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There are always two sides to every story...
Her Story

I had always been warned about my late runs at night. My roommate complained that she could never sleep until she would hear me come through the door when I would return. It wasn’t that I was the kind of girl that went looking for trouble late at night for the rush; I just worked long hours and this was the only way it all worked out. I never pictured myself as the victim type. I now had put in 5 years in the military and achieved the rank of a Master Corporal at only 22 years of age which was quite remarkable for me. I always took my fitness seriously which was why I was always confident that when I ventured into the park, I would come out safely as always.

I hadn’t washed my running top from the previous night so I grabbed my black sport bra and my usual running shorts. I don’t usually like to bare skin but what were the chances some one would see me at 1 am? I tied my hair back in a messy bun and grabbed my iPod off the kitchen counter. As I tied up the laces on my running shoes, I told my roommate I would be back soon and I headed out the door. The October air was unusually warm despite the season which was welcome. I skipped down the stairs and out onto the street at a brisk walk to get the blood flowing. The park trail began only a few block from my apartment.

The park was dimly lit by the lamps and the path glistened in the light from the light rain earlier that evening. I began my run along the path singing the tune on my iPod in my head. I don’t think I made it for even a minute when I saw some one approaching from the other direction. I couldn’t see his face, a large hood covered his head and he was looking down. His baggy pants were slightly too long for his legs and the bottoms dragged at his ankles on the wet ground. He was or average height and carried his hands in his pockets. As we drew nearer to one another I noticed the small red splotches on his sweater. The first thing that crossed my mind was that he was probably drunk, got into some fight at the bar, gotten his ass kicked and was doing the walk of shame home through the park. I wasn’t afraid of him but I wasn’t comfortable passing him closely so I veered off the path to give him his room as we passed one another. He never looked up when I ran by him. I don’t even think he knew I was there. I put our encounter behind me and after a few minutes passed, I had forgotten all about him and carried on the tune in my head.

There is a spot in the path where the paved part goes one way and a small dirt trail follows the creek another. I knew it would be muddy from the rain but it was a nicer route to take so I turned off the pathway and onto the dirt track to continue along. I always watched my step along here because quite often branches and rocks littered the way. Something moved off the path in the corner of my eye. I looked up but nothing was there. It had probably been just a raccoon climbing up the neighboring tree. As I passed the tree, something tried to grab me. I felt a pair of hands glide across the flesh of my arm but my speed had prevented its grasp. The sudden attack caused me to lose my step and balance and I slipped off the path and fell into the creek. As I staggered to my feet I didn’t even have a second to process what had just happened when I felt my body be pulled from behind. I fell back again into the freezing water and felt something on top of me. As I clawed at my attacker, my face was pushed under the water. I think he was saying something but the water rushing by my ears drowned out his words.

Desperation was setting in. I thought he was going to drown me right then and there but when I thought I was to die, he freed me from the hold and pulled me from the creek. I was thankful to take a breath again. To feel air once more in my lungs. I was weak and exhausted from the struggle. He dragged me to a clearing in the woods and pushed me to the ground. My first instinct was to crawl away but before I could he was on top of me. Self Defense class had taught me so much but none of it was coming to my head when I needed it most. Panic had taken over and I had resorted to kicking and screaming. He resorted to hitting and threats. The first blow was directly across my face which only infuriated me further. The second blow was much harder. Again across my face but I felt my cheek split and for half a second my vision went white. He told me to relax. He didn’t like hurting me but he would if I continued to fight him.

“Let me go. I’ll fucking kill you!” I said in the calmest yet threatening tone I could muster.
He only smiled beneath the hood. As I glanced over him, my attackers form came to me. The man I had passed on the path. Some how he must have known where I would be and took a short cut to head me off.

