as much as Mary did I practically had to rape him, but in the end he popped my cherry and knocked me up even before he managed to knock Mary up.”

“Mary,” Beth said in surprise, “your sister?”

“That’s right,” Dannie said, “Ken popped her cherry a month before he got mine and she was even more determined to carry his baby than I was, but I know she wasn’t pregnant when I left for camp. But if I know my brother and sister I’m sure Ken’s managed to knock her up by now. So, know that you know who knocked us up, why don’t you tell us who the father of your baby is, Beth? And don’t tell me it’s Jake, I know you had morning sickness before you started fucking him.”

“You know,” Beth said hesitantly as she ran her eyes around the dining hall again. “Most people would say the three of us are sick. After all, we all let our brothers fuck us - and apparently you let your father fuck you as well, Kathy.” Kathy nodded with a wistful smile, “and two of us were knocked up by our brothers.”

“Your brother knocked you up too?” Dannie asked.

“Yeah,” Beth said, blushing as she spoke, “and in spite of what I just said I don’t feel like I’m a sick little pervert.”

“Neither do I,” Dannie said with a sheepish grin. “The way I look at it, I love my brother, fucking like bunnies is just a natural expression of that love, and getting him to knock me up is just the natural outcome of both our love and our fucking.”

“I have to agree with Dannie on this one,” Kathy said with a grin of her own. “But in my case my dad and brother insisted on wearing condoms every time they fucked me because they didn’t think I was ready for a baby - but I didn’t agree with them so I went to the next best thing to the next best thing to knock me up, two guys who love to fuck and don’t mind knocking up girls who want to get pregnant.”

“So, how did it happen,” Dannie asked. “How did your brother manage to knock you up?”

“When I went home from camp last year I was determined to stay faithful to Jake,” Beth started with a sigh. “I even went as far as buying myself a couple dildo’s when my cunt started itching a couple months after classes started at school started so I could resist the urge to fuck the next guy I saw. I remember walking into the store and looking over the dildo selection and wondering why they made them so much larger than life.”

“You’re joking right?” Kathy asked, “my dad gave me a dildo for my birthday and it didn’t look larger than life, maybe a little oversize compared to my brother, but not larger than life.”

“You weren’t comparing your dildo to Jake’s undersize prick,” Beth pointed out with a quick laugh. “Up to that point Jake’s cock was the only one I’d ever seen - much less fucked. Anyway, my new plastic friends were enough to keep me faithful until the day I saw Bill’s cock.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Beth walked into the house and closed the door behind her before shed unzipped her jacket and hung it up in the closet. As she stomped the snow from her boots before putting them in the boot tray her mind moved ahead to the dildo waiting under her mattress and she could feel the juice squirt out of her pussy to coat her panties as she put her slippers on. She had two hours before her parents got home from work and another hour after that before dinner would be ready so if she gave herself a half hour with her toys she’d still have plenty of time to do her homework before it was time to eat. Her mind was already in her room and she could almost feel the base of her favorite dildo in her hand as she walked past her brother’s room and heard the moan of pleasure coming through the half open door.

When she heard the familiar sound Beth grinned and sidled over to the door to take a peek. Through the opening she could see her brother Bill laying naked on top of his blankets as he stroked his cock and watched the ceiling through half closed lids. “Oh God Angie, that’s incredible,” he muttered as he ran his hand over the largest cock Beth had ever imagined, it was even larger than her favorite dildo and she felt a fresh load of juice squirt out of her slit as Bill encouraged his imaginary girlfriend.

“You’re almost as good my sister,” Bill moaned as he stopped stroking his cock and held it steady as it started to jerk in his grip. Once his shaft stopped threatening to cum Bill took a deep breath and started stroking it again. “The only thing Beth does better than sucking cock is fucking. If your cunt is half as tight as hers I’m gonna cum inside you like a fire hose.”

“I can’t believe it,” Beth thought as she slid her hand into her panties and stroked her drooling slit, “he’s calling Angie’s name but he’s dreaming about me. “That is making me so fucking horny I don’t think I can wait to get to my room. And right now that oversize cock of his looks too good to pass up.”

“Hi Bill,” Beth said as she pushed her brother’s door the rest of the way open and stepped into his bedroom. She saw Bill’s head snap around to watch her walk into his room and she noticed that his hand stopped stroking his prick as he gaped at her as she gave him a lusty grin. “Looks like you’re having fun, but I think we can have a lot more fun together, don’t you?”

“Don’t be such a cocktease, sis,” Bill said as he tried to pull his blankets loose so he could hide under them.

“Does this look like I’m being a cocktease?” Beth asked as she pulled her skirt up to her waist so she could pull off her panties and then toss them to Bill so he could catch them on the fly.

