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My sister really grew up over the winter.
NOTE: To all of my British readers, I realize that you call women’s garter belts suspenders. However here in America we call suspenders the elastic things that hold our pants up.

One more thing while I’m at it. I really love the way you British and Australian authors write stories. Please submit more with your wonderful colorful colloquialisms.


My sister Candace is also known as ‘Ace.’ Some people call her ‘Candy’ but she prefers to be called ‘Ace.’ Ace is now fourteen years old and going through her growing stage as my mother calls it. Over the winter she has sprouted up two inches and slimed down very nicely. Of course that meant that she needed new clothes this spring. Now our mother is a real shop-aholic so that’s right up her alley.

Ace is kind of pretty and all of my friends sure like her, especially since her body shifted from a little chunky to a very nice tall and thin. Her weight stayed the same according to what I have overheard but it shifted into all the right places. Dad always says that mom still has an hourglass figure but that some of her sand has shifted. I think that mom has a perfect body, what I get to see of it that is. Ace has light brown curly hair that hangs halfway down her back. It is thick too so it is very noticeable. She doesn’t keep it in a ponytail anymore because she says that is childish, however when she did it was a big fluffy ponytail. Ace is five feet three inches tall and weights exactly one hundred pounds.

When mom and Ace came home from shopping Ace took everything into her bedroom and closed the door. I was playing a video game when she popped into my bedroom to show me one of her new outfits. It was really nice. Her new white shorts were skin-tight but then again she had grown into her other shorts just like that too. I was amazed though that I could see the outline of her pussy and it really excited me. As I took in the rest of her body I saw that her tummy showed. That was something that mom had always tried to get Ace to cover up in the past, maybe because it was too round back then. Then I looked at her top. It was pink and resembled one of my T-shirts but a whole lot shorter and sexier. It scoped down pretty far in the front too and I was able to see just a hint of her new bra showing. I wanted a look at her nipples but she had a dumb pair of wide red suspenders on that covered them exactly perfectly. I was not impressed because I had always looked forward to seeing her hard nipples in the past.

When she asked me what I thought about her outfit I jokingly said, “Not bad at all Ace but you should loose the bra and that top too but keep those great suspenders.” I don’t know why I said it because I kind of hated those suspenders for covering up her nipples. I guess I was just being sarcastic.

Ace replied, “I like this bra. It’s new and it’s a 32-B too. So there!” Then Ace stuck her tongue out at me and left my room in a huff.

I shouted out the door at her, “So keep the damn bra on then.”

I went back to my video game but I was soon interrupted again by my sister but this time when I turned around I was completely dumbfounded. I sat there staring at Ace with my mouth wide open and I was pretty sure that I was drooling too. Ace was standing just inside my bedroom. She was just wearing her white shorts and her red suspenders and nothing else at all. Her red suspenders were positioned perfectly on her nipples so that I couldn’t even see her areolas.

I took in the sight as she just stood there and looked at me. For the first time in my life I wasn’t looking at her as my kid sister, I was looking at her as a very desirable sex object. She had nice long legs and those tight white shorts allowed me to see the shape of her hips as they flared out and I could just see a hint of her nice rounded ass from where I was too. I could still see her puffy pussy outlined in her shorts. Her tummy was almost flat and her belly button looked perfect. Her breasts had taken on a rather nice shape even though the suspenders tried to smash them flat. Her breasts were pretty firm and held their shape. All that the suspenders succeeded in doing was to puff them out like a balloon that is pressed slightly. I really wanted to go over and nuzzle my face into them. Better yet I really wanted to see what was under those suspenders.

Ace said, “Well are you going to say something or are you just going to sit there and drool?”

Suddenly I was brought out of my trance. I closed my mouth and I wiped my chin on the back of my sleeve. Then I said, “Oh…I...ah…You look beautiful Ace.”

Ace smiled and said, “Why thank you kind sir.”

