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This is a dedicated foot fetish story, so this is not your thing. Dont read on! Or, do read on and tell me if it is still arousing. To read this, i would advise reading part 1 first. It was rated well so it shouldnt be a problem :)

Foot Fetish Dream - Foot Model Part 2


The girl from my office vanished quickly. I was still in some disbelief at everything that happened. I knew what she had come for, she definitely wasn’t just wanting to give me a good time.
It was good to know I had the final decision above the other judges who would be chosen, she had to be one of the chosen girls for the photo shoots, I wanted her feet everywhere, on huge billboards for me to see, to remember. But I needed her!
As usual after having cum so hard that strange sort of guilt crept upon me, I felt like abit like a stalker, but she... Was so perfect, I need her… “Her”… I still didn’t know her name.

I went back out and had a talk with my colleagues. Out of all the girls we had to choose 2 for the shoots, luckily my mystery girl was among those 2. I had an eager anticipation to take home their portfolios and look over them, I needed to see her feet again, were they really as amazing as I thought?! I wondered if now she got what she wanted would that be it?!

I headed home, and looked forward to looking over the girls portfolios, staring at their feet! Wow, how perfect I thought, having women with the sexiest feet, hand me pictures of them! But, I knew it would just drive me crazy with lust! I had loved feet for so long and never know how amazing a foot-job could be!

The first one I looked at was a girl called Mina. Yes I remember her. She was gorgeous. Large hypnotizing eyes and a delicate face, such fair skin and blonde hair but with such red lips! I can only describe her look as the “take me” look. She was so delicate. Fairly tall and slim. She had some great model shots. But I couldn’t care about anything than the girl’s feet. Ah, there. I loved the shots she had, one that caught my eye was her feet, bound together at the ankles up the air, with their soles showing ! Her feet were longer than the other girls, and thin, they looked so soft. I imagined they would hold my cock so easily. Thoughts just ran wile in my head as I stared.

The next day we were at one of D&Gs spots. To take the first shoot of the girls feet for the adverts around New York.
Seeing Yasmine again was intimidating. I kept wanting to play it cool but I was a nervous idiot around her. Her sexual appeal always seem to freeze me. Who was I kidding, she would never do it again.
I was so self-conscious. I kept thinking they were talking about me. Yasmine would say something, looking at Mina, who would then look at me. You know that kind if thing. I wondered. But still hoped.
I was in the room with her and Mina, them getting ready as I talked random professional stuff.

It was Yasmine’s turn to go out for her shoot, I kept hoping she would say / do something. But nothing. I wondered if I should follow her out, but decided just to stop hopeing for her feet again.

After Yasmine walked out, I was left in the change room with Mina. It was hard to make small talk, especially with a gorgeous girl who’s feet had been done up to perfection for the past hour, for her shoot. At the moment she wore a light pink corset, black lining on top and a matching pink thong, which at this moment I couldn’t care less about. As I traced down her long body, over her gentle, thighs and long legs down to her feet. That at this moment would make anybody go wild, not just a foot fetishist. At the moment, she was still barefoot. Her long slender foot had a perfect tanned color, her skin, immaculate. Kissable. She sat in front of me, one foot on the ground, one in the air, toes facing me, giving me a glimpse of both her soles and top of her foot. Her soles, looked so so soft, her toes were colored a slight pink to match her lingerie. Staring at them felt like forever. She of course noticed. I never felt too bad. It was my job after all to make sure they were looking perfect.
A few other random girls joined the room then. Must have been from another shoot.
It was strangely nice, not, to be alone with Mina. I always thought being alone was some how intimate. Why was I so nervous around feet ?

Noticing my interest Mina looked at me and said “ Sooo, are my feet nice?” In a young manner.
I replied with, “Ofcourse, you’re a foot model aren’t you!” trying to stay cool, questions like that always made my heart pump like crazy.
“ No, I mean, do you think my feet are nice ? You, do like feet don’t you?” Was her next sentence.
I was a little stunned! I didn’t really know what to say. I guess I was right, Yasmine must have told her before.
I replied came out totally nervously “ Uhm… uh, ya”
My reply had to be good if it would get me anywhere, “ Yes, to be totally honest your feet are amazing”

She smiled, with her lips and her gorgeous eyes and wiggled her toes and swung her foot as she did.
I went further “ Honestly its hard to look at them now and not get completely turned on”

She was shocked, but seemlingly turned on!
“ Really ? You can get turned on by my feet ?!” She giggled a little.
“ Wow that’s cool “
She must have never heard of men liking feet before !
“ But how would that work ? “
I was dying to get this somewhere; I wanted her to think she was missing out on something!
“Hasn’t a guy ever licked and kissed your feet before? You’d be surprised just how amazing it feels! Some say its like tickling, ya, your pussy! And for pleasure, simply moving your feet on someone’s cock”

She looked horny! The smile in her eyes had become a more evil one. Her cutesy look was gone now, she looked devilishly sexy! She kept glancing at her own feet, then to me. She must have wanted something!