As I struggled beneath him, he pulled a belt from his pouch pocket and bound my hands behind my back. I winced as he pulled it so tight, the buckle dug into my skin. The twigs and leaf litter dug into my bare back as he flipped me over. He didn’t move for some time. He just looked down at me never once looking at my face. Then, he lifted his arms into the air and pulled off the hooded sweater. I stared at my attacker. His skin was bruised and he bore a few scratches that didn’t come from me. He was quite well built. He had that look of a boxer that came out of a nasty fight. The moon’s light that managed to sneak through the trees gave me sight of his face. His left eye was blacked by a bruise and some blood had dried in his messy brown hair. He hadn’t shaven in perhaps a couple days. He had some steady stubble that made him look quite attractive. Had I seen him in the gym perhaps I would have given this man a second glance but this situation did not make me attracted to him. He looked no older than 30. His listless blue eyes were fixed on my chest as he grabbed at my hair with one hand and direction me up with the other.

He pulled me a few feet and hurled me at a large birch tree. My face turned to the left to avoid the full force face plant into the trunk of the tree. His weight pinned me in place as I felt his growing member bulging in his pants against my butt.

“You sick fuck!” I snapped back at him. He only laughed and told me how I would be amazed by it when I saw it. His tongue traced along the edge of my neck and up to my ear. I shivered slightly at the wet sensation. It repulsed me to think my body liked the touch. His hand reached around and cupped my breast above the fabric of my bra. His tongue was replaced by his sucking mouth as I heard and felt him embrace the skin of my neck. My eyes shut firmly as I tried to train my body to hate his actions. He pulled the bottom of the bra up now exposing my breasts and pressing them against the tree as he pressed against me more. He told me to relax again. Promised me that I would enjoy it. The tears never came but the swearing did.

“You son of a bitch. The second you let me go I am going to break every fucking bone in your body and leave you out here for the fucking worms!” I said quite surprised I was able to conjure such a detailed threat. He countered with his own story of my demise that quickly shut me up. I had given him the credit that he was descent enough to let me go and live after this. Clearly I had misjudged the whole situation. It was clear my threats and futile attempts to free myself were doing me no good right now. All I could hope for was to be calm, let him do what he set out to do and hope his pity would kick in.

He fumbled with the fly of his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. The soft fabric of his boxers now caressed the skin of my legs. He stepped out of his pants and kicked them off to the side. He used his body to keep me pinned against the tree as he reached back and pulled out his swollen penis. He began to rub the tip up my leg and along the back of my tight running shorts where my butt was. He used his free had to wrap around me and stroke my stomach. I grew more and more uneasy as his hand began to lower deeper and deeper until it snuck under the waistband of my shorts and greeted the edge of my panties. I let out a small yelp as his finger traced along the bottom of my panties. He told me I was getting wet. He said how I would love this. He even claimed how I was probably in need of good sex.

His hand down my shorts was becoming more adventurous. It was sliding back and forth quicker and harder. My legs were quivering giving me away. I hated my body for allowing him to think I was enjoying this. He laughed at me. Never in my life had I felt so ashamed. My eyes shut firmly as his finger pushed my panties to the side. This was getting serious now. I felt compelled to tell him a secret I had kept with me up to this point but I didn’t know how it would do me any good. His finger found my clit and began to rub it softly. I was conflicted with pleasure and fear as he continued. I was coming but I couldn’t let him know it. I tried my best to stay quiet and poised but my body was convulsing as I felt it coming on. He suddenly stopped. I was angry with him for denying me what I had felt most awful about. I was angry at myself for being angry with him over this matter.

