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I was warm all over, inside and out. I had never felt this invigorated in my entire life, I could rule the world if I wanted to! The reason why picked her head up off my chest and looked at me with sleepy eyes.

“What time is it?” Eve asked, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

I turned my head and looked at her clock, “Well sleeping beauty, it’s four o’clock. I have to be home in an hour for supper.” She perked up and smirked at me before rolling over and grabbing my cell phone from my discarded shorts.

“Tom, you’re going to call your parents and tell them you’re staying at a friend’s house tonight and doing something with them tomorrow too.” She said slowly as she wormed her way to my side, pressing close. “You’re staying with me this weekend.” Her soft, naked body was like a warming shot of confidence.

I dialed home and my dad picked up on the second ring, “Morrison residence?” We didn’t have caller ID (sad right?).

“Dad it’s me, listen I’m staying at Spin’s house tonight then getting together with some friends tomorrow. I probably won’t be home until late tomorrow.”

“Okay, sure. Have fun and keep your cell with you.” He said. I hung up and closed the phone, looking back at Eve who was smiling impishly.

“Now what are we supposed to do for a day and a half?” I asked; I was partly serious.

“Oh, I can think of a few things.” She purred, running a hand up and down my chest. Every time she touched me it was like tiny firecrackers going off under my skin, it was awesome.

“I don’t know how you would have much fun doing that.” I said, smiling coyly.

“Huh? How so?” She asked, confused.

“Well, I don’t know how to do anything.” I said truthfully.

Her grin reminded me of a predator about to pounce on its prey, “Then I’ll have to teach you.”

That was the answer I was hoping for, “What’s first?”

“Good question. Hhmm.” She sat up, her small breasts jiggling delightfully, “I guess I have to see what you already know.” She got off the bed and beckoned me to her. “Please me.”

I nervously got to me feet and blushed, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do first.” She tilted her head to the side and let out an embarrassing ‘awwww’.

“Yes you do, don’t worry so much.” She said encouragingly. I grimaced and stepped closer to her, looking down into her approving blue eyes. “C’mon Tom.” Her voice was soft and filled me with confidence. I put an arm around her and gently pulled her to me, leaning in and kissing her soft lips. She melted into me and I had to pull a little tighter to keep her up. I let my free hand slide between the slight gap between us, rubbing her flat stomach and then to her tits, I had never felt one before either and it was a new and glorious feeling.

I gently squeezed and with my thumb I pushed in her rock hard, eraser sized nipple. She inhaled sharply through her nose and I took that as a good sign, taking my arm from around her back and brought it to her other breast, doing much the same. This time I lightly gripped her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it.

“Nnyyaa!” she cried, breaking away and sliding to her knees. I followed her down and kissed her deeply. She moaned from deep in her throat and grabbed my head between her small hands, mashing our lips tighter together. She pulled us back, pulling me down on top of her and hooking her legs behind my ass, pulling me into her. My boxer restrained hard-on jabbed into her, just above her pussy. I took one of my hands away from her breast and slid it between us along her smooth stomach. When I got to just above her slit I slowed down, creeping my fingers along at an agonizingly slow speed.

She squirmed under me, her hands clenching and unclenching before she wrapped them around my back. I let my fingers brush over that bead thing again and down further, sliding over her moist outer lips. She jerked her head back against the carpet and slammed her hips up against my hand, shoving my fingers all the way into her soft, soaking wet insides.

“OOhhh god, please! Please fuck…uuhhh… please fuck me again!” she cried lustily, using her legs to pull me hard into her.

“Oh no, you’re gonna have to wait a bit. I want to do some other stuff.” I responded cheerily.

“Nooo, c’mon! I need it!” she whined pulling me harder with her legs so I couldn’t move. I grinned and reached back with my other arm and unhooked her feet from around me. I started kissing down her body, starting with her neck, pushing her chin up and kissing her. She sighed and rubbed her chin along my face contentedly. I continued on, kissing over her left breast and running my tongue over her pert nipple before sucking it into my mouth. Gently pulling back while still keeping up the suction I let go and watched as it bounced and jiggled back into place.

“Uhhn that feels sooo gooood.” She moaned, turning her head to the side and squeezing her eyes shut, a huge smile on her sultry lips. I did it again and then switched to her other tit. Her face was beat red and as she picked her head up to look at me. I gave her nipple a little nip and continued on, kissing down her flat stomach and all around her adorable navel to her girly giggles.

“Quit it! That tickles! Are you done playing around with me yet?”

“Oh no, not even close.” I snickered. I scooted back some more and got between her legs, lifting them up a little and spreading them.

