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Paul's story
Cold and discomfort welcomed Paul as he struggled awake. Outside, dawn was breaking. Stiffly, he sat upright and watched the sun clear the hills on the horizon.

As he got up he felt an unfamiliar weight on his chest shift. His eyes drifted over his large, firm breasts. He had hoped that it had all been some insane dream. That he still had his own tall, muscular body. Not a half female, half male one.

He could still remember vividly how the horror had started. He had woken just two days previously and everything had been right with the world. He had been a successful lawyer, with a big house and a hefty bank balance. And he had just spent the night making love to a stunningly beautiful young woman. Despite the fact that she was not his girlfriend he had hoped to see her again. But not nearly as soon as he did.

He saw her face reflected in the car window. He still found it nearly impossible to believe it was now his. He had been in the bathroom preparing to shave when he first noticed the change. He had rubbed his chin and instead of feeling the usual coarse stubble his hand met soft unblemished skin. And then before his eyes his face had been changed into Julies. The strong masculine features slowly replaced by a woman's fragile beauty.

And it was a very beautiful face, but there was no comfort in that. He had always considered himself lucky to have the handsome, slightly rugged looking face he had been born with. Now it was lost, maybe forever. I'll get it back! he told himself angrily. I won't let Anne do this to me.

Paul opened the door and climbed out of the car. His body ached from the uncomfortable night he had spent on the back seat. A cool breeze whipped his long blonde hair in front of his eyes. He pushed it out of his face with a curse. He was still unused to keeping such a mass under control. Paul shivered as he remembered his hair turning blonde and almost exploding from his head in a blonde wave. He had searched the hall mirror for any sign of his former self and had then punched the hateful image. That was supposed to bring you seven years bad luck. He had lost everything in just one morning. Just how much more could happen to him?

Paul looked up and down the road. It was flat and utterly empty. Which was just the way he wanted it. He wanted as little to do with people as possible while stuck in this form. He gave a huge sigh, feeling his large breasts rise and fall on his chest. Then he got into the driving seat and pulled out the map. His tits even got in the way of this simple operation. How the hell could women deal with the wobbling mountains of flesh on their chests?

That was perhaps the worst memory Paul had of that terrible morning. Anne had arrived and was going to help him, or so she had said. As she had been preparing a needle he had felt his chest start to shrink and grow at the same time. His torso had been hard and muscled from all the hours he had spent in the gym. But years of work had just flowed away in seconds. As most of his chest had shrunk to a more dainty frame his eyes had watched in horror as his firm pectorals had grown into soft, large white pillows of flesh. Anne had quickly injected him in the thigh.

But it had not been the cure he was desperately hoping for. Anne had injected the DNA altering virus based on a fellow male researcher. The two transforming viruses had met just above his hips and as Anne had hoped been unable to change already altered cells. He was still half male, but no part of him was now unaltered.

She could have turned him back, Paul had no doubt about that. She must have found out about him playing around and used her latest discovery to punish him. Anne wouldn't have done that unless there was some way to cure him. She had even used her own lab assistant, Jim, to trap him. The girl he had made love to wasn't Julie after all, but Jim!

From the few times he had met Jim he seemed to be a normal guy. There was no way he would have taken a part in Anne's crazed scheme without being sure he could regain his male self.

Paul studied the map. If he made good time he should make it to Dr Michael Kingston by that afternoon.

He knew that if he was ever to be restored to his former maleness he was going to have to find another biologist who could reverse what Anne Chamberlain had done. A few years back he had represented a Dr. Michael Kingston. He had been charged with stealing other researchers results. Paul knew he had done it and had managed to get him acquitted on a technicality of law. Kingston's reputation, however, was shot to pieces and the last Paul had heard the only job he could get was at a fairly seedy establishment out east.

But Anne wasn't going to turn him back for months at least. She would want to have her revenge first. The only chance lay with finding Dr. Kingston. He put away the map and started the car. As he pulled away the stearing wheel felt stiff in his hands and seemed to take a greater effort to turn. His new arms were so weak and had none of the power he had spent so long building up over the years.

As the hours passed, Paul's mind wandered. What had possessed Anne to do this to him? Well, I should have known better than to get a scientist pissed at me, he thought.

In his urgency to reach his salvation Paul wasn't paying full attention to the car's instruments. He only noticed he was doing over eighty miles per hour when the familiar wail of a police motorcycle started up behind him. An almost irresistible urge to put his foot down went through Paul. But he knew that a car as expensive and recognisable as his would get pursued right into town and he couldn't afford that.

