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Paul gets the virus... but can he handle it?
Jim ran his hand over his curving stomach and probed the strange folds of his vagina, how in the name of God was a baby supposed to fit through that? Well you might get to find out, said a corner of his mind. He thrust that away, the chances of him getting pregnant were small, he decided. I've only had sex as a girl once and you are always hearing of couples who can't get pregnant, he thought.

In a corner of his mind a voice was saying, but what if you are? He ignored it and got dressed. He ignored the dress and wore a loose green jumper and a pair of Anne's jeans. He noticed he was still wearing Julie's crucifix, it looked quite nice to Jim nestled between his breasts. After he had got home the previous night, Julie had been very apologetic and comforted Jim as the full enormity of what he had done had struck him. Jim secretly forgave her, he was actually starting to like her personality, it was impossible to stay angry with her.

Downstairs Julie was cooking breakfast for Anne who was just about to return to the lab. Julie looked nervously at Jim, obviously afraid that he would tell Anne how she set him up. Jim had no intention of telling Anne that her lab assistant who, up to a few days before, had been a tall, strong male, had gone to bed with her boyfriend.

"How is it going Anne," He asked nervously.

"Slowly," she replied wearily. "I'm on to something, but it'll be weeks before it's ready. And I have a more serious problem." She took a small box out of her handbag and opened it. "This is the last sample of your original DNA. Without this I can't turn you back into your old self. But I need more of your original DNA to be absolutely sure it works."

Julie looked over at Anne, "Isn't there a way to replicate DNA in the lab."

"There is, but it produces instabilities in the DNA. Only DNA produced in the body can be successfully changed. Of course the other problem is eventually you will be missed. The solution for both problems is for someone to take this DNA virus based on Jim's DNA and take his place. I feel responsible so I'll take it."

Jim gasped, she was offering to give up her body in the uncertain hope that she could reverse the process. "It wasn't your fault, Anne." he said. He saw a small stab of anguish cross her face, she was talking like she had done it to him, instead of him falling on the vial. "Anyway, we end up with the same problem. The police would start to investigate your disappearance and then you wouldn't be able to get into the lab."

"I know, but I can't think of what else to do. Well hopefully we will have a few days before I have to decide."

Soon Anne was gone back to the lab. Julie was sitting at the kitchen table with a strange look on her face.

"What are you thinking, Julie?"

"I just realised that one person could change into you and not be missed, me."

"I can't let you do that, I remember yesterday when you told me you'd hate being a man." He was surprised, but touched by the offer.

"Perhaps, but I'm responsible for last night and I want to make it up to you. And Anne will be ruined if any of this gets out."

Jim moved over to her to comfort him. "It's alright, I'm okay. It was a bit traumatic, but it's over and done with know." He remembered the previous night, the strange sense of fullness as Paul thrust powerfully into him. It didn't seem so bad now, looking back on it and he had enjoyed it at the time.

"Well it might not be over and done with," she said glancing meaningfully at his stomach.

"I'm not pregnant, the chances of a normal woman being after just one time is small and my... equipment is probably not functioning properly yet. I just can't understand why I did it, I didn't have that much to drink."

Julie decided not to press the point, if he was pregnant they still had plenty of time to do something about it. "Well you're like a novice driver behind a wheel of a racing car, with a whole new set of hormones running around inside you. With hindsight you were bound to have a few crashes as you learnt to drive."

Jim didn't replay and while she was still thinking about what to say next the phone burst into the silence. Julie went into the hall to answer it. She barely had time to say "Hello," before a shrill voice screamed down the line at her.

"What have you done to me, you bitch!" Julie was stunned, but the voice was familiar, suddenly it clicked. It was Paul, but he sounded different, very different.

"What do you mean?"

"My face, it's changing! What did you do?"

"Oh Christ, okay Paul, relax. I have an idea what's happened stay put and I'll get Anne to come over and help."

"Anne! She mustn't find out what happened between us!" The voice virtually screamed down the line.

"If I'm right, she is the only one who can help. Stay where you are. We'll be over in half an hour." She hung up, well, so much for keeping it quiet, she thought. Now the shit will really hit the fan. She quickly dialled Anne's mobile phone number.