He released the belt that bound me. Was he letting me go? …… Nope. He turned me around and went on the other side of the tree pulling my arms back and pulling the belt once more around my wrists. My shoulders ached at the unnatural position they were in. He came back around and examined my body once more. I could only stare at him with the most hate filled expression I could give. He tried to kiss my mouth but I moved my head to the side to deny him. He grabbed my face firmly and pressed his mouth to mine and forced his tongue to the back of my throat. I nearly gagged on him as he plunged his tongue in. He withdrew his mouth and kissed my neck again. His kisses and nips descended down my body until he reached my shorts once more. I looked down at him questioning what he was going to do next. I knew what he had in mind of course. I just didn’t want to believe it. He pulled my shorts down to my ankles and threw them off into the bushes. He lowered himself to his knees and looked at my panties with a twisted grin. He spread my legs apart and pushed his way between them. Then he pulled the fabric to the side and kissed my pussy deeply. I flinched as his tongue moved along the outside of my opening. He stopped again and stood up facing me. He moved to kiss my lips again but I refused him again. The thought of him kissing me after he had just gone down on me repulsed me but once again he held my face and forced me to taste my own cum on his tongue.

He withdrew his lips from mine and placed his hands at the edges of my panties and pulled them down as he had with my shorts, flinging them in the same direction. He grabbed my butt firmly and lifted me off the ground. My back scraped along the trunk of the tree as he went down to his knees once more and put one of my legs on either side of his head. His thumbs pressed into my stomach as he held me against the tree letting my weight rest on his shoulders. He wasted no time going back to his work of eating out my pussy. I could feel each time his tongue drove deep into me and my body shook. He looked up at me as he sucked on my clit. He was looking at me as if he was mocking me. To show his victory over my will to fight the pleasure. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. I was doing very well. He had been down between my legs for nearly a full minute. He was growing more and more impatient with me. I could tell because he was biting my clit more and flicking his tongue harder. I was winning up to the point when he brought his finger into the mix. As his tongue worked my clit, his finger entered me. I was no longer able to hold off. It was too much for me to take. His finger violating my pussy and his tongue punishing my clit caused my body to cave into the most violent orgasm it had ever felt.

“Oooooh! Aaaah!” I couldn’t help but close my eyes, let my mouth remain open to gasp for air and my fingers to dig into the trees bark. I thought for a moment that maybe this was it. He stood up and smiled at me whispering in my ear that I had pleased him. That hope shattered as he looked down at his throbbing penis and looked back to me and gave me the same twisted grin.

I was able to stand on my own two feet again. He let me catch my breath before he moved between my legs. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I had to make the last desperate plea I could. I was so embarrassed by the fact I neglected to tell him from the start. He placed his tip at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly began to push in. His eyes closed firmly as did mine as I felt his massive member stretch me to the point where I thought he would tear me apart.

“Stop! God dammit stop! I am begging you! Fuck, I’m…..!!!!”

But he knew. At that moment he found out my dark secret. His eyes opened as he looked at me square in the face. I began to cry. At that moment all my tough act went down the drain and the tears started flowing. I watched his expression change to one of confusion for the first time. He seemed conflicted with his choice of actions. His mouth came to my ear and whispered his plan to me. How he was going to take me. How I would be happy when it was done with. I couldn’t believe the words he forced me to swallow.

It wasn’t that I wanted to be a virgin for this long. It just never really came into my life. The guys in my unit had often tried to make advances on me. I dated a couple of them and let them get pretty far before I stopped them. At parties they would often throw on a porn for laughs so it wasn’t like I was oblivious to sex, I just didn’t need to do it right away. After I turned 20, my training got more intense and the whole thought of losing myself to some one left my mind completely. Now it was going to happen right here, right now.

My sobbing ceased as I braced myself for the worst. I felt his penis withdraw and plunge back into me taking what I had held onto for so long. My eyes shut firmly as he broke me. I cried out but he told me to be quiet. He paused allowing me to digest the fact that he had just taken what he would forever have and I could never get back. The worst was over. He continued to push into me until his member was completely inside me. My forehead buried into his neck as I felt him push against my insides. I was breathing heavily. Tears streamed down my face. The pain was intense and I wondered why any woman would want this. How was it possible this was enjoyment?

