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I’ve declared that witnessing my spouse experiencing climatic pleasure with another partner is my erotic fetish. Admittedly, I constantly coax my spouse to always be on the alert for a new exciting partner to join our adventure. Currently, we are pleasantly occupied with a number of different friends, with absolutely no need for a new player. But, being the over sexed and under nourished individual I am I woke Saturday morning with the sexually sick need for my spouse to turn me on by being my classy, slutty, housewife.

Gently waking Ally with my tongue lightly licking her clit, I whispered, “Good morning sexy. It’s time to fantasize about a strange dick in this little pussy.” applying his tongue back arousing her wakening clit.

“Oh, Babe, that’s so good !” she praised.

“You need to be fucked today !”

“Yes ! Yes !” she gasp loving the feeling between her legs.

The oral stimulation slowly aroused every inch of her pulsating pussy all the way to her asshole. While replacing his tongue with a penetrating digit he suggested, “You need to be fucked Ally, you need to suck, fuck, and cum on a new dick.” His tongue excited her cunt and clit fingering the resistance out of her asshole. Adding additional fingers to her erupting cunt the dual insertions with an ever increasing lashing of her swollen clit, “Fuck for bitch, I want
to taste cum in your cunt !”

“I’ll fuck for you.”

“Don’t just say it. Do it ! Fuck for me!" were his final words before going down on her until she exploded in satisfying climax. They remained together in bed for about a half hour before he got up for coffee and juice which he took out on the lanai to consume. Ally joined later with eggs, bacon, and toast. After completing her newspaper jumble she showered, put on a sexy mini-skirt, blouse and announced, “I’m going dick hunting ! Wish me luck.”

“Do you have any idea where your going ?”

“Out and about.” she proudly answered.

“If you don’t know where your going, any road will take you there.”

“Where do you suggest I go ?”

“Joyce, Carrie, Elaine, Tim, Mark, your friends have friends you haven’t met yet. Ask.”

Smiling she headed out the front door with one goal in mind, find a new friend who she could fuck. The trip up to Bacon’s proved to be a tremendous success. Talking with an old friend out in the warehouse She tactfully explained how she was in need of help finding a nice gentleman to share some intimate times with. The person she asked cut it to the chase, “You want to hook up and you’d prefer a Blackman.” “Exactly !” she confirmed. There was some thought on her friend’s mind for a minute and he offered, “I know of a couple of guys, I’ll give them your phone number.” Ally left feeling some what successful until she told Alex of her accomplishment. “Don’t wait by the phone.” he said, “nobody will ever call.”

After thinking about it, she agreed with Alex, nobody would call, she’d wasted a trip to Bacon’s. Back out and about as she called it her adventure took her to Bob Evans where she knew the shorter cook, Martin. Unfortunately, she picked a bad time , he was swamped. Just as she returned to her vehicle her cell phone sounded.


“Ally, it’s Ron from Bacon’s. Leo said I should give you a call.”
Running through the list if Bacon employees she remembered Ron! A handsome black man!

“What did Leo say ?”

“He inferred that you wanted to hook-up !”

“I thought you were married ?”

“Separated, and I have to be discrete. Besides, I didn’t think you socialized with the riff raft in the warehouse.”

“I’ve always been friendly with everyone.”

“You never talked to me.”

“You were married.”

“I always thought you were hot!”

“You never hit on me.”

“Well I am now bitch. You want to hook up?”


“Look, I haven’t got time to fuck around. Do you want to fuck or not ?”

“Listen, everyone in my life has told me that screwing around with a black man is against the rules. My mother will roll over in her grave. My brother would disown me, and my sister would have heart failure. My husband is the only one who said I should experience a Blackman once.”

“It will be more than once bitch, I guarantee it !

“What if I don’t like it ?”

“Do you like to cum ?”

“Of course.”

“Then you’ll love it. When do you want it ?”

“I don’t see any reason to put it off, are you available tonight?”

“May I bring some Grey Goose ?”

“Grey Goose ! Wow, We are going to have a ball ! Grey Goose…..I’ll be inhibition free.”

“I like my bitches inhibition free. What time does the evening start ?”

“7:30pm for drinks and relaxation.

“Since I’ve got you on the phone, and I’m braver on the phone. I me say, I look forward to satisfying you deepest, lustful, desires.”

“Oh, Ron, I’m getting wet thinking about it.”

“Your wet and I’m hard, sounds like a perfect match.”

“Your hard? I can’t wait to suck you off !”

“Jesus bitch, can I come over now ?”

“No, not now. I want to be totally ready for you. I’ll be so excited, when you do get here, I’ll cum when we kiss!”

“I’ll make you cum all night.”

“I’m so glad you called.”

“I’m glad Leo told me too.”

“See you in a couple of hours. Bye.”

