Chapter 16

Ken sat between Mary and Dannie on the living room couch as they watched the movie he and Mary had made a week earlier while Dannie was still at camp. “Wow,” Dannie said as she watched her brother and sister fucking on the screen while her brother played with her slit with his left hand and Mary’s cunt with his right hand, she reached over to stroke Kenny’s prick as she continued. “This movie you guys made is really hot, but I bet I can beat it.”

“I don’t know how that’s possible,” Ken said as he raised his left hand to his mouth and sucked Dannie’s pussy juice from his fingers before he switched hands to suck Mary’s juice as he returned his left hand to Dannie’s dripping slit and sticking his fingers in to the second knuckle as Dannie sighed in pleasure.

“You’re not the only one with a digital camera you know,” Dannie gasped as her brother slid his fingers in and out of her slick hole. “Our last day at camp Kathy and I talked George and Ben into making a movie with us, and personally I think two guys and three girls is a lot hotter than a guy and a girl - even if they are brother and pregnant sister.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Mary said as she pushed her hips forward to meet every thrust of Ken’s fingers. “And we have all night to see it.”

“Yeah we do,” Dannie groaned as she cupped both her tits in her hands and pinched them until her nipples popped out so Ken could lean down far enough to lick and suck on them. “How did you guys manage to talk mom and dad into leaving us alone for the evening?”

“It was a team effort,” Mary said, reaching into Ken’s lap to push Dannie’s hand away from his prick so she could stroke it. “I worked on mom, pointing out how she and dad have been so busy lately that they haven’t had any time to themselves in months.”

“At the same time I was talking to dad about how he and mom hadn’t been off on their own in a long time,” Ken said, taking up the story from Mary. “Than I mentioned that a traveling play troupe was doing his and mom’s favorite play for one night only in Clarkston. He was a little worried about leaving us alone for the night because the play doesn’t get out until late, but I pointed out to him that I’ve taken care of the two of you alone before.”

“You sure did,” Mary chuckled, patting her belly as she spoke.

“And he decided that if I did it before I could do it again,” Ken said, shifting his hand up to pat Mary’s belly before he moved it back down to her slit. “In fact, with a little help from me he decided that it would be too hard to drive back after the play lets out so it would make more sense for the two of them to take a hotel room for the night. And that’s why the three of us have the house to ourselves tonight.”

“I’m glad you worked it out, guys, because this means we have the whole house to ourselves and the whole night for a good old fashioned fuck party before Mary heads for camp in the morning,” Dannie said, giving her brother and sister a wide lust filled smile.

“So,” Ken said as Mary’s movie ended and he popped the disc out of the player, “any chance we can see the movie you and your friends made?”

“Sure,” Dannie said, pulling Ken’s fingers out of her cunt with a sigh of regret before she hopped out of the couch and headed for the room she shared with Mary. When she skipped back into the room a few minutes later with her curly blond hair bouncing around her face she handed a nondescript homemade DVD to Ken and he read the penned title through the slim plastic case.

“Camp memories,” he read. “Are you sure this is the right DVD?”

“I’m sure,” Dannie said as she reclaimed her place on the couch with a smug grin. “In fact this is the only DVD I brought back from camp, and we intentionally gave the DVD that title so we’d know what it was, but no one else would, and since it’s camp memories it’s doubtful that anyone else is gong to bother watching it.”

“Well we’re going to bother,” Ken said with a laugh as he loaded the disc into the player and sat back on the couch between his sisters and kissed both of them before he rubbed their bellies and then moved his hands down to their slits as the movie started.

“Hi,” Dannie said on the screen as the camera zoomed in to catch her toothy smile and blond curls before backing away to show her naked tits and bare pussy as she introduced herself to the audience. “I’m Sammy Jones and I’d like to introduce you to my friend Jennie.”

As Kathy flounced onto the camera with her red hair and tits bouncing with every step as she walked to the bed and sat down next to Dannie Ken asked, “why didn’t you use your real names, sis?”