As he thrust in and out of me the pain seemed to slowly go away and was replaced by the growing feeling of pleasure. He was pressing deeper and harder into me. I couldn’t comprehend how his massive member could fit inside me. Each time he entered me it was as if I would split at any moment. Some how, my body was able to contain what he was giving me. My body was aching, especially my shoulders and once again pain returned as I felt my shoulders unable to handle their position any longer. For the first time he showed me some compassion as he released my arms from behind the tree. Clearly my facial expression had given me away. He told me that if I tried to run, I would be much worse off so I didn’t try to run. He kept me against the tree as he continued to thrust into me. With each plunge my body would rock back against the tree. I felt the familiar feeling coming over me again. His pumping increased and I knew he was drawing nearer as well. He was holding me more firmly. His thrusts were becoming more erratic and I was reaping the same benefits he was getting. I couldn’t help but wrap my legs around his waist allowing him to penetrate me deeper. He was moving in and out of me faster. I couldn’t last much longer. I didn’t want to cum. The idea of me getting off on all of this made the psychological trauma that much worse but there wasn’t anything I could do. My body was loving this savage abuse and it was going to defy me.

“Oh god! Ooooooooo…Oooooo…Ooooooooooooooo. I - can’t ….. I hate you” was all I could say as I was hit by another explosive orgasm. It seemed he had been waiting for me the entire time to come because as I did, he let himself go and I felt his penis shoot his cum deep inside me. His grip on my shoulders was extremely tight. As he shot each load into me I could feel his member pulsing inside me. He seemed frozen as he let his entire load fill me until he had nothing left. After a few long seconds he slowly withdrew his shrinking member out of me. His and my cum mixed together, drizzled out of me and onto my bare legs. It all disgust me so much.

He looked at me and smiled telling my how good I was. Then he said something that truly grossed me out. He wanted me to lick him clean. Before I could object he pushed me to my knees and grabbed my hair pulling my face towards his cock. I refused by turning my head away from him but he won the battle with another blow to my face. I took his cock in my mouth and began to move my lips up and down his shaft. He really seemed to be enjoying it. His grip on my head loosened and his eyes were shut with his mouth partially open. I had only given head to one another guy in my life and he had directed me through the whole thing. I didn’t want to pleasure him but I felt compelled to show that I was good at this for some sick reason I do not know.

I placed one hand at the base of his penis and began to stroke up and down in tangent with my mouth. After a good long while I brought my tongue into the game and began to flick his tip as my mouth and hand worked his shaft. My brief educational lesson long ago seemed to be paying off for this man as well. His tip pushed against the back of my throat and I felt myself wanting to gag but I managed to evade this every time. My had twisted as it moved up and down aided by the lubrication from our cum. He told me how great I was. He even said how I was the best. I must admit I was pleased to hear this despite my lack of experience. His moans were growing louder and I knew he was going to cum. I began to panic a little. I didn’t know what to do from this moment on. My previous partner hadn’t actually cum when I had been doing this. He had gotten off watching me play with myself and came on my stomach instead of in my mouth but this man’s intent seemed to be just that. I didn’t want to taste that much all in one shot. It was disgusting but as I tried to pull away he grabbed my head and forced me to continue. His member began to pulsate in my mouth as he shot the first load into my mouth. I tried to pull away but he held me firmly. The second one squirted in. It was awful. Than the third. I forced myself to swallow. I looked up at him and saw how good it felt for him. It enraged me to see how he used me like this. He told me to stop but at that moment, I felt in control. My hand shot up and grasped his testicles tightly. He yelped and raised his hand to strike me but as he did, I squeezed harder. I knew it was cruel but I knew what I was to do next would catch him off guard. I never took my mouth off his member. I continued to suck and lick his penis trying to keep it hard. He ordered me to let him go. He even swore at me but I didn’t stop. I can’t explain why I wanted to make him cum again. I think I just wanted to feel in control for just a brief stint. To try and regain some of my composure in a truly messed up sort of way. I knew the feeling was to intense right now in his member . He tried to pull away but as he did, I just squeezed his testicles harder. Finally, he gave up and bit his lip to try and get through the immense sensation. Slowly, he began to get harder. The whimpers that came from him soon turned into moans of pleasure. I released my grip on his testes and continued with my blowjob as I had been doing before. He told me I was great. How this had never happened before. He even begged me not to stop. I could have stopped. I would have been punished for it but I could have. Something made me keep going and that’s exactly what I did. I was devouring his manhood. I never thought I had something like that in me. My hand violently stroked up and down while my mouth sucked on every piece of exposed skin on his member. I would tear my mouth away and bite the skin on his thighs. My fingers clawed into his legs. His head tossed back and he yelled out as he came on my face. My hand moved up and down his cock squeezing out every last drop of his orgasm into my mouth or just outside of my mouth. He had to put out his hand to brace himself on the tree so he didn’t collapse. I licked him clean with my tongue before I licked the his cum off my fingers. What had gotten on my face I wiped off with my index finger and licked off. He watched me the entire time in disbelief as I did this. He stood above me for a few seconds just staring down at me between his legs on my knees. His breath was forced and raspy.

