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Inside Me

----- 7 --

I woke up being squeezed into the most comfortable, warm, and strong body ever. It was a tight squeeze on my twin mattress side by side with Ean, but tight squeeze was good with him. Really good.

Ean looked to my face when I moved my head around to see if anything was new. It was just him and I naked together.

“I would give anything to feel just once what I saw you go through. That must have been some orgasm you had,” he said to me.

“You have no idea.”

“I think your face is stuck in a permanent smile too. I couldn’t even force your lips down when you were asleep.”

“How long was I out?”

“Almost two hours. I was going to wake you up soon if you didn’t come to on your own.”

“Why? Why can’t you just lay with me forever?”

“Mom’s coming home today. In just a few hours from now. I have to get you to school.”

“Awww, why school?”

“I don’t really want to explain to mom why you didn’t go. Also, maybe something will happen there to wipe that smile away. Mom will definitely ask you some questions if you look like that when she comes home while you’re skipping school. So, go take a shower.”

“No, I’ll go to school, but I’m not cleaning you off me just yet.”

“Well, at least put some clothes on unless you want to walk into class like this.” He circled my nipple with his index finger. My body was so worn out.

Ean let me go and rolled from the bed. “Hurry up,” he said as I watch his naked backside walk from my room.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. I felt so happy. I looked over to my clock. It would be the start of fourth period at school by now. I would make it just in time for lunch! Montana would die when I told her what happened. When I told her the reason I missed math class was because my brother drove me unconscious in the most amazing orgasm a human could probably have.

I sat up and scooted off my bed, opened my underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of panties. As I slipped them on, I looked at the large stain that was embedded into my sheets. I looked down to my vagina as my panties pressed into it. Montana would flipped as I told her that right then as we spoke, my body was leaking with my brother’s cum. My panties would be fighting to hold it all inside me. Right there in school. In the cafeteria. As I sat right in front of her.

All the things I was going to tell her. My mind was running rampant with the thoughts of what just happened.

As I opened the car door and unbuckled to get out for school, Ean spoke.

“What do you want? What’s something that you really wanted for awhile now?”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t think that smile is leaving anytime soon. I want at least a decent reason to tell mom why you’re so happy.” If it was possible, I smiled even bigger.

“Nothing really. Just buy a bunch of candy and say we got in a fight and you bought it for me to make up. Mom knows how happy that would make me if you did something like that just for me. Especially since the way you were acting before she left.”

Ean smiled and said goodbye. I got out. I was so eager to get into the school and talk to Montana.

By the time I finished filling in a late slip in the front office, my lunch period had just started. I was starving but I didn’t want to waste any time in line. I walked into the cafeteria and found Montana just sitting herself down. She adjusted herself in her seat before pulling her lunch from her book bag. She looked a little depressed and lonely.

I marched up and sat down before her. She looked up surprised. The surprise in her face only got bigger and bigger as she read my expressions like a book. She was about to become one jealous girl.


I walked home that day. I looked for Ean but the car wasn’t there. My feet felt funny for some reason on the walk. I didn’t know why for the longest time until as I looked down to my shoes, it finally clicked in my mind. And when it clicked, I wanted to just die right then and there. Mom would definitely be home by then.

I was wearing my old shoes. My shoes from last year. My feet had become accustomed to my new shoes for this school year already but the shoes I had on right then were familiar enough to me that I wouldn’t have noticed when I put them on.

I even remembered seeing them that morning. I smiled at them thinking back. Why did nothing click then?

My new shoes were in Ean’s room. In the middle of my pile of clothes. On his floor. A few feet from his bed just inside his doorway. Mom was home. I wanted to die so bad. Maybe Ean returned home before mom. Hopefully he didn’t spend too long out. Maybe he noticed it. Hopefully it clicked in his head before mom walked by and saw it. Saw the pile of her daughter’s clothes on the floor in her son’s bedroom.

By the time I arrived at the front door past my mom’s car, Ean had his wish. Something indeed had wiped the smile from my face. I opened the door and walked in to greet my mom sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. She turned and looked at me.

“Have a fun time while I was away?” she asked. She asked it as if she could have known but also might not have. Either way, she wasn’t beating me to death. Although, Ean wasn’t around either. I didn’t see dad’s car in the driveway or garage. “Your brother came home about an hour ago with a bunch of chocolates for you. He said you two had a fight and he thought candy would make everything better.”