Paul pulled over to the side of the road and the cop pulled in front of him. The cop took his time getting off his bike. He's showing me that he calls the shots realised Paul. He had done it himself in court, set your own pace and make the guy on the witness stand follow you. Not the other way round. Paul felt fear building in his stomach. He'd been pulled over before but he didn't feel nearly as confident this time.

The cop slowly sauntered over to the car and leaned in towards Paul. He could see his worried looking but still beautiful face reflected in the cop's mirror shades. "Good mornin' miss. You know why I pulled you over?"

"Ah, I think I accidentally went over the speed limit. I'm sorry officer, it won't happen again." The cop didn't reply immediately, which only increased Paul's nervousness. He knew he could have destroyed the cop on the witness stand. He had done that so many times with solid witnesses. He just thinks I'm some dumb female, he thought. He decided to try a bit of feminine charm and he smiled nervously.

The cop didn't react. Paul hated the mirror shades, he couldn't tell where the man's eyes were looking. But he could give a good guess. "Is this your car, miss?" He asked.

"Yes, it's mine."

The cop nodded, "Can I see your licence."

Paul froze. His license was in the glove compartment, but it was absolutely useless. No way would the cop believe the forty year old man on the license was now a teenaged girl. "I... ah... haven't got it... right here."

"I see, where is it." He said in a slightly bored voice.

"Well, I... uh... lost it." Paul knew how lame it all sounded. As a lawyer he had seen some poor liars on the witness stand and his excuse sounded as bad as the worst of them.

The cop obviously didn't believe any of it either. "What would you like to bet that if I ran this car through the computer it would come up stolen."

Paul's jaw worked silently. "It isn't, I swear!" He finally exclaimed.

The cop was silent for a few moments. "Well, as I see it, you have two choices. Either I call in and see if this car is registered in your name, and we both know it isn't. Or... you can suck me off."

"What!!" Paul exclaimed, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I'm serious. Suck me off and I'll let you go." The cop watched the pretty girl sweat. She was acting as guilty as hell. Probably stolen the car from some rich idiot she had fucked the night before. It was his casual attitude to regulations that had landed him the post of traffic cop on a near deserted strip of road in the first place. It was so dismal and boring he was entitled to have a little fun now and then. "Well?"

Paul was frantic. If he was arrested for theft Anne could easily come after him to bail him. God only knows what she would turn him into for trying to escape. He had to stay away from her at all costs. "Alright," he said quietly.

"What was that?" asked the cop playfully. Got her, he thought.

"I said alright," Paul answered in a firmer voice.

"Say it, tell me what you're going to do."

"I-I'm going to suck your c-cock," Paul managed to say. The phrase seemed alien in his mouth.

The cop smiled. "Move over to the passenger seat and open the door."

Paul shifted over and opened the door. The cop walked around; he was now facing the road and would be able to see anything coming in either direction, long before it arrived. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. "Now, missy. Don't try any funny business. If you pull a fast one I'll have you busted for assault. Understand?"

Paul gave a small nod. He was watching the bulge in the cop's boxer shorts. In a few moments he was going to have to suck it into his mouth. He was going to have to lick this man to a climax.

The cop looked down. "Now pull down my shorts and give me the best blow job of my life."

Paul's hands shook as he reached up to the waistband on the shorts. He could feel the heat from the cop's body against his fingers. Trying not to think about what he was about to do he pulled the shorts down. His eyes locked onto the cop's semi-erect cock. Paul started to rebel. I can't do this! he thought.

The cop must have seen Paul was ready to bolt and gripped the sides of his head, taking bunches of Paul's golden hair in each fist. Slowly but surely he began to bring Paul's head closer to his cock. Paul felt the strength in the cop's grasp and he knew that his own female frame couldn't resist it.

Then his mouth was just an inch from the cop's penis. "Suck it!" commanded the cop. Paul could feel the heat radiating from the cop's engorged organ.

Paul moved his mouth over the rapidly growing cock and closed his lips around the bulbous head. The cop pulled Paul's head down and his mouth was suddenly full of hot prick. Paul's mind was full of revulsion and he decided to get it over with as fast as possible. He started moving his head up and down the hard pole, rubbing his tongue around the sensitive head each time he reached it. It was all he could do to stop himself gagging on it. But the fear of being beaten to a pulp managed to stop him throwing up on the cop.

The cop started moaning "Yes," over and over. So Paul assumed he was doing something right. The cop's hand dropped to one of Paul's breasts and roughly caressed it through the thin silk of the blouse. "Open your blouse," ordered the cop.

