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Being a dildo model changed my life completely.
Dildo Model

Let me start out by telling you that I am a fifteen-year-old virgin male. I’m a little shy but I sure like girls. My sister Tiffany on the other hand is sixteen years old and pretty sexually active. Well that’s what mom calls it. Dad calls her a little slut under his breath.

My sister talked me into letting her make a cast of my cock. First I had to undress in front of her and let her shave off what little pubic hair that I had. Next Tiffany mixed up the plaster stuff and undressed herself. That was my reward for her casting my cock. She got naked and let my feel her up. When Tiffany decided that I had felt her up enough and was hard enough she slapped on the plaster, some cloth, and some more plaster. Then she washed up and let me feel her up some more until about a half an hour had gone by. Then Tiffany got dressed and waited patently for my cock to go down.

That had been on a Friday. I saw very little of Tiffany that weekend because she stayed in her room a lot. Then in school that Monday morning I felt that everyone in our school was staring at me. They were! The girls were pointing at me and giggling. Some of the boys were pointing at me and giggling too. Then Brad the Captain of the Football Team cornered me in the Boy’s Bathroom with a few of his friends.

It seems that my sister Tiffany had sold his girlfriend Sadie the Head Cheerleader my cock. What! He said that Tiffany had sold at least a dozen silicone replicas of my cock to the girls in school and that his girlfriend Sadie was one of them. He further explained that Sadie had been fucked herself with it in the girl’s bathroom and that she liked it better than his cock. He was pissed at me. I tried to explain to him that I had no idea what Tiffany had been up too. I got hit in the stomach and had my face pushed into the toilet. That hadn’t happened to me in a couple of years but it sure didn’t feel any better. Then of course a teacher caught me coming out of the bathroom and sent me to the Principle’s Office. Apparently she too had heard all about me being the Dildo Model. Her daughter was Sadie the Head Cheerleader of course.

Soon my sister Tiffany was called into the Principle’s Office too. Together we got a lecture on morals, sex, and the sale of phallic symbols on school property. Tiffany was giggling throughout most of the lecture while I was really scared that she would call our parents or expel us from school. Outside her office Tiffany whispered that the Principle had purchased the one that her daughter Sadie had been using between classes.

The next day at school the girls were talking to me and I was popular. One girl even asked me if I was available on Friday for a date. I told her that I was and she gave me her name and phone number. At home Tiffany just laughed. That was one of the girls that had bought one of my silicone cocks.

That night Tiffany asked me to help her make more dildos from my mold. It wasn’t too hard. Basically you sprayed both halves of the mold with a release agent, squirted the silicone into it, and then wait for it to harden. After that you take it out, cut away the flash at the seam, and wash it off with soap and water. Tiffany had made a total of six molds of my cock so that we were able to make two dozen dildos that night. Tiffany was pleased because she had been paid for them already. When I asked what they were selling for she smiled and said twenty bucks apiece.

Then she laughed and told me about Brad the Captain of the Football Team. It seems that a lot of the girls at school had requested copies of his cock thinking that he was well hung. Tiffany knew from first hand experience that Brad wasn’t that well built at all. It seems that Tiffany and Sadie had done a threesome with him once and that the two girls had spent most of their time doing each other. Not only is his cock tiny but Brad is only good for one hard-on a night at that. That night with Tiffany Sadie had just sucked him off to shut him up so that she could get back to Tiffany’s pussy. Besides Sadie didn’t want Brad’s cum in Tiffany’s hole if she was going to eat it out.

That week at school Tiffany sold twenty-four copies of my cock every day.

When Friday arrived I talked to the girl that had asked me for a date. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said that she just wanted to go to bed. That was it! All she wanted was to feel the real thing. She had been fucking herself silly with my silicone cock and now wanted to know what it actually felt like. When I told her that I was a virgin she just laughed and said that I wouldn’t be after that night. At first I was concerned that all she wanted was my cock but then I realized that all week all I had wanted to do was get into her pussy so it was fair.

After school I told Tiffany about my date just wanting to take me to bed and that I was looking forward to loosing my virginity. Tiffany said that she had never had a virgin before and asked if she could be my first instead. Okay!

So together we undressed and Tiffany showed me what to do. It wasn’t all that hard to figure out but she told me to please the girl first then to please myself and showed me some techniques. The first two times that we made love went pretty well but the third time was the charm. I was feeling pretty good about myself after that.

That evening I went to the girl’s house, her parents had gone out for the evening, and she took me up to her bedroom. Since I had already told her that I was a virgin I didn’t tell her any differently. She too undressed and explained to me just what to do. It was about the same stuff that Tiffany had told me. We made love three times too with the last one being the best. She even said that she would recommend me to her friends. Great!

When I got home Tiffany asked me how things had gone and I told her. She smiled and said that Sadie was coming over to spend the night with her and that she really wanted me to fuck her too. We had just finished pouring the six molds when Sadie arrived. Tiffany told her that I had been a busy boy and that I had fucked her three times and then that I had fucked my date three times too. Sadie was elated, after all Brad can only do it once a night. Before I was allowed to go to sleep I was required to make love to Sadie three times also. I must admit that it took longer every time and that it felt better too. Sadie got the best of the best that night and we both loved it.