Jim entered the hall as she got through to Anne, he was about to ask her what was going on when she got through. "Anne, you got to get back here quickly!... No... it's not Jim. But it's related to that." Julie put down the phone and leaned against the wall, breathing a weary sigh.

"Julie, what is going on?"

She looked at him, "I'm going to have to tell Anne what we got up to last night."

"Why! She'll go ballistic!"

"That was Paul on the phone, he may not have given you a little present last night, but you may have given him one. I think he caught your DNA virus."

Jim winced, he looked forlornly out the window. Just in time to see Anne screeching to a halt outside the house. She ran inside and met the two nervous looking twins. "What's happening!" She demanded.

For once Julie seemed lost for words.


Anne stared at the two worried looking girls, one of them said to her, "Come on, I'll drive." Julie guided her back to her car and climbed in. Despite the fact that Jim and Julie were now physically identical, they were very easy to tell apart. Julie was very self-assured while Jim was very demure and quiet. He also looked very embarrassed as he clambered into the back seat of Anne's car.

She went round to the far side and got in next to Julie, "What's going on." She demanded again.

"Okay, Anne, is the virus in Jim's body still active?"

"Well, yes. That's why I can't change Jim back, his virus fights off any attempt by another DNA virus."

Julie gazed out the window, avoiding contact with Anne's eyes. "Is it possible for Jim to infect other people with the virus."

Anne thought about it, "Theoretically, yes. But it would be difficult to transmit without really intimate contact." Suddenly it all clicked in her head. She stared open mouth at Jim and Julie who both avoided her stare. "ARE YOU TELLING ME JIM HAS HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE!"

"Stop shouting. Yes, it was my fault, I set him up with as a joke." She said quietly.

"A JOKE!! I brought you in to hide Jim, not to get him a date! What was her name?"

"Umm... his name actually."

"You set him up with a MAN! Are you mad." She redirected her attention at Jim. "Why on Earth did you go along with this."

Jim was deeply embarrassed and was blushing deeply. "It seemed like harmless fun, but this body can't hold it's drink like my old one."

"One of your friends, I suppose, Julie?"

Here we go, thought Julie. "No... It was Paul." She closed her eyes and waited for Anne to tear her head off. But nothing happened, she risked a glance at Anne. She was frozen with her mouth open and the first signs of tears in her eyes.

Slowly Anne pulled herself together, "You're right I can't drive like this. I'll give you directions, unless Jim remembers the way." She added acidly. She regretted that last remark when she heard sobbing coming from the back seat. She turned around to see tears running down Jim's face. He even looks good when he's crying she thought.

Between sobs he said, "I couldn't help it. My body seemed to want it. I couldn't stop it."

"It's not your fault Jim." She said quietly and said little nothing else apart from directions the rest of the short drive to Paul's house.

When they arrived there was no indication, of what strange events might be happening inside. Anne marched up to the door closely followed by the two girls and hammered on it. There was no reply, the house seemed empty, but Paul's car was still in the drive. She pulled her keyring out of her pocket and used the key for Paul's house.

Inside it became obvious that something was going on. A hall mirror lay smashed on the floor and the phone was off the hook. Julie was about to say something when Anne shushed her. Julie strained her ears and could hear someone crying upstairs. Anne motioned them to stay where they were while she headed upstairs.

She had been in this house many times over the years and was as familiar with it as her own home. But now it felt different, she realised she was afraid of what she would find at the top of the stairs. The door to the main bedroom was ajar and Anne could see Paul's muscular body lying on it, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. She pushed open the door.

"Don't look at me." Paul cried and leapt down behind the far side of the bed. Anne was totally shocked, the body was still recognisably Paul's but the voice, if she hadn't known better she would have sworn it was Julie's!

"It's alright, darling. I think I know what's happening to you. I can help." She looked over the side of the bed and looked down at the back of Paul's head. His black hair had been replaced by long, silky blonde hair. He turned around and looked at her, his face covered with fear. But it was no longer his face, it was Julie's.

