It sucks being a 14 year old girl. You are not "fully developed," but you have all the working parts and an overwhelming desire to use them, but everyone tells you not to. What makes it all worse is that because your 14, the boys who are 15, 16, 17.... love you even more. (And when I say "love" I mean it quite liberally).

Me and Melanie got to High School, and not a moment too soon. We were both reasonably developed, which meant that we had something to shave on our pussies, and our breasts were finally more than bite sized. The one thing we did have that we were totally content with were our asses. We both had cute round asses, the type of asses that only teenage girls have. Naturally, me and Melanie (by the way, I'm Janine) only wore the tightest jeans to show off our behinds. Now in Middle School this was all fun and games, but in High School were guys. Older guys who looked, but didn't squirm in their seats or smile weirdly. Instead they talked to you, and this made us scared, and a little wet...

We were both virgins, but from our clothing and demeanor I think guys knew that even if we were, it didn't mean we wanted to stay that way. I had given head before (a story for another time), but Mel was a complete virgin.

We were always together in school, and what we hoped happened did: we were both asked out by two different guys who were also friend. We decided to all hang out at Michael's (that was the guy who was into me). Of course we weren't allowed to just go over to older boys houses (we had no idea how old they were, probably 17) so I told my parents that I was going to Mel's house, and of course, as usual, Mel's mom was out of town.

I brought over a bunch of clothes, and together we tried out outfit after outfit. Eventually I was wearing a low cut sweater, skin tight American Eagle Jeans, a black thong (I wasn't sure how that would come into play) and brown knee high cowgirl boots. Mel was wearing a denim mini skirt, a snug little shirt, and black heels. We both agreed we looked really hot. We were giddy and a little horny.

We waited, we watched TV, and fixed our hair. We occasionally checked ourselves in the mirror, and then checked the clock. We were sure that the guys (that's what we called them) said 7, now it was almost 8. We grew depressed. We figured they weren't coming.

"Man this sucks," I said. "I was so ready to get it on."

"I know, what did we do wrong?"

"Did you plan on going all the way?" I ask Mel, timidly.

To answer she just spread her legs and revealed not a shred of pantie. I giggled.

"Your wet!" I said as I noticed that her pussy was a little glistening and puffy.

She slid her hand up her thigh, opened up her pussy lips and began to run her finger in circles around her clit. I could see her legs tense up slightly and her face become focused. She slid her fingers into her pussy to moisten them, and then began to rub her clit.

I was a little weirded out and uncomfortable, but that all went away the moment she let out a tiny "uhhh." It was soft and high pitched, and totally involuntary. I immediately recognized the sound (as one that I often make) and suddenly I began to relax. And the moment I began to relax, I began to get horny.

I walked over to her on the couch.

"Close your eyes," I instructed. She did so.

I sucked two fingers into my mouth and then put them right outside the opening of her pussy.

I said: "Imagine you and Josh making out on the couch, his hands all over you...." Mel began to smile and writhe. "...imagine his fingers entering you"

I slid my fingers into her pussy. She moaned "Josh" quietly. In and out my fingers slided, harder and harder.

"Imagine his hands squeezing your tits" I whisper as my other hand massages her breasts. Meanwhile I am getting very wet and horny, especially as I notice that Mel doesn't have a bra on.

"Then he puts his big cock in you" I say as I slide in 4 fingers. She screams and moans, her fingers rubbing her clit as hard as possible.

As she comes her whole body shakes. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and lick them clean, finding her taste similar to mine, if a little bit sweeter.

She pants a little then gets control of herself.

"Now it's your turn," she tells me.

She sits me on the couch, and slowly unzips my jeans and pulls them down to my cowgirl boots. She describes me and Michael making out and his hands all over my body. Mel squeezes my tits and my ass, I moan. Then she pulls down my thong. I open my eyes, a little scared for the first time. The thought crosses my mind: Am I am lesbian? Then her tongue swirls over my clit and I am content with the answer "maybe bi."

"Now Michael decides to kiss your little pussy." I close my eyes as my best friend starts to eat me out. Her tongue swirls my little clit, making circles around it and going back and forth over it. Then she slides her tongue down into my hole. I moan. I go back and fourth between looking at my hot little best friend eat me out and thinking about Michael, the hot older guy, doing it.

As I get closer my hand slides down and holds Mel's head against my clit where I want it (I learned this from the guys I've given head to, it felt good to be the one holding the head now). As I came I rubbed my pussy up and down against her face.

We both panted and smiled. Neither of us knew what to say. I slowly pulled up my jeans as I did, I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out, I had a text message from Michael. It read: Sorry we didnt show, had to be with out gfs tonight. :(.

We both laughed. "They have girlfriends?" we said simultaneously.

"Does that bother you?" Mel asked me.

"Nah not really." I answered with a smile.

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