“In case someone else got ahold of the movie,” Dannie answered, “this way they don’t have our real names so it won’t be as easy to find us. Even though we use fake names we tell our real stories.”

On the screen Kathy turned to the camera and gave the audience a big lusty smile before she spoke. “I’m Jennie Altman and my friend Sammy and I are here to tell you our sexy stories before we introduce you to some more friends of ours and show you just how much fun we’ve been having at camp this past month.”

“Jen and I are bunk mates here at camp,” Dannie said as she put her arm around Kathy’s shoulder and started playing with her tit. “Our first night here at camp we found out that we have something in common, actually several things in common. First, we both love to fuck.”

“Like rabbits,” Kathy said with a chuckle, “but that wasn’t all we had in common, we found out that we both loved fucking our own brothers.”

“Actually Jennie does more than fuck her brother,” Dannie said giving Kathy a lusty grin as she tweaked the redhead’s tit so that her nipple popped out toward the camera. “You see, not only does she fuck her brother, she fucks her father too - something I don’t do because my father is too old fashioned to even think of fucking his own daughter.”

“And I think Sammy’s wrong about me being the lucky one,” Kathy said with a gasp of pleasure as she reached down to stroke a finger along the blond’s slit, tickling her friend’s clit at the top of each stroke. “Even though I fuck both my dad and brother they don’t want to get me pregnant so they insist on wearing condoms whenever we fuck. But I really wanted a baby and since neither of them would give me one I had to wait until I got here to camp to find two guys who like to fuck girls like me and enjoy knocking us up if we let them.”

“And not only did Jennie let them knock her up,” Dannie said with a suppressed groan of pleasure as Kathy kept playing with her slippery pussy, “one or both of them did such a good job that she’s carrying twins. That’s why if you look close enough you’ll notice that she has a little bump in her belly that’s almost as big as mine, even though I’m already two months pregnant with my single baby and she’s only one month along with her two.”

The camera shifted to show first Dannie’s belly from the side and than moved around to show Kathy’s belly as well and Ken groaned as he looked at the slight but obvious bumps revealed by the angle of the camera. “That is so incredibly sexy,” Mary moaned as she stroked her own belly.

“It sure is,” Ken said as he stroked the bump of Dannie’s stomach. “This movie is turning me on so much that I’ll have to fuck one of you before it’s over.”

“You go ahead, Mary,” Dannie said as Kenny continued to run his hand over her baby bump. “I’ll have Ken all to myself for the next month so I don’t mind if you give him a goodbye fuck.”

“Thank’s Dannie,” Mary said with an appreciative smile as she stroked Ken’s cock in anticipation. “I may enjoy fucking your three lovers once I get to camp, but I really look forward to fucking Ken tonight.”

“Like I said,” Dannie said as she gave Ken a suggestive smile, “I have Ken all to myself for the next month, and I plan to fuck him raw.”

“Promises promises,” Ken said as he aimed the head of his cock for his thirteen year old sisters drooling slit and held her steady as she sat down in his lap while his prick slid deep into the girl’s pregnant drooling slit.

“Oh God, I need this fuck,” Ken groaned as Mary used her cunt muscles to massage his cock every time she lifted her ass off his thighs and then dropped it back down again.

“Me too, Kenny,” Mary moaned as her brother reached around to tweak her nipples as she rode his shaft.

“Keep it down you two,” Dannie hissed, her eyes darting from the pair of them to the TV screen and back again, “and pay attention or you’ll miss the best parts.”

“You mean it gets better?” Ken grunted as he flexed his cock in Mary’s pussy with every stroke.

“It’s barely started,” Dannie said with a laugh. “By the way, has anyone else seen your movie yet?”

“Just you,” Mary panted, she could already feel the sexual energy in her tits and cunt pushing her toward her first orgasm. “At least you’re the only one who’s seen the movie. I did show Mark Williams some of my naked pictures.”

“Did he like them?” Dannie asked.