“Where is he?” I asked coyly.

“I sent him to the store to pick up a few things. I thought I would take it easy on myself. My boss was very impressed with my stories following the trial. He said I got the Supreme Court case. Unfortunately I’ll be leaving again but I do get a big bonus… You and Ean seem to be hitting it off.”

I blushed. “When are you leaving?”

“The thirtieth of this month.”

“That’s next week! You can’t leave already.”

“I’m not going forever. And my boss said if the case lasts too long, he would let me come home for a few days in the middle. It is nice to know you missed me though.”

“Well, Ean can be a little hard to deal with sometimes.” I had to think about any little boring part of the past week to be able to say that.

“Well, it seems that he is coming around quite nicely. I’m sure you had a lot to do with that.” Damn her. She threw me into a blushing rampage. I couldn’t figure out what she knew or thought. “How has school been?”

“I got a friend.”

“Really!?” She looked too happy.

“Yes mom, it’s so amazing that I could actually get a friend.” That time I made her blush a bit with embarrassment. “Which reminds me. She told me that she takes a pill to help regulate her periods. I was wondering if I could get that too since mine are still pretty messed up.” I hoped so much that she would buy the story. After I remembered about my clothes in Ean’s room, I had no idea how to ask my mom to put me on birth control. That just kind of popped into my head right then.

She looked at me hard, almost curious. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said thoughtfully.

“Please don’t tell Ean either. He’ll tease me forever. And don’t even tell him behind my back thinking he’ll understand or listen to you when you say not to tease me. I don’t want him to know at all.” Mom kept staring at me, almost into me. I couldn’t tell if it was actually her, or me just being incredibly paranoid.

“I’ll see if I can get you an appointment before I leave next week. When was your last period?”

“Two weeks ago, maybe.”

“Yeah, I’ll call my gynecologist here in a bit and see how early we can schedule you in. Go wash up. When you’re brother gets back, we’re going out to eat.”

“Thanks mom.” I ran up to hug her. “I love you.”

I pulled away and quickly walked from the kitchen, down the hallway to the bedrooms in the back of the house. I slowed down at Ean’s door and peered in. My clothes were gone. I continued into my bedroom and closed the door. I looked everywhere for my clothes and quickly found them thrown in my laundry basket.

Did mom or Ean throw them there? Where were my shoes? I walked over to the basket and began checking off my attire from last night. My panties were in there too. I had kicked those to the other side of his bedroom. I really hoped mom hadn’t put my clothes in there. Then I felt something hard in my clothes. I gripped it and pulled out one of my shoes. I sighed in relief. Only Ean would throw my shoes into the laundry basket. But Ean also arrived home after mom.

I wasn’t being ripped a new life yet from mom nor was she drilling me with questions, so I decided to go with the best case scenario, she couldn’t have seen the pile. I would leave it at that. I was in a limbo long enough with Ean; I didn’t want another one with mom. I would just live in an ignorant bliss if I had to.

I pulled my other shoe from the basket and decided to put those on. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I noticed then just how dirty I felt. I hadn’t taken a shower in two days and after that morning, my body was covered in dry sweat. I must have reeked.

The rest of the day was decently fun and mostly awkward with Ean and mom. I fell asleep on my own bed alone. On top of my brother’s dried cum that had dripped from me that morning.

I woke up the next morning, took my shower and ate breakfast. Ean was taking me to school again. Mom wanted to sleep in. I decided to throw my sheets and some of my clothes in the washer before leaving. I figured it would be easier to make up a reason why I did my own laundry rather than why there was dried semen on it.

School was as usual. A lot more fun than it normally had been in the past though. I had Ean waiting for me at home and Montana with me while I was there. I was happy. Montana and I mostly reminisced about the snippets of stories I told her about Ean and I. She started up on how she was going to have to spend Labor Day weekend with her aunt because her parents were going away for their anniversary. I had a feeling she was hinting at something to me but I ignored it.

At home, mom told me her gynecologist had called back and she had gotten me an appointment the next Tuesday.

The rest of the day went fairly nicely. Nothing real big. Montana called but we didn’t talk to long because her sister was bugging her to play with her. I hung up feeling weird. For some reason having a friend felt weird. I told her things I had never told anyone before and felt that she did the same to me. I really like her and everything about having a friend but it was so new to me. Ean was always my friend when I was young, but he was a boy. Montana was a girl. Things were different. Good different though.

