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A woman drives her car into a ditch and it changes both of our lives forever.
Car In Ditch

One very cold and rainy night there was a loud banging on my front door. I wasn’t expecting any company and couldn’t imagine who was coming by at that hour.

As I opened up the door I saw a mother and her daughter completely soaked to the skin. I quickly ushered them inside. As I led them to my fireplace the older one kept apologizing for dripping on my floor. I offered them chairs and a blanket but they just knelt on the bear skin rug before the roaring fire to warm themselves. I added another log.

Señora Maria introduced herself and her daughter Señorita Isabel to me and said that in the storm she had driven off the road and into a ditch down a ways. I assured them that I could help them out in the morning when it was lighter and when the rain stopped.

Señora Maria knew that it was too late to do anything more that night. When I offered her and her daughter rooms for the night, a nice hot meal, and the use of my phone she accepted.

Señora Maria called her husband Señor Carlos and explained everything to him. It seems that the girls had been at a traditional Mexican wedding that day and had gotten lost on the way back home. Then of course Señora Maria had driven off the road in the heavy rain. It had gotten dark as they were walking to my house.

I loved the way they called me Señor, which is mister in Spanish. They looked like they belonged in a Zorro movie or something. I loved her accent and the way she pronounced her words.

Maria apologized for her Spanish and explained that for the last three days that Spanish was all she and Isabel were allowed to speak. The wedding was on her mother’s side of the family. I told her that it was interesting and that I loved her accent.

Both Señora Maria and her daughter Señorita Isabel had long black curly hair. It was drenched under their hats. Their dresses must have weighted a hundred pounds soaking wet like that.

Since I am a forty-two-year-old bachelor all I could offer them was some of my clothes to wear while I washed and dried their clothes. At the suggestion of a nice hot bath Maria sent Isabel right in to take one. A few moments later she went in and came out with all of Isabel’s wet clothes. Some apparently had to be hand washed and hung up to dry. Maria said that she would take care of all of their things. That was fine by me. The traditional costumes had been hand sewn by Maria’s grandmother. They were beautiful and priceless.

I watched as Maria looked through my drawers and didn’t find any pajamas. I confessed that I didn’t wear any. She held up a pair of my underwear and thought that they were too big for her daughter to wear. When she opened my closet Maria found my shirts. I even hang my T-shirts up so she flipped through them until she came across one of my Betty Boop shirts. I love Betty Boop and apparently Isabel did too. Maria held them up to herself and appeared to take the shorter one. Then Maria took that T-shirt into the bathroom for her daughter to put on when she was done with her bath. Then Maria asked to be left alone so that she could get out of her wet clothes too. I went down to the kitchen to get things started. It was dinnertime anyway.

I was making my sauce for the spaghetti when Maria came down with an armful of wet clothes. She needed someplace to hang them up. I showed her to the finished basement. As I looked around all I could think of was to put some nails in the ceiling rafters and rang some rope up. Maria said that that would be perfect so I did it. Maria had set down the bundle of wet clothes and had been wearing just one of my white T-shirts. It was completely wet in the front from her wet clothes and left very little to my imagination. I was extremely impressed with her beauty. I was impressed with her figure too, especially her magnificent breasts. She had a darkness to her skin that was very exotic. Her nipples were very hard and poked out through my T-shirt. Her areolas were so dark that they looked black. I could see that she had a very dark patch of hair between her legs too that matched the hair on her head. I got very excited from just looking at this new and improved woman, she was such a contrast to the formal Señora Maria that had arrived not too long ago. I watched and helped as Maria hung everything up. The two ladies had worn several layers of petticoats too and every one was wet. Maria even hung up their bras and panties too. That made me smile. For such prim and proper ladies they had some very sexy underwear on. Maria had been wearing a purple see through bra and a matching pair of thong panties. Isabel had been wearing an orange bra and a lime green G-string. Maria just smiled as I watched her hang up her daughter’s under things. Actually I was watching Maria. She was so elegant.

She accompanied me up to the kitchen to help with dinner. Just about then Isabel appeared in my Betty Boop T-shirt. She spun around and showed it off for us. I noticed that when she raised her arms that I could see a hint of pubic hair and the very bottom of her ass cheeks too. It was very nice!