“Gonna try that huh?” she asked delightedly, lifting up her head again and looking down the length of her body at me. I grinned and leaned in, kissing along the inside of her thighs and all around her slit. Her legs were twitching and I could tell she was fighting to keep from clamping them around my head. I stuck out my tongue and licked the full length of her cunt and back again.

“OOhh yes! It’s been so long since…AAHHH!” she cried as I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her hot pussy, her inner muscles seized it almost immediately. She tasted good, sorta like strawberries or…or some other kind of fruit, I wasn’t really sure, but it was good.

“More! More! More!” she screamed, arching her back and jamming her cunt into my face. That did it, I was really confident now and I wanted to try something. I started pulling my head back, she was so into it that without thinking she pushed her hips to follow after my tongue. When she got her feet under her, lifting herself off the ground, I put an arm over her and the other under her and lifted up.

She squealed as I stood up, dragging her with me, upside-down. I had to put both arms around her middle and pull her tightly to me, but she was light enough that I doubt it was too bad. When I was steady I lowered my chin and started licking her again, yes it was awkward but it was too funny to stop. Eve twitched and moaned with every change in direction I made.

“OOhhhuun Tom AAHHH I’m ghhuunnaa…!” she cried as I angled it so that I sucked on the bead…clitoris, that’s what it was! Now I remembered, sheesh! As soon as that thought cleared my head she started shaking and trembling, her cries becoming a low, guttural moan. I sucked her clit harder and she finally broke, a tiny spurt of clear liquid shot out of her and onto my chin. I stuck my tongue back into her and licked at her flooded insides, nectar of the gods it was!

“UUhhh, stop…please.” She groaned as a few more spurts of her juices hit my mouth. Her body gave a few more violent shakes and I thought it prudent to put her down. I eased her to the floor and smirking, rolled her over herself in a little summersault. She hit on her stomach a little harder than I had hoped, letting out a grunt. And while she tumbled over I caught a glimpse of her button hole backdoor, and I could only hope that we would get to experience that someday. She lay flat on her stomach, breathing hard and twitching every few seconds.

“What are you talking…about? You know…exactly…what you’re doing.” She panted, looking up at me with an impressed smile. “I’m getting too old for this.”

“Pfft, don’t fool yourself.” I said reaching out and messing up her silky hair, not that it wasn’t already, “You’re nothing but a big kid anyways.”

She grinned wearily and put her head down on the carpet, “I’m exhausted and you did all the work, Christ!” and after a pause she rolled over on her back and stretched out, creating a few audible cracks, “I’ve never been handled like that before.”

I chuckled, “Your boyfriend was a straightforward guy huh?”

She let out a humorless laugh and said, “That bastard wouldn’t know how to please a woman if he was taught by Casanova himself!” I wanted to ask why she had even been with him in the first place but didn’t want to ruin the mood and decided against it. Just then my stomach gave a rumble that I bet they heard in China.

“Crap! That’s right, you need to be fed don’t you?” she giggled, standing up and pulling me into a tight embrace.

She kissed me, “Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll go make you something. Okay?” I nodded and she gave me a little spank as she headed for her bedroom door, still naked, and out into the kitchen. I smiled, shaking my head in amusement, and stepped into her girly bathroom.

I took a short but thorough shower and was about to step out, when I noticed a little white thing tucked in between some of her scented candles.

“Horny little devil.” I chuckled, picking up a small white vibrator and looking at it closely. It was a simple, cheap little thing with a twist bottom. I got back into my boxers and carried the vibrator with me as I walked out of her bathroom and bedroom and into the living room. I had to clamp my other hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing out loud at her.

She had her back to me and was still naked except for a pink and white frilly apron. I walked up behind her and was just loud enough for her to hear me, however she didn’t turn around. I looked her over, no such thing as luck, bah! Grinning sadistically, I cranked me free arm back and built up the tension a bit before slapping her ass, HARD. She jumped and squeaked in shock, turning to face me with lusty surprise written on her beautiful face. I hit her supple rear so hard my hand hurt and I’m sure my handprint would last a good long time.

“Ouch.” She said slowly, reaching behind herself to hold her red cheek. A finger from her other hand snuck to her mouth and she bit it, “Have I been bad Tom?” She was so hot!

“That depends, Ms. Azmano, what in the world could this be?” I asked smugly, brandishing the vibrator. Her eyes widened in embarrassed surprise and she brought her hands back in front of her. She was going to grab for it. I raised my arm, holding it way out of her reach; even so she still went for it. Standing on the tips of her toes and making these cute little girl jumps, trying to get at it.

“Give it Tom!” she whined, still straining for her lost toy.

I was laughing now, “How often do you use this monster Eve?” Finally realizing she would never reach it, she resorted to smacking at me which only made me laugh harder. She glared at me and turned, grabbing a spatula and waved it at me.