“He loved them,” Ken said with a snort. “He loved them so much that when Mary asked him if he wanted to fuck he only response was to drop his pants, lift her skirts, and fuck her right there in the empty hall where anyone could have come along.”

“Wow,” Dannie sighed, “I wonder what that’s going to do to his reputation as a sex wimp?”

“That was only a week ago,” Mary giggled, “and from what I’ve heard Mark has already fucked five other girls - two of them were virgins when he started on them.”

“Goodbye sex wimp, hello super stud,” Dannie said with a short whistle.

“You could be more right than you realize, sis,” Ken said, “from what I hear he fucked all those girl’s bareback, he could already have more babies on the way than I do.”

“Talk about a population explosion,” Dannie said with a shake of her head. “Hey, the guys are about to join in, keep your eyes on the screen.”

On the screen Dannie and Kathy had brought each other to screaming orgies and as they collapsed on the queen size bed the camera recording the action was set down so it could keep the whole bed in view as the operator left it running and strode to the bed with another man who must have been watching the action from off camera. The older man had a good size cock and Ken guessed it must be about the same size as his, but the young boy had a prick that would put them both to shame.

“Hi Marty, hi Kevin,” Dannie said as she and Kathy sat up on the bed. “Are you here to give us a good hard fuck?”

“We sure are,” the older one said as he grabbed Kathy by the legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed at the same time that Ben crawled in between Dannie’s wide open thighs.

“In case you haven’t figured it out yet,” Kathy said with a smile as she turned to the camera, “Marty and Kevin here were the lucky studs who fucked me and knocked me up with my two babies. We don’t know who did it, or if they both did it - after all each baby could have a different father - but I don’t care because I love fucking both of them.”

“And so do I,” Dannie said as she swung her arms around Ben’s ass and pulled him in snug to her pussy as he slammed his oversize cock into her hole. “I think the only thing better than fucking these two studs would be fucking my brother, but he’s not here right now so I’ll settle for a good hard fuck from Kevin here.”

“As much as I’d love to be fucking my dad or brother I’ll settle for Kevin,” Kathy said as George entered her cunt with a groan of pleasure. “Like they say, if you can’t fuck the cock you love, love the cock you fuck.”

“Who came up with that line?” Ken asked with a groan and a wince as Mary shuddered on his cock and screamed loud enough to fill the house with her first orgasm.

“Kathy came up with it on the spot,” Dannie said with a sigh as she stoked her cunt and tits at the same time, she could feel her own orgasm approaching as her eyes bounced from the screen to her brother and sister with a snap of her neck every time she shifted her gaze. “We thought about editing it out afterward, but decided it was just corny enough to leave it alone.”

On the screen the four people on the bed were fucking so hard now that it looked like the bed was going to bounce off the floor. First Dannie and then Kathy screamed that they were cumming, and then Dannie screamed her way through another orgasm as Kathy scrambled into a new position and let George fuck her doggie style, slamming her into her second orgasm just as the door to the bedroom swung open and another girl - an older girl - stepped into the room.

“What the hell is going on here?” she screamed at the four people fucking on the bed, she was loud enough to be heard over Kathy’s screams as the preteen had her second orgasm.

“That’s Beth,” Kathy told Ken and Mary, it didn’t look like either of them was really paying that much attention to what she was saying as they had their eyes glued to the screen as Ken continued to fuck Mary toward a second orgasm of her own.

“Hi Linda,” Dannie said on the screen as she looked at the older girl through lust filled eyes.

“I thought the four of you were going to wait until I arrived,” Beth said as she started stripping out of her clothes and moved toward the bed so she could sit down next to Dannie and massage her small tit mounds as Ben continued to slam his prick into the girl’s tight pussy.

“You were late and we were all to hot and horny to keep waiting for you,” George said. “Why don’t you tell your story while we finish off the girls, and then you can get whatever’s left over.”