Maria excused herself to take a bath and warm up a little. Hell after running around in just my wet T-shirt I was about ready to warm her up myself, so instead I put another log on the fireplace. By the time I had the spaghetti sauce and the meatballs ready Maria reappeared. This time she was in another one of my Betty Boop T-shirts. I noticed that she tried not to lift her arms very much. That just made me want to see what she was hiding underneath it. So just to be a smart-ass I asked her to get me a large bowl from the very top shelf of my cupboard. She knew exactly what I was up too and just smiled at me. Maria then took one of my kitchen chairs and moved it closer to the cupboard, stood up on it so that her pussy was just about eye level with me, and then stretched to reach the bowl. That was it. That was what I had expected to happen. However Maria was not going to let me off that easy. She stretched even further, lifted one leg up onto my counter, and opened up her legs for me. Now that was a view to remember. Her skin was a nice dark color, her pubic bush was jet black, and she was so pink inside her opening that it was simply an incredible view to see. My cock sprang up and became so uncomfortable that I actually had to reach down and adjust it. Maria saw me do it and smiled, then she asked me if the bowl in her hand was the one I wanted. Before I could answer she said that the red one looked prettier. So she purposefully prolonged my view and my agony as she got that one instead. To be gentlemanly I helped her down off the chair. Her breasts brushed up against my chest and her crotch straddled one of my legs.

I boiled the spaghetti and put it in the bowl. I added the sauce and mixed it all in well. I placed the meatballs on top and placed it in the middle of the table. The women were just as hungry as I was. Maria and I had some wine with our meal and I offered some fresh grape juice to Isabel. Maria asked me where I kept my grated parmesan cheese. Then she got up, walked to the lower cupboard, and bent right over to get it. Isabel smiled as her mother showed most of her fine ass to us both. Not to be outdone, Isabel dropped her spoon on the floor on purpose, and then practically put her ass in my face as she too bent over. Maria saw it and smiled as she patted her daughter on her bare ass in front of me. Isabel didn’t flinch so I patted her ass too. Then I smelled my hand before she got up to notice. However Maria noticed what I had done. Then Maria surprised me by reaching down between her own legs and then offering her hand to me to smell. That put a smile on my face. We all ate a little bit too much.

After dinner we did the dishes, dried them, and put them away. This time Maria suggested that Isabel put the red bowl away. Then we both watched her stretch and show as her cute ass. Later we headed into the living room to get in front of the fire. Isabel flopped right down on her belly on the big bear skin rug. Maria looked like she was trying to decide weather to join me on the couch or join her daughter on the floor. Finally she got down on her hands and knees giving me a fine view of her ass and a very view of the back of her pussy too. Her dark asshole was puckered to perfection. I just loved the view. Isabel tried to imitate her mother but she wasn’t a class act like her mother was. She had the beauty and the youth but she didn’t have the maturity that her mother had. It is easy for a sixteen-year-old to look good but it is entirely different for a fully-grown woman to look that good. Maria may have been thirty-eight but I knew that she would look just as good at fifty. I couldn’t say that about Isabel at this point in her life.

I sat in my normal chair and the two girls were lying between the roaring fire and me. They sort of competed for my attention. It was usually Isabel that was imitating what her mother was doing. Of course I watched them both but I sure liked Maria the best. I’m not really into little girls but it doesn’t hurt to look. I think that Isabel knew that I favored her mother and I think she was jealous. Anyway Maria lay on her tummy with her feet up and then spread her feet, closed them, and opened them again. It was very intriguing watching them pivot around her knees. Then Maria rolled onto her back, lifted her knees, and then spread them, closed them, and spread them again. This time her legs pivoted around her ankles. Upon each open stroke I was treated to her pretty pink treasure. Isabel did the same and I sure enjoyed looking at her pink slit too but it still wasn’t as good as her mothers.

