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Best to read Stranger Sex first as this story follows on from there:
It had been a few days since pregnant Jenny's unexpected adventure with 60 year old Jamie, he had given her a good fucking and the orgasm she had craved. Jenny had fantasied about it many times since. Her husband Bill still ignored Jenny's sexual needs, he was busy clearing his workload so he could take sometime off when the baby was born. It meant Jenny didn't see much of him which left her feeling lonely and frustrated. Her daily masturbation sessions helped relieve the pressure but it wasn't as good as the real thing and like an itch she couldn't scratch jenny knew she had to do something about it.

Jenny had decided to avoid going past Jamie's house because she felt a little embarrassed about what had happened and she also knew or at least hoped that it would happen again. As the days went by and the itch got stronger and Jenny decided to call in on Jamie again, just to say hello and see how he was of course ....and if something else happened between them ...... well Jenny wouldn't be complaining.

As Jenny neared Jamie's house she undid a couple of buttons of her blouse, smiling to herself she wanted to make sure Jamie got a good eyeful of her boobs and a good hard boner .

Jamie had told his best mate Tommy about what had happened with Jenny. Tommy was a few older than Jamie and with a bit of pot belly. Tommy wasn't if he believed him but he had joked with Jamie that he might need to get some Viagra to keep up with his horny new girlfriend. Jamie laughed at that, new girlfriend indeed at his age nevertheless he had jacked off several times to the memory of what had happened with Jenny that day but he wished for a repeat performance. Tommy was proud to be a silver surfer and after hearing all about Jenny he had gone straight onto the Internet when he got home, a quick search and a few clicks of the mouse he hoped he had something that would make Jamie laugh next time he saw him. The little blue pills were delivered a couple days later and Tommy had gone round to see Jamie.

Jamie had laughed when Tommy showed him the pills. "Ever the optimist, I doubt I'll ever see her again and these will just gather dust in the draw " and as if to prove the point Jamie went to the kitchen and dropped them in a draw "Thanks anyway I owe you a few beers for these, shall I make some tea?" he said to Tommy.

At that moment the doorbell rang, Jamie wondered who it could be, Tommy had followed Jamie into the kitchen and put the kettle on while Jamie went to see who was at the door.

Jamie's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Jenny standing there and his mouth popped open like a goldfish. "Hi" Jenny smiled "I was just passing and thought I pop in to say hello" Jamie managed to smile back as Jenny came in and sat down. "I was just making some tea would you like a cup" His eyes couldn't help but notice Jenny's cleavage, the lacy bra under her blouse just about holding in her large boobs. Jenny replied yes and Jamie called to Tommy to make an extra cup. Tommy nearly had a heart attack when he stuck his head out of the kitchen to ask about milk and sugar and saw just how gorgeous Jenny was. An evil thought crossed Tommy's mind and as he stirred the tea a big grin spread across his face.

This wasn't going quite how Jenny had planned but she hopped Tommy would go after the tea and then she and Jamie could get down to business. After being properly introduced to Tommy she found him good company, he was well travelled and had lots of amusing stories to tell. She liked the attention and it was good to talk about something other than babies.Jenny had lost track of time as Tommy talked on and she really wanted to feel a hard cock inside of her, the horniness began to wash over her again.
It was then she noticed both men shifting awkwardly in their chairs, it couldn't be could it? Oh yes it could, Jenny was right, both men were trying adjust stiff cocks under their trousers, consumed with lust now Jenny decided to up the ante, she uncrossed her legs and bent forward in her chair as she looked in her bag for nothing in particular. What it did do though was give both men a clear view of her bra clad boobs and a small glimpse of pantie up her skirt. After a couple of minutes Jenny realised the conversation had stopped so she straightened up and both men were caught staring at her panties.
Jenny laughed and this seemed to break the tension that had been building in the room. Both Jamie and Tommy apologised but Jenny just smiled and said if they didn't mind then she could take care of both of them. Within seconds Jenny was naked and kissing both men as they felt her swollen boobs.