I didn’t know what to do now. My clothes were torn. Much of my attire was even AWOL. Was he going to kill me now? I couldn’t see what else he could possibly do. He gathered his composure and walked away from me grabbing his pants and sweater. He handed them to me and told me to go home. At first I thought it was a cruel joke. I took the clothing and waited a second but he just stood there. I began to dress myself and when I had finished - I turned around but he wasn’t there. I ran. I ran out of the park, up the stairs into my apartment and shut the door behind me. My roommate walked out yelling at me how she had been worried but me - that was until she saw how I was dressed and that I was scared. She knew something awful had happened. I broke down and began to cry against the door. She sat with me and I told her what had happened neglecting all the details of course. She wanted me to go to the police. For days she tried to get me to go but I felt compelled to deal my own justice.

I haven’t gone out running for 3 weeks now. When I go to bed at night I think about my night in the park. I open my window to let in the cool breeze to keep me relaxed. His clothes sit on my chair at my desk. I feel obliged to return them.

His Story

I had been minding my own fucking business in the city’s lamest peelers club. The girls here were nasty and the men who watched them were even worse. I only came here because it was the only place that served the type of beer I liked. This bitch thought it would be sweet to come down and give me a taste of what she had to offer but I wasn’t in the mood. I just wanted to drink my beer.

“Get lost” I snapped at her. I guess this was the wrong thing to say because next thing I knew, she was calling my a stingy bastard and I had three of the bouncers on my dragging me out into the street. They roughed me up a little. Even stained my new sweater. Once they had their fill with me I stumbled off. Damn I was pissed. Fucking bitch. I went off into the park to blow off some steam. I was no where near my house. The park went in the other direction but I didn’t give a shit. I then thought about my beer. Fuck I had only taken two sips! Now I was really pissed off. Beer in ripper bars was 9 bucks a piece. I heard a splash but it was too late. I had stepped in a large puddle soaking my pants and my socks. This was not my day. Now going through the park had pissed me off more. I was nearing the exit when I saw some one coming towards me. As she ran under the lamp of the pathway I saw her whole form. Her gorgeous athletically toned body, the sports bra that covered her perfect set of tits. The tiny shorts that exposed her long fit legs. With every pace her soft blonde hair would float in front of her face. I wanted her but she wouldn’t give me the time or day. She was probably like all the other bitches. That one who got me kicked out of the bar, the one before that who slept with my best friend, took our apartment and even my fucking dog. I began to grow angry with this girl. Here she was - the goddess sent here to run by me at the lowest point in my life just to beat me when I am down. Couldn’t have been older that 25.
As she ran by me I couldn’t bring myself to look up at her. I just wanted to go home. To my apartment above pizza place that always stunk up my place. I looked over at my shoulder. Was she tempting me by being out here? To show me what I could never have? I wanted to make her pay. Pay for what all the women in my life had done to me. I turned off the path and made a run for where I knew the trail turned. As I ran through the trees I kept thinking of all the whores that got the better of me all my life. I emerged onto the path. I hope I hadn’t missed her. I could see her coming now…

