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A smoking hot blonde MILF gives me a graduation present that I will never forget
Part II

After I raped Linda in the ass, I did not do anything sexual with her for about a year and a half. I did not want to rape her again because of the fear of getting caught. I also did not want to make any noticeable advances, because I did not want her to suspect me of being the one who raped her.
Through the end of my junior year in high school, I was able to get by sexually through beating off to my past experiences with Linda, as well as through using other women and girls as fuck toys. However, that was soon about to change. I had just finished taking final exams at the private school I attended, and was spending the day relaxing at home. And by relaxing, I mean sitting around and rubbing my penis. Since I went to private school and my brothers went to public, I had finished school long before they did. This meant that it was just Linda and I in the house.
I was lying on my bed, touching myself under the sheets, and listening to the radio. Linda stepped into the doorway, looking as hot as ever, and asked me to follow her. I quickly slid my cock back in my pants and went after her. She started leading me across the third floor of my house, and then began talking in a flirty, seductive voice. My eyes were glued to her tight little butt packed nicely in a pair of blue jeans, and I am sure that the huge bulge in my pants was quite visible. She was talking to me about how proud she was of me that I was graduating from high school and how she remembered when I was just a little kid. And man did I want to show her exactly how much I had grown, if you know what I mean. As she walked, Linda proceeded to say that she had no idea what to get me as a graduation present. Graduation was such a big occasion that the last thing she wanted to do was give me gift that I did not appreciate. After she opened the door to the dusty attic-type room in the back of my house, Linda grabbed my hand and guided me inside. She closed the door behind us, and then turned to face me. Her seductive blue eyes locked in onto mine, and her little hands gently grabbed onto my hips as she pulled her stomach up against my crotch. I was not sure where this was going, but I liked it. She then broke the silence, saying that she knows there is one thing that all guys like, and she willing to give it to me.
Dropping to her knees, Linda licked her lips as giggly smile came across her face. She reached for my shorts, and pulled them down past my butt until they fell around my ankles. Next came my boxers, which were not doing much to hide my already hard cock. As my dick popped out, she grabbed it with one of her sweet little hands and gave it a few quick jerks to bring my 7 inches of manhood to full mast . She then leaned forward, parted her beautiful red lips, and engulfed the head of my penis. Her tongue started to quickly swirl around the tip of my dick as she skillfully stroked the base of dick with her hand. Looking down, I could hardly breathe at the site of this smoking hot blonde MILF with her mouth wrapped around me meat. She proceeded to move her head a little farther down my shaft and started bobbing her head back and forth, until she worked her way back up to the head of my cock and started sucking on it real hard. Her cheeks were sucked in and I could hear the slurping sounds as I moved the hair out of her face and her eyes glanced submissively up at me.
“Take that fat cock in your mouth baby,” I whispered down at that slut as I started thrusting my penis farther into her dirty little mouth. She willingly accepted it and began to take me deeper. She again grabbed the base of my cock with one hand as she twirled her head all around my dick, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to tell me how good it tasted. She then took it out, held it up with her hand, and began licking up and down the underside of my penis and licking my hairy balls as well.
“You sure know what you’re doing, don’t you baby,” I told her, causing her to giggle and then start bobbing her head back and forth on my saliva-covered piece once again. After another minute of working her tongue all round my meat, she placed my dick in her right cheek and pressed it right up against the side of her mouth. Having my penis in her cheek looked great, and she continued to massage cock like this until it popped out of her mouth, at which point she repeated the process again and again.
After a minute of cheek-fucking, she resorted back to bobbing her head up and down on my dick. She now began to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth with each movement of her head down my rod. I was going to cum soon, and she could sense it. My moans were getting louder and my cock was tensing up. She placed both of her hands on my butt and pressed her head forward on my penis, forcing it farther down her throat. I could hear pools of her saliva slopping all over my meat as I looked down her shirt at her nice mature boobs, which were swaying with the movements of her head.
As she took nearly the entire length of my cock in her mouth, I went over the edge. My hips thrust forward and I let out a moan of relief as I shot a huge stream of my hot cum into her mouth. She held her head in place and began sucking as hard as she could on my pulsating dick, taking shot after shot of my load into her mouth as her eyes looked seductively up at mine, as if begging for every last drop of my cum. Her throat milked the head of my cock dry, and she swallowed every last drop of my sticking seed like a champ.
After I had finished unloading into her mouth, she gave my penis a few last sucks, got up off of her knees, and said, “I hope you enjoyed your present.”
“I sure did,” I said in a state of disbelief as she walked past me and out the door, with my eyes glued to her tight butt the whole way. That was without a doubt the best graduation gift that I received.

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2011-01-01 22:03:12
DAMN! That was HOT and kind of beautiful! She's sure a special kind of person to give such a gift, seems the kid was correct in his intuitive desire that she's is special, and her age didn't diminish her quality. Also, I never noticed your grammar, as others complained about, I read stories for enjoyment not to be picayune.

Many thanks for continuing this story with another surprising creative twist! I rate this story a ten for each Parts one and two and a super extra plus for the creative twists!


2007-11-01 23:56:07
u suck


2007-10-28 19:25:58
Fantasy is mixed in with what really happened to make it a better story. And would someone give me some examples of my grammatical errors?


2007-10-28 18:57:05
I was just wondering how part one of this story is Fantasy and the second is labled True Story??? Grammar is a big part of a story making it easy to read without trying to guess what you are trying to say. Gave you a 5.


2007-10-28 18:02:16
A) My grammar really is not bad at all, I bet that I know more about writing than you

B) Why do you care so much about grammar; it is a fucking erotic story

C) Maybe I describe things that everybody might do because they actually happen. Also, I said she was about 60 because that is how old she actually is. And as a matter of fact, she is gorgous despite her relatively old age.

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