Mom didn’t ask me about the sheets in the washer. I had cleaned them before like that when one of my pads leaked at night.

I woke up Friday morning and followed my usual routine. Mom brought me to school. School was the same. I told Montana about the appointment. She seemed almost disinterested for some reason. It was ok though, at least I had someone to talk to. I had my days as well like that, just disinterested in the outside world.

Mom picked me up from school. She said she had to go into her work that night for several hours to get filled in on the case so it would just be Ean and I until about ten o’clock. She dropped me off at home and went on her way.

I walked through the kitchen to grab the cordless phone and went to straight to my bedroom to jump on my bed and think. I didn’t have all that exciting of a life and I had always spent most of it in thought. Besides, I knew that Montana would be calling in about half an hour.

I wanted to think about something to talk about with her but nothing came to mind. She seemed a bit dazed that day so I thought I would have to do a lot of the talking. I lost track of time and soon Ean walked into my room for no apparent reason. He stood before my bed and stared down at me for a little while. Then his reason became very apparent.

He leaned forward onto my bed and touched his fingers to my belt. He pulled the end out from the buckle and unlatched it. I wanted to ask him what he thought he was doing just barging into my room and undressing me but then he pulled my zipper down after popping the button open on my jeans. I wasn’t in the mood for anything a few seconds prior, but after I looked down to him staring so intently at my exposed panties, that changed everything.

As he wrapped his fingers over my jeans and between my panties and bare skin, my body instinctively lifted my butt from the mattress. Gently, my brother dragged my clothes down my legs revealing everything I had to offer from my waist down. My jeans and underwear scrunched up into my shoes. I shifted my feet to kick them off but Ean grabbed a hold of my shoe and stopped it from moving.

I obeyed his strength. He continued on running his face up my leg. I could feel the air moving over my skin as he inhaled through his nose. Slowly, he moved up, over my knee, and further. His head moved closer and closer to my vagina. I became scared that he would start tasting me there.

I heard about that before, boys tasting girls down there. I didn’t want Ean doing that. I felt dirty there. After a whole day of walking around at school. Even if I had just taken a shower I wouldn’t want him to lick there. What if I tasted bad? What if he didn’t like it and then started associated me with a bad food. He would avoid me. He wouldn’t touch me. No more sex.

I discreetly tried moving my hand over my other leg to cover that place up but Ean was already on my hip. He passed by that area. His hands were lifting my shirt, not up my body, but over his head. He was a tight squeeze under it but he kept pushing up over my belly, his hands running under the fabric as well on my sides. Then his forehead rode up between my breasts onto my bra.

As his hands made their way under my back, I pressed my head into my pillow and lift up my shoulders. Ean felt around the back of my bra until he found the small zipper. Carefully, he unzipped me. I felt the pressure on my breasts release as my bra came undone. Ean pulled the contraption up, uncovering my breasts for his face. His tongue immediately rolled onto my skin and up my right breast.

Then my nipple entered into a dome of hot humid air. A large hot soaking muscle pressed into the little nub and swirled around. I involuntarily arched my back. Ean’s left hand retreated from my shirt as his right firmly gripped my other breast. Ean had started sucking on my nipple. As he sucked, his tongue teased the protruding nub.

I felt his retreated hand squeeze me between my legs. He cupped me and in pulsing pumps, massaged the mound there. Then he pulled his hand back and returned with just his fingers. Quickly enough, he was just barely inside of me with them and had found my clitoris. So badly I wanted him to massage me into a slow orgasm but I would take the spiking pleasure of a rushed one too. If it came from him, nothing could be bad about it.

My breasts squished and rolled through Ean’s mouth and fingers like small water balloons. Then my hips shot into the air. He was spinning my clitoris between his fingers. It was like the greatest stinging urge to pee and it was getting worse and worse.

I had no control over Ean and he wouldn’t stop. I played with myself like that before but I could never keep it up very long. I couldn’t make myself do it much more than a few seconds at a time. Ean wasn’t feeling what I was. He could spin and pull at that most sensitive nub forever without dying in insane power. And he was going at it too.

My pelvis writhed back and forth, up and down. He wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop moaning and grunting. The hyper amount of stinging from down there was a blessing and a curse; a mix of powerful pleasure so overwhelming, it was painful.