Saturday morning all Sadie wanted to do was let me fuck her when we weren’t making silicone copies of my cock. She was willing to share me with my sister too but Sadie got two fucks to every one that Tiffany got.

Sadie asked her mother if I could go home with her and spend the night. I could hardly believe it when she said yes. The Principle even came over to pick us up.

I had not known that the Principle had been divorced. She said that she owned two copies of my amazing penis and that she and her daughter had been using them every singly night. Sadie laughed and said that the real thing was a lot better and told her mother about the three times we had sex the night before and the four times so far that day. Sadie also told her mother about the other six times with the other two girls and with my sister twice that morning. Just as Sadie was bragging about having me all to herself her mother said that she wanted my sister’s share. She said that Sadie shouldn’t be so greedy and that two to one was more than fair. Sadie agreed.

Making love to Sadie was very nice. She was so pretty and flexible and she was so easy to please too. She loved the way I made love to her. I loved the way that Sadie made love to me too.

I was scared at first with Sadie’s mother. After all she had been married and was experienced at sex. Oh I know that I had had sex quite a few times already but it wasn’t like a woman that had made love thousands of times and maybe to many different men. The Principle wasn’t unattractive she was just older than I was. She took me into her bedroom and closed the door, she explained that I was to tell no one about this ever, and then she showed me how a woman should undress for her man. She put on a CD and started to dance. It was nothing like I see the girls at school do, it was slow, seductive, and she swayed her hips as she danced. I watched as my Principle rolled her ass in my direction and bumped, thrusting her crotch at me like it was a weapon. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She had on a very sexy bra unlike anything that either my sister or mother wear. It was basically a shelf or just the bottom half of a bra. Her breasts were sitting on the shelf with her hard nipples hanging off the end. She asked me to unhook it for her and told me that the hooks were in the back. Then she practically put her big tits in my face so that I could reach around behind her back. I could smell her sweet perfume. She must have sprayed it between her tits. My mother has done that before. It smelled great. I nuzzled my nose into her cleavage as I unhooked her bra. That made her laugh. With her bra still in my hands she backed up letting it fall free and remaining in my hands. I just looked at her magnificent breasts they were certainly much bigger than the three pair that I had just seen.

She stepped back in toward me and asked me to remove her skirt and I did. Then she asked me to remove her panties. For that she stepped back again and I knelt before her, reaching up, and grasping them in both hands. As I pulled her panties down her legs I was treated to my first bald pussy. It was completely shaved clean, it had very full puffy lips, and it was secreting her womanly juices. Her panties were wet in the crotch. She smelled wonderful too. Then she undressed me and she wasn’t in any hurry either. This wasn’t sex and it wasn’t just lovemaking either it was seduction at its finest. You could cut the sexual tension in the room with a knife.

Once we were naked we rubbed our bodies together. She rubbed her tits on my chest, her crotch up against mine, and our legs together too. She rubbed her hips against mine, our backs together, and her ass against my ass. Then we used our hands! She rubbed both of her palms over every inch of my naked body and then asked me to do the same to her naked body. It was a sensation that I hadn’t had with the three girls my age. Then we used our mouths! First we kissed and we kissed some more. She sucked my nipples and I sucked hers. She kissed, licked, and sucked my crotch and then I did the same to hers. I liked sucking her pussy. I hadn’t thought to do that to the other girls but I made a mental note to do so when I got the chance. She kissed the bottom of my feet, sucked my toes, and licked my asshole. Now that felt incredibly wonderful. So when it was my turn I too kissed her feet, sucked her toes, and licked her asshole too. At first I found it to be quite pungent and strange but as the blood flowed into my cock I got more and more bold. Soon I was trying to get my tongue in her poop chute. She knew how excited I was because she herself was that excited too. She told me to slip my cock in her back door and even helped to aim it. She used some lubricant but it was still a tight fit, however it went in. I enjoyed the feeling of the tightness and the thought of it being wrong and dirty. I had overheard my father ask my mother for anal sex once and she said no in many different ways. Here was Sadie’s mother offering it to me and me taking it. It felt better to me than the three pussies that I had fucked so far. I can’t explain it but I loved it. Being my sixth or seventh time that Saturday I was really in no hurry at all for it to end. My Principle was not in any hurry either. Together we had the best times of our lives. When I finally did cum she asked me not to take it out until it fell out. We had been in that doggy position for a good half-hour, I had fondled her hanging breasts, and she had reached under to fondle my hanging balls.

Next we took a shower together. This time she sucked my cock for a while and let me fuck her pussy as the warm water flowed but I couldn’t come, she wouldn’t let me. To her a promise was a promise and she had promised Sadie a two for one deal.

For the rest of that night and all day Sunday the girls took turns with me. Sadie allowed me to sleep with her mother Saturday night as long as we both respected the two for one deal.

Monday at lunch Sadie broke up with Brad right in front of practically everyone. She announced that she was now my girlfriend. Brad got mad, turned red, and came after me. Fortunately the Principle and several teachers were present. Before Brad could get away though my sister jumped in. Between Sadie and Tiffany he didn’t stand a chance. The whole school then knew that Brad had a tiny little dick and that he couldn’t even use what he had. All of the girls laughed at him. Even his teammates verified his size from the shower room. Then of course the shop teacher reminded all of the boys that a brad was a very small nail.

The End
Dildo Model
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