Jenny loved the feeling of two pairs of hands stroking all over her naked body. Kneeling on the sofa Jenny now had two hard cocks in front of her, Jenny stroked both cocks, they felt very hot and hard in her hands , she didn't want them to cum too soon so she gently sucked each knob whilst still holding them. Both men continued to fondle Jenny's large boobs, cupping them and squeezing her nipples. Her pussy was very wet and Jamie wanted that pussy, his cock had never felt so hard in his life, so coaxing Jenny up onto all fours he stood behind her and started to rub his stiff prick up and down her lips and over her clit.
Jenny had turned her cock sucking skills onto Tommy , she gasped as Jamie finally thrust his prick deep into her pussy and her first orgasm washed through her body Jamie picked up the pace and started to fuck Jenny good. Tommy meanwhile had been encouraging Jenny to stroke his cock while sucking him and sure enough after a few minutes Jenny's deft touch had worked its magic and poor old Tommy couldn't hold back any longer. He grunted as he came, thick ropes of cum filled Jenny's mouth, Tommy took over stroking his cock as Jenny swallowed his cum and another orgasm hit her body. Jamie felt that tingling deep in his balls and he knew he would soon cum, he speeded up his thrusts wanting to hold off but needed to cum. As he felt his hot seed surging up through his cock and splashing the walls of Jenny's pussy he shouted out "YES ....Yes". Feeling the hot cum in her pussy was enough to set jenny off on another orgasm, she had barely recovered from the last one as her body shook with the intense pleasure caused by Jamie cumming inside of her.

As she slowly recovered and her eyes flickered open she noticed Tommy's cock still hard and proud in front of her and Jamie was still pumping her slowly from behind, his cock was still hard as well. Jenny felt Jamie slip from her pussy and come round to her face "I don't get it, I came harder than I can remember in my life but I'm still hard, you're amazing Jenny" Said Jamie.
Jenny smiled at the complement and Tommy asked if he could take over from Jamie. Jenny smiled again "I thought you'd never ask, get back there and fuck me" She giggled and eagerly took Jamie's cock into her mouth sucking both of their cum from it. This caused Jamie to groan as his cock was still painfully hard.

Tommy decided to saviour the view as he got behind Jenny and rubbed his hot cock over her ass cheeks. Her puffy lips were leaking some of Jamie's cum. (Tommy knew why his and Jamie's cocks were still hard, while making the tea he had slipped a couple of blue pills in each cup he had thought about putting one in Jenny's cup but as she was pregnant he had decided against it ...for the sake the baby not his conscious!)

Jenny started moaning in pleasure as Tommy reached round and rubbed her hard clit, spreading her lips he pushed his fat cock into Jenny in one hard thrust, she gasped out loud and then went back to sucking Jamie's cock with a greater intensity. Tommy marvelled at how tight Jenny's pussy was, even with one load of cum up her she still gripped his cock hard and he enjoyed the feeling along the entire length of his shaft. He wasn't as fit as Jamie and so had to stop fucking Jenny every couple of minutes to regain his breath, he was soon sweating profusely as his fat belly slapped against Jenny's bum. Holding his cock deep inside Jenny while he caught his breath Tommy was drawn to Jenny's puckered ass hole, licking a finger he massaged around the outside gently, watching it as it responded and opened slightly before pushing his finger inside.
Jenny had had anal sex before but the gentle massage of her puckered ring had caused her intense pleasure and as Tommy slipped the finger further in Jenny felt another huge orgasm explode through her body. Jamie saw what Tommy had done and the thought that Jenny liked something in her ass excited him even more. The intensity of her pleasure meant Jenny stopped sucking Jamie's cock. He was close to release and she was in so much pleasure that he decided to jack his own cock causing jets of hot cum shot out and onto Jenny's face, he staggered back, his heart was beating so fast he thought it would burst so he had to sit down to recover.

