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A little boy crawls through my doggy door and I get to meet his beautiful English mother.
Dog Door

Imagine my surprise when I was washing my breakfast dishes and looked over to see a little kid crawling through my doggy door. The door had been for my dog Skippy. She had died a year ago along with my mother and my father in an automobile accident. Skippy had been thirteen years old in human years at the time and she loved to ride in the car. I had been in college when it happened. Now almost a year later I still missed them all.

The kid seemed to be having some trouble getting his knees over the board at the bottom so I knelt down and lifted the flap up for him. As I looked through the door I saw a woman on the other side. She squatted down like I was and her knees opened up for me. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she didn’t shave her pussy either. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and I could see her moist slit and a hint of pink too.

I reached down and lifted the little boy up and then opened the door for his mother. She stood up and greeted me with a very nice smile. Then in an adorable British accent she said hello and explained that her one-year-old son had escaped from her and crawled through my door.

I just wanted to look at her great body and listen to her talk. It sounded wonderful. So I offered her a cup of tea. She smiled but asked me for a cold beer instead. I thought that the British drank their beer warm. She said that she liked it cold. Go figure! So over a nice cold bottle of beer she told me that her name was Stephanie, that she was twenty-one years old, and that she was a single mother. She also explained that Old Mr. Stevens next door was her grandfather.

I told Stephanie that I was twenty-two years old, a recent college graduate, and that I was looking for employment. After a couple of beers I also told her that I knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Stephanie said that she never wears her knickers. I loved the way she talked.

Then to my surprise Stephanie asked me if I wanted her to go back outside and squat for me so that I could look up her skirt again or if it was all right if she just got on the table and squatted. When I didn’t respond Stephanie made her choice and climbed up on my kitchen table and squatted before me. I was amazed that she would do anything like that. She looked so sweet and innocent. So as we drank another beer she stayed right in my face and allowed me a very long look at her open pussy. When I finished my beer I touched the neck of my bottle to her pussy. Stephanie moaned so I did it some more. I twisted the neck of my beer bottle and screwed it right into her pussy hole. Her pink lips closed down on it trapping it inside her. Stephanie humped it as if it were a dildo or a cock.

Stephanie was a riot to listen too. She didn’t wear knickers but said that I could fondle her knockers and her arse if I would give her a slap and tickle. Translated it sort of meant that she didn’t wear panties and that I could play with her tits and ass if we had sex.

The sex part was exactly what I had in mind. I removed the beer bottle from her pussy, stood up releasing my cock at the same time, and put my cock in deeper than that beer bottle had been. Stephanie was squatted right in front of me and I was standing right in right in front of her with my cock in her pussy. That was a very interesting fuck. It was more or less to calm us both down. Apparently we were way too sexually excited to continue our teasing any longer. We weren’t teasing anymore that’s for sure. We were fucking like there was no tomorrow! When I cum in her I felt my balls hitting the table. Finally I was spent and still holding onto Stephanie tightly. As I pulled my cock out and sat back down I watched as Stephanie expelled our combined juices onto the surface of the table. It was a considerable puddle too. I watched as Stephanie wiped her hand up her crotch and then licked it clean. Next she climbed down and proceeded to lick the table clean as I watched her. She was fantastic!

Next Stephanie picked up her son, lifted her shirt up over one tit, and then offered the little guy a breast. He sure latched onto that nipple that was for sure. He was one hungry boy. Once he was settled in for lunch Stephanie lifted her shirt up off from her other breast and offered that one to me. I was breastfed as a baby but it had been a very long time ago. I latched onto Stephanie’s other nipple and I started sucking too. Her mother’s milk had a sweet taste and was pretty thin and watery but it was good. Besides I was sucking on one of her milk filled breasts, I didn’t have any complaints what so ever.

I could hardly believe that I had known that beautiful English girl Stephanie for less than two hours and that I had already fucked her and nursed on her breast.

What could possible happen next?