“FUCK!” the bitch turned off the path. Now I had to find a way to cut her off again. I began to pull my belt from off my pants and stuffed it into my pocket. She was following the creek so I did the same. I managed to get ahead of her once more. I leapt across some stones and hid behind a tree just in time. As she passed me I reached out to grab her. I freaking missed but my momentum kept going and I managed to knock her off balance and we both ended up in the creek. Before she could get away I leapt on top of her. Her nails dug into my arm so I held her beneath the water.

“Quit squirming bitch or I’ll fucking kill you!” I snarled. She did so I let her up. Now was when the fun would begin. I dragged her from the water and up the small embankment and into a clear patch in the woods. She began to fight back again. I was growing more and more impatient with this slut. I hit her once, clean across the face.

“My god bitch don’t make me kill you” I said coldly as I hit her even harder again. That’s when she snapped right back at me. I only found this amusing. My poor victim. Soon I would have her begging for mercy. I took the belt from my pocket and bound her hands behind her back. I flipped her back over and examined my prize. My god she was perfect. Her green eyes glared at me with more hate than even I had. Those perfect tits nestled beneath the confines of her sport bra. I found myself thinking about her panties. Colour? Type? Did she even have any? I pulled off my sweater. Her eyes scanned my body. I wondered if seeing me like this turned her on. I picked her up and pushed her against the tree. I wanted to do this bitch from behind. Fuck her they way she probably hadn’t ever gotten from a real man. Just thinking about it made my cock grow in my pants. I pressed myself against her letting her feel my prick and how it was going to fuck that cunt of hers. Her defiance made me laugh.

“Trust me, when you see it, you’ll love all 10 inches of it” I assured her. I began to lick her neck. Her skin was so soft and she shivered at my touch. I knew I would have her begging me for more. I sucked on the skin and let my hand venture up her body and pull her bra over her tits. I was having way too much fun with this. This slut was all mine and she was going to know it by the time I was done with her.

“Easy there bitch. Just try to relax. This is our night. Trust me you little slut. You’re going to love having my cock in that cunt of yours” I promised her. She didn’t like my oath. She said some pretty nasty shit to me.

“Look you little whore. See that big branch over there? You keep this up, and when my cock is done with you cunt … that branch will get some of your hot pussy action too. Then, I will beat your head in with it.” I said to her calmly. That shut her up. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my prick pressing it into her ass. I felt her jerk so I put my hand on her stomach. I was impressed by how in shape this bitch was. Her stomach was perfect. I let my hand wander down into her shorts stopping at the edge of her panties. So she was wearing them. I began to run her slit through the thin fabric as I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks on the shorts. My pre cum was drizzling out onto the material. My hand had violated her to the point where I could feel her wetness through her panties. I was getting so turned on and clearly - so was she.

“Baby, I can’t believe how wet you are. My god you are lucky to have a guy like me willing to fuck you the way I have in mind. I bet it has been a while eh? No matter love. Your going to get the most awesome sex I know you have been craving” I teased. She was getting into it as I rubbed her slit harder and faster. She was quivering at the mercy of my tough. I couldn’t help but laugh. I pulled her panties to the side and fondled her clit with two fingers. She was loving this. I knew it. Her body was shaking and I was sure that if I let her go, she would fall to her knees and beg me to take her. It was turning me on so much to see her bordering climax. It was so hot to think that my darkest fantasy was bringing pleasure amidst the most terrifying moment in this young woman’s life. When I knew she was about to come I stopped. Let her be pissed. I am running the show here.