“Last chance Tom or you’ll end up with some interesting marks to show your friends.” She threatened, menacingly.

I widened my eyes in mock fear and pretended to hand it to her, snatching it back at that last second.

“Only if you use it for me Eve.” I giggled.

“Now?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah, haven’t you ever heard of a hot and heavy breakfast?”


“Well that’s good, cuz I just made it up.” I said, holding it back out to her and cocking my head to the side, waiting for her agreement.

“Fine, give it!” she demanded in frustration. I handed it to her and she deftly twisted the bottom and pulled aside her apron, pushing the little device inside herself.

“EEhrrg, not exactly…uhn…the same as you.” She groaned, readjusting her apron. “Now if you’re quite done interrupting me and bruising my delicate bottom, I was busy.” She turned back to the stove and resumed making what looked like an omelet, and sure enough that angry red handprint was still there.

“Well at least you’ll have something to show your friends eh.”

“That’s not funny Tom, that stung something fierce.” She complained, not turning around.

“But damn Eve, it’s impressive. You can almost see my fingerprints.” I exclaimed, getting down on my knees behind her and poking the center of reddened palm impression. I could have sworn she moaned. “Though it looks a little lonely, maybe I should give it a friend.” I laid my hand over her other cheek and squeezed it, “Right here on the other one.”

“No Tom!” she squealed, spinning around and brandishing that damn spatula again. “That hurt!”

“Aw, poor baby. Do you want me to kiss it?” I asked looking up at her.

She grinned evilly, “Yeah, kiss it. Kiss my ass Tommy boy.” She purred turning around and sticking her butt out at me. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her backwards.

“You have the sexiest ass I have ever seen.” I breathed, tenderly kissing around my handprint.

“Hhmmm, yeah?” She sighed as I kissed her other cheek, giving both a gentle squeeze. She whimpered and I heard a small squelching noise followed but a plastic clack. I looked down and saw the vibrator jittering along the floor in a little puddle of juices.

“Sensitive bum or was the beast too much for you?” I asked, standing up and re-wrapping my arms around her stomach, under the apron.

“Uuhh both.” She moaned.

“You’re so hot aren’t you?” I breathed, kissing her neck from behind as I pressed closer to her.

“Mhm.” She sighed, tilting her head.

“You love taking advantage of poor, defenseless, summer hires…don’t you?” My whispers breezed from the other side of her neck.

“Y-yhea.” She reached back with one hand and ran her hand through my short hair, pulling me tighter.

“It turns you on that I’m half your age…doesn’t it?” I ran my hands up her stomach and squeezed her tits, lightly pulling at her sensitive nipples.

CLICK! She turned off the stove.

“Y-yyhheeess!” she moaned loudly, turning in my arms to look up at me with red cheeks and huge eyes. I felt around behind her and undid the tie keeping her apron on. She ducked out of it and let it fall to the floor, she was breathing hard. Without looking she pulled my boxers down, exposing my throbbing dick to the air.

“It’s my turn now.” She smiled wolfishly. She shoved me backwards and pulled me to the ground, getting on top of me. Without any warning she grabbed my cock and impaled herself on it, to the hilt. She screwed up her face and slowly reached out and planted both her hands on my chest, lifting herself back up. My eyes were closed and I lay back feeling everything, how tightly her cunt gripped me, the occasional trickle of wet that fell down my shaft to soak my crotch, her cries of ecstasy as she started slamming her hips into me. I reached out blindly and found her tits and started playing with her hard little nipples again.

“OOhh that’s it Tom! Keep…aahh…it up!” she squealed. She settled herself, my cock still completely embedded in her soaked pussy, and only moved her hips. Forward and back, left to right, forward and back, left to right. Stirring herself with my cock to our immense pleasure.

“OOhh Toooom. Oh Tom! AAAHHH I’m ghunna blow!” she cried madly, slamming her pelvis forward one last time. She was driving me absolutely insane with sensation, so much so, that a thin line of drool ran from the corner of my mouth. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as her body exploded all over my groin.

She was sitting up straight, her head back, mouth wide, as her eyes rolled back and she collapsed on top of me. I quickly caught her and gently lowered her down. I was right there and pumped my hips a few times, cramming my cock into her flooded cunt before I blew my load deep inside her. I collapsed back and put my arms around her, hugging her unconscious body tightly.

“Eve.” I sighed to no one in particular. She was covered in sweat, slicking my hands as I rubbed her back, massaging her with the heel of my hands and thumbs. I paused for a second smiling; she was snoring gently, adorable. I pulled her off my deflating dick, farther up my chest. I curled her up and put and arm under her knees and behind her back before getting on my knees and struggled to my feet. She really wasn’t that heavy at all, in fact I had to lift radio cases that seemed heavier than her, of course those were square and she was bendable.