“They’re wet,” Bill said as he brought his sister’s panties to his nose and took a whiff, Beth could see that his cock - which had started to wilt when she entered the room - had sprung back harder than before. “In fact they’re soaked through with your pussy juice. No, I don’t think you’re being a cocktease, I think you’re being a horny fuck hungry teenager.”

“You got that right, little brother,” Beth said as she removed her bra and took the last three steps to Bill’s bed in the nude as she slid in next to him. She gripped her brother’s eight inch prick in her hand and stroked it as she continued to speak, “how did a thirteen year old punk like you end up with such a large cock?”

“Luck of the draw sis,” Bill said with a sigh of pleasure as Beth ran her tongue over the slit at the tip of his cock. “I know from the guys I’ve seen in the locker room that I have one of the largest cocks in school. And I bet you have one of the largest sets of tits in your school, right?”

“Not even close,” Beth said with a chuckle as she bent down so Bill could squeeze her tits until her nipples popped erect. “They only seem large compared to the girls you know in Junior High. There are plenty of girls in my class with larger tits, but there big enough for me, and for you too I’ll bet.”

“Whatever you say Beth,” Bill said as he played with her breasts while she ran her tongue hungrily over her brother’s large prick.

“So how much experience do you have with this beauty?” Beth asked as she went back to stroking Bill’s shaft.

“Enough,” Bill said proudly as he pinched one of his sister’s nipples and sent a burst of sexual energy straight to her dripping slit.

“Really?” Beth asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she ran her thumb along the slit at the head of Bill’s cock. “I bet you haven’t even had a blowjob yet, am I right?”

“Yes,” Bill said with a gasp.

“Well why don’t you let me take care of that,” Beth said, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Yeah,” Bill groaned as his sister pushed her brown hair back over her shoulder and bent down to suck the head of her brother’s cock into her mouth. “Turn around and let me eat your cunt while you suck my cock.”

Beth didn’t bother to reply, she just swung around until she straddled Bill’s head and then dropped her hips down so he could reach her slit while she concentrated on his beautiful cock. Whenever she gave Jake a blowjob his cock was barely large enough to fill her mouth, but Bill’s cock was so large she had to figure out how to slide it down her throat so she could wrap her lips around the base of his shaft. After a couple failed attempts Beth figured out how to swallow her brother’s shaft so it slid down her throat.

“Oh God sis,” Bill groaned as Beth’s throat massaged the length of his shaft, “you’re an even better cock sucker than I ever dreamed, but if you don’t stop sucking my prick I’m gonna shoot my load down you throat.”

Beth didn’t bother to respond but sucked Bill’s cock even harder as she felt the shaft start to twitch between her lips. A second later Bill buried his mouth deep in Beth’s cunt as a muffled scream of pleasure escaped his lips and Beth felt his cum shooting deep in her throat. Between Bill’s enthusiastic but unskilled pussy eating and the thrill of feeling her own brother’s cum shooting into her throat Beth felt her own orgasm explode in her belly as her body shook in pleasure.

“Why did you do that, Beth,” Bill asked as his sister rolled off him with an audible pop as his still engorged cock popped out of her mouth. “I didn’t think you were going to suck me off like that, now how am I going to . . . I mean . . . Well . . .”

“I think you’ll be able to fuck me just fine, Bill,” Beth said as she watched her brother blush at her words. “In case you haven’t noticed you’re still hard enough to stick that beautiful cock of yours in my slit and fuck me right now.”

“You’re right,” Bill said, looking at his erect prick in amazement. “I never stayed hard like that cumming.”

“Well you never had your fuck hungry sister ready to fuck you before,” Beth pointed out.

“Really?” Bill said, looking down at his sister’s drooling slit as his cock grew even harder at the sight of the brown fuzz around her cunt.

“Really,” Beth said giving her brother a quick smile that suddenly turned into a frown as she looked at him. “But only if you wear a condom.”

“Do I have to?” Bill whined. “I mean I’ve always dreamed of fucking you and shooting a huge load of cum in your pussy.”

“And knocking me up,” Beth pointed out. “I may take that kind of chance when I’m fucking Jake, but Jake isn’t my brother. No condom, no fucking.”

“Ok ok,” Bill moaned. “I have some condoms in the top drawer of my nightstand, if you want me to wear one you’ll have to put it on because I’m not going to do it.”

“Agreed,” Beth said as she pulled the drawer open and grabbed one of the wrapped condoms. “You have three more condoms after this one, that should be enough for the rest of today and tonight, I’ll pick some more up on my way home from school tomorrow.”

“Do you really think we’ll need that many?” Bill asked hopefully as Beth rolled the condom over his cock.

“I’m sure of it,” Beth said as she straddled Bill’s hips and dropped her soaked cunt until her slit kissed the head of her brother’s cock. “Ready for your first fuck little brother?”

“More than ready big sister,” Bill said as raised his ass from his bed and rammed his shaft into Beth’s hovering fuck hole.