“Sounds like fun,” Beth said, giving George and Ben a large smile before she turned to face the stationary camera with the same smile. “I’m Linda and I’m one of the counselors here at camp, in fact I’m the counselor for Sam and Jen’s cabin. Like the two of them I’ve been fucking my own brother for several months now, but I was the one worried about getting pregnant and insisting on a condom, until the day I was suppose to leave for camp. My brother really wanted to give me a goodbye fuck and we were out of condoms so I let him fuck me bareback and come in my pussy - and now I’m six weeks pregnant with his baby. Not only that, I’m horny as hell and want to fuck. Come on guys, one of you finish his girl off so I can fuck.”

“Looks like that’s going to be me,” George said as he grabbed Kathy’s hips and held her steady as he slammed into harder than ever. With a loud roar of pleasure George buried his cock to the root in Kathy’s slimy pussy and shot his load deep in her belly as she came a third time as his baby juice hit her occupied womb.

“Come on, Linda,” George said as he pulled his still erect cock out of Kathy’s slit and let the girl drop to the bed in an exhausted but satisfied heap. “I’m good for another fuck right now if you’re ready to go,”

“Stick that beautiful cock in me right now,” Beth demanded as she pushed herself back on the bed and opened her legs wide for George’s penis.

By now Mary was in a fuck daze and was riding Ken’s cock like she didn’t even realize it was sliding in and out of her belly anymore. She’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had while watching the action on the screen but she could feel another one approaching as her brother’s prick started to pulse with against the walls of her pussy as Ken approached his own orgasm. “Do it, Kenny,” Mary urged as her cunny clamped around her brother’s cock, ready to milk every drop of cum it could strip out of him.

“You’ve got it,” Ken said with a groan of pleasure as his balls jumped and pushed his baby juice into his sister’s thirsty fuck hole.

On the screen Ben had shot his load into Dannie’s cunt and had left the limp girl sprawled on the bed as he went to help George as he fucked Beth to her first orgasm. The camera was set at just the right angle to show the cum as it oozed out of Dannie and Kathy’s tight pussy’s and dripped down their asses to form two small puddles on the bed just under their butts.

“My God,” Ken said as he watched the screen as Beth had her third screaming orgasm and George announced that he was cumming, “and you expect me to keep up with those two?”

“Actually I fucked three guys at camp, Kenny,” Dannie said with a blissful smile as she kept playing with her pussy and tits, she was coming down from her third orgasm and already starting the climb to her fourth. “Those two knew I was pregnant when I got to camp, Jake didn’t, so we couldn’t use him for the movie since he thinks he’s the father of my baby. If we’d used him for the movie the whole story would have been blown, Beth and Kathy’s stories too since he’s suppose to think he fathered all our babies. But don’t worry, I’m sure you can keep up with me. After all, you kept up with Mary this past month, and I’m sure she had you fucking her every chance she got to make sure you knocked her up before the month was up.”

“And because I loved fucking him both before and after he knocked me up,” Mary said in a weak voice as she lifted herself up from Ken’s lap and slid back into her old place on the couch. “But if those two are as hot in person as they were on the screen I can’t wait to meet them tomorrow. Don’t worry Ken, your cock is still first in my life, but I still want to fuck those two.”

“I understand you,” Ken sighed, “I was horny watching them fuck Dannie and Kathy, but I was also jealous, and I don’t know if it was because they were fucking Dannie, or because I wanted to fuck Kathy and Beth.”

“Don’t worry, Kenny,” Dannie said as she reached for her brother’s flaccid prick and started to stroke some life into it, “you’ll have a chance if you really want it, Kathy and Beth both live here in town and I plan to have them over several times before their due so you’ll have all the big pregnant bellies you want to fuck for a long time.”

Ken gave his younger sister a weak grin as she bent down to lick Mary’s cunt juices off his shaft and he looked up just in time to see the end of the girl’s homemade movie as all five members of the cast snuggled together on the queen size bed for a nap to recover from their orgy. “I just hope I can keep up with so many horny pregnant girls.”

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