“Stop, stop it,” I cried while laughing. I was going insane. He wouldn’t let go. It was coming. So fast. I was going to do it. “Please stop Ean, please.” He kept at it.

Then it all hit, and hard. My butt slammed down into the bed and my body tried curling up. An amazing orgasm washed through my body. The super powerful peeing sensation was being relieved and it felt so amazing. So warm.

My breathing was short, heavy, and rapid. Ean’s fingers pulled off my clitoris and rested on my vagina. Again, he just sat there feeling the amazing heat radiate between my legs as my lubrication poured into his hand. This time though, his head was in my shirt breathing in the perspiration from my breasts.

Every muscle in my body clamped and tightened. I was curling into a ball because of it. It was like my entire body wanted to fight to get as close to my vagina as possible. All the insane pleasure was exploding down there and my body wanted to disperse it amongst my entire being.

It was so much. I thought I was about to pass out again. My eyes went dark and my senses seemed to all numb. My entire body was shaking but every single muscle was tensely contracted.

It seemed to last forever but only a few seconds. I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t even comprehend. My eyes faded back into focus all of a sudden. For a second, I thought I was waking up, that I had passed out again. But my body was slowly unseizing itself. I was slowly falling back into my mattress from my attempted fetal position. My body wasn’t covered in dry sweat, it was soaked in fresh sweat.

I felt my shirt lifting up my body just before my back touched against the mattress. I lifted my arms as Ean pulled it over my head. My bra followed shortly after. I laid there on my bed gasping for air completely naked. My legs were still tied together by my pants and underwear.

“You smell so amazing Maeghan,” Ean said running his nose up the side of my neck. His lips slid over my sweat glistened cheek and onto my mouth. He kissed me quickly and pulled back. “I think you wet yourself too.”

“That’s what girls do when they go off Ean,” I replied.

“I know that, but, you were squirting hard into my hand and there was so much.”

I lifted up real quick pushing Ean back. I got scared. I looked between my legs. It was completely soaked. Completely. All over me, all over my comforter. I couldn’t believe it. I got so embarrassed. I peed on his hand. I peed on my brother. Ean had to have seen the distraught in my face.

“You have no idea how hot that was though. I about lost it myself in my pants when I felt you doing that.” I looked to his face. Sure enough, he looked so remarkably happy, so amazingly pleased.

I was then pushed back to my bed and Ean straddled me while pushing his lips to mine. His mouth withdrew once more.

“I don’t know if I want to call you Maeghan right now, or little sister.”

I smiled. “You’re such a pervert.”

“Who’s the one who just used the bathroom on her older brother? The same girl having the orgasm in my arms.” I blushed so hard at that.

“Are you going to have your orgasm too now?”

“Yeah, but not in your arms.” He rolled his back in a downwards wave and slid the crotch of his pants across my vagina.

“Well, make it quick inside there then, I’m a bit exhausted in that area.”

“Trust me, after that, I’ll be lucky to last thirty seconds inside you.”

“Good, because the only thing that could make me happier is for you to pee that stuff of yours inside me.”

Ean was already pulling his pants down. His penis was soo hard. I noticed some shiny stuff on the head of it. I lifted my arm up and slid my finger over it to collect some.

“I thought you said you didn’t do it yet.”

“That’s just pre-cum. It shows how ready I am.”

There was a lot of it. He must have really been ready.

He dropped his pants and boxers to his knees before shifting around on my bed to get them down to his ankles. In one quick swoop, his shirt was on the floor with mine. He took one last good look at my entire body and then dropped down.

Slowly, I felt his member push into me. It was so big for me to take in. I could feel myself stretch so much but it did feel extremely smooth. I must have been very well lubricated. I felt a little soreness but he was slow so it didn’t bother me. Besides that, just the thought of him sticking his thing in me overrid any and all pain. Just when I thought it would never stop going further into me, which was getting kind of scary, I felt his pubic hair touch me and then smoosh between our bodies.

His face fell to mine and his warm welcoming lips kissed me. Strangely though, I felt his hands reach around me and hug me. I couldn’t figure out how he would move much at all in that position. It felt nice for me though.

Then I started moving. He was rolling me over. We were trading places. Before I knew it, he was below me letting his arms fall to the side.

“No, Ean, you do it, I can’t.”

“Maeghan, just do it. I know you’ve wanted to. You couldn’t get any more lubricated and it will only last like half a minute before I explode inside you. Just do what feels right.”