“You need to eat more Eve.” I murmured, turning to the side to get through her bedroom door. I gently laid her on one side of the bed and then pulled back the sheets under her before tenderly tucking her in. I went back out into the living area after shutting off the light and closing the door. I struggled back into my discarded boxers and ambled over to the fridge.

I took out a package of bagels, took one out and placed it into the toaster. It was only now that the adrenaline, endorphins, and all those other chemicals had worn off that I realized just how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. The bagel popped out and I coated it with cream cheese before taking a seat at her small table.

Thirty minutes after finishing off a second bagel I had plopped myself down on the couch and was watching her fancy TV. I was tired and I was fighting to keep my eyes from drooping, best day of my life, I think so. I got up and walked around the room, stretching my legs. I was looking at some of the books on her well stocked shelves when I heard the door to her bedroom creek open. I leaned to the side and watched as Eve stumbled out, her hair was wet and she had on a black bra and panties. She rubbed her eyes and looked around for me, a worried look on her face before she finally spotted me.

“Oh Tom I thought you’d left!” she said, relieved.

“Ha! It would take a SWAT team to get me out of here before my time was up.” I said smiling. Biting her lip and grinning, she sauntered over and threw her arms around me. She actually thought I would have left her, strange. She stood on the tips of her toes and kissed me deeply, and for a long moment we stood there, embracing each other. After a long time a rumble echoed from her stomach and she broke away, grinning sheepishly.

“I already ate sooo…” I said.

She smirked, “Aww did you feed yourself? Such a big boy!” She reached up and pinched my cheek. I frowned and poked her left breast, kinda hard.

“Just go make yourself something little lady, you need to eat more.” I said bringing my hands down to her sides and tried to pinch some of her skin between my fingers but could barely do so. She slapped my hands away and turned on her heel after giving me a dirty look. I followed her back into the kitchen and sat on the counter as she started remaking an omelet, the other having died during our little…romp.

“So what are we going to do tomorrow?” I asked excitedly.

She turned her head to look at me, a sparkle in her bright blue eyes, “I haven’t figured that out yet, but I don’t want to stay here all day.”

I chuckled, “Where were you thinking?”

“Dunno.” She said; she was clearly still exhausted.

“I’m going to go take another shower, you got me all dirty.” I giggled. She turned and gave me a self satisfied grin. “Oh you’re proud of that huh?” She nodded, looking at me through her golden hair. I shook my head in amusement and turned to head for the shower again. I took a quick get-the-sweat-off-of-me shower and stumbled back into her room. I was very tired all of a sudden. And let’s just say that if we were going to go anywhere tomorrow I was going to have to stop at home to pick up some fresh clothes.

“Aw what the hell.” I grumbled, sitting on the end of her bed and rubbing my eyes. “That took a while to catch up with me.” I lay back and stretched, instantly regretting it as my eyes closed and I yawned and yawned again. I only managed to pull myself further up her bed and lay my head on one of her pillows before my eyes closed for a second time. Her bed was ‘wicked comfy’ and I curled up, pulling my knees closer to my chest.

I heard the door open and the sound of muffled footfalls approaching the bed. I felt the covers being pulled out from under me and then over me. Something slipped into the bed and shimmied up next to me.

“Are you all tuckered out Tommy?” she sounded disappointed as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself tight against my back.

“Mhm.” I mumbled. She giggled and pulled herself tighter still, her lace encased breasts pushing against my back. I could feel her soft hair between my shoulder blades as she snuggled into me. She sighed contentedly as I let sleep take me away.

I awoke in a warm cocoon of girl and blanket. I was now on my back and Eve was lying sort of half-on, half-off of me. One arm was draped over my stomach while the other was curled underneath her. Smiling, I gave a pleased sigh, shifting a little. She let out a tiny squeaking noise and wiggled tighter to me, still asleep. She was so damn adorable! I couldn’t see her face; it was buried in my side, her warm breath caressing my ribs. I put an arm around her and rubbed her back, marveling at her smooth skin.

“So beautiful.” I breathed.

Muttering curses under my breath, I realized that I really had to use the bathroom. I gently pulled her arm up and slowly slid out from under her. I managed to get out from under her and slip off the bed without jostling her too much. I looked back and smiled; she had curled up in the absence of my body and was gripping one of her pillows in a death hug.

I hurried to the bathroom, relieved myself and washed up; it had been a warm night. I walked back into the bedroom feeling greatly refreshed. I carefully got back on the bed and watched her sleep for a few minutes, wondering if I could unfold her and reposition her, I had been comfortable damn it, fuckin’ bladder!