Then Ace turned around ever so slowly for me. I watched as her ass took on an entirely new look in those white shorts. Her tummy had certainly flattened out. I admired her breasts from the side as those suspenders went from her shoulders out over the crowns of her breasts and down to her shorts where they were attached. Ace had her shoulders back which thrust her breasts out very nicely. I was just in awe as my sister finished her slow turn and faced me again.

Ace said, “So you really like me in this outfit?”

I answered, “Oh yes definitely. I don’t think you should let dad see you like that though.”

Ace said, “I didn’t do it for dad silly. I did this for you because you’re the one that suggested it.”

Then I smiled as a thought went through my head but I didn’t say it.

Ace smiled and asked, “What were you just thinking about big brother?”

I said, “Oh you wouldn’t want to know.”

Ace said, “Yes I would. In case you haven’t noticed I’m not a little girl anymore.”

I said, “Oh I’ve noticed that’s for sure. Okay then you asked for it. I was just wondering what you would look like without those suspenders.”

Ace smiled, thought about it for a moment, and then hooked her thumbs in the suspenders. She turned a little pink as she blushed and then she slipped the suspenders off her shoulders and then let them fall down to her sides. My sister then stood perfectly still while my mouth fell open again and I began to drool. I was completely mesmerized by her breasts. Her light pink nipples stuck out proudly on her light pink areolas. I was trying to compare my sister to all of the naked women that I had ever see on the Internet. She was by far the best. It may have been because she was my sister and it may have been because she was the first girl that had ever showed me her breasts but I was sure that she was more beautiful.

I had no concept for how long I had sat there or how long she had stood there but it seemed like a lifetime. Then Ace walked over to me and placed one of her nipples in my mouth. I started to suck on it. I ran my tongue over it and I felt the texture. I used my saliva to get her nipple and her areola all wet then I backed off and blew cool air on it gently. Her nipple stiffened and her areola crinkled beautifully. I looked at the tiny hills and valleys that had formed and I admired it. I knew that I just had to do the same thing to her other nipple too. Ace allowed me to make love to her youthful perky breasts for as long as I wanted too. Apparently I had wanted to for over a half-hour. Then we heard mom call us down to dinner and Ace jumped.

Ace said, “Go downstairs and tell mom that I’ll be right down while I get dressed.”

Then she ran to her own bedroom. When I stood up I had a hard-on that wouldn’t quite. Damn it! So all the way down the stairs I was trying to think of something that would make it go down but all I could think about was Ace.

Mom looked at the bulge in my pants and just smiled. Then she said, “So you’ve been surfing the Internet again I see. Where’s your sister?”

I replied, “Ace is still playing dress up Barbie. She’ll be right down.”

As I started to sit down in my chair to hide my erection from my mother’s prying eyes I decided not to. Mom wouldn’t stop looking at my crotch. Then I realized that I had just been doing the same thing to my sister up in my room so I let mom look. I swear that the longer that she looked at it the stiffer it got. Now I was getting excited at having my own mother checking me out. Why not? I have certainly checked her out often enough.

Mom must have heard dad and Ace coming because she said, “Sit down and hide that thing” as she went back into the kitchen.

When Ace entered the dinning room and sat across from me in her chair I noticed that she had put on a new skirt and a tight sweater that showed me that she was once again wearing her bra. The skirt was a blue jean mini skirt with big pockets in the front. The sweater was a cream color or maybe a tan however I was sure that mom would call it something weird like beige or melon or something like that. I could see Ace’s nipples getting hard as she saw me staring at them.

When mom entered from the kitchen she had composed herself and carried in the mashed potatoes and the gravy. Mom made great gravy. The pot roast had already been on the table along with the peas and carrots. I liked the way the peas and carrots looked together in a bowl. I even liked the diced carrots better than the sliced carrots because they are then the same size as the peas. Mom had a big gob of butter melting on the top too. Dad sliced the meat and we passed our plates to him. Saturday was our family dinner night. We always had a big meal followed by desert. It was also our one time during the week when we all sat down together and talked about the things that had happened to us during the previous week.