“So if I do this…” As she said this she placed her foot on my knee, then rubbed down my inner thigh. It sent shivers down my spine; I open my legs and thrust up a little! It was enough of an answer for her I guessed.
“Wow” she stared in amazement.

“Show me what it feels like then” She said
“What what feels like?” came out nervously again.
“To have my feet kissed and licked” She smiled.

I look around the room, there were other girls around. She must have known what I was thinking,

“So what, who cares.. if you want them ?”

My heart pumped so fast and hard I could hear it. I couldn’t believe my second stroke of luck!

I pulled her closer, she stared, horny at me.
I grabbed her right foot and brought it closer to me. I kissed her amazing skin on the top of her ankle, and slowly.. went down wards.. towards her toe. Trying to kiss her feet the best I possibly could. My cock was throbbing in my pants, all my fantasies coming true, I was at the height of pleasure, simply kissing her feet. I got to her toes, kissing each, softly, before taking her toes into my mouth, sucking and licking them! That’s when it got to her, she let out the slightest moan, the type of moan a girl makes when you first enter her” Her eyes were closed now, as I sucked from toe to toe.

Everyone in the room had taken noticed. I knew they were watching. Fuck, it was so sexy and we were doing so little.

I nibbled and licked her soles! She let out more moans and moved in her chair.
I traced her sole with my tongue. Kissing and biting along the way. Then purposely abruptly stopped. To stare at her, trying not to take notice of the people watching.

I loved to see her, head back and eyes closed, like I was eating her out, waiting for me. She eventually looked up.
“That’s what it feels like” I smiled.

Her expression then, was beautiful. It was surprised and lustful but nervous and vulnerable at the same time.
She leaned over, “Before I go on for my shoot, I want my feet covered in your cum”

Was all she whispered into my ear! I was stunned, but within seconds, I was pulling down my pants around my ankles. My cock sprung out to attention, already, swelling, dripping precum. I grabbed the oil from the table and poured from the tip of my cock to my balls. Mina stared and smiled. Enjoying the looks from around the room, every was one watching and not being shy about it.
She seemed nervous at what to do, as she brought her feet closer. I anticipated the feeling of her feet on me so much!

With both her feet she landed on my balls, rubbing the oil in and massaging them. Her toes worked perfectly! It felt great, working the cum out of my balls. She moved one foot upwards, along my shaft! Rubbing in the rest of the oil! The fact that she had never done this before let her to be more playful ! I loved it, she explored my cock with her feet ! She ran up and down my cock, against my belly. Pressed down on my head and grasped it with her toes! She was trying to find the perfect motion!

She got hold of the head with her toes, each foot on one side and raised my cock upright, then started pumping it! There is nothing else like this feeling in the world! That people who do not have foot festishes will never know! Her amazing feet and toes on my cock, milking me! He soles were so soft. I was driven wild at this time! Everyone in the room was aroused!
It was amazing as her toes came over my head before pumping down again! Moving her legs up and down while moving her toes too! Wow! Her legs must be strong to pull it off! She kept going faster! And faster! Oh my god ! I was yelling out!

She bit her lips as she watched so focused! As she fucked me with her feet ! As usually, already so soon I was about to cum! Her working my head had built up so much cum! Once again I started tremoring a little, the type that only comes from a footjob! After looking again around the room, and seeing Mina! It was all too much! I closed my eyes and thrusted violently ready to burst! Mina knew just in time when to do what! As the first jet of cum shot out! She went faster and slower along the whole shaft! Slowing down with each spurt! My first cum flew into the air, landing on her legs. Spurt after spurt came, overflowing my cock onto her feet!! I was done! I just put my head back and breathed!

As I looked up she was rubbing the cum in with her hands! Rubbing her feet together! She had her soles together, rubbing along eachother. The cum, making her feet glisten was amazing!

She just grabbed her shoes and walked out to the shoot!

I couldn’t wait to see those pictures! Up high! Covered in my cum!!

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2013-06-16 15:48:06
i love licking a girls pretty feet big turn on

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2012-08-20 19:42:48
dude plz put more detail in the next one. there wasnt any in this one.


2008-01-20 19:31:41
my girlfriend hasnt been over in a while n i really want one
she dosnt really like doin it tho, wich sucks, but shes so good at it!


2007-11-05 05:21:33
I have no idea why some men and women have a foot fetish, but I know it happens. I once had a girl friend who showed more interest in having her toes sucked than almost any other form of love-making. At least, she swore, she couldn't reach a full orgasm unless the toe sucking was preceded by my entering her with my penis. Without it, she was dissatisfied. Although I'm a willing participant in sexual experimenting, eventually her toe fetish became a sexual liability for me. We parted company. The woman I have now has another fetish. She'd rather have her pussy eaten than anything you might want to do. She's okay with intercourse, but it's the oral sex she wants ( yes, she reciprocates wonderfully well).


2007-10-31 18:25:12

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