Well right in the middle of our ‘lunch’ the front doorbell rang. It was Josie, Stephanie’s mother looking for her. I invited Josie in and took her back to the kitchen. I knew her. Josie used to be friends with my parents before she moved away.

Josie saw Stephanie nursing the kid and just sat down. She looked at all of the empty beer bottles and asked me if I had any more. When I opened up the refrigerator Josie laughed. The entire bottom shelf was full of Pepsi and the entire shelf above that one was full of beer, except for the eight that Stephanie and I had already drank.

As I opened three more bottles of beer and placed them on the table Josie jokingly took them all and said that would let her catch up. Josie smiled as she asked Stephanie if she had offered her other tit to me. Stephanie replied that she had. Then I smiled.

Next Josie bitched out her daughter Stephanie for leaving her all along with grandpa. Old Mr. Stevens could be a bastard. I would never go in his yard to get my balls back. I wouldn’t even knock on his door at Halloween either.

Apparently Josie, Stephanie, and the kid had come for a long visit and had thought about staying here in America but not with him. They had only arrived yesterday and already had enough. Stephanie confessed that she had shoved her baby halfway into my doggy door just to get an invitation. She admitted that she never wore knickers but that opening her knees up for me had certainly been her idea.

Josie laughed and congratulated Stephanie on a great idea. Then Stephanie told her about the wonderful slap and tickle we shared. Josie said that she could certainly use one of those too. Stephanie told her mother to piss up and take a squat on the table. I had to laugh when they explained that piss up was the same as our drink up. They may speak English but it sure isn’t the same.

Josie drank two of the beers and started on the third one when she did as her daughter had suggested and squatted on the table in front of me. No knickers! All right! I pulled my cock out of my pants and slipped it into her pussy. Josie felt just as good as her daughter had. They could pass for sisters. All I knew was that for the first time ever I had two pussies to fuck and that Stephanie was watching me fuck her mother right on the table where I had just fucked her. When I came and pulled out I watched as another puddle formed on the top of the table like before.

Stephanie said that she had it and put her kid down to crawl away. Stephanie knelt on the floor in my place and licked her mother’s pussy clean then she sucked my cock clean. Josie got down and then they cleaned up the puddle together. God, watching them doing that got me hard all over again. Stephanie was right in front of me and bent over the kitchen table licking up the puddle so I simple slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. Stephanie and her mother continued to clean up the puddle until it was all gone.

Josie asked Stephanie if she had remembered to take her birth control pill that day. Yes she had, in fact they had taken them together that morning. Josie was pleased and said that she didn’t really need another grandchild just yet.

Once I had cum and pulled my cock out of Stephanie it was Josie’s turn to lick us both clean. This time there was no puddle to share and Josie got it all.

Stephanie got us three more beers and asked me if there was room in my bed for two extra people. I looked at her and then I looked at her mother and said that my bed was too small but that my parent’s bed would certainly be big enough for the three of us. Stephanie kissed me for the very first time, which was kind of funny, since we had already had sex twice. She asked me if her, her mother, and her son could stay with me. I just looked at Josie.

Then they explained everything to me. The two girls had lost their jobs back in England when the plant that they had been working at had closed. They were broke and had begged Old Mr. Stevens to bring them to America for a fresh start. Upon arriving the day before they realized that he really was a bastard and that they couldn’t possibly live with him. Josie admitted that it had been her that had put her daughter up to poking the kid’s head into my doggy door to see what would happen. They were prepared to do anything they could to get out of that house.

I realized that I was being used but that I didn’t care. Stephanie was the most outrageous woman that I had ever met and I had an immediate attraction to her, call it lust, sex, or love it was a very strong attraction. Josie was just a plus! She was just as good looking and just as sexy as her daughter was.

I thought about it while the girls prepared dinned for us. I weighted the pros and found very few cons. It seemed that living with two very pretty and very horny girls was exactly what I needed after all. I said yes!

The End
Dog Door
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