"What's happening to me?" He said in a strangled whisper. The virus had obviously got down to his throat, because he spoke in Julie's high register.

Anne thought fast, the amount of the virus he had picked up from Jim must have been very small. That was why the change had taken till this morning to become apparent to Paul. But the virus would be multiplying exponentially, and the changes would get faster and faster. She realised that to have affect him from the head first, it must have come from some juices he had licked off Jim. She knew how much he enjoyed oral sex. If she was to save his masculinity at all she had to act now. She yelled downstairs, "Julie, get the sample case out of the trunk of my car. Hurry!"

As Julie ran out to the car Anne explained to Paul what she was going to do, she told him how far her research had gone and that he had picked up the transforming virus. He seemed to pick up the basics, but how much he really understood in his distressed state she didn't know. "Most of your body is still untransformed, now if I had your DNA mixed in with my virus I could inject it into you and protect the rest of your body. But by the time I had that ready you'd be 100% female."

"NO!" Paul shrieked.

"It's okay, calm down. The virus you picked up is only one of several I developed. I took several samples from other researchers at the institute, one of them is a thirty year old male, a bit on the small side, but quite fit. At least this way, you'll stay male."

"But, I've got a girl's face."

"I'm working on a cure, but it might take a while. Worse comes to the worse, there is always plastic surgery." Privately she doubted anyone could make a male face out of the one Paul now had.

Julie burst into the room and almost dropped the large bag she was holding in shock. She had never seen Jim before his change and still found it hard to believe he had ever been a man. But here was a man in middle of transforming, with a large well developed male body, but with her face!

"Give me the bag." demanded Anne. Julie did so, never taking her eyes off Paul. Anne rummaged through her bag, finding her small sample box. In it was four samples, she checked them off in her mind to make sure she got the right one. There was Julie's sample, next to it was the last sample of Jim's DNA. The next sample was from Dr Peterson from the floor below Anne's lab. But he was black and Anne didn't think Paul would like having a white head on a black body. That left Alan Lewis who worked with Dr Peterson, he was barely five feet tall, but she had no other choice than to use his sample.

She began prepping a syringe. She worked as quickly as possible, when she heard Julie gasp in surprise. She looked up to see what had alarmed her, it quickly became obvious Paul was growing breasts.

Paul looked down at his bare chest as it transformed, the small amount of hair vanished and his chest started to swell. They watched in awe as two magnificent breasts grew. He felt the two heavy weights on his chest, his nipples expanded into large sensitive female nipples. He reached up with his still masculine hand and caressed one of his nipples. They were very familiar tits, he had sucked on them the previous night. He had just never expected to see them from this angle.

Anne moved quickly and injected the virus into his leg. Paul fell back to the floor as the two viruses raced through his body trans- forming his body. He felt himself shrinking, the second virus raced through his groin and down his legs. Halfway to the torso it was met by Julie's virus coming the other way and just as Anne had hoped neither virus could affect a cell already transformed.

Paul struggled on to his feet, ignoring Anne and Julie, his shorts, now too large for him, fell to his ankles.He looked in the mirror and saw a stranger there. The face was horribly familiar, but his mind refused to accept that it was now his. Gone was his rugged face, to be replaced by a more rounded, far softer one. He ran one hand over his smooth cheek, he realised he would never have to shave his face again and he felt a profound loss. He pulled his hand away from his new face and examined it.

Like his face it had changed totally, instead of the wide strong hands he was use to he now had petite, slim hands with long refined fingers. Obviously as feminine as his new face. He looked in the mirror at the breasts hanging off his chest. They had finished growing and seemed far bigger than had been on the girl he had had sex with the previous night.

They seemed totally alien to him, the way they bobbed and jiggled. He held them in his feminine hands and felt their soft weight. He found the feeling of his breasts being held turning himself on, even though he was the one holding them. He felt his highly sensitive nipples spring erect. He felt an even bigger erection between his thighs.

He looked in the mirror at his groin and legs. The legs were far less muscular than the ones he was use to and far shorter, but they were still male legs, he was relieved to have a penis but he realised as he looked at it, that it wasn't his. He noticed that it was slightly bigger than his original penis, but he got no comfort from that.