“Uhh, Tom?” she called groggily, picking her head up from the pillow she was strangling.

“Right here Eve.” I said reassuringly, reaching out and brushing some loose hair out of her face. She smiled tiredly and abandoned her pillow, crawling over and getting of top of me, acting all slinky. I let my eyes fall over her scantily clad body and then to the clock, where I was shocked to see that it was past ten. She must have noticed I wasn’t looking at her because she grabbed my chin in her hand, dragging my attention back to her face.

“Tom.” She purred lustily.

“Were you born horny?” I chuckled.

She pouted, “Do you not like it when I’m horny?”

I reached down and seized her ass in both hands, massaging her tight be-hind through her panties, “No, I obviously love it when you’re horny. I just find it…amusing is all.” She closed her eyes and smiled as my fingers kneaded harder.

“I know what I want to do tonight, but you’re going to have to wait for that.” Her eyes flicked to the clock and she frowned, “But as for my day plans, I don’t know if we can manage it now.”

“Why, what did you have in mind?” I asked, bringing my arms up around her back.

“I wanted to hit the lake. I want to do a little relaxing before that damn trade show next week.” She grimaced as I squeezed her a little too hard by accident when I was reminded she would be gone for a whole week.

I apologized, “Why can't we do that? It’s definitely hot enough and I haven’t been to the lake in a long time.” I kissed her, “Can we go? Can we, can we Auntie Eve?” I giggled.

She snorted, “Okay but don’t call me Auntie Eve.” She perked up a bit and sat up, straddling my stomach, “I finally get to wear my new bikini!” Now she was excited, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t too. She scrambled off me and hurried over to her dresser where she proceeded to dig through the top drawer. I got up too and gathered up my clothes, putting them back on after a day of being out of them.

“See look, aren’t they cute?” she proclaimed, holding up the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. The bottoms were just two tiny pieces of fabric connected by little pieces of string. And the top, if it could even be called that, was even smaller.

“Do you even fit into that?” I asked incredulously.

She narrowed her eyes at me, “Yes.”

“I’m sorry, don’t hurt me?” I laughed, cringing in mock fear. She shook her head and started pulling her underwear off. Smirking, I sat down on the edge of her bed and watched as she performed a little striptease of getting into her ‘swim suit’.

“You are brutal! You know that don’t you?” I said shaking my head. She had just finished wiggling and wriggling into her bottoms and looked up at me through her hair which had fallen around her face.

“Why…whatever do you mean?” she smirked, she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Temptress.” I muttered just loud enough for her to hear. Her grin revealed more teeth and having finished putting her suit on, did a little twirl. It fit her like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination.


“If I had a sign that said a bazillion outa ten I would be holding it up right now.” I smiled. She rolled her eyes but her face turned a dark shade of red, and she nervously tucked her hair back behind her right ear.

She looked herself over, “Maybe I shouldn’t be wearing this. I mean I’m thirty years old for crying out loud!”

I snorted and stood up stepped up to her, puller her tightly to me. Her arms were curled between us as she looked up at me with big blue eyes.

“Eve, you don’t look a day older than nineteen.” I paused, tenderly running my hands up and down her back, “Besides, it’s not like you’re going to know anyone there.” She gave me a relieved smile and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss me.


“Good, now let’s get going. We have to stop by my house first though.” I said letting go of her and heading for the living room.

“W-why?” she asked, ducking into the bathroom to grab a towel.

I gestured down at myself, “Am I to go swimming in my boxers?” I wasn’t that she didn’t know why it was that she was nervous about being seen with me by my parents. She hurried around, getting all those little things needed for a trip to the beach while I put my shoes back on.

“Ready!” she announced running up to me, panting. She had wrapped the towel around her waist like only a woman can and held a cloth bag in her hand. We stepped out into the hall and quickly made our way to my car; it would have seemed a bit suspicious if we showed up in her car.

“Um okay, get in the back until we leave my house.” I said, Eve smiled like we were playing a little game and folded herself into the tiny back seat, sticking her head between the front seats to give me a wry grin.

“You owe me for this methinks.” She purred. I snorted, pulling out of the lot and making for home.

“So what are you going to do when we get there?” I asked.

“I dunno, get some sun, rest my sore nipples,” she paused to smack my arm, “Eat something I shouldn’t. Oh and last but certainly not least,” I turned my head slightly and the only thing I saw was her huge grin, “check out all the hot guys.”