“That’s what I did last time and look what happened.”

“I guarantee, you can’t mess it up this time. Trust me.”

He wanted me to trust him. As much as I didn’t want to try it again, Ean wanted me to. I had to try.

I lifted my body up perpendicular to his and stared down. Cautiously, very very cautiously, I pressed my hands into Ean’s chest and pushed up.

“Hold me please. Just hold onto me,” I pleaded. Ean smiled and lifted his arms up to my sides. Gently, he held onto my hips. He wasn’t guiding me, he wasn’t pushing me, he just lightly held on. I knew though if I accidently did something wrong, he would immediately grip me harder and guide me to the right way. I had to trust him.

I reached the top, where I could feel him just about to leave me. When Ean had sex with me before, he always got close like that but he never left. That felt comfortable. He was always inside me than. I wouldn’t like him to leave me.

Incredibly slowly, I in the most tedious manner, dropped down onto him. My arms and legs started quivering a bit from all the weight but I didn’t want to go any faster. Ean just looked at me like I was doing everything right.

It was so smooth inside me though. I was so slippery. By the time I lifted up again, I was a little bolder. I dropped down with just a little more speed. The soreness started to return a bit from the incredibly intense orgasm I had just had. I hid it though. I didn’t want Ean to think I wasn’t enjoying this. I was, and very much. A little soreness was nothing compared to how I felt on top of my older brother like that.

After a few ups and downs, I started to get the hang of it and it was becoming very fun. I could see that my brother was really happy too.

“I’m sorry Maeghan, but I can’t hold on much longer.” I knew he could see in my face how much fun I was having. It was better that way though. Every drop I made on him, it hurt a little more, and I didn’t want to hurt too bad after it because I definitely wanted to try again and didn’t want any more bad memories.

Then the phone rang. Dang it. Why then? I had the phone on my bed waiting for Montana to call. It was probably her. It rang again. I really didn’t want to answer it but the ringing of it was destroying the mood of everything.

“Answer it,” Ean said smiling. “You can do two things at once, can’t you?” He had the biggest grin on his face. Montana would have a heart attack when I told her in private that I was riding my brother as I talked to her on the phone. I had to answer the phone then.

I reached over and picked it up as it finished another ring.

“Ok, but just hurry up and cum inside me unless you plan on getting back on top.” I didn’t know how long I would be able to do the two things. I was so new to riding him, only maybe two minutes new at it. I wasn’t experienced enough to keep going without thinking about it. I had the phone to my ear by then and went to push the talk button to answer.

“What?” I heard Montana almost yell into my ear. Oops. Maybe I had already pushed it by accident. At least it was Montana though, and not mom.

Ean seemed oblivious to the shout on the phone. He looked about to head into an orgasm.

“Maeghan, don’t let him cum in you. You have a gynecologist appointment in just a few days. They’ll see it in there.”

My body temperature spiked. Fear and panic flooded through me. Ean’s eyes showed clearly he was about to shoot. I immediately tried pulling up but Ean’s comforting hold on me tightened. Nooo.

I knew it was wrong to pull up when he was cumming. Just let me do it anyways. Why was I scared? Why did I have to tell him to put his hands on me to make sure I was doing it right? I groaned in fear and I pushed all my weight into my hand on his chest trying to free myself. He was way too strong though.

Boom. I felt the first assault of sperm pound deep into my body. Nooo. He was cumming in me. His eyes were glazed, his face completely expressionless but happy.

More and more warm liquid filled me deep inside. It felt so good but I didn’t want it in me. It almost felt like rape but I knew it wasn’t. I was just his weak little sister struggling as hard as I could to break free from his grip. He was cumming deep inside me and I wanted to cry.

I knew Montana could hear me groaning and grunting into the phone as I was almost in tears.

“Stop it Ean. Stop it. Let me go.” I whimpered.

I felt so full of him. The searing warmth of his semen pooling inside me, locked in there by the airtight seal his massive penis created. I could only imagine what my mom’s gynecologist would say when she looked in there and found cum. Cum inside her friends fourteen year old daughter. Would she give me birth control then? She wouldn’t give me the pills if she thought I was pregnant. That would kill a baby. I wasn’t pregnant though. I wasn’t. What would I tell mom when I wasn’t allowed to get the pills? Because they found semen inside me.

Ean was coming back from his happy place while I struggled to wipe the tears from my cheeks and eyes.