I turned her around and tied her arms back behind the tree so she was now facing me. I didn’t care if it hurt. Everything was going to hurt. I looked at her body. Ripe for the taking. Her tits were just begging me to suck them but when I looked at her face, I was greeted by that look of hate once more. It really was quite remarkable how pissed this bitch was. I leaned in towards her to kiss her. He wouldn’t have any of that. I don’t know really what I was expecting so I grabbed her face and forced her mouth open with my tongue. She sure didn’t like that either. I kissed her neck again and moved down her body biting at areas that looked so good. I stopped at her waistband before I pulled down her shorts and got rid of them. I examined her dripping wet cunt that was just waiting to be devoured. I wanted to rip it from her body but I didn’t. I pulled the material to the side and dove in. My tongue pressed against her opening forcing her lips to spread and give me access to her. She tasted so good that I didn’t want to stop but I wanted her to taste herself so I stood up and went into to kiss her again. Again she protested so I held her face and drove my tongue in once more.

I couldn’t resist that juicy cunt any longer. I got down on my knees lifting her and letting her legs rest on my shoulders so my face was in perfect eating out position. I dove into her again. She was shaking and twitching every time I plunged my tongue deep inside her wanting cunt. I bit her clit which made her shake even more. I knew she could only resist for a few seconds but she had more willpower than I had thought. I wanted her to cum. To have her body betray her. My finger was my savior. I sucked on her clit while my finger ravaged her cunt. That did the trick. Her legs tightened, her heels dug into my back as I brought her to climax. It was as if she hadn’t done it in years. I was pleased with her. She had done her part to arouse me that I would have my fill now. I stood up and brought my mouth to her ear.

“Good girl” was all I said.

I dropped my own boxers and stood between her legs. She looked horrified and I was just smiling. I spread her legs with my knees allowing my cock to press against her opening. I tried to push my tip in but damn it was tight. I closed my eyes as I felt her cunt push against my prick. I pushed in deeper and deeper letting her aching cunt take me until ….

I heard her say something but she didn’t have to finish for me to know what she was going to say. I felt something press back against my cock. Something preventing me from going any further. I was shocked. This bitch was a virgin?! Was that possible?! Was she one of those cunts that waited for marriage?! She looked just as stunned as I was. She began to cry. It was quite pathetic.

“I am going to take you. I am going to push my cock deep inside you and take your sweet virgin cunt for myself. Once I have deflowered you, that’s it. You can rest easy knowing that I am going to make you love my cock” I old her with a smirk. I had never fucked a virgin before. This was going to be amazing. Here was a bitch I was going to pop and there was no strings attached. She’d never see me again but I would always have that of hers.

I slid out ever so slightly before I pushed back in. I felt the tiny barrier give way. She cried out.

“Shhhhh” I tried to ease her as I continued to push in slowly. My fucking god she was tight. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to fuck her all the way but her pussy was beginning to accept my massive manhood. I fucked her deeper, harder faster. My humping caused her tits to bounce up and down with each push. I looked up at her face expecting to see how much she was loving this but she looked to be in a great deal of pain. Her shoulders looked as if they would dislocate at any moment. I didn’t care for a second but if I wanted to experiment with this broad, I would have to release her.

“If you try to run, I will catch up.” I told her coldly. I think that sunk in. I kept her against the tree just incase. I was really getting into it now. My cock was violating this virgins cunt. I could feel it milking my cock. It was driving me crazy. I had to push in deeper. I was ravaging and ravaging the poor bitch. Than she did something I didn’t expect. Her legs wrapped around me giving me more access to what she had to offer. She was going to cum. I was pounding her so hard and she was loving every second of it. I swore I heard a moan escape her lips. I was driving into her right to my balls. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. Her head was tilted back as she took in all the pleasure I was giving her. Damn it was hot watching her. My orgasm was building inside of her. I wouldn’t be able to hang on for much longer. Finally she screamed out as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body. I loved what she said as she came. I couldn’t hang on any longer. I held her tightly as I forced myself into her as deep as I could go.

