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Submissive husband has a plan to surprise his wife with a S/M scene.
He was a good husband, a fine stepfather, and a model citizen. He had a dark secret though. He fantasized of being used and degraded. He was submissive in nature, avoided confrontations. He had visited bdsm porn sites and found himself excited looking at and reading online bdsm erotica. This material fueled his passion for a hardcore bdsm scene.

In the past, and only on special occasions, his wife had reluctantly yet convincingly assumed the dominant mistress role to satisfy his submissive needs. Calling herself ‘Natasha’, she always wore the black leather, knee-high, stiletto-heel boots her husband bought her. With black leather halter and black leather hot pants and a figure to fill them all attractively, she was an awesome sight to behold; even at 55years of age.
These past dominant/submissive episodes had been relatively tame with boot and body worship and perhaps some mild restraint and cbt.

The husband had always fantasized of serving a devious mistress; one who reveled in her superior nature and enjoyed tormenting, abusing, and humiliating a submissive. Recently he had visited a bdsm store online. He found what he was looking for. Hoping to stretch his role play boundaries with his wife as Mistress Natasha, he boldly ordered the hood and strapon dildo gag. The items arrived the following week.

He had conceived a plan.
He would leave a note purportedly from Mistress Natasha to his wife attached to the outside of the closed bathroom door off their bedroom. In the note Natasha would apologize for having to leave prematurely and leaving a worthless slave restrained and hanging in her bathroom wardrobe double doorway opening. The note would include suggested mistreatment instructions for the wife to administer to the slave in Natasha’s absence.

Today he would carry out his plan. He had all the necessary items gathered and ready. With his wife due home from work around 4 PM, he placed himself in self-bondage in the wardrobe closet doorway; becoming the worthless slug waiting to be discovered by his wife, then used and abused.

His bondage was irreversible now. Once he had latched the wrist cuffs to the eyehooks screwed into the corners of the doorway, he was bound that way until the time his wife decided to insert the key to release him. Minutes into his self-bondage, he heard the phone ring. But he was totally bound now and could only listen to it ring.

It was his wife calling to tell him she would be working late and wouldn’t be home for another three hours. Also, that Alecia, her 33 year-old daughter and his stepdaughter, had mentioned coming over to use their computer. She left him a message saying as much.

While the bound husband/slave was patiently waiting to surprise his wife, Alecia arrived at the house and let herself in with her house key. She headed upstairs to use the computer. She knew her mother would be late because they had talked of it earlier on their phones and about her coming over to use the computer.

Before heading to the computer room, Alecia decided to use the closest bathroom, the one off the master bedroom. She found the note attached to the closed bathroom door.
She read the note. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. More than curious, she slowly opened the door. Her eyes opened wide as she was shocked to find her stepfather standing naked and shackled to the 4’ wardrobe closet doorway. Each of his wrists were shackled to the opposite corners of the doorway. His ankles were likewise attached to a 3’ spreader bar. A full black hood with no eyeholes enclosed his head. She inspected the hood. She saw only two small nostril holes to allow breathing. Protruding from his mouth was the larger half of a double-sided dildo gag. There was a 1 &1/2” leather band binding his ball sack. Below this band and also around his ball sack was a metal ring with a one-foot chain and snap hook for attaching and hanging weights. A rubber band held a small plastic bag around his dick to collect any precum and possible ejaculate.

The husband had been patiently waiting to be discovered by his wife.
When he heard subtle noises break the total silence, he assumed his wife had found him in his predicament.
He anxiously awaited her response, her reaction to the scene she had discovered.
Alecia remembered the note on the door saying he had installed earplugs in his ears before slipping the hood on.
“Can you hear me, slave?” she asked him. He raised his head and acknowledged her with a nod.
She lit a cigarette, circled him and contemplated the situation.

Alecia had caused her mother and stepfather plenty of grief as a teenager. Things were no better once she was on her own.

She had always been a free sprit. Now at 33years of age, she had weathered three failed marriages and several relationships in between. Alecia was a handful for any man. She was now a single mother raising three children, each with a different father.

The husband had let his wife take the lead with respect to raising Alecia. He had supported his wife and her decisions with regard to Alecia. He tried to be a respectable stepfather but a relationship just never developed between him and Alecia.

