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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
Mummy’s true passion- part eight

I opened my eyes. I didn’t open them the movie way. I opened them fast and clear. This time it didn’t take long for my brain to reboot. I still could taste my night meal in my mouth. I felt my tongue wrapped in the dark and bitter odor taste of mummy’s shit. I sucked my tongue inside my own mouth and tried to get as much of that sexy taste as I could. Then I turned to the side and watched mum. She was still sleeping. The clock’s digital numbers showed it was quarter past nine. Obviously the day before and that night with hits toilet session break had been exhausting and made a long sleep necessary. For a few minutes I watched mum sleeping and observed every little move she made. I watched how the air conditioned and refreshed air was sucked into her lungs whenever she breathed in and pictured it in some funny colors in my mind. It looked like some strange Quentin Tarantino scene. But then I thought if the fact that I lied in some hotel room bed next to my own mother totally naked and sucked my tongue inside which was covered in her ass crap wasn’t strange and offensive enough. And I came to the conclusion that it was. I thought about trying to sleep a little more since I didn’t have any other plans for that day but having more sex with mum and eating whatever she was able to let come from her graceful body. But I decided that I better got up and took care of the breakfast and had a shower to be ready for mum and whatever she was up to. So I got up and went to the bathroom. As I was done there I went back to the bedroom and called the room service. I ordered some eggs and toast and ham and whatever else belongs to some really satisfying breakfast when you have a room in one of the world’s best hotels. Then I took a chair and placed it next to my lovely sleeping mother. I sat on it and simply watched her sleeping. I wondered that my cock got erected by that because I had been sure after the day before it would take a lot to excite me again. It once again showed me how hot I in fact found mummy. The unconsciously movement of her lips, the mechanical way her feet moved under the blanket and when they sometimes broke though the border like little sweet animals looking what the new day is bringing, when she held her perfect manicured hands over it or simply turned a little or when she uncovered parts of her breathtaking silhouette my heart seemed to jump and I could feel my shaft being pumped with blood. Suddenly it knocked on the door. I felt like being violently ripped from some enjoyable daydream. But I certainly knew it was the room service serving the breakfast. So I got up and realized for the first time that morning that I was all naked. I let the knocking person know that I would be there in what could be only seconds. I grabbed some soft bathrobe from the bathroom. Then I tried to cover my erection but didn’t feel like having been too successful. But it had to work that way. So I opened the door. A small woman with an Asian appearance looked into my face with nice green eyes. She followed my body and tried not to realize the bump my bathrobe made at some certain and exposed part. So she told me the usual and polite hotel stuff and wished me and “whoever that nice naked woman (she giggled) in that bed was” a nice breakfast. I gave her some broadminded tip and let her went away. I thought if I wasn’t totally in love with my mum and if she wasn’t the hottest woman in the world to me and if she didn’t satisfy any of my sexual fantasies and if she didn’t have fun and got totally turned on by doing that herself I probably would have said that little Asian girl was nice and sexy, too. So I prepared the breakfast on the table near the window where we could enjoy that unique view you have when you are high in the city that never sleeps. As I was done and satisfied with the result I went back to my chair. Then I took it back to the table and thought of some sexy way of waking up mummy. I undid the blanket on her feet and got on my knees in front of the bed. For another moment I just watched mummy moving her feet while she slept. Then I lowered my face to her heel and kissed it. Kissing the soles of my mummy’s feet seemed to me to be a perfect gesture to show my slave status on the one hand and a respectful way of waking up my mum on the other. So I kissed my way up mummy’s foot sole till I reached her little toe. I sucked it in my mouth and took care I licked the part between the toes. I enjoyed the taste of mum’s foot and het toe and I realized she enjoyed it, too although she was still sleeping. I loved that because it definitely proved she really loved that whole mistress and slave theme and didn’t only say she was into it to do me a favor. I went my tongue along the full length of mummy’s toes and kissed and licked each toe. The taste was great and the idea of waking up my mother and mistress in one person by licking her perfect feet turned me myself on like hell. Once again a little voice in my mind asked where my body took the energy from. I let my tongue slide down that area under the toes where they do that little half circle. My tongue’s tip touched each of the small spaces between the crinkles. I really took care I did my wake up job as accurate as possible. As I went over to the other foot I noticed mum getting more and more to life. So I decided that probably it was time to get a little higher and licked my way up under the blanket. I smelled mummy’s pussy still being filled with my cum I had shot into her while we slept. I didn’t know how many loads I really had pumped into mum while we slept but the thick stream of body temperature like semen I saw floating out of mummy let my know it must have been a lot. My mouth went its way up mummy’s legs and I kissed every little piece of her muscular skin. The movement of the muscles under that silk that seemed to be strained over her body when she moved directly vibrated my lips. Then I finally reached mummy’s pussy. I smelled the fragile mixture of liquid ejaculate, dried pussy juice and her special odor that still filled the air under the blanket. Then I didn’t hesitate anymore and lowered my tongue to her hole, I didn’t have any regards concerning eating my own cum since I was a total prevent and willing and mire than that to eat my mother’s shit right from her ass or from some strange bowls from some unreal clinics. So my loving tongue found its way easily to the smelly semen filed hole and I gave mummy a nice tongue job. It didn’t take long till I felt her clitoris growing under my stimulation and waves of her tasty juice floated over my tongue and I got my first drink that day. After what could at least have been ten minutes of eating mum out her body shook in a surprisingly massive orgasm and I knew she must have woken up now. So I licked the final drops of her bitterness and crawled my way completely up the blanket till I saw daylight again and her motherly but satisfied face appeared. “Hey baby, did you wake mummy up? You did a good job. Your mum likes to be woken up with a nice orgasm.” Mum smiled at me.