“I should just leave you on the side of the road for that Eveline Azmano.” I threatened to her high pitched girly giggles. Then as I pulled into my driveway and shut off the car, I got out and leaned back in pretending to fish around for something, “Or better yet…I could deprive you of some of your little boy toy services.” I closed the door before she could answer but I still heard her yell ‘nooo’. Now smiling broadly to myself, I strode into the house. Only my dad’s car was in the driveway so I assumed that at least, my mom was out of the house. Dad was sitting at the kitchen counter reading the paper and looked up as I walked through the door.

“Back so soon?” he asked, turning his attention back to the sports section.

“Hittin’ the beach, need my stuff.”

“Oh.” I ran up the stairs past my younger brother’s room and my older sister’s room. Kelly was back from college for the summer and generally kept to herself when she wasn’t working. I finally got to mine and stripped, changing into my favorite trunks, slightly longer than knee length and black, the cool part was the nude female silhouette that appeared when they got wet. I put on my sandals and snagged a towel from my closet and went back into the hall.

I almost slammed into my sister, “Shit Kelly!”

“Tom.” She was maybe an inch shorter than me, rail thin with raven black, shoulder length hair and a cute face. Her brown eyes narrowed and she folded her arms under her large breasts, her nose twitched.

“Who’s in the car Tom?” she asked, her voice even but with a hint of menace or…or, no, not jealousy.

“N-nobody.” I stammered as she stepped towards me, backing me into the wall.

“Fine. Then who did you sleep with?”

“No-no one! You know me Kelly, I-I don’t even have a girlfriend!”

“Really?” she leaned in and…smelled me, I think, “Then you must have started wearing perfume.”

I sighed, shouldering past her, “I have to go. I’ll see you later Kelly.”

“Going to the lake?” she asked innocently, her entire tone changed. Her voice rose in pitch and took on the little girl like tone that has gotten things out of brothers since the beginning of time.

“Yeah.” I said, “With Spin and the guys.”

“Of course you are.” She said quietly when I was already all the way down the stairs and out of earshot.

“See ya dad.” I said, passing him on my way back out the door.

“Yup.” I ran back to my car as quickly as possible, my sister always freaked me out like that.

“What took you so long?” Eve whined from the back.

“Pain-in-the-ass sister.” I said flatly, it was after all, the answer to everything.

“Kelly? But she sounds so sweet.” My father had no doubt told her all about us.

“Pfft, sweet.” I started the car and sped off towards the lake. After a second Eve pulled herself between the seats, she only made it halfway though, getting stuck. With just one look I broke down into uncontrollable laughter and had to slow down.

“It’s not funny Tom! Help me!” she screamed.

“Oh I’ll help.” I said smugly, taking one hand off the wheel and reaching for the tie that kept her top on.

“No! Don’t!” she cried.

“Too late.” I pulled on a string and the knot exploded. Her top shot off as her struggles finally flipped her into the passenger seat. It was only a split second before she snatched it up and held it to her bare breasts, but it was enough. She gave me the dirtiest look and started putting it back on as we pulled into the packed beach parking area. She had gotten it mostly back on but was having trouble trying it in the tight space of the car.

“I’m sorry, it just had to be done.” I laughed, shutting off the car and putting on my sunglasses for the first time. I reached out and tied the knot for her. I was still smiling while she had set her face with a seemingly permanent scowl. We got out and I picked up all our stuff while she tried to rearrange her top, which, I have to say, had a very unwanted effect on me, considering the amount of people around us.

“Quit it Eve! You look fine.” I hissed. She looked up from her breasts and smiled sadistically at me, her blue eyes flashing with mischief.

“What’s the matter Tommy boy?” She cooed. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them; making faces at me the whole time.

“Oh grow up Eveline.” I laughed, walking around the car. I put my stuff in her bag and held it in my left hand while I draped my right arm over her shoulders. “You’re going to behave for me right, Eve? Just because you can’t get in trouble doesn’t mean I can’t either.”

She grinned, “Define behave.” She paused, scanning the cars in the lot, and having not spotted any she recognized from work she smiled again. I didn’t mention that I saw at least three cars that belonged to good friends of mine.

She got out from under my arm and jabbed me in the ribs, “Don’t worry Tom, I’ll be on my bestest behavior. I’ll assume the roll of you thirty year old hussy girlfriend and act as such.”

“No,” I said slowly, “you’ll be my nineteen year old hussy girlfriend and you’ll act as such. Whatever the hell that means.”

“Oh I see how it is.” She said turning around, about to head off. I grinned, cranking my arm back again, and oh did it make an amazing sound when it hit her ass exactly where I got her the first time.

“Huuggnn!” She had bitten her lip to keep from screaming as she leaned up against a car.

“Woops, I slipped.” I snickered, standing behind her. One of her hands clutched her sore rear as she turned around and looked up at me with…a look I couldn’t really identify.