Alecia could not deny the fact that her step-dad had always acted honorably towards her. There had never been any monkey business. There had been times he had been over to her apartment to fix something. At least once she remembered while sitting on the sofa, flashing him plenty of leg and ass. Each time he resisted by pretending to ignore the displayed flesh. She was a bigger woman than her mother was and both had attractive figures. The mother was 5’ 6” and 130lbs, where as Alecia was 5’ 11” and 160lbs. To the husband, Alecia was a beautiful amazon of a woman compared to his 5’ 6”.

Alecia had never fully accepted her stepfather; neither before nor after her mother married him. Their relationship was simply one of cordiality; not love. Alecia had always hoped for a legitimate excuse to create a split between her mother and her step-dad’s affections. Her real father was the only man who could own her heart.

Now, with the perverted scene before her, Alecia quickly saw this situation at hand as the opportunity that could empower her.
This bondage wrinkle in his character took her by surprise, not that her mother would have ever mentioned it. She saw that she could have her way with her step-dad without him even knowing it, then, use the episode to blackmail him for anything she chose.

Alecia and her mother were normally the best of friends. There had been times though of vehement disagreement when just for spite she had kept her three children from seeing their grandmother for months and once, over a year. Estrangement from her mother would be nothing new to her if things backfired. The way she saw it, she had nothing to lose and much to gain by using her step-dad right now for her own pleasure and her own devious ends.
On the other hand her step-dad would be obliged to keep quiet to save his marriage.

She decided to mistreat her step-dad just as the note from Natasha suggested.
She applied clothespins to his nipples. He had lain out several instruments of torture for her to beat him with. She elected to use only the hard rubber wand to swat his balls before and after a 5-lb weight was attached to the ring around his balls. She delighted in listening to him moan and struggle with his bonds during the torment. She attached a second 5-lb weight and watched in amazement as his ball sack grew further distended from his groin. Finally, she removed the weights, unshackled his wrists and ordered him to lie on his back on the carpet. She stripped. Facing his feet, she pinned his arms over his head with her legs in preparation to mounting the 7” long by 3” circumference dildo gag. All the while the step-dad believed his wife had been the one giving the orders and abusing him and now preparing to fuck his face.

She slowly settled over the length of the dildo that his mouth was supporting. Once she had it completely enveloped, she spent time controlling his breath by smothering him with her asshole. The step-dad, in his hooded prison, smelled the delicious scent of asshole through the small nostril holes of the hood. He imagined the magnificent sight of her ass above his face. She began slowly pumping the dildo. With each bottom stroke, his nostril holes were blocked. She began her thrusts in earnest, smashing her slave’s head between her pussy and the carpeted floor. Eventually the insides of his lips were bloodied from the violence of her thrusts on the dildo harness and his teeth. Orgasm came and she ground her pussy into the dildo harness for fulfillment. The slave held his breath. He had no choice. He could only hope her orgasm finished before he suffocated.

She dismounted the dildo. While catching her breath after orgasm, she turned the head of her slave, unbuckled and removed the dildo gag.
“Keep that mouth open.” she ordered.
“I bet you’d love to taste the pussy juice all over this rod.” She teased. “Not today.” She told him.

Soon after, the step-dad sensed the smell of cigarette smoke. He was certain he had smelled it earlier. “I thought she had quit smoking months ago.” he wondered to himself. Moments later he felt a trace amount of unknown material fall on his tongue. He soon determined she was using his mouth as an ashtray. He shivered with the delight of her passion for assuming her dominant role.

Using the funnel and wineglass he had provided, Alecia relieved a controlled amount from her bladder to fill the wineglass. She extinguished the cigarette in the glass and placed the wet butt in his mouth.
“Sit up.” she ordered.
“Natasha said you had a wish (in the note). I have decided to grant your request. Here is a glass of my royal fluid.”
The step-dad was not only quite thirsty but delirious with submissive passion to consume his wife’s piss.
Rather than savor with slow sips, he took a swig from the glass to rinse his mouth of the ash and swallowed the piss and butt. His second swig finished it.
“Stand up.” she ordered.
She fastened his wrists once again to the corners of the doorway.
“You drank my wine like you were drinking beer.” she said. “A gift like that deserves to be savored, not gulped.” She whacked his bound balls a dozen times then reattached a five pound weight and hit them a few more times. “The next time you are offered the elements from my body, you will show more respect.”