He felt a much larger pang of loss. No part of his new body was familiar, he felt lost in an alien body.

He heard the door shut and turned to see Anne standing there, "I sent Julie out while I explain what happened to you." She explained.

He sat on the bed with a buzzing noise in his head as Anne explained how he had been infected by someone transformed into her niece. "If she wasn't Julie, who was she?" He asked

"She was my lab assistant, Jim." she explained

"SHE'S A MAN?" He exclaimed

"Well he was, he wasn't as lucky as you. You're still male where it counts. I am going to do everything I can to sort out this mess, but when I do, we are finished, you understand?"

"I'm sorry," Anne he pleaded in his new girlish voice. "It won't happen again."

"Damn right, it won't. I don't think I can ever trust you again."

She pulled out a shirt from his wardrobe and a pair of running shorts. The shirt seemed to have grown into a tent since he had last worn it, he realised just how small he was now. The running shorts were also ridiculously large, but at least they would stay up with the draw string pulled as tight as possible.

He looked in the mirror, She is quite a desirable woman, he thought. But you could tell something was not right, the hips were too thin to be a woman's. And the legs which were only slightly hairy as a man, were far too hairy for a woman.

"Come on you'll have to stay at my place."

Paul realised he couldn't stay here, no one would recognise him. And Paul would be missed.

Downstairs Julie was telling Jim what had happened, "So now there are two and a half of me." She saw a small grin slip across Jim's pretty face.

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

Julie grinned openly, Jim was finally coming to terms with his body and Julie was starting to like him. The bedroom door opened and Anne and Paul appeared at the top of the stairs.

Jim had changed just as much as Paul had just done, but even he could not believe how different Paul was. He seemed much smaller than the infinitely strong man who had possessed him the night before. Jim noticed the male hips an legs Paul had, and was secretly glad that he had beautifully smooth legs and full hips.

Paul was visibly shocked by the twins sat at the bottom of the stairs. "Which one is the one I... uh."

"Guess." said Julie. Both she and Jim grinned up at him enjoying his discomfort.

Anne glared at them, she noticed they looked more and more like close sisters. "Paul is going to leave a note, it might hold off any investigators long enough for me to sort out this problem."

It took a few attempts for Paul to write a note, with his shaking hands. Then they went back to Anne's car and all four were soon on there way back to Anne's house.


They were soon inside and Anne went upstairs to lay on her bed. This was just getting worse and worse, how could she stop this. Was the whole country going to be overrun with Julie clones? Relentlessly her mind started work on the problem, stopping the virus from spreading should, in principle, be easier than removing it all together.

As she worked on the problem Anne and Jim did the washing from breakfast. Jim didn't enjoy doing the washing up any more than he did as a man, but as he calmed down from the events of the previous two days he realised how much he enjoyed being with Julie. She seemed genuinely repentant over what she had done and the offer to take Jim's place seemed real. Paul sat in the chair in the dining room, shaking slightly and refusing to talk to anyone. Jim knew how he felt and left him to it, in time he would calm down and then they could sort things out. Jim asked Julie if she was serious about taking his place.

She thought about it for a few seconds, "Yeah, for several reasons. One, I put you in a very bad situation, I just hope you're right and you aren't pregnant. Two, with both Paul and you 'missing' any investigation will go straight to Anne, because she is the only connection. If 'Jim' isn't missing, they won't concentrate on her and she can get a cure. If she can't finish her research, you may be stuck that way."

"But," he persisted. "You'll be giving up your body, even your sex, I know how bad that can be."

"You're surviving, being male won't be that bad and it won't be forever. At least I hope not. A few months at most."

Jim found tears welling up and he hugged Julie, "Thank you," he said very emotionally.

"I'm not doing it just for you, Anne is a very good friend." Despite her words she was touched by Jim's concern. "Anyway, you go get hairy legs in there some stuff from my suitcase, while I try and convince Anne."

Jim went into the dining room, Paul had not moved, "How are you?" He asked.

Paul looked at him, "Which one are you, the real Julie or the man?"

