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My father believes in an hourglass figure. That’s why I have to lace my mother and sisters into their corsets every day.
The Corset

Because my father likes an hourglass figure on women the girls in my family are subjected to corsets as soon as they hit puberty and then every day after that. Whenever one of my sisters had their first period they got corseted. As far as I can see all it does is give the girls a tiny waist that makes their boobs look bigger and they hips flair out nicely. To my sisters it is strictly torture. They can hardly breathe and the corsets are hot and uncomfortable. Every morning they get laced into them and then just before their evening bath they are released from them.

I am fifteen years old and the only boy in my family. Mom is thirty-eight years old and coincidentally wears a 38-C bra. Dad became forty this year. I also have five sisters. Two of my sisters are older than I am and three are younger than I am.

The first of my sisters is my seventeen-year-old sister Michelle. She is the oldest and the prettiest of my sisters. Michelle is very popular in school. Next comes my sixteen-year-old sister Mariah. Mariah is the smartest of my sisters and gets the best grades in school. Then of course comes me. After me come my fourteen-year-old sister Melanie, my thirteen-year-old sister Molly, and my twelve-year-old sister Mya. Melanie is sexy, Molly is a troublemaker, and Mya is just cute as hell.

It had been my job for many years to lace the girls into their corsets every morning and then to help them out of them every evening, including my mother. Since the corset is also a bra I have seen their breasts twice a day, every day for as long as I can remember. I think dad taught me to lace mom into her corset when I was about seven. I was about nine when I first laced Michelle into her first corset. Michelle was about eleven when she had her first period but Mariah had her first period just a month or so later when she was ten and got her corset. It was two years later when Melanie had her first period. Then about two years after that both Molly and Mya had their first periods a month or two apart.

I have seen all of their pussies too since as per dad’s instructions each girl comes to me completely naked to have me put on her corset and lace her into it. Then she is allowed to go back to her bedroom and put on her panties and get dressed for the day. Mom is always first so that she can fix breakfast, make lunches for us, and get dad off to work. After mom the girls go in order of age from Michelle down to Mya.

When I was thirteen years old and started putting corsets on my two youngest sisters I also started rubbing their pert little nipples and their almost hairless pussies when I put them on and when I took them off. They were both new at it and just figured that I knew what I was doing. I knew all right…I was getting a free feel every time I laced them in and took them out. Soon I also started feeling my other sister’s nipples, even my mother’s nipples and she didn’t complain about it either. When I was almost fourteen years old I started feeling my other three sister’s pussies too and I got away with it. Shortly after that I even started feeling my mother’s pussy and once again she didn’t complain about it at all, she just let me do it. In fact mom seemed to enjoy it very much and even gave me a few pointers to make it feel better. By the time I was actually fourteen I was giving each girl an orgasm when I put her into her corset and when I took her out of it too. The girls loved getting corseted after that.

Just before I turned fifteen years old I asked mom to give me a blowjob and she did. I honestly couldn’t believe it. She even let me cum in her mouth and then she swallowed it. A while after my blowjob from mom I got Michelle to give me a blowjob too. Now all six of my women will suck my cock if I simply ask them too…and do I ever ask them too. I get two blowjobs every single day but it just isn’t enough anymore. I need more!

So yesterday morning I asked mom if I could fuck her. She politely said no but only because dad would kill her if he found out. Wow mom was willing to let me fuck her but couldn’t. Cool! Then to my surprise mom suggested that I ask Michelle if I could fuck her instead.

Before I had finished lacing up mom’s corset Michelle came into my bedroom for her turn. Mom surprised me again when she told my sister that I wanted to fuck one of them. Then mom told Michelle that she had suggested her for the job. Michelle just smiled and thanked mom for the referral. What the hell! Michelle was really excited that I wanted to fuck her. Now I was confused.

Mom was done so I started to do Michelle, but first I played with her nipples and tickled her clit like I always do. Once I gave her an orgasm I asked Michelle about my fuck. Michelle said that she really wanted to let me fuck her but for us to really enjoy it we should do it after we go to bed when we had more time. She was absolutely correct but I really didn’t want to wait that long, I just wanted to fuck her and relieve myself. Michelle looked me right in the eyes and said that she was a virgin, that it was still her body, and that I could fuck her after we went to bed. There was no more to discuss so I said okay! At least I got a blowjob from Michelle. Just as I was cumming in Michelle’s mouth our sister Mariah came in to have me lace her into her corset. I had often gotten backed up while getting a blowjob from one of my sisters so it was no big deal to any of them that I was backed up again. I quickly took care of Michelle’s corset and let her go get dressed for school. Then I played with Mariah’s nipples, gave her an orgasm, and laced her into her corset for the day. Melanie was right on time for her turn. Then after Molly and Mya I went to talk to mom again about fucking Michelle later. Mom was all in favor of it and told me to take Michelle to my bed for the night. Wow! I could keep her in my bed overnight!