Running through the house she cried out, “He’s coming ! He’s coming !”

“Who’s coming?”

“Ron from Bacon’s !”

“Who is Ron from Bacon’s ?”

“He’s one of the drivers. He was married, now separated, and he’s a hunk a black hunk!!”

“How did you meet him ?”

“Leo, my friend at Bacon’s told him to call me. He will be here at 7:30pm.” Ally was off to plan her first impression for Ron. The outfit she selected was for easy access. The blouse was pull-over revealing but classy. The skirt was Mini-length, and tight around her ass. No under-clothing at all. Perfect make-up and hair rounded out the sexy, available, classy, look.
Ron arrived with flowers and a bottle of Grey Goose, meeting Ally at the front door embracing like lovers. He didn’t drop the bottle or flowers, getting his free hand firmly on her bare-ass.
Whispering, “Did you cum?” he asked smiling after the kiss.

“Could you tell?” she smiled back. Laughing, they walked into the villa. Pausing at the bar to make drinks, they exchanged little sensuous kisses. Finally making it to the lanai.

“Babe, I’d like you to meet Ron. Ron my husband Alex.” The two gentlemen shook hands, taking seats across from each other, Ally sat next to Ron on the couch. Following an embrace that Ally became excessively aggressive with, Ron asked, “This doesn’t bother you?”

“Pretend I’m not here. I love watching Ally.”

Without a second thought Ron laid a kiss on Ally’s lips that aroused her to the brink of climax. “God, you can kiss!” she gasp replacing her lips on his.
Discovering her bare tits he lifted her blouse sucking and kissing her tits like a hungry man. Ally moaned in pleasure as her erect nipples displayed her lustful arousal. Unzipping Ron’s slacks she removed his pleasure stick from confinement.

“What a beautiful cock!” she gasp holding ten inches of solid black meat in her hands.

“Think you can handle it ?”

“I know I can After dinner.” she seduced.

“After dinner?” he questioned.

“After dinner, I’ll suck you off and you can fuck me! The night is young and we’ve got all night, let’s go slow I want to enjoy this evening forever.”

Ron didn’t know why, but he wanted Ally to enjoy her black fantasy giving her another long passionate kiss. To enhance her experience he slid his fingers down between legs. “Wooo! Somebody’s ready!” he said feeling the abundant moisture between swollen pussy lips.
“I’m so ready my entire body aches for you!” she seduced.

Another long wet kiss, “I want your little white ass bitch. God, I want your white ass!”

A second round of drinks with foreplay non-stop and finally dinner.

Ally had prepared her Cornish Game Hen meal, which in itself ads erotic fuel to the fire watching the sucking of juicy fingers and chins. The stares between Ron and Ally were electric. It was easy to tell that they were going to experience erotic, mind blowing sex within minutes. The coffee was consumed, after dinner drinks served, with the participants removing clothing and kissing on the couch. The erect black cock in Ally’s hands was an invitation to display her oral talent. Running her tongue all over the engorged head she praised, “What a gorgeous cock!”

Ron watched as Ally worked her magic up and down his shaft. “You can suck cock bitch!” The stimulation of the head, rim, and shaft were welcomed with moans of pleasure and words of praise. When she moved down and sucked his balls into her mouth he responded by grabbing her waist, lifting her, with his nuts still in her mouth, driving his tongue into her cunt. "Oh, fuck! That is good!” she gasp, switching from ball stimulation to engulfing his dick. Ally was upside down sucking Ron’s cock while penetrated her cunt and ass with his tongue. Both were gasping in praise of the others expertise. Ron, with his strength began to stand with Ally still sucking upside down. Before he took two steps, carrying her toward the bedroom, he let out a verbal release, “Oh, fuck!” he gasp as she sucked him to climax, falling back onto the couch. “I don’t believe it! You sucked me off bitch.” he informed as Ally suck every drop from his balls. Allowing her to slip from his grasp onto the couch he continued to praise her talent.Ally finished her cleaning of Ron’s supply of cum moving up his body kissing him passionately.

“God, you taste good!” She seduced.
“So do you. Now, it’s my turn to eat !” he said getting up off the couch, taking her by the hand and leading her to the bedroom. Laying her in the center of the king size bed, he kissed her instructing, “Spread them bitch.” Positioning himself between her legs he further opened her pussy lips with his fingers drawing his tongue across her clit !

“Oh fuck, that is good!” she gasp, as he excited her clit.Obviously, Ron had experience eating pussy using every arousing technique he knew. The finger fucking of her asshole and cunt was extremely aggressive. However, the rougher he did it, the more she liked it. To Alex it seemed like all night, but Ron actually had Ally in full climax within about twenty minutes. The final explosive orgasm was one for thr record books. Ally’s entire body twisted and turned as she screamed, “I’m cumming !” Ron continued to eat her until she begged him to fuck her!
The first deep thrust of his ten inch black dick forced the breath out of Ally. “Oh, fuck you are big !” Not only was the length a pleasurable bonus, but the thickness stretched her cunt to the maximum.

