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second part as promised
After that really surprising and very horny night when Irene let my dog Barny fuck her, she never spoke about it and I thought it must be all over because she made sure Barny was always shut in downstairs when we went to bed. I figured she must have been pretty ashamed of what we'd done so I never mentioned it either.

I moved house a couple of weeks after the event and although it was near, I saw less of Irene untill it dried up altogether. I didnt mind, after all she was my EX wife! I started looking around for my next girlfriend and had a couple of easy lays but nothing to excite me much. Irene rang me out of the blue. "Hello its me. I really miss fucking you and keep getting as horny as hell thinking about you. I dont want to get back together with you or anything but if you havent got anybody yet how about we meet just for sex maybe a few times a week?"
"Fucking hell Irene thats a bit of a surprise. I hadn't expected to ever hear from you again. Why dont you get a guy from your village if you just want to get laid?"
" Because I can be a slut with you and you dont want anything else. If I start a propper relationship with someone its all different expectations and stuff and it takes a long time to really get dirty", she whined.
" So you need to get dirty sex do you?" I grinned at the mouthpiece.
"Look, do you want to give it a try? I'm not going to beg" she said abruptly.
"Sounds like a good idea to me" I said referring to the begging.
"OK. come and pick me up tomorrow at about seven and I can stay overnight. I'll buy you lunch on Saturday and see where we want to go from there. Oh, Have you still got Barny?". I said I had and she immediately hung up the phone. Very interesting I thought but I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity of a sex session with her because it was always good and both of us had learned to be completely abandoned to our enjoyment. She was in short, a great lay!