She exposed her pearl teeth. “Now it’s really time for your daily morning drink, honey. I can’t hold it any longer, my bladder feels like bursting. I can’t wait to pee and your tongue job didn’t help too much concerning that” mum tinkered and I went back down her breasts and her stomach till I reached her place of joy again. Then mummy pumped herself up and stood on her feet with her ass up in the air. I kneed between her legs and held my opened mouth right above her stretching pussy lips. I saw the necessity for her to pee in her green eyes and prepared for my drink. Then her pussy changed its color a little and I knew certainly my drink wasn’t far away. Finally the golden stream of her and my satisfaction exited her nice pussy hole. I did my best to catch the stream as it flew in the air for a few eye blinks till the liquid gold hit my mouth and covered my face in its salty and bitter sweet taste. I tried to distinguish what was pussy juice and what was mummy’s peepee. “Yeah baby, your horny mummy has to pee so badly, my love, drink all of mummy’s nice salty pee. Make your mummy a happy woman” mum moaned and I swear I could see her crabbing her breast with her one hand and forcing her nails in her pinkish silk like skin. I did my best to swallow every drop of that tasty graceful drink mummy offered me that morning and I knew she would do so each and every morning for the rest of those mind blowing holydays.

Finally she was done and watched with a serious but glossy look how I licked the drops from my lips and enjoyed it. “Now clean me up, down there” mum said and I obeyed. Meanwhile I had the feeling that my tongue spent more time somewhere in my mother than it did in my body hole. Anyway I liked it that way and had no doubts something could happen that would change that. so I finished my self chosen morning job and licked each stream and drop of mummypee I could find between her spread legs. As I was done and sure she was satisfied with my job and I could feel the next wave of wetness and hornyness glowing deep inside this sexy and voracious woman who was my mother I got up and asked mum if she was hungry and pointed at the nice table I had prepared for our breakfast. She didn’t answer and simply grabbed me on my hips and rolled me on my back and kissed me wild like a cat of prey would give its prize the final bite of death. She breathed hard as she got on top of me and let herself fall on my rock hard penis. “Before we have breakfast I want you to fuck the shit out of me once again my slave son baby” she said and wildness glanced in her eyes. She rode me like untamed bull and bit my neck whenever she came down and whenever I tried to roll over and get on top she forced me to keep down. My shaft ran in and out of her like a steam ram and I couldn’t think of anything but to finally empty my burning balls in that unbelifable woman on top. Finally, and I had the feeling that it was only because she was ready to allow me to do it, I shoot my load up her belly. Then she left me there breathless and rolled over and lay next to me for a couple of moments. “Did mummy ride you well?” What I said must have been something like hell yeah but I don’t know exactly.

Finally she got up and stood on her fresh licked and cleaned feet. And I let my view follow her body and thought of how I had licked her legs only minutes earlier to wake her up and how I had eaten my semen from her pussy and how she had peed in my mouth from down there and how she had massaged her perfect breasts while she made me loving being her pee slave and then how she violently had fucked me just blinks of eyes away right on that place on that king size bed where I still lied and still was fighting to get breath. I loved that woman who had made me the gift of life and who I now paid in that obsessive way and who made me the happiest man on our blue earth under its yellow sun.

“Now honey, aren’t you hungry?” mum said. And I forced myself to get up that soft bed. I stood up and kissed her. Then I helped her taking her seat and let my fresh fucked self fall on the left chair. Then I started to eat and wondered what strange but interesting kind of a day this would become with this fascinating woman by my side who was my mother who I obviously just started to get to know.

End of part eight. Please let me know how you liked it.

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Excellent hon, please keep it up and don't change anything.


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2 be honest mate that was shit go back 2 how they used 2 be and split it up into shorter paragraphs but please do more =D


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