“Oh, yes fuck me! God, I love your dick !” she praised. Ron was in remarkable shape fucking her in ways she’d not even thought of. On extended arms he fucked her so hard the sound of bodies crashing filled the room. “Oh, yes ! Fuck me ! I love it!.” the screams kept coming. Placing her legs up over his shoulders made for complete pussy exposure and Ron took full advantage of it hammering her into non-stop climax. Rolling her over onto all fours he forced his huge cock up her tight ass ! “No, no, your too big !” she cried as the pain shot out of her asshole.

“All you white bitches love it up the ass!” he claimed.

“Make it hurt good! Fuck that asshole!” she ordered.

“You love it, don’t you ?” he asked fucking her asshole relentlessly.

“Yes ! I love it!” she responded.

The thrusts were so powerful that each lifted Ally off the mattress. He pounded her until the words she long for were offered. “I’m cuming bitch! Are you ready for it ?”

“Fill me you black son-of-a-bitch ! Fill me!”

Ron’s body stiffened and he emptied massive loads into her ass.

“Oh, yes!” she gasp feeling the ocean of cum filling her ass.

“Oh, fuck bitch, that was good.”

“Good? That was great!” she insisted.

“We’ve only gotten started. I still want to fill that cunt of yours.”

“I want it too!” she agreed.

Returning to the lanai couch they consumed another round of beverages. For over an hour they told each other how good they were. Slowly the climate changed and once again the atmosphere became erotic. Ron began the serious foreplay fingering Ally’s pussy awake.

“I want you bitch.” he informed.

“I want you too.” she answered.

Together they got up going to the shower instead of the bed. With the warm water running they soaped each other’s body’s. Soaping Ron’s dick, it began to stiffen. Ally dropped to her knees taking his cock into her mouth. Sucking him hard she soon felt Ron lifting her up from the floor. Having her grab onto the safety bars he penetrated her pussy from behind.

“Fuck me you gorgeous stud!”

“How’s that?” he asked ramming it hard into her cunt.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” she begged.

Ally held on for dear life as Ron grabbed her hips driving his huge dick deep into her
contracting pussy.

“Oh, god, fuck me! Never stop!” she pleaded.

“Love it bitch!” he demanded.

“I love your black cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Taking a deep breath Ron prepared to hammer her lights out.

“How’s that bitch ?” he asked pounding her cunt wildly.

“I love it! Fuck me!”

Ron could sense the approaching ejaculation and warned her, “I’m going to fill that lily white cunt. Are you ready? Here it cums !!!!!” Ron let out a sound from the jungle, Oooh, Yaaah, Ooooh, shit !! Gallons of hot cum filled Ally’s cunt.

“Yes !! Fill me !! I love it !!

“Oh, shit here’s another load, Oooh, Yaaah, Oooh !” he groaned releasing another series of huge cum shots.

“Oh god I’m full ! Oh, Ron, I love it!”

“You liked that black dick cumming in your cunt ?”

“The best ever ! I loved it!”

Drying off they continued to praise each other. Once redressed and sitting back in the lanai area, they began to seriously plan to get together again real soon.

“I don’t know if I’ll never go back, but I sure want black again.” she smiled.

“Remember, I told you that you’d love it. I just didn’t know you’d be such a great fuck. I want your white pussy again real soon too.”

Ron left and Ally realized that Alex was stunned by the black and white sex he’d witnessed.

“Are you okay Babe ?” she asked calmly.

“Holy shit Ally, I’ve never seen you so aggressively horny. You really enjoyed that black dick, didn’t you ?”

“I’m not going to lie. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.

It’s got nothing to do with the color of his dick. It was the way he used it.”

“So it true? Once you go black…”

“It’s true as far as I’m concerned. I surely want to fuck him again and soon.”

“It really turned me on watching you cum on his tongue and dick. Seeing that huge black dick in your cunt was a big turn on. The ass fuck I didn’t expect. But obvious you liked it !”

“I didn’t at first, but it sure felt good when he climaxed in my ass. I truly loved it.”

“When are you two going to do it again ?”

“We were talking about next Friday, is that okay with you?”

“If you want it, I want it for you. Fuck him again Friday it’s fine with me. Ally gave Alex a big kiss in thanks. “Remember, it was all my fault making you seduce a new player. Now it’s up to you to fuck him.”

The End


2007-10-28 22:06:14
im really 22. i thought this website updates stuff like that. but thank you.


2007-10-27 22:14:07
Very good! It is hard to believe that you are only 21. Most young people seem to slid through the school system. It was a pleasuer to read this story. Thank you.

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