“I think the time has come to tell you something.”
“Step-dad, you just fucked your stepdaughter with that thing on your face. You also just drank her piss.”
His hooded head jerked and he moaned.
“But we didn’t actually have sex though. Did we?
The way I see it that dildo did all the fucking. And with the hood on, it could have been anyone using you. You haven’t actually seen anything of me. Nor have I touched any private part of yours. Whacked private parts, yes. Touched? No. So we haven’t really had sex together, have we?” she reasoned.
“Unfortunately, I’m sure mother wouldn’t see things that way were she to find out”.
“But she doesn’t have to know.”
“How often do you surprise mother like this? You may speak.”
“Like this? Never.” he said sheepishly. “The hood and dildo gag; I just ordered. I was going to spring it on her tonight.” he admitted.
She rinsed out the wineglass and funnel. She cleaned off the business end of the dildo gag and fastened it back in place. He let out a loud moan as she pulled the clothespins from his nipples. She removed the weights hanging from his balls.
“There is really no evidence that I have been here. I’ll light a candle to mask the cigarette smell.”
“I’m going to call mother and tell her I never made it over to use the computer.”
“Let’s let mother find you in your predicament after her long, hard day at work.”

Using her cell phone, Alecia called her mother right then and made arrangements to use the computer another day.
She asked her about the following Monday eve. Her mother said Monday was fine but that she would be at her club’s women’s meeting as usual the first Monday of every month.

“Mother says the first Monday of every month is her women’s meeting.”
“You and I have a date. I want to find you strung up exactly as tonight come Monday after mom leaves for her meeting, Fuckhead”.
“Oh. And have that 5-lb weight dangling from your balls when I arrive.
“The first Monday of every month I will use you as my fuckhead”.

His wife eventually arrived home. She found the closed master bathroom door with note still attached. She opened the door and found her shackled, naked, and hooded husband patiently waiting to be discovered with the dildo hanging from his mouth.
She applied the clothespins to his nipples. She whacked his balls with the hard rubber swatter. She attached first one five pound weight and then another for a total of ten pounds hanging from his ball sack. And she swatted his balls some more. She slowly pulled the clothespins from his nipples without squeezing the pins to release them. A few minutes later, she grabbed the nipples between her fingers and reapplied the pins to bring the exquisite pain her husband longed for. All this was done as the note from Natasha had suggested.

When she had him lay on the carpet to mount the dildo gag, she found its length and girth too much for comfort. She refused to ride this toy.
As far as the wineglass and funnel, this too was not something she was comfortable participating in.
Her husband would not be given any of her waste fluids to drink.
She removed his hard, plastic wrapped dick and mounted it. They fucked to mutual orgasm.
When they were finished and they reassumed their normal roles she told him, “Don’t you to ever offer to try to penetrate me with that thing again. It’s too big, it’s cold and it hurts.”
“Did you get my message I’d be late and Alecia was coming over to use the computer?” she asked.
“Yes.” he lied. “She called and said she wouldn’t be coming over tonight.” He hated having to lie to her.
“It’s a good thing. She might have found you like this!” she warned him. “Wouldn’t that have been an embarrassment!”

His hood and dildo gag experience with his wife had resulted in bitter disappointment.
But what had he gotten himself involved in with his stepdaughter?

The following Monday, as soon as his wife left for her meeting, he prepared himself for Alecia’s arrival
With hardware in place he self-bound himself once again. About the time he was beginning to wonder if Alecia wouldn’t show, he heard her presence.
Without saying a word, she picked up the rubber wand and gave the slave’s weighted ball sack a firm swat. The slave jerked in his restraints from the blow followed by a deep, guttural moan. Walking through the closet doorway she positioned herself at his backside where she delivered a similar blow to the rear of his ball sack. The slave jerked and moaned louder and longer. She reached down and grabbed the weight at the end of the one-foot chain. Then like pushing a child in a swing, she brought the weight up and let it swing between the slave’s spread legs. When the weight stopped swinging, she unfastened it from the chain.
She unfastened his wrist restraints from the closet doorframe and told him to lie on his back on the floor.

Alecia had brought a bungee cord with her. She fastened its hooks to the ends of the spreader bar at his feet. She grabbed the elastic center of the cord and attached it to the snap on the ball sack chain. Once again the slave had tension pulling on his ball sack.

