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This is my first!
Part 1

I had been trying for weeks to summon the demon. I guess I was doing something wrong. I opened my spell book to make sure I was saying the right words. That’s when thing started to get weird. My spell book was blank!

“What in the hell happened to my spells!?”

The whole book was empty. I had almost 100 spell in it they couldn’t just vanish off the paper. As I turned back to the first page I saw a word in large demonic hand writing. (Stop!) Stop what I thought to my self. But the book responded to my thought.

(Stop looking through the book. Your spells are still there & I will put them back when I am done speaking to you. If you are good & do as I say I may even put some new one in it for you, spells only I know.) Who are you? I sent the thought at the book hopping that I hadn’t lost my mind.

(That is not important right now. What is important is that you are doing the summoning wrong.) Ok, then what do I need to do to do it right?

(First you must have 5 pets of the demon, one for each point of the star.) Where do I find these pets? The book answered this question by giving me a list of five people. It gave me there full name, address and phone number. (Contact these people & tell them the Master calls them. They will know what to do.)

I looked at the book after reading this, not sure what to do. "Well, I wanted to summon the demon" I thought to my self. I picked up my cell and started dialing. When I had contacted all five people the list disappeared from the page. (Now you need to get your roommate to leave the apartment for a few hours.) How am I supposed to do that? (Look in the back of the book.) When I looked in the back I found $300 and there was a message on the back page. (Give this to him and tell him to leave the apartment & not to come back until dawn.) I left my room and walked into the living room.

“Jerry can you do me a favor?”
“Sure, what is it?”
I handed him the $300 and said. “Take this and leave the apartment until dawn. Don’t ask any questions. Just go, I will explain latter.”
Jerry gave me an odd look as he put a shirt on and grabbed his car keys. He opened the front door and stopped. Jerry looked at me and said. ”You will send a message to me through the blood link if you are in trouble right?”
“Yes, you know I would.”
Jerry smiled and said “See you at dawn.” as he left.

I closed the front door, but got no father then the hallway when there was a knock at the door. When I answered it there was a European man of about 24 years of age standing outside. He was dressed in black dress slacks, a dark forest green silk shirt opened to the chest and a black leather trench coat with matching boots. He had short wild brown hair, deep green eyes and a short haired beard. ”My name is Lucas. The Master sent me.” He spoke with a slight German accent. “Please come in.”

I closed the door after he entered and was about to ask if he would like anything to drink when there was another knock at the door. Standing out side was a tall elegant European woman of about 28 years of age in a very low cut silk dress the color of blood with matching 4 inch heels. She had black eyes, very pale skin and dark black hair that went down to her ass. “My name is Valrena. The Master sent me.” She had a British accent. “Please come in.”

I didn’t even get my hand off the door knob before there was another knock. When I opened the door and looked outside I saw a tall Egyptian woman of about 26 year of age dressed in just two pieces of white silk. One piece that went around the back of the neck came down over the breast then tied behind the back. The other went from the waist to just above the knees and was tied at the right hip. She had a gold snake band around each forearm and calf , a gold snake biting its tail on a gold chain around her neck and gold sandals that looked like they where molded to her feet. “My name is Irisis. The Master sent me.” Her voice sounded like music. “Please come in.”

I didn’t even get the door close all the way before the next pet knocked on the door. Stand outside was an Asian women of about 23 years of age. She was about 5’6” and had on a blue kimono that stopped at her feet but was slit up both sides to her hips. She had very short black hair and brown eyes. “My name is Kumara. The Master sent.” She didn’t even wait for me to say come in she just walked right past me into the living room.

I turned around to close the door and saw a giant of a man. He was about 6’11” and all muscle. He looked to be about 27 and he was wearing a black tank top, black and gray military pants, combat boots and a black beret on his bald head. He had blue eyes and olive skin, but when he talked he had a Texas accent. “My name is Otho. The Master sent me.” My voice had left me at the site of him so I just waved him inside and closed the door.

As I turned around and looked at the five demon pets my hand started to get very hot. When I looked down I saw my spell book in my hand. I knew I had left it in my room. When I opened it I saw a new message. (Say nothing to them just mutation for them to fallow you then go into your room.)

I did as the message said put when I got there it didn’t look like my room anymore. The room was empty except for the blanket with the pentagram on the floor and the five black flame candles at each point. In the middle were a bone chalice and a knife make of black glass that I had never seen before. The walls, floor and ceiling where all covered in black cloth. Looked at the book and saw another message, just three words.

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Really bad spot to leave off at! Could've been a good story but I was dissatisfied.


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Sorry, a lost of spelling errors.

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