“That hurt sooo good.” she said softly, stepping closer and backing me against another car, not unlike what my sister had done. She pulled me down so she could kiss me; I dropped her bag and wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her tight. We were hidden from the beach by a pair of massive SUVs so I wasn’t worried.

She broke away slowly, a tiny line of saliva hanging between our mouths which she wiped away with the back of her hand. “Well then, mission complete.” She panted, straightening her top again before picking up her bag and strutting towards the beach.

“Son of a…” I muttered when she was gone, besides the fact that she had left me hanging, I was now the unfortunate owner of a brand new tent with nothing to cover it.

“Tom! Is that you?” I heard a familiar voice call from the direction of the beach. Shit! I turned slightly and leaned against the car while peering in the window like I was checking out the interior.

“Tom!” Brook called again. She was getting closer and, thank the gods; the fear of her seeing me was enough to dispel any erection. I cocked my head to the side as if hearing my name from a distance much greater than it actually was and stood up straight, turning to face the girl who had supplied me with endless ‘happy’ dreams for most of my high school career.

“Oh hi Brook! What’s up?” I said. At least I wasn’t stuttering anymore, Eve had cured me of that.

Brook was easily one of the hottest girls I had ever met. She was maybe the same height as Eve, about five foot five. She had dark brown hair that ended about midway down her back, but today was done up in a ponytail. She had been captain of the cheerleading squad so her body didn’t have an ounce of fat on it and everything was toned and shapely. Her skin was darkly tanned from time under the blazing summer sun and, like Eve, she had cute little patches of freckles on her cheeks. Her face was heart shaped and always smiling, her teeth perfect, a shining white. High cheekbones gave her an aristocratic look which was complemented by a small mouth and small slightly turned up nose. But the thing about her that always left me a speechless and slack jawed idiot were her eyes. Right now they were covered by a pair of big dark sunglasses, they were like a drug, once you saw them they were the only things you ever wanted to see again and I silently prayed she would take the sunglasses off.

I had been told by my friends that they heard she had a crush on me, but I dismissed it as a cruel joke. She had been in four of my seven classes and we had always sat near each other, not that we chose to do so but alphabetical order put Landry near or right behind Morrison.

So as not to have a repeat of what Eve had done to me I gave her body a once over from behind my own sunglasses and then focused all my attention on her face. She was wearing a bikini set very similar to Eve’s but with out the strings, and it was blue. Though if pressed I would say Brook filled hers out a tad better than Eve. All of Brook’s curves were larger and more defined…crap okay stop you fucking idiot!

“Oh I came out to relax before my doctors’ appointment.”

“Is that why you’re leaving?” I asked, injecting a little disappointment into my voice.

“Yeah.” She said looking down and to the side, shuffling her small feet.

“OH!” I started, I think I startled her a little too because she jumped, “Happy birthday! Last week right?”

“Ha ha yeah, eighteen, weoo.” She said, twirling a finger in a ‘whatever’ gesture.

“Nonsense that’s a big step. Have your parents finally let you get your license?”

“Ha yeah. Got it in the mail just yesterday.” Now it was her turn to perk up, “That reminds me. You haven’t been on AIM lately and I don’t have you E-mail address so I couldn’t tell you. My father got a job where your dad works.”

“That’s awesome, RCM is a great place to work.” I said. She chose now to take off her sunglasses. My knees went weak and I slowly put my hand out to support myself on the car. She had the most startlingly beautiful grey eyes I had ever seen, that anyone had ever seen. If you looked at them you could plainly see the intelligence, humor, and emotion bottled up inside of them. If she stared at you, it would take all of half a second to get lost in her gaze. If she was in a really good mood she would do that in the hallway and walk you into columns or other students.

She squinted in the sun for a second and then turned her aluminum eyes back to me, “Yeah so I’ve heard. And that’s what I was going to tell you. I called Joan in human resources and asked if they were still hiring kids, and since my dad works there now, she said she would check it out, right. So it turns out that the marketing manager is going to a trade show this coming week and they need an extra body to help cope. She said I would be doing that and then we would have to see if I would still be working under her when she got back. Cool huh?”

My mouth was hanging open and I quickly closed it, trying desperately to make words, though all that came out were strange whimpering noises.

“Are you okay Tom.” She asked, reaching out a hand to touch my arm. Heat rushed through me when her fingers contacted my skin and I finally found the power of speech.

“Y-you’ll be wor-working with me B-brook.” I stuttered. Damn it!

“Really?” she squeaked, her eyes lit up for a second before she coughed and put her sunglasses back on, “I mean, cool at least I’ll know someone.” She smiled sweetly up at me.