Finally it was my bedtime I told the girls that they could stay up but that I needed my sleep. They came up with me and each girl went to their own bedroom. After I got naked and crawled in I heard my door open quietly. Maria whispered to me and then crawled in. She wanted to repay me for my hospitality. Besides showing off for me had made her very horny. I reached out and found that Maria was naked too. It was very dark in my room because of the storm outside. I enjoyed feeling of her body though. She let me feel every inch of her wonderful body. Then I tried to kiss every inch of her body too. After I was done sucking and licking of her better parts it was time to make love to her. I inserted my tongue into her moist mouth as I inserted my cock into her moist pussy. I could not remember the last time that I had sex that felt that good. I loved the feel of her full breasts against my chest. We were nipple to nipple and our breathing quickly became one. I felt her feet go around my waist and lock tightly. She couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t give her enough of me either. We enjoyed a mutual climax together. It was one of the best that I could remember. After an appropriate amount of cuddle time Maria slipped out of my bed to go to her own bed.

Not too much later my door opened again. This time it was Isabel whispering to me that she wanted to repay me for all of my help. I told her that there was no need. She kept it up until I told her that I had been repaid enough already. I was referring to them in the kitchen and on the bear skin rug but she assumed that I had fucked her mother and said that she was much better. When I told her that I doubted it, she said that her father always says that she is better than her mother in bed. So in no uncertain words I told Isabel that her mother and I did not have sex and that I had been referring to them in the kitchen and on the rug in front of the fireplace as my payment. I told Isabel that she was trying to grow up way too fast and that her father probably shouldn’t be fucking her in the first place. She stormed off slamming my door.

Just as I was falling asleep my door opened once again. This time Maria climbed in bed with me. She said that she was spending the night. Then she thanked me for what I had said to her daughter including the part about her father not fucking her. She pulled my arm around her and placed my hand on her breast. We were in the spoon position with my soft cock against her firm ass. I hadn’t slept that well in years.

When the alarm went off the next morning, Maria made love to me. She could feel that my cock was hard and pressed into her ass. She kissed me and straddled me as she inserted my cock up into her wonderful pussy. I loved her pussy. I could live in there for the rest of my life. We were both too excited to last very long. After a trip to the bathroom we got dressed. Maria put on a pair of my pants and a shirt. She had to roll up the pant legs and tighten the belt but she was dressed.

We left Isabel in bed and then Maria and I took my tractor down the road to her car. I attached the chain and pulled her out. It was much easier than I had anticipated that it would be. There did not seem to be any real damage and it started right up. So Maria followed me back to my house in her car. I helped her with the suitcases so that they could get dressed. They looked better in my T-shirts but they certainly looked very nice in their own clothes too.

After breakfast Maria checked on her wet costumes and asked me if she could leave them there for a few more days. Of course she could. That way I would get another chance to see again. I got a very nice kiss goodbye and they were gone.

After she left I checked on Maria’s bra and panties, found them to be dry, and decided to move them up to my bedroom for a keepsake of the woman I had fallen in love with.

About two weeks later a van pulled up into my driveway. The horn honked and I went to the door. Maria got out of the van and ran straight into my arms. She introduced me to her brother Juan and said that she had left her husband. Then she asked me if she could sleep in my bed. Yes she could! For the rest of her life! Her brother unloaded several suitcases and boxes of stuff. I couldn’t believe that Maria was moving in for real.

After Juan had left and we had made love Maria told me what had happened when she got home. She had given her husband an ultimatum. It was his wife or his daughter but not both! He chose Isabel so Maria moved out.

The night that Maria’s car had gone into the ditch was the best day in either one of our lives.

The End
Car In Ditch

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great story! thank you so very much! gw 7/16/16


2010-07-05 02:38:57
this is a very good story as i think all of your stories are good cause i get started on them and can't stop till i'm finished with them and ready to read the next one. i hope you keep it up myself.


2007-11-12 08:14:21
Good story, well written.


2007-11-11 11:43:12
Rushed? What makes anyone think that I can write only top rated stories each and every time if I simply take longer to write them? My mind dreams them up as I go. Going slower won’t change the outcome. I write from ten to fifteen hours a day as it is.

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You people seem to know what I’m doing wrong but basically all of you are called reader for a reason. You don’t write. Try it sometime.


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I always like your stories. Thank you. 9/10

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