Dad told us about things that he had done at work and about a few of the guys. Mom talked about her job and some of the girls that she works with. Ace talked about her girlfriends and her new clothes and thanked mom for talking her shopping. I told them about my friends and a new girl in school. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the cherry cheesecake that Ace had helped mom make before they went out shopping.

Just as soon as dinner was done dad went to sit in front of the television in his favorite chair and read his newspaper. It was a Saturday ritual for him. Mom asked me to help her with the dishes so Ace took that as her cue to run to her room. Ace usually got stuck helping mom with the dishes since she was a girl but she loved it when she didn’t have too.

I helped mom clear the dinning room table then I helped her put everything away in small containers. We both knew that dad would go after the leftover meat and probably eat it all before he went to bed that night. Then I scraped the foodstuff off the plates and into the garbage can while mom filled the sink with hot soapy water. She had taught me to stack the dishes for her so that she could wash them most efficiently. Then I got two dry dishtowels out and waited.

While I waited I checked out mom just like she had checked me out earlier. She had on a tight pair of blue jeans that fit rather snugly. Her ass looked great in them and I remember dad telling her too just that morning. I had to agree with dad, mom’s ass did look great in them and out of them I suspected too. Mom had on a white shirt that buttoned and it was tucked into her pants. Her collar was stiff and was turned up like some kind of a fashion model. She had left a couple of the buttons undone. Dad and I had been able to see a little cleavage during dinner. He had even commented on that fact. From the left side where I was standing I could see between a couple of the buttons where the material puckered. As I looked in I could see mom’s creamy flesh. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I could have sworn that she had one on before dinner. As mom washed the dishes she let a few pile up in the other half of the double basin sink and then used the spray attachment to rinse them off before placing them in the dish drainer for me. As she sprayed the dished she got playful and sprayed me too. Mom had never done that before and I knew it wasn’t like her to do such a thing. She went back to washing the dishes and I started drying them and putting them away. When mom had enough to rinse she sprayed me again and laughed about it but my T-shirt was wet. The next time she had enough to rinse she told me to do it. I smiled at her and aimed the nozzle right at breasts but I didn’t pull the trigger.

Mom laughed at me and said, “Chicken.”

So I pulled the trigger. I had turned away whenever she had squirted me but mom turned into the spray. I had also put out my hand to divert the spray but mom didn’t. I soaked her pretty well before I finally stopped and rinsed the dishes off. Mom went back to washing again. Then as I looked at her I noticed that mom’s wet shirt now clung to her body and especially to her breasts. Her white shirt had become almost transparent too. Her nipples stiffened and her dark areolas were very prominent. I got super hard!

As I finished drying that batch mom had another bunch ready to rinse. She turned to face me and I got a full frontal view of her wet breasts. That made me harder and I knew it but I didn’t care.

Mom said, “So I can get you hard after all. I thought that all you wanted was that Internet porn. Now who gets to rinse these dishes?”

I picked up the spray nozzle and aimed it right at mom’s breasts and let it spray. Mom moved her tits back and forth in the spray then using her hand she lowered my hand till I was spraying her crotch. There was a puddle of water on the floor when she finally told me that it was enough. Then mom took the sprayer from me and sprayed my crotch. We managed to finish the dishes and clean up the floor.

Mom smiled at me and patted my wet crotch as she said, “Shall we go upstairs and change into something more comfortable?”

I followed mom up the stairs. With her a step or two in front of me her ass was right in my face and her crotch was just about eye level.

At the top of the stairs mom walked to my sister’s bedroom and knocked on her door. When Ace said to enter we did. Ace just laughed as she saw how wet we were and asked us if any of the water had gotten on the dishes.

Mom said, “Your father is stuck in front of the television for the rest of the night. We were just going to get into something more comfortable. Do you want to join us?”

Ace asked, “What did you have in mind?”

To my delight mom said, “My bed.”

Ace giggled and said, “But you’re all wet.”

Mom replied, “Not with our clothes on silly.”