Alecia removed her jeans and panties and took her position over the slave, pinning his arms with her legs as before. With her hand she guided the dildo protruding from his mouth into her juiced up pussy. Riding the dildo gag, Alecia smother-fucked his face, swatting his bound ball sack throughout.
“Wouldn’t my slave rather suck on my pussy right now rather than the tiny rubber dick in your mouth?”
“Wouldn’t you just like to see my ass above your face slave?”
“Neither are available for you to enjoy, slave.”
“You are a sightless slug with no privileges but to hold that dildo for my pleasure.”
Riding and taunting him, she brought herself to orgasm; several in fact. With a phallus inside her of infinite firmness, she had complete control of orgasm length and number.

Running short on time and not wanting to be ‘caught’ by her mother she skipped the cigarette. She did treat the slave to another wineglass filled with her fluids. She watched him drink it. This time he drank her wine with the proper respect.

“I’ll see you again the first Monday of next month.” She said.
He heard the bathroom door close followed by complete silence.

The first Monday of the month arrived and his wife had left for her meeting. He had self-bound himself and was patiently awaiting his mistress, Alecia. Once again he heard the subtle sounds indicating her presence.

The slave was about to find it hadn’t taken Alecia long to test the waters to further his humiliation.
“This is Fuckhead.” He heard her say, as if introducing him to someone.
Alecia and slave repeated their performance much the same as past two episodes.
After her orgasm, the step-dad heard a low and unfamiliar voice exclaim, “I don’t believe it.”
“Fuckhead. I’ve brought my new boyfriend, Mark, along. Unlike our relationship, you will be allowed to have sex with him.”
With that revelation she removed the dildo gag.
“Now crawl over to the chair and suck his dick. I want to see my worthless step-dad suck my boyfriend’s dick.”

Mark had his jeans open. He had been stroking a hard-on from watching Alecia get off on the dildo gag held by her step-dad.

I crawled over to where I knew the chair was.
Using only my mouth, I found his waiting cock. I thrust my tongue out the hood’s mouth hole and gave his cock a tongue bath. When Mark decided he’d had enough of this, he placed one hand behind my hooded head. Using the other hand to guide his cock through the hole in the hood, he shoved my head down, pushing his cock through the hood hole. I sucked precum from the tip of his dick
“Suck me off good, Fuckhead.” He ordered.
With earplugs in my ears, the slurping and sloshing sounds of mouth and cock fluids were amplified in my head. I pumped his cock with my mouth.
“Get on all fours, slave.” Alecia ordered. I had been sitting on my haunches. I raised from that position, exposing my rear.
I felt Alecia grab my ball sack. She started swatting my balls while I sucked off her boyfriend.
Mark pulled his dick out of the mouth hole and stood up. Placing both his hands on each side of my hooded head he raised me upright on my knees pushed his dick back through the mouth hole. Holding my head firmly between his hands he began rocking his hips and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I learned to exhale and inhale between his strokes. As his stroke rhythm quickened, his grip on my head became firmer. The noise in my head sounded like the inside of a washing machine. All at once he stiffened as he buried his cock against the back of my throat and shot his cum load down my throat. My attempts to breathe and swallow served to squeeze all the cum from his rod. Only when he was ready did he release his grip on my head, allowing me my first breath since his ejaculate began.

“I can’t believe your mom’s married to such a loser,” said the boyfriend as he zipped up his jeans.
“A worthless pig,” Alecia agreed. “ I may have to enlighten her someday.”
Alecia walked up to Mark and put her arms around his neck.
“How about taking me to your place and give me a real fucking?” she asked him, loud enough for the slave to hear.
“See you next month during the women’s meeting, Fuckhead.” was all she said as they left.

It was the fourth month of Mondays, the slave had self-bound himself according to Alecia’s standing orders.
A conflict in schedule came up for Alecia. She wasn’t able to make their standing appointment.
She thought about contacting Fuckhead and decided not to. No need to bother. Mom would think he had set up a ‘Natasha’ scene once again. If he let his tongue slip her name, it would be his own demise. She would leave his abuse to her mother tonight.
With his stepdaughter never showing, he was left hanging until his wife got home, tired from her meeting. For his effort and preparation, his wife felt obliged to punish his balls and nipples but still refused to ride the dildo gag.
When the slave heard, “I thought I told you never to offer that thing to me again.” he knew Alecia had never showed and that his wife had been the one abusing him.
The wineglass was never filled that evening.