Then last night as I was removing their corsets I started with mom as I always do and then she stuck around while I removed Michelle’s corset. With both women nude in my bedroom together mom asked if she could watch me fuck Michelle for the very first time. Michelle said that it was fine with her. They had both seen the other giving me blowjobs over the previous months so I guess there wasn’t any difference. Apparently mom had told the other four girls to wait patiently because no one bothered us.

With mom giving me some instructions I played with Michelle’s clit while I sucked on both of her nipples. Then I got my first taste of Michelle’s pussy. Mom said that it was important to taste a woman before fucking her.

Michelle tasted very good and I wondered why I hadn’t tasted her pussy before this. All of the girls in my family had tasted my cock and cum on many occasions so why hadn’t I tasted their pussy? No reason what so ever. Well things would certainly be different around the house after this.

Finally I was going to fuck my sister and loose my virginity and take hers at the same time. I decided to do it doggy style so I had Michelle get on her hands and knees and then lower her breasts down to my bedspread. With her ass up high in the air like that I just knelt behind her, aimed my cock at her juicy opening, and slipped it right in. All of us started to moan at the same time, even mom. When I looked over at her mom had two of her fingers in her pussy sliding in and out and her other hand was taking turns pinching her nipples. Mom was getting excited watching two of her children fucking. She was getting off on watching us. Having my mother watch me fucking my sister was sure having its effects on me too.

It must have had the same effect on my sister Michelle too because she was certainly enjoying my cock as much as I was enjoying her pussy. It was just about the best feeling that I had ever had. I rammed my sister for as long a time as I could before cumming deep inside her love tunnel. Then not a whole minute later I was hard once again. Maybe I never went soft at all! However mom made a comment about how rapidly young boys recover and that she wished that she had dared to let me fuck her. Wow! My mother really did want me to fuck her. I know that I sure wanted to fuck her. In fact now I wanted to fuck all of my sisters too. I was pretty sure that I would get the chance in the very near future. Mom would definitely cum around if you know what I mean and I doubt if she will be last either.

Anyway mom watched as Michelle and I fucked each other two more times. I asked Michelle to get on her back missionary style for the second one and then I asked her to get on top for the last one. Michelle loved getting fucked just as much as I loved fucking her so mom told Michelle to move her clothes into my bedroom and sleep with me from then on. Wow! That was fantastic.

Then the three of us removed the other four girl’s corsets and let them get ready for bed. They had been so patient that mom asked me to reward them by letting them sit on my face. They couldn’t believe that I was giving them oral sex. Up until that time they had only given me oral sex and they loved having the shoe on the other foot.

After I had lost my virginity to my sister Michelle I started to check out the other girls in our school in a new sexual way. Not one of those girls had the hourglass shape that my mother and all of my sisters had, not even the female teachers. Dad was absolutely right, there was nothing to compare with an hourglass figure like that of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, or even Traci Lords in her younger days.

The End
The Corset

Thoughts from the author:

Many readers criticize spelling and grammar a lot while others say that it is just pornography and that it really doesn’t matter. I believe that it distracts me too much when a story seems to be written by a third grader. If it is too hard for me to read it I stop and then give it the rating that I believe that it deserves. Many authors are just too excited to submit their story to proofread their own work, as they should. Some may need to stay in school and learn better English too.

The End
The Corset

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2011-01-12 21:18:31
I liked it but I was expecting more detailing on the corseting part, having it as a part of the sex. I'd say well written but the title gives a misleading expectation.


2008-11-27 18:56:47
We'll written and not just senseless fucking, it might've been better if his mom had resisted a little bit to sucking his dick but other then that 10/10. :)


2008-03-15 09:59:19
I absolutley loved it. It was pure gold and well written. What are you doing writing erotica? You should be writing novels. Please write more!!


2008-02-20 01:32:21
Apparently the last person to comment didn't see 'incest' in the deion.


2008-02-13 23:36:09
what brother fucks his sister(s) STUPID

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