Paul fumbled with the buttons and managed to open his blouse enough for the cop's hand to slip inside and around his breast. The feeling of intimate contact that Paul was getting from the mauling caused a reaction in his body. Despite himself, his own cock started to stiffen and his nipples pushed out into the soft bra holding his ample breasts. He was reacting like any slut! Paul was absolutely horrified by his body's reaction.

The cop reached inside the bra and rubbed the obvious signs of arousal. He smiled. "You really wanted it, didn't you? To feel my meat in your mouth. I bet your pussy is dripping from all the attention you're getting."

Paul felt a fresh surge of panic. If the cop found out that the girl sucking him off had a dick there would be no telling what he would do to Paul. He had to bring him off now. He reached up and grasped the cop's testicles and started to gently squeeze them in time to his pumping.

This seemed to do the trick and the cop quickly built to bursting point. Just before he came he released Paul's tit and held on tight to Paul's head. The cop strained and then hot, salty cum exploded into Paul's mouth. Try as he might he couldn't pull away and he knew he had to swallow it. He almost gagged as it went down, mostly because he knew what he was swallowing.

At last, the cop let him go and Paul retreated to the far side of the car. The cop took the opportunity to slip into the car next to him. "That was good. You must have licked a lot of cocks in your time."

Paul kept quiet. Wasn't he going to leave?

The cop continued, "You really are a cute piece of ass. I could tell your pussy was wet while you sucked me off. I could smell it."

"I doubt that," Paul said. Please leave me alone! his mind screamed.

"You're really turned on. Let me give you what we both want." His hand found its way to Paul's knee. Surely, he couldn't be ready to go again? Paul knew this guy was going to play with him for hours and wasn't going to let up until he had fucked what he thought was a girl.

The hand started moving up Paul's leg towards his crotch. He had to get away. Without any warning Paul drove his elbow as hard as he could into the cop's stomach and then scrambled out of the car. If he could hide in the undergrowth he should be safe.

The cop recovered much more quickly than Paul had expected. He ran after Paul shouting, "I'll kill you for that, you bitch!" With his old body he could have knocked the guy clean out. In his old body he would never have ended up in a situation like this.

The cop quickly covered the ground between them and grabbed Paul from behind. A hand dug deep into one of Paul's soft breasts. The other covered his mouth. "You are going to regret that," said the cop. "Now I won't be so nice with you." His hand left Paul's tit and journeyed downwards. Paul knew where it was going, perhaps he could use this to his advantage.

The cop had already regained his erection. He found this young thief a real turn on. He wondered if she was a virgin. His hand disappeared under the waistband of her pants and touched her crotch. For a few seconds he couldn't understand what he felt there. Not a soft pussy, but a cock and balls? She was a he!

Paul bit deeply into the cop's hand and drove his elbow into the man's stomach again. The cop howled in pain and Paul ran at full speed for his car. His breasts hurt as they bounced around on his chest, but he ignored the pain. He had to get away!

The cop spent several seconds clasping his hand in pain and shock. That couldn't be a man, she looked too good. He looked at his hand, the transvestite had drawn blood with his bite. Anger flared through him and he turned around just in time to see the big breasted man leap into the car. He charged the car and it just missed him as it pulled away.

He watched it speed away down the road. Part of him wanted to chase it and arrest the freak. But the rest of him was so disgusted at being sucked off by a man he decided to let it go. Besides if he arrested him now the stories he would tell would probably finish the cop's career for good. He walked slowly back to his bike to get the small first aid kit. At least the bite wasn't that big. A few days and it'd be okay.

In the car Paul was anxiously looking back for signs of pursuit. It was over an hour before he managed to convince himself he was free of the cop. He wondered whether he had infected him with the Julie DNA virus. He quite liked the idea. Now I know why the idea appealed to Anne, he thought. His mind kept flicking back to what the cop had made him do and eventually he had to stop by the road side to throw up.

Several thankfully uneventful hours passed before the first signs of habitation came into view. Soon he was deep into the small city. He dug out his old case notes. Dr. Kingston had moved here after the trial and had told Paul where he was working. It was another hour before he found the address.

He was convinced he had gone to the wrong address. You couldn't have a research facility in a rundown office block. But the name above the small reception foyer was correct. Quince Biochemicals.

Now all he had to do was find Kingston and he was saved. He tried and failed to get rid of a nagging doubt in his mind. His ex-girlfriend Dr. Anne Chamberlain was a very intelligent woman. What if Dr. Kingston couldn't recreate her research? What if he couldn't find the cure? Then he'd be stuck as a circus freak forever.

He couldn't go back. He had to go on and hope Dr. Kingston was able and willing to help.


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