“Maeghan, Maeghan, come home with me after school Monday, I have something that can clean you out.”

“Really,” I cried.

“Yeah, definitely. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Trust me.”

She wanted me to trust her. That was something between me and Ean. When we said it, it was the ultimate thing. Montana was my friend. Why would she lie to me?

“Ok,” I sniffled.

“What’s wrong,” Ean asked me looking scared. “Why’d you try to pull away? Was I not supposed to do it in you?” I wasn’t really ever sure whether he believed I was on birth control or not, but for some reason, he looked very very scared.

“Why are you crying? I’m so sorry Maeghan. What did I do?”

It was one of the few times Ean didn’t understand what was going on. To him, what could have possibly gone wrong. There was no way I could mess it up. It had to be him then. Even if I did manage to mess something up, he said to trust him. He failed me. But all through that, I was crying after he just got amazing pleasure and he didn’t know why. He looked so scared.

“Nothing,” I said dropping down to him. “I’m just really really happy.” I sniffled my nose as I rested my chin on his shoulder.

“Also Maeghan,” I heard over the phone, “I know you don’t really want me to, but keep in mind I’m helping you either way, but I kind of already asked my parents if me and my sister could stay with you next weekend instead of with my aunt, and in short, I can if you can talk your mom into it.”

That evil bitch. I had just given her the perfect opportunity to not only just meet Ean, but sleep over with him for a four day weekend. She said she would still help me either way but how could I refuse her. If she hadn’t called right then, if she never found out about Ean cumming in me. I would have told her eventually, but still, she was the only one that could help me. She was the one who made me realize my mistake.

“Yeah, I’ll ask mom. I’ll do everything I can. Thank you so much.”

Even if I was going to get it out of me on Monday, I didn’t want to take any more chances.


“What,” he asked nervously.

“Next time, I wanna try it in my mouth instead.”

“Oh you dirty little –“ I hung up the phone on Montana right there. I didn’t think he heard what she had said but I know he heard that she had said something.

“Who was that?”

“My friend from school. She wants me to ask mom if she can sleep over next weekend since her parents are leaving for their anniversary.”

“Mom will either say no or to ask me since I’m the only adult here at the time.”

“What will you say?”

“Well, is your friend weird like you?” I smiled at that. Then I got a little scared.

“Umm, well, she’s actually, uh, it’s Crystal’s little sister, and her other little sister too.” I held onto Ean a little more tightly. I was scared he might leave me right then. He was silent for a while before speaking.

“How’s she doing?”

“Really good actually. She looks at it all weirdly and it kind of makes sense to me, but to her, it’s not, it’s just, she’s coping with it.”

“I’ve talked to her on the phone before. She called when Crystal was at work and I was borrowing her cell phone.”

“What’d you think of her?”

“That she’d be a great friend for you,” he said indifferently after a short pause. I turned my head on his shoulder and looked up at his eyes. He looked lost in thoughts.

Montana never told me about talking to him on the phone. I knew he wasn’t talking about her younger sister because he couldn’t expect me to be friends with a seventh grader in middle school over a tenth grader in my own high school. Was that call just so insignificant that Montana thought not to mention it? Or was it something she deliberately didn’t talk about to me for some other reason?

Ean seemed lost in thought though. He seemed to be thinking more than just about her being a good friend with me.

“Well, I guess we better get up and cleaned before we doze off,” Ean said a little more energetically. “Don’t want mom coming home to this scene.”

I looked down at my naked body covered in splotches of drying sweat sprawled over my naked brother. I could only imagine the view mom would have looking into my open doorway seeing her son’s limp penis dangling below her daughter’s gaping, cum dripping vagina. ‘I swear mom, I just want to go on the pill to regulate my periods.’

Somehow, I didn’t think she would buy that story anymore.

e.l. hanes


2008-01-26 00:41:46
Dude keep up the awesome work, I love all your stories


2008-01-21 01:42:26
I'm starting to wondering if El is trying to make a point with this story.


2007-11-22 08:18:06
Well Done. I Wish I Had A Little Sister To Do This To, but sadly, i only have brothers, keep up the great work. Awesome stories


2007-11-06 15:11:39
Great story. Though this is something I've always wished I had. Too bad I'm an only child. :(


2007-11-05 15:23:00
By Monday afternoon she will be nicely impregnated if she is to get pg at all. OOOPs, screwed up again little girl.

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