“OH FUCK YES!” I groaned as I shot my load into her. I hadn’t had a good fuck like that in years. Damn I think that was the best fuck I had ever had. I felt paralyzed as I felt my juices unload into her. When feeling returned to the rest of my body I withdrew my aching cock out of her and watched as our juices dripped out of her. Damn it was so hot.

“My god slut, you sure are one awesome fuck” I told her with a smile. “Now, you left quite the mess so you best go down there and clean me up” I added. She wasn’t going for that one so with a bit of direction, she was sucking me like a pro. I don’t know where my little sex kitten came from but not only was she an awesome fuck, but the whore sure could suck cock. She knew tricks that even I didn’t know and damn they worked good. I rested my hand on her head as she continued to suck me off. I knew there was only one place this load was going an that was in her mouth. She was going to love tasting my cum. She would swallow every last bit I had to give her. As her hand stroked my shaft and her tongue flicked my tip I felt my orgasm building. How on earth could this sweet little virgin suck cock so well? She was even able to take me all the way in her mouth.

“Bitch, your are the best” I muttered in a shaky voice. I was barely able to stay up as my body trembled as she brought me to another orgasm. She tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her. I knew what I wanted and I was going to get it. I forced my cock down her through. She took every last drop in her mouth and swallowed the entire load. Fuck I was proud.

“You can stop now” I said letting my own pity for her sink in - but she didn’t. That’s when she took a hold of my balls. I yelped as I raised my hand to punch her off but she only tightened her grasp. Her mouth was still on my cock and for a second I thought she was going to bite it off.

“LET GO YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!” I shouted but she was sucking my cock again. I wanted to get away from her. I tried once but she squeezed so hard I thought I would die. I let her keep going. It was too much to handle. My cock felt used and now it was getting irritated. Still she kept going and as long as she had my balls in her hand, I would have to just suck it up. After a minute I felt the irritation subsiding . Hell, it was starting to feel good. How the hell had she done it?

“Holy Fuck! How the hell? My god you are amazing. Don’t stop. Oh god, please …. don’t ….stop.” I begged. I felt weak but if feeling weak meant I was going to come again than so be it. I didn’t want it to end. She was now using my own game against me. Frankly, I didn’t care. It was when she bit me, clawed at my skin that I knew she had me beat. I wanted to fuck that mouth of hers but she was doing such a damn fine job sucking me that I didn’t want to interfere. My cock was about to shoot out another load. Just before it did, she pulled away and continued to jack me off with her hand. That was just fine. Her saliva and our juices made it feel so good.

“Ooooooooooh God…Yeeeeeah……..” I gasped as my cum shot into her mouth. A few just missed but it looked so hot. Than she did something I don’t think I will ever forget. She returned to my cock and licked every last drop out and off of me. Than she cleaned off her fingers all the while, staring up at me. She even got the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers too. I had never seen something so fucking awesome. This girl was everything I wanted. I just watched her while I tried to catch my breath.

I wanted this girl but I had done the stupidest thing. Rather than try to pick her up in some club or in the grocery store - I had attacked her. Now my perfect prize was wasted on my rash and abrupt actions. I handed her my clothes.

“Just go home” I told her. I didn’t want to look at her any longer. The goddess had won despite my best efforts. As she dressed I took off into the trees as quietly as I could. I waited behind a tree watching her to make sure she would leave. She didn’t even pause. She took off. I felt compelled to watch her get home. I felt protective of my prize. Of my virgin prize. I climbed over the park wall and sat on the ledge watching as she ran up the stairs to what I guessed was her apartment and vanish behind the door. I didn’t care that I was just in my boxers. I could make it look like I was on a run after all.

I tried to put the image of my goddess behind me. I was surprised I didn’t see anything in the papers or in the news telling women to beware. I guess she didn’t go to the cops.

Tonight I find myself in her area. As I walk by her place I look up and think of her sleeping in her cozy bed. Her window is open.

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