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I find out that my mother and my aunt are prostitutes and they pay me not to tell on them, not with money but with sex. A teenager’s dream!
Mom A Whore

I had the best mother in the world, or so I thought. She is very pretty, very sexy, and she takes very good care of dad and I. Then one day I came home unexpectedly. I wasn’t feeling well and the school nurse had sent me home. I hadn’t seen mom when I came in at nine o’clock and I was asleep in my bed when suddenly I was rudely awakened with a loud bang. I sat bolt upright in bed and listened.

I must have heard mom’s bedroom door being slammed shut. But I couldn’t comprehend why. It was about eleven o’clock.

I heard several voices shouting, “Anal! No way! Asshole! Exactly! Asshole!”

I must have dosed off. When I awoke around one o’clock things were much quieter. I heard some muffled sounds and fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up it was nearly three o’clock. School was getting out about then and I would normally be home in about another half-hour. I was still groggy but I thought that I had heard mom out in the hall then she opened her bedroom door but I didn’t hear it close. I needed to go to the bathroom so I got up. I must have been quiet without really trying to be.

As I approached mom’s bedroom I heard two voices talking.

I think it was my Aunt Rita that said, “Who did this to you?”

Then I heard my mother replied, “Those three assholes that you sent over! That’s who!”

Aunt Rita said, “They have been okay with me in the past! Why, what happened!”

I listened as mom said, “Well for starters all three of them wanted anal sex! When I told them that I don’t do anal they tied me up like this and raped me! Six times! Each of the bastards took me anally and twice each! It was fucking hell too! They really hurt me!”

Aunt Rita said, “Those rotten bastards! Did you get paid at least?”

Mom said, “Hell no! I got raped on that too!”

Aunt Rita said, “I’ll black ball them with the rest of the girls!”

Mom said, “A lot of good that does me! My asshole hurts real bad!”

Aunt Rita said, “Well we whores can’t cry rape every time that a John stiffs us! Now can we?”

The next thing I knew Aunt Rita came out of mom’s room and almost ran into me. I was just standing there in the hall and hadn’t expected her to come out like that.

Aunt Rita asked, “How much of that did you hear?”

I said, “I don’t know! All of it! I think!”

Aunt Rita took my arm and led me into mom’s bedroom. Mom was totally naked and sitting on her bed. Mom looked like she had been through hell. She really needed to get cleaned up. Mom looked at me. She didn’t even try to cover up her nakedness.

Then she asked me, “What are you doing home so early honey?”

I said, “I was sent home from school. I got here about nine this morning, went back to bed, and I fell asleep!”

Mom asked, “Do you feel better now honey?”

I said, “Yes! I think so! I’m still a little tired though!”

Mom asked, “So you know that Aunt Rita and I are whores! Will you keep our little secret? Please!”

I said, “Sure mom!”

Then as an after thought I asked, “How long have you guys been doing that?”

Aunt Rita smiled and said, “For quite awhile!”

Mom said, “Maybe we could make it worth your while to keep quiet about this!”

I really didn’t know what she was talking about so I asked, “What do you mean?”

Aunt Rita patted her crotch and said, “Maybe we could give you a free one occasionally!”

Mom laughed a little and said, “Like maybe your Aunt Rita lets you fuck her once a week! How would you like that honey?”

I smiled as I looked at Aunt Rita in a whole new way. Aunt Rita was a very sexy woman. I asked, “Can we start now?”

Mom smiled, then laughed, and finally said, “You are feeling better honey! Why don’t you take Aunt Rita into your bedroom so that I can clean up! I really need a hot bath!”

Aunt Rita said, “Come on stud! Let’s give your mother a little space!”

As we went out the door Aunt Rita asked, “Doesn’t your mother have great tits!”

I turned to take one more look at mom’s naked body. She saw me looking and took in a deep breath, sucked in her tummy just a little bit, and then rolled her shoulders back forcing her breasts to stick out nicely. Then mom turned slightly. In that position mom’s tits looked fantastic for a girl her age. Hell she looked fantastic for a girl half her age too! I could certainly understand why men were willing to pay for the privilege of fucking her.

In my bedroom Aunt Rita looked at the clock and said, “Okay stud your on the clock! I give all of my clients a full hour! After that I charge them extra!”

I stammered and said, “But I’m a virgin! I don’t know what I’m doing! What if I take too long?”

Aunt Rita smiled at me and said, “Look stud you will be lucky to get it in my hole first! Kids like you always have a hair trigger! Lucky for you I don’t have any hair down there!” Then she laughed and hugged me against her. She kissed me and used her tongue too. She tasted just like mint toothpaste and I really like mint flavored toothpaste. Aunt Rita pushed me back to my bed and I sat down. Then she started to remove her clothes very slowly and very precisely too. It was as if she had practiced undressing for men for years. Then I realized that she had. Each button mesmerized me. I was forced to watch as my aunt released each one showing me just a little bit more of her flesh each time. She rubbed her hand down the insides of her breasts, down her flat tummy, and to the top of her skirt. She then grabbed a hold of her blouse and opened her arms up revealing her beautiful black lacy bra and slipping the blouse off of her shoulders. It also forced her breasts out like mom’s had when she threw her shoulders back too. Aunt Rita slipped her blouse off and took an incredibly long time folding it neatly and placing it over the back of my computer chair. She had practiced that move too. It didn’t matter because I got a nice long look at my semi-undressed aunt.