“Oh yeah,” Beth groaned as her brother’s cock reached new depths in her tight cunt that she didn’t even know existed when she was fucking Jake’s small cock. “Fuck me Bill,” Beth screamed as she slammed her pussy down to meet every stroke of her brother’s shaft as each thrust sent a bolt of sexual energy straight to her brain.

“You fuck me sis,” Bill said as he reached up to grab Beth’s shoulders so he could pull her close enough to suck her tits. When her brother chewed on her erect nipple it sent another jolt of sexual energy to her fuck hole and brain and Beth realized that her brother was about to give her an even better orgasm than the one he gave her before.

“I’m going to cum, Bill,” Beth gasped. “Fuck me harder, ram your beautiful cock in my cunt and make me cum harder than Jake ever dreamed.”

“You’ve got it sis,” Bill groaned as he picked up his pace, “I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll think your cunt’s gonna explode.”

“Do it you horny little fucker,” Beth yelled as her body started to shake with her orgasm.

“God sis, it makes me so horny to know that I’m making you cum with my cock. The only thing that will make me hornier is if you let me cum in your cunt.”

“No way little brother,” Beth groaned as she bounced on her brother’s hips. “As much as I love having your monster cock stretching my cunt I can’t take any chances that I’ll have your baby growing in my belly nine months from now. You’ll just have to be satisfied with fucking your big sister.”

“I’ll take whatever you give me, sis,” Bill grunted, Beth could feel his cock pulsing in her fuck tunnel and she realized it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to shoot his load into his condom. “But don’t expect me to stop asking you to let me cum in your cunt because that’s one dream I want to come true. And speaking of cum, that’s what I’m about to do.”

“Me too, Bill,” Beth gasped. “Just hold on a little longer and let’s cum together.”

“Sorry sis, I can’t hold it any longer,” Bill cried as his cock bulged in her fuck tunnel and he shot his cum into the protective sheath wrapped around his shaft at the same time that his sister’s fuck tunnel clamped down on his prick as her orgasm hit her at the same time.

“That was great, Bill,” Beth groaned as she rolled off her brother. “I wish we had time to do it again but mom and dad will be pretty upset if we don’t have at least some of our homework done by the time they get home. But if you’re not in my room with the rest of your condoms fifteen minutes after mom and dad get to sleep tonight I’ll be very upset with you.”

“I’ll be there, Beth,” Bill promised. “Trust me, I’m not about to pass up a chance to fuck your tight little cunt no matter what.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So that’s how you and Bill got started,” Dannie said thoughtfully. “But if you made your brother wear a condom every time you fucked him how did you end up pregnant?”

“First you have to understand that we weren’t exactly as discreet as we should have been about our fuck sessions and our mom walked in on us one Saturday morning when she got home early from her grocery shopping,” Beth said with a chagrined smile. “At first she was so upset about the situation that we thought she was going to send both of us away, but after she talked to our dad she calmed down enough to realize that she couldn’t change what had already happened and decided that since we were using protection they may as well let us keep fucking.”

“The morning I left for camp Bill came in my room and begged me to give him a farewell fuck since it would be six weeks before we saw each other again. I hesitated at first because I knew we’d used the last of our condoms the night before, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to fuck just once without protection,” Beth sighed. “I really should have known better. The day the two of you arrived I was already three days late for my period and working on my third excuse for why I was late, and when I ended up feeling sick during the bus ride I came up with another excuse for that. When Saturday rolled around I was pretty sure I knew what was really wrong so I drove into town on my day off and bought a pregnancy test and when it turned out positive I was so angry with my brother I was tempted to run home and kick him in the ass for knocking me up. But once I got over my original anger I began to realize how much I like the idea of carrying my brother’s baby, and now I can’t wait until he gets here next week so I can tell him he’s going to be a daddy.”

“I wish I could be here to see the look on his face when it happens,” Dannie said as she gave Beth a huge smile. “But in the meantime Kathy and I were hoping to talk you into joining us for a fuck session with Jake. We figure that it won’t hurt to let Jake think he has one - or two - more babies on the way. Since he’s knocked up his other girl friend, his mother, and his sister - and thinks he’s knocked up the two of us - it won’t be that hard to convince him that he’s the father of Kathy’s babies too, just in case.”

“Sure, I’ll join the two of you,” Beth said. “I’m not really mad with Jake, I just wanted him to think I was upset about the situation. But are you sure he knocked up his sister? I mean Karen’s only nine.”

“Ten now, but nine when Jake popped her cherry and knocked her up,” Dannie said with a grin. “Apparently he caught her on her first fertile period and knocked her up before she ever had a period.”

“Sounds like Jake deserves a little pain for what he’s been up to,” Beth said. “I’ll be glad to join the two of you for a fuck session with him. Just tell me when and where.”

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