Jenny was concentrating on the double pleasure she was getting from Tommy. He picked up the pace once more knowing he was ready to unload his second lot of cum into Jenny's hot pussy. A few more strokes was all it took as Tommy added his heavy seed into the pregnant Jenny. Red faced, sweating and feeling a little light headed Tommy also collapsed into a chair.

Jamie groaned as he looked at his still hard cock and then at Jenny, with his cum still streaked across her face and smiling at him with pleasure. She didn't want more did she? He knew she did as Jenny said "Pity to let it go to waste" while looking at his cock

The girl is insatiable Jamie thought and he felt sorry for her husband but she did have a point. He had got his breath back and noticed that Tommy had now fallen asleep so getting up went behind Jenny seeing her pussy leaking some of Tommy's cum put Jamie off a bit, he didn't fancy putting his cock in another man's cum. He gaze wondered up slightly and remembering what Tommy had done, while Jenny begged him to fuck her again, he pushed his finger against her ass hole, Jenny giggled "Whose a naughty boy then" as Jamie slipped an second finger alongside the first. "Can I .... would you mind if I" Jamie didn't have to finish what he was saying Jenny was too far gone in pleasure she simply nodded her head and breathed "Ohh yes I would like that"

Jamie removed his fingers and pushed the fat head of his cock against her puckered hole. Jenny braced herself as Jamie pushed harder and then she grunted as the head of his cock breached her bowels. Jamie held still as he didn't want to hurt Jenny but she soon asked him to carry on. So Jamie pushed forward again then back before pushing forward again. Slow and gentle each time going a little deeper until his greying pubes were nestled against Jenny soft bum cheeks.
Jenny was breathing harder and she reached down to play with her clit. Jamie rolled his hips a few times before starting to fuck her tight hole. Her ass squeezed his cock so tight that he thought he would cum almost immediately but he concentrated on building up a good rhythm, fucking her ass with long slow strokes. Jenny's fingers were rubbing her clit hard and she could feel another orgasm building meanwhile Jamie had started to fuck her ass harder and faster. His hard cock now slipped easily into Jenny's welcoming colon and his balls slapped against her puffy pussy lips. The tingling of an orgasm in Jenny's clit was spreading and she could feel it building in her ass and pussy as well, she needed to cum, feeling Jamie's hard cock pounding her ass, his balls slapping her pussy lips while her finger rubbed her hard clit, it was all getting too much for her as the tingling increased in intensity. Jamie could feel his sperm boiling up "I'm gonna cum" he said through clenched teeth

"Yes" ..Jenny told him "Please cum in my ass" she wanted to cum at the same time as Jamie and squeezed his cock with her ass. This extra encouragement was enough for Jamie, his whole prick now felt like it was on fire as pushed hard into Jenny one last time clenching his ass cheeks he let loose more cum than he thought possible to have left in him as a powerful orgasm shuddered through his whole body. When Jenny felt the hot spunk filling her colon it triggered the release she craved so hard for and her own powerful orgasm crashed through her body, wave after wave of smaller orgasms rolled out from her pussy and clit. After what felt like several minutes Jenny and Jamie started to come back down, Jamie's cock had started to go soft at last and he carefully pulled out of Jenny's ass. Jenny still couldn't move or speak as Jamie gently helped her up and kissed her passionately by way of thank you

Jamie then helped Jenny to get dressed and got her a cloth to clean up as she had forgotten about his cum all over her pretty face. Jamie then slumped down on the sofa, Tommy was still snoring oblivious to the earth shattering moment that had passed. Jenny was almost ready to leave and as she turned to say goodbye to Jamie and Tommy they were both fast asleep. Jenny giggled to herself as she thought how she had worn them out she might even have given them both a heart attack. Bending down she gave Tommy's cock a kiss and then she did the same for Jamie. "Thank you for fucking me so good" She said aloud as she let herself out to go home.

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