Next Aunt Rita turned her skirt around and unzipped it before slowly sliding it down her smooth hips. She had on a black lacy pair of panties too. She gracefully stepped out of her skirt and turned around so that I could see that her panties were thongs. Aunt Rita had a fantastic ass. I saw one that nice once before, it was on a television commercial about some exercise equipment. But this one was right there in front of me. Next my beautiful Aunt Rita bent over to pick her skirt up off the floor. She was in no hurry to get back up either. I had plenty of time to check out her cute asshole with that thin strap cutting it in half. The strap went down to the small triangle of black lacy material that was trying to cover my aunt’s pussy. I just stared at her panties until she stood back up, folder her skirt neatly, and then placed it on the seat of my computer chair.

Now my lovely Aunt stood before me in just her underwear. She was even more gorgeous than she had been just a few minutes before. She was prettier than those underwear models that I had seen in some of mom’s magazines. She stared right into my eyes as she reached around behind herself and unhooked her bra. She tantalizingly lowered her bra revealing her breasts to me. They were only the second pair of breasts that I had ever seen for real but they were certainly the best pair. They were about the same size as mom’s breasts but they looked like they stood up better. They must have been firmer. I made a mental note to compare them some time. Mom’s nipples were a little bigger and darker too. Aunt Rita let me look at her breasts for quite awhile. When I reached out to touch her she actually stepped forward for me. They were everything that I had hoped that they would be. They were soft but firm, her nipples were fun to play with, and she didn’t care how long I played with them either.

When I was done Aunt Rita stepped back a little but not out of reach and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She asked me if I wanted to do the honors. I certainly did. She had me put my thumbs where hers were then she removed her thumbs. I lowered her panties just as slowly as she would have. I watched as the top of her black lacy triangle started to roll over revealing her shaved pubic mound. I looked real close but there wasn’t a single hair on her mound, not even stubble. As I slipped them lowered her slit come into view. It was moist. When I pushed her panties lower yet they stayed up in her crotch and started to turn inside out. Her panties had a double crotch in them and there was a wet spot. Then I noticed the aroma that I had smelled. It was coming from her pussy, it was intoxicating, and it was making my cock harder than I could ever remember it being in my life. I pushed her panties down lower and in doing so my head got closer to the smell. I put my forehead against her belly and my nose almost in her pussy as I inhaled deeply. It was the spice of life, the altar of love, and the keyhole of joy. It was a woman’s baby chute, the place that gives birth, and my aunt was giving hers to me.

She stepped out of her panties and using just her toes she flung them toward her other clothes. Then Aunt Rita sat on my bed and told me to undress. It took just seconds for me to get naked. Aunt Rita laughed and lay back in the center of my bed. She beckoned me to get on the bed between her legs and I did. She asked me if I wanted another smell and then she opened her pussy lips up with both of her hands. It was so pink, exciting, and yet inviting. I leaned in close and placed the tip of my nose on her clitoris. Then I inhaled again. I cum all over my bedspread and I hadn’t even touched my cock yet. Aunt Rita just smiled and said that it was better that way, that I would get hard very quickly, and that this time I would really be able to fuck her like a man. She was absolutely right! I got hard again real quickly by smelling of her wonderful pussy aroma. It was like an aphrodisiac. She pulled on my shoulders and I moved forward toward her breasts. As I did Aunt Rita pulled my face into her breasts one at a time. I sucked each of her nipples for a while. Then she brought me up to her face for another really nice kiss. At the same time Aunt Rita pushed my cock into her hole. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held me there. We kissed once again and I tasted the mint in her mouth. Before I knew it I was fucking my Aunt Rita as if I really knew what I was doing. I wasn’t exactly sure if I was fucking her or if it was the other way around. All I know was that it was the best feeling that I had ever had. I lasted probably five whole minutes before cumming. Aunt Rita wrapped her arms and legs around me keeping me right in her until several minutes had passed by. I think she came too.

I came out of my dream world when mom slapped me on my ass and said, “So stud are you happy with the down payment?”

All I could manage to say was, “Absolutely!”

Aunt Rita said, “If mine was the first pussy that you have fucked stud then I think your mothers should be your first ass to fuck!”

Mom choked and said, “ No way Rita! Not for another week at least!”

I was finally able to speak and said, “Aunt Rita I’d sure would like it if you were all of my firsts! You could let me fuck all of your holes and teach me all of the sex positions that you know! I’d really like that a lot!”

Mom just smiled and Aunt Rita said, “Sure stud! Anything that you want! You won’t tell anyone will you?”

I said, “Not a word! I swear!”

The End
Mom A Whore

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2015-09-16 23:16:58
I found my mom and aunt doing that also. They try to make the same deal like that with me also but i said no way unless i get to make my aunt pregnant, they did and a year latter i had a baby daughter with my aunt. Now I am negotiating with them to let me get my mother pregnant

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2015-07-03 11:33:02
Very nice

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2013-04-18 09:51:15
My aunt prostitute and sex

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2013-01-23 09:00:45
As a father myself, to know that my wife is a whore and my own child is cuckolding me would tear me apart. Not that I find the story bad, but the "while dad is working to support his family and children, they are betraying him" is a recurrent subject with you. And although the characters try to be sympathetic, should be a piss-poor child to betray his father just for some pussy.

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2011-01-08 07:55:57
I fucked my aunt ruthie and my mom's pussies for $15.00 on the night of my 12th. birthday. That's our family tradition. Boy becomes a man by paying his family members for sex. I fuck my mom daily and aunt about twice a wk. Our family have good and healthy sex lives. I love mom's pussy the best.

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