"I'm Jim. Come on, we better find you some clothes that fit you. Julie has some of her stuff upstairs."

"I'm not putting on women's clothes. I'm not a transvestite!" He virtually screamed at Jim.

"Be reasonable. Anyway, you're wearing the clothes of the opposite sex now. No way are you fully male anymore." Paul's face slumped at that, but he put up no resistance as Jim lead him to the spare bedroom. As he passed the main bedroom door he heard an argument going on inside.

"No way am I letting you do this. We have a couple of weeks before the police will be called in about any disappearances. I have a good chance of finding the cure by then." Anne said heatedly.

"We can't take the chance, even if I become Jim then, they will probably still connect it to Paul's vanishing act. We have to do it now, while no one suspects Jim is missing!"

"NO! And that is my final word on the matter." Julie argued for several minutes more but Anne would not budge. Finally she stormed out of the bedroom and almost ran over Paul and Jim.

"I suppose you heard all that? I'm sorry Jim, I tried."

Jim smiled sadly, "Don't be, none of this is your fault. There is no reason for you to ruin your life."

She nodded and headed back downstairs. Jim took Paul into the spare bedroom and pulled out Julie's suitcase. It was unlocked and he went through it looking for something suitable, he noticed there were some jeans in there after all. Forcing him to wear a dress yesterday had just been another prank of hers. Somehow, he didn't mind, he had enjoyed the soft caress of the summer dress after all. He pulled out a tight short leather skirt, a white, frilly blouse and some underwear.

Paul's eyes bulged at the sight of the clothes he was supposed to wear. "I am not wearing that." Jim smiled at the memory of him saying the same thing just yesterday.

"We've got one suitcase between three people, there isn't much left. Come on it won't feel so bad, just look at it as a new experience." He undid Paul's shirt and helped him take off his running shorts. There he encountered something he had forgotten about. Paul was still male from the waist down. Jim blushed and quickly handed Paul some white silk panties. Jim watched as Paul pulled them on, he felt envious that Paul was still male. At the same time he found a small level of attraction to it. He put it down to his new body, he was not as disturbed by the new desires it had. The panties didn't fit that well, the outline of Paul's cock was clearly viable through it.

Jim put Paul's arms through the straps of the bra, Paul felt a strange sense of pleasurable confinement in the bra. He looked down at them, they looked beautiful in the silk bra. Paul was surprisingly adept at putting on the pantyhose, Jim supposed it was because he'd seen women do it so often. "It feels odd." Paul said.

"It's like a second skin, isn't it. Feels a part of you. I only wore a pair for the first time yesterday, for our date." Paul's cock stirred at the memory and Jim felt oddly pleased he had caused this reaction in him.

"Yeah, they looked good on you. You were magnificent in bed. I've never met a girl who reacted so strongly, I can honestly say I've never had better sex than last night." Jim found himself starting to get turned on again, the strange tingle was starting in his breasts and pussy. He looked at Paul's cock that was straining in it's silken confines.

He found himself reaching down with his hand and stroking it through Paul's lingerie. It was as hard as an iron rod. Jim pushed Paul back onto the bed and yanked down the pantyhose and panties. He stroked Paul's cock a few times and then he slowly bent towards it. As his face got closer to it, he smelt it's musky scent which turned him on even more. Before he fully realised what he was doing, he had the head in his mouth.

He licked and sucked on the knob and slowly started to pump his mouth up and down on Paul's hard maleness. His hands ripped open his jeans and he plunged one hand down to his hot pussy. While he sucked Paul's cock, he played with himself. He stroked his clit and made small thrusting motions with his wide hips. He could hear Paul gasping in his high feminine voice as he approached orgasm. Jim went over the edge and came as Paul held his head on the hard cock and climaxed deeply into Jim's throat. Jim deep in the throes of pleasure eagerly drank Paul's salty cum.

Finally Paul released his grip on Jim's head and they both slumped back exhausted by the intensity of their love making. Paul had a sudden thought, "I'm not going to transform you into a man from all that cum you swallowed?"

