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The game of "Hearts Desires"
"Hearts Desire" is a game in which thirteen contestants take a turn in rolling the dice, on a natural "double six" they get to draw a slip of paper from a container, usually a large mug , with a stated prize on it. Most often the contestant will win some silver or copper coins, a free mug, or the like. The prize money comes from each contestant paying in 10 gold coins, or its equivallent into the pot.

However, one special rule of the game is that there are some slips stating challenges to be done, or punishments carried out, none of them real difficult or more than embarrasing. Yet, one command is that of the hearts desire, in which the dice are rolled one more time, then contestants are counted from left to right, with the lucky person chosen getting bedded by the drawer for the night.

The game has been played for centuries, both honor and tradition bind the two to carry out the mating regardless of any stigma, social or maritial problems. Sometimes it can
lead to interesting developments...

Fair-water had come to stay for a few days at the Dragons Hearth and Home, a fairly good inn on the trade roads. Just shy of her seventeenth birthday, and a moderately skilled sorceress, she took her winnings to play some of the other games. It was the height of summer, and of the trading season, with a game of "Hearts Desire" being started...and she managed to time it right to get in on it.

The game got interesting, and lasted fairly well into the evening, with much money changing hands on side wagers; especially as we all waited to see whom, if anyone, would win the "Hearts Desire" slip. Several new players have come and gone in the four hours of the game, but Fair-water wanted to win big, in the coins, and enjoy her success.

Yet every time the dice came around to her, she would never get the magical "double six" and lost a lot of coins on the wagering. The sun was long set, and various foreign entertainers (dancing girls) were among the inn's clientel, noise of the dancing and "entertainment" filled the place. She blocked it all out, wanting to concentrate on the one last roll of the dice she was giving herself. "This is it for me now, all or nothing on one final roll. I hope lady luck will smile her fortune upon me just now gentlemen."

The dice seemed to fly out of my hands, and bounced on the table. Roaring occured when they stopped, showing the "double six" she has desired all night. The cup was brought to her, and many waited to see what would be drawn. She reached in, stirring up the contents, and drew. The look of disbelief was total on her face as she read the prize. It only said two words, and all knew the next event to happen. "Hearts Desire" the words sent roars of excitement, with large amounts of coinage changing hands.

"Damnations, why did it have to happen to me just now." Looking sheepish from the laughter and chuckles, the dice were handed to her one more time; this time to find out who she would be sharing the bed with. This especially was important for her, as she was still unmated (a virgin).

She threw the dice outward, not even looking at them as they landed. Eyes closed, she waited to hear the results. She thought - soon i will open my legs for one of these men and then he will open up my - a series of cat calls announced the winner being selected; her eyes opened, and looked around. Holding the dice in her hands was a young, lovely half-elven lady. Oh my god! I have to do it with a woman!

"Hello there young lady, my name is Passion, and i can see by your expression that it is somewhat of a surprise who is to be bedding you now. Dont worry about things my little dove, i will show you how it is properly done and experienced. I especially like to feast on virgin pussy, tastes all the more sweeter." Her smile made me a little more at ease, and mentioned that at least this "feast" will be done in some privacy upstairs.

"I see you have not travelled here very often my dear. You see the fine chair being brought over to the hearth? Well, that is to be our 'bed' and the 'feasting' will be done in front of everyone here, so as to be witnessess and get a wonderful show. Besides i like to have my pussy eaten in front of others - ah now, i see that you did not know of that particular part of the customs. Yes, I do you then you get to do me."

She led me by the hand to in front of the chair, where a circle of men and women were watching. Dancing suggestively, and with a vixen smile of delight, she untied her dress and let it slip to the floor. everyone gawked at the fine curves of legs, thighs, breasts and hairless pussy that was revealed. My clothing disappeared to the floor with rather less flourish, but still just as final amount of flesh was revealed. (all of it mine)

(fair-waters view)
I was kissed passionately by her, to the delight and cheers of the crowd for a fair time, then scooted back down to the chair. She climbed over me, her breasts rubbing against mine. Her lips moved down my neck, breasts, stomach, and lower-wards. it seemed only like a moment before she parted my legs, and gently stroked me with her hands, rubbing all manner of areas I never knew even existed. Kissing one inner thigh then the other, she desceded slowly to my pussy. Lips and tongue worked in combo along the hands to get my body fired up....I was lost in the passion, and saw indeed how she lived up to the name. In what seemed like a moment of eternal bliss and pure fire combined I came in her mouth. She lapped it up, and somehow set me off for a second and then a third time in a row!!!

Fair-water remembered little of the event after that, save that it took her some time to get Passion off fully. After that, she gathered up her clothing and prepared to go up to her room. "Hang on there little one, I am coming up as well."

She caught up to me, her gown in hand, smiling greatly. "The first mating had to be done before witnessess as demanded by our local tradition. Now the rest of the night is for us, we have to do it as much as possible, even if it lasts until sunrise. So lets get going..."

Soon after the door to my room shut, passerbys in the hall heard soft moaning and groaning, with the occasional scream of sheer delight, But what passed between us there, as is the story of my eventual deflowering and sexual adventures is for another day.


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