I picked her up at her house on the dot of seven oclock and didnt even need to get out of the car. She just came running out and got in. "Quick, drive off ",she said " I don't want all the neighbours to know what we're doing".
The drive to my house only took about ten minutes and with very little conversation but she did put her hand on my inner thigh and started running a finger up and down the front of my jeans and traced the length of my prick which of course rapidly grew and made driving a bit uncomfortable. She just grinned at me and said "I'm ready if you are."
I pulled up at the house and let her in through the front door. As soon as I shut the door behind us she pushed me against the wall and french kissed me while she unzipped me and took my cock out. "I've really missed this fucker", she said "I'm just going to say Hello!" She then dropped to her knees and licked up the length of my cock before taking it in her mouth deeply . She sucked for a couple of minutes before standing back up, kissed me again and said, "Some host you are! How about offering me drink before you fuck me?"
"Anything you want". I said and went and made us coffee in the Kitchen. When I got back to the lounge she had taken off most of her clothes and lay on the sofa rubbing herself through her panties. She saw my prick was still at attention and leering up through my fly and grabbed it again. She pulled me to her and again took it into her mouth and played her tongue on it for a couple of minutes before letting it go. "Where's Barny?" she asked.
I was tempted to ask if she wanted to suck him too but I just told her that he was shut in the covered porchway at the side of the house. " Oh let him in. He'll be lonely out there and its not fair to keep him out of his own house" she grinned.
I went and let Barny in and of course they both made a big fuss of each other and it was some time before he settled down, sprawled out in front of the TV set. Being a jet black Great Dane/Labrador cross, he was a very big dog and that was the only place he could stretch out and it gave us the obscene view of his entire underside. As usual you could see the tip of his enormous cock poking out of it's sheath. We sat and drank our coffee and Irene kept having a quick fondle of my prick and gave me a couple of hot sucks after a mouthfull of coffee. When I finished mine I leaned over and slid my hand inside her panties. She was extremely wet. "Fuck Irene, your'e well ready for it aren't you?"
She took hold of my chin and pulled my face toward hers and said with a really serious look," I'm ready for anything. Please lick me".
I move around to between her legs, kneeling on the floor and gently pulled her panties down and off. I placed them on the sofa next to her as I lowered my head to her honeypot pussy. I raised my eyes to see that she had picked up her panties and was sucking at the gusset. She pushed her crotch forward and raised her knees as I pushed my tongue up into her hot wet hole. "Oh fuck. Make me come Blakey" she purred as she began to rock back and forth against my face. " Oh shit! The fucking dogs got a horn on too", she cried as she clearly approached a very quick orgasm. "I'm going to have his cock too. The horny fucker. Look at his cock. Look at his fucking horny cock. I'm gonna suck that fucker. I'm going to suck him off and make him come over me. He does fucking gallons of come. I'm gonna have him tonight. Oh Fuck I'm cumming. I'm fucking cummiiinnnngggg!" She shook and shuddered through her climax and held my head pressed to her cunt which was shooting out juice into my eager mouth. She gradually came down making little whimpering noises and slumped back into the sofa.
"Oh fuck I needed that" she eventually said " I'm sorry I got a bit carried away then didn't I? Please dont think I meant the stuff about Barny. I just saw his prick at the wrong moment and got a bit carried away"
" There's no need to apologise", I said " If you want his cock again you can have him. Its Ok. You bloody loved it the last time and I'm sure he did!"
"Yea but you thought I was a slut afterwards and hated me for it" she grizzled " I wont do it again"
"Look Irene, I've told you before anything we do is OK and its between us. You came here to get dirty didn't you? If that means fucking my dog then you should fuck my dog!"
" Jesus. You are one filthy bastard aren't you." she said," you gonna get off on me fucking the dog aren't you? You really think I should? Can he do it from the front so I can see it?" she stopped talking, hiding her eyes with her hand. I waited. she continued, "Your'e bloody crafty you are. Getting me to say stuff like that. I came here to get dirty with you so we will see."
She got up and moved round in front of me. She bent forward and undid my belt, released my jeans and pulled them off my legs. She knelt down between my knees and took one of my balls into her mouth while she gently gripped my prick and slowly rubbed it. It was heaven and I relaxed back into the sofa, closing my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feelings I knew she would give me. She was also very sensitive to my needs and feelings and as I really started to reach the point when I didn't care who the fuck was sucking my prick, She increased the pace of her hand and began to slobber her mouth over my prick head. She was grunting too and I felt a strange movement from her. I opened my eyes and there was Barny, up over her back jabbing his pelvis back and forth at Irene's arse!
"Fucking hell. Is he up you?" I asked. She grunted some more and pushed me in the chest, forcing me to lay back on the Sofa. I began thrusting up at her, fucking her mouth.
She goaned with every thrust I made and when I erupted into her mouth in a glorious cum she forced my cock deeper and milked every drop.
She released my prick from her mouth and opened it showing me that it was full of cum and as she stared into my eyes she swallowed.
" Now can you get this fucking dog off me so that I can get up off my knees?" She almost shouted.
I pulled myself out from under her and went round to where Barny was thrusting at her ten to the dozen. He was humping her so fast it was almost a vibration! I bent down to see his enormous red prick dissapearing up her very wet cunt. Her asshole was very wet too. He must have tried to get up there before he found the right hole. I stood up and began to reach around his chest to haul him off. He growled at me. The first time ever! Still, I could forgive him given the circumstances! I talked to him gently and he allowed me to get hold of him and with great effort I pulled him up and out of his woman. His pelvic thrusts kept right on going as I held him in mid air. Irene was up off her Knees in an instant and she spun round stooping underneath him and I watched in astonishment as she took his prick in her mouth and sucked it for about twenty seconds. Barny still kept humping and Irene changed her position so she could get at his prick more easily. She was sort of sitting hunched on the floor beneath him with her knees up either side of his back legs and had one hand on his shaft and the other had a few fingers thrust in her cunt. Barny was getting heavy and just in time he whimpered as Irene screamed she was cumming, releasing his prick from her mouth, he pumped his cum all over her face and front. It seemed to last for ages and there was gallons of it, or so it seemed. Irene slumped back on the floor pumping her own pelvis at her hand as she continued to wank Barny's prick at her body. She was absolutely awash with his jism and when Barny finally stopped coming it was running down and off her body onto the carpet. I lowered him to the ground and he licked some of his cum off her before walking away to take care of his own cleaning.
I squatted down and looked at her. She was sprawled out on the floor legs akimbo. Her cunt hole was open lewdly and she was covered in cum the entire length of her body. she peered up at me through slit eyes. "Nice?" I enquired


2015-06-02 04:03:16
Un-Fucking-Believably HOT !!!

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i haven''t fuck my husband in years, what for when i have the biggest cock around in our saint bernard

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