"If only it was that easy! If I was the real Julie I probably be half way to manhood by now. I can't control this body, it is just so different from what I'm use to. I was 100% hetrosexual before I got stuck in this body, now I'm a cocksucker." Paul hoped privately that his male half would stop his orientation from slowly changing.

Paul pulled up his underwear over his now limp dick and put on the blouse. Jim held out the leather skirt and Paul stepped into it. Jim pulled it up and zipped it closed. It felt very odd to Paul, and left him feeling half exposed. The only pair of shoes left were a pair of sandles with a two inch heel. Paul looked in the mirror, with his male half hidden he looked a complete woman.

Jim looked at him in the mirror, "You could use some makeup, but I've ever put any on myself, so you can ask Julie later."

"I'm not wearing makeup!" Paul declared hotly. Maybe not now thought Jim, but you are half female now, you will want to eventually. He realised he wanted to put some on himself, to make himself look better. The feminine thoughts were starting not to bother him anymore.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Julie sat fuming. She had to do something to help Jim and Anne. She had hurt both of them with her prank the day before, God knows what she would do if Jim was pregnant. He only slept with Paul because he was drunk, he wouldn't do anything like that sober. Jim was hiding it well, but he must be in torment inside.

While she was thinking her eyes drifted to the bag on the table. It was Anne's sample bag! She quickly opened it and looked at the three remaining samples. She pulled out the one labelled Jim and removed the top with shaking hands and swallowed the contents with one gulp.


Julie slowly lowered the empty vial to the table. Already she could feel the strange sensation of her body transforming. Jim's DNA virus spread through her rapidly transforming as she went, she knew that because she had taken such a large amount of it she would change very quickly.

She felt a prickling on her arms and legs as fine hair started to grow on them, as she watched the hair grew thicker and the arms themselves became more muscular. Then she watched with extreme disquiet as her magnificent bust started to shrink. She looked inside her now loose dress as her breasts totally vanished to be replaced by a flat masculine torso. She felt her body start to grow larger and quickly took off her dress before it got too tight.

Julie now had a well developed hairy male torso, she ran one of her wide male hands over her strange new body. The virus had reached her head by now and she felt her face being rearranged and her hair changing to black and shortening. Then she felt a stirring in her panties and she pulled them down to see what was happening there. Her clitoris was growing quite rapidly and was quickly turning into a penis. She ran her hand under it and realised she could not feel her vaginal opening anymore. Instead she felt two normal male testicles grow and descend.

Her shoes grew very tight and she quickly pulled them off before they damaged her growing feet. Like the rest of her new body they were very masculine. She looked in the window and examined the new face she saw reflected there, Julie thought that her new body was very handsome, the sort of man she fancied, but she was now him.

Her male genitals had finished developing and she reached down to feel them. It felt very strange to have all that dangly stuff between her legs. She gently held her penis and peeled back the foreskin, it looked like the few others she had seen, she just could not believe this one was hers. She rolled the foreskin back and forth a few times getting a small erotic thrill from it, I wonder what it would feel like to have sex on the other side, she thought. And an image of Jim in her old body appeared in her mind, naked on a bed with his legs wide inviting Julie to take him. Her cock responded to her thoughts and rapidly grew to a full seven inch erection.

Julie realised this is what Jim had meant when his new body got out of control. A person spent there whole life understanding and controlling their body, when they suddenly found themselves in a new body they might not know how to control it. That was why Jim had lost control when he got drunk with Paul and it was why Julie now stroked her cock in the kitchen dreaming of fucking Jim.

She was pumping her cock now, imagining her fist was Jim's tight pussy. Suddenly the sensations became even greater and her first male climax exploded from her. She had spurted semen all over the table but she didn't care at that moment, she just lay back enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. So that was what it was like for a man, much more centered than for a woman. It was like only her cock existed.

Finally she came back to her senses and struggled to her feet, she got some tissues and quickly wiped away the mess. She wrapped her Dress around her waist so as to hide her new equipment and went up to confront Anne. She would be furious, but she would just have to accept the situation. And doing this would make it less likely that the police would suspect her when Paul was finally reported missing.