One month later, while Alecia was riding the dildo gag and beating her slave’s balls, she told him, “I took a shit a bit ago. Since I knew you’d be smelling it soon, I skipped wiping my ass. I thought you might enjoy the stronger scent while I’m fucking your face, Fuckhead”.

I surely could smell it. While she rode my face, and beat my balls, I was consumed with the thought of her shit covered asshole and the desire to taste it. Without ever being touched (Alecia never touched my plastic covered dick) I ejaculated into my plastic bag.

After she achieved orgasm, she dismounted and removed the gag.
Alecia had noticed his dick spasm and the milky fluid in the clear bag.
“You came! Why did you come?” she asked.
He didn’t answer her.
Again she asked him, “Why did you come? I have never touched your dick all these times. Beat your balls, yes. But I have never touched you to cause you to come. Why did you come just now?”
Still he remained quiet.
Alecia removed the plastic bag from her slave’s dick and squeezed its contents into his mouth.
“Tell me or I’ll put that gag back in your mouth and sit on your nose and suffocate you until you tell me.”

“The thought of your ass. I’ve always wanted to worship your magnificent ass. I desperately want my tongue up your ass.” he told her.
“We know that’s not allowed. No sexual contact.” She reminded him.
“I know,” he said. “Then please, give me your shit.” he pleaded. “I want your shit.”

By now his depravity didn’t surprise her. His complete and submissive acceptance of her demands placed him right where she wanted him. She considered his request.

“You shall have it, but it will cost you.” She said.
“Here is how you will greet me next month. The dildo gag? Lose it. I’ve grown tired of it. Let’s keep things simple; no more restraints and beatings.”
When I walk through that door, I want to see you totally naked except for your hood. I want you down on all fours like a dog. I want a dinner plate, silverware, and empty wineglass on the floor in front of you. I want a crisp new $100 dollar bill lying on that plate. Understand?”
He shook his head in agreement.
“I have a birthday coming up soon. For some reason, I expect an especially nice gift from you then and for Christmas,” she suggested, as she closed the door and left.

Next month’s first Monday arrived. He was hooded and on all fours as ordered.

“Hi, Shithead,” Alecia greeted him. “That’s your new name, Shithead.”
Wasting no time, she dropped her jeans and squatted over the plate. She grabbed the new $100 bill and put it down her blouse. Immediately getting to the business at hand, she filled the wineglass and set it aside. Then, her ass opened and she squeezed out a long, dark turd she’d been saving that went from one edge of the plate to the other. She grabbed a few sheets of bath tissue, wiped her ass and laid it along side the turd.
“Your dinner is served,” she announced.

Taking the fork and knife in hand, she sliced a piece off the end that had issued from her ass first.
“Open up,” she ordered.
With the piece on the end of the fork, she moved the piece through the hood’s mouth hole.
“Eat,” she ordered.
His mouth closed on the fork. As she went after another piece, he began to chew the most sublime meal any slave can receive from his mistress, her shit.
She fed him and watched him chew and swallow every bite.
Certain he longed for something to wash it down with, she intentionally withheld her wine from him until every bit of her shit was consumed. Only then did she offer him the wineglass.

“From now on this is how you will serve me every month. Unless, of course, I want to introduce you to a new boyfriend.”


At Christmas time the family got together to exchange gifts.

Alecia’s mother opened her gift from her husband. She was mildly surprised to find an attractive diamond bracelet. Alecia opened her gift from her step-dad. She held up an exact diamond bracelet as her mother had received. Alecia’s mother thought her daughter’s gift from her husband was a tad generous but nothing more.

Several times Alecia purposely bent over in view of her step-dad, flaunting her ass in her tight jeans.
Each time he thought of the irony that her ass in recent months had been fully exposed, directly in front of his face, yet the sight of its magnificence was still unknown to him. Only its intimate scent and the fruits from within her had he been allowed to savor. He treasured those things.
Later, Alecia whispered into her step-dad’s ear, handed him an open beer bottle, then left him with a smile on her face.
Her words to him were “I left your Christmas present floating upstairs in the bathroom. I suggest you hurry upstairs and enjoy it before it somehow disappears. Oh, Mark wanted you to try this. Let him know how you like it.”
The beer bottle was not cold and it was more than luke-warm.
He excused himself and went upstairs to use the bathroom.


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