“Is the work easy?” she asked.

“Wicked. Why I s-still work there.” I laughed nervously. She gave me a little ‘don’t say stuff like that’ kind of smile.

She said, “Well I guess I’ll see you on Monday then.” I just smiled dumbly as she walked past me. I was tempted to punch myself in the head but settled for muttering curses under my breath as I headed for the beach in search of Eve.

I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t see her at first; I saw three of my friends huddled together down by the water but no Eve. That was, until, I looked way down to the left under a large oak tree and finally spotted her lying on her back on a towel. My friends caught sight of me and were about to walk towards me when they realized where I was headed. Now they scooted down the waterline until they were directly across from Eve, still down at the water about twenty yards away. I gave them a little wave and continued on, sitting down in the sand next to her.

“What took you so long?” she asked without turning her head.

“Oh I ran into a girl from school in the parking lot.” I said evenly, as I picked up a tube of sun block lying next to her. I had always been proud of the fact that I could apply it myself and proceeded to do so.

This time she did look up, “Oh? And what did she have to say?” she pulled her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose and looked over them at me, almost accusingly.

Smirking, I said, “Nothing.” She relaxed, “Except that she would be working with me next week while you’re gone.” Her jaw dropped, priceless! She caught herself and pushed her sunglasses back up and sat up, pretending to scan the beach.

“She wouldn’t happen to be the brunette that I passed, in the blue bathing suit?” she asked calmly.

“Yes, Brook.”

“Brook huh? Cute girl, cute name.” She said quietly as if mulling something over. “Whatever, can you do my back?” she asked, nodding at the sunscreen.

“Of course milady.” I chuckled, she turned her back to me and, if I wasn’t mistaken, threw a little smile in my friends’ direction. I squeezed some of it into my hand and started rubbing it into her back. Once I had covered just about every part of her back, high and low, she was still kinda slick so I rubbed harder, well…massaged.

I pushed and spread with my thumb and kneaded with the heel of my hand and fingers. I worked her shoulders, working out the tension knots she had going. My sister was good for something.

“Uuhhn Tom that feels sooo CRACK ohh ghhuud.” She moaned loudly. Her mouth went slack and I’m sure if she didn’t have her sunglasses on her eyes would have been rolled back. CRACK.

“Uhhg.” She slumped forward sighing. Smiling, I stood up and strode down to the water line to my friends’ silent applause.

“Jesus fucking Christ Tommy! Who the fuck is that?” Sam always had to say fuck at least once per sentence.

“Yeah man I’ve never seen her before.” Stephen. John was quiet as usual. I looked back and it was only now that Eve was picking herself back up. She stood up and almost hit the ground again, she was so unsteady.

“Shit I know what that feels like.” Stephen laughed, he had asked me to help him out when he pulled his back in gym, easy. Sam and John chuckled. Eve shook her head, trying to clear it and wobbled down the sand towards me.

“Fuckin’ hot.” Sam mumbled. I punched him hard in the shoulder as Eve stumbled up to me. Tripping over nothing, she put her arms out and grabbed my shoulders, keeping herself up. I put my arms around her back and kept her up.

“Shit Tom! Why didn’t you tell me you could do that?” she groaned. She had raised her voice a little where it used to be sort of low pitched and husky. My friends had backed up a few paces, respectfully, and watched with amused eyes as their buddy had his fun.

She looked them over and turned back to look up at me, “Aren’t you going to introduce me.” She purred. Christ, she was going to be difficult now.

“Sam, Stephen, and John.” I said, pointing to each in turn.

“And I’m Eve.”

“Hi.” They said lamely, except John, who just nodded.

“Talkative.” She giggled girlishly and tucked the hair back behind her ear, she was having way too much fun. They blushed.

“Generally this one doesn’t shut up.” I said, giving Sam a shove.

“Fuck you Tommy.” He said, embarrassed. Eve giggled again and Sam turned a bright shade of red.

She handed me her sunglasses and gave my friends another once over, “I’m going in for a second.” She bounced up and gave me a peck on the cheek before sashaying into the water, diving in at hip height.

“Oh my god.” Stephen said quietly, “How in the hell did you snag her?”

“Well besides the fact that I’m such a stud,” they rolled their eyes, “I work with her and pure luck most likely.” Sam and Stephen cast glances at Eve who was swimming around happily. John however, was squinting up the beach.

“Dude.” He said, his voice a low rumble. When John spoke you listened and our attention snapped to him. “Isn’t that Kelly?” The three of us instantly spun to look where he was looking.

“Shit!” I cursed, turning and running headlong into the water, on a course to intercept Eve who was swimming parallel to the beach.

“Shit! Shit!”


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