In the spare bedroom Jim was showing Paul the best way to walk in his two-inch high shoes. Jim marvelled at the he had got used to walking in a female body, he knew his hips swivelled more than as a man but somehow it didn't worry him anymore. Paul was still awkward in the shoes, and the fact that from the waist down he had a man's body did not help. But, if they were going to avoid suspicion he was going to have to walk and act like a woman.

Just then Anne started shouting at Julie. Jim thought, are they arguing over this again? Then a deep horribly familiar voice shouted back at Anne. It took a few seconds for Jim to place the voice, it was his! He told Paul to stay put and ran into the main bedroom.

There it was, his body, the one he had had until just two days ago. Jim felt a deep pang of loss for his body's strength and maleness. There was only one person who could be in there, "Julie?" he asked softly.

Julie gazed at Jim, he seemed much smaller than she remembered. "Yeah, it's me, this feels so odd."

"Now I know how you felt when you first saw me." Jim said in a small voice.

Anne swore, trust Julie to act so rashly. True it did make detection less likely, but how was Jim going to pass himself off as Julie? She lived at home with her parents who were going to notice in an instant that this wasn't their Julie. With a heavy sigh Anne said "Well, what's done is done. I kept Jim's stuff around here somewhere, we can't have you running around naked."

Jim heard a noise behind him and saw a nervous Paul looking around the door. "Who is that?" He asked Jim

"Julie, she took a DNA virus based on my old body."

Paul looked on with wide eyes, "That was what you looked like? And I thought I'd changed." Jim looked at Paul, to see if any of the desire he felt for the new Julie was there as well. He decided Paul was just amazed, he felt strangely glad that nothing else was there.

Anne pulled open a bag and handed a pair of jeans and a shirt with some buttons missing and some underwear. "I've washed it so it's okay."

Julie looked at the underwear with some distaste. "I'll think I'll do without these."

Jim smiled, "You're going to need them, if you have the same difficulty as I did controlling my new body. Trust me, your new... ah... 'equipment' will have a mind of it's own."

They left Julie to get dressed and went back downstairs. Anne saw that Paul was wearing a tight leather skirt. Despite his male legs, the outfit looked good on him. How on earth had Jim convinced him to wear it? After all the turmoil she saw that Jim was getting used to his situation, his movements were noticeably feminine. She wondered whether it was due to the shape of his female body or was he really becoming more female? Paul looked really shocked in comparison, his self-assured nature had totally disappeared, unlike Jim he seemed totally unable to make the best of a bad situation. Maybe he didn't have the flexibility of character Jim had.

Julie stepped into the y-fronts and pulled them up, they fitted better than she had expected. But she couldn't get used to her new dangly equipment, the underwear did keep them somewhat under control. The shirt had lost some buttons, why on earth hadn't Jim repaired it or got a new shirt. Of course, she thought, he was wearing this when he changed into me, he must have shot off the buttons when he grew his magnificent tits.

She found herself thinking about Jim's beautiful breasts and she felt her new cock becoming aroused. Stop it, she thought furiously, I'm no lesbian. But Julies's penis was no hypocrite, she fully understood what Jim was going through. He is cute though, she thought. She laughed when she realised she was lusting after herself.

The jeans and trainers were familiar and went on easily, she looked in the mirror. He is quite handsome, it's a pity we didn't meet before his accident.

Back downstairs, Anne was in the kitchen concentrating on her laptop computer. Jim was just making some coffee, he smiled at her as she entered the room. "You okay?" he asked.

"A bit shaky, but I'll be fine." She pulled out a chair, sat down and crossed her legs. "OWWW!" she shouted.

Jim almost collapsed laughing, "You'll have to be more careful, you've got a lot more down there to be aware of."

"How the hell do you get around with this between the legs?" She asked pulling at the crotch of her jeans.

"The same way you got used to having two melons glued to your chest. I still can't get used to not being able to see my feet." Jim grinned and handed her a mug of coffee.

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The best series of stories I've ever read! When is part 4 coming?


2008-04-21 01:19:46
Awesome story let down by obvious errors in spelling and grammar ...


2008-02-18 07:47:20
Hi there.


2007-12-30 23:16:58
need more!

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