I looked at Ace and she looked at me. Then she smiled and said, “Okay. He’s already seen my tits anyway.”

Mom replied, “He’s seen mine too, sort of.”

As we followed mom down the hallway she was unbuttoning her wet shirt as she went and was pealing it off from her shoulders as she entered her bedroom. She turned and revealed her naked breasts to us and then locked the door behind us. It was quite apparent that we were going to do something that she didn’t want dad to see. I was still hard.

Mom said, “I’ll go first if you don’t mind” and then started to remove her wet pants. They fit real tight and required her to peel them down as she went. She had to bend completely in half to get them to her ankles. That gave me a great view of her thong covered ass or in this case her thong uncovered ass. Mom really did have a great ass as if I hadn’t already known that. Mom then reached up for her panties and dropped them to the floor too. I watched as she removed one foot at a time from them and left the pile on the floor next to her wet shirt.

As mom stood up she got a puzzled look on her face and said, “Candace would you be a doll and run down to the kitchen and get my bra. I put it in the breadbox. Get it before your father decides to make himself a sandwich and finds it.”

Ace said, “Sure thing mom. Don’t you two do anything before I get back.” Then she was gone.

Mom stood there and said, “So now what do you think about your mother?”

I blushed and said, “Mom you are the sexiest mother in the whole world. Dad’s right you do have a great ass and your breasts are magnificent too.”

Mom said, “Why thank you dear. I can’t wait to see your cock. Come on Candace hurry up.”

Soon Ace came back in and mom locked the door again.

Ace asked, “So you took this off so that you could get wet and seduce your son?”

Mom replied, “Yes! What of it?”

Ace smiled and said, “Nothing! I was just wondering. I did just about the same thing before dinner.”

Mom laughed and said, “I knew it. I just knew that it hadn’t been me or that damn Internet. What did you do to him?”

Ace said, “Oh I just wore my new white shorts. You know the ones that show off my pussy lips so nicely. With those red suspenders and nothing else.”

Mom said, “You didn’t!”

Ace just smiled and looked at me, as she asked, “Didn’t I?”

I smiled and said, “Oh yes she did. That’s why I couldn’t get it soft in time for dinner. I was sucking on her nipples too when you called us.”

Mom said, “Well if you want to suck on some nipples come here.”

Ace said, “Shouldn’t he get undressed first. I haven’t seen him naked yet.”

Mom said, “Come on I haven’t seen that thing of your in a few years myself.”

So it was my turn to undress. I removed my wet shirt and tossed it near moms. I dropped my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. Then I dropped my wet underwear and stepped out of them too. My cock stood out straight and up at about a forty-five degree angle. It was one of the best erections that I had ever had and I was very proud of it.

Mom and I both looked at Ace. She smiled sweetly and started to remove her tight sweater, her bra, and then her skirt. This much I had already seen. Then Ace lowered her panties to the floor and stepped out of them. I looked at her pussy and it was completely hairless. It looked like it had been freshly shaved too.

Ace knew what was on my mind and said, “I just got it waxed this morning when we went shopping. Mom doesn’t like it all hairy.”

Mom smiled and said, “Not any more. I used to be a carpet-muncher but now I like it clean-shaven. Waxed is even better.”

I noticed mom had hair on her pussy. Ace noticed me noticing and said, “Mom can’t shave hers. Dad won’t let her. So I have to suffer a little bit. I really don’t mind an occasional hair or too but sometimes they do make me gag.”

I just had to ask, “So how long have you guys been doing it?”

Mom smiled and spoke to me in a very sophisticated voice, “Doing it? We have been partaking in the art of oral pleasure since Candace asked me about sex two months ago, young man. Now it is time to introduce her to a real penis and we chose yours.”

Ace said, “Yes! It was either your penis or dad’s penis and mom already knew that dads wasn’t any good for sex.” Then Ace laughed and mom did too.

I looked at mom questioningly and she said, “Men only want to satisfy themselves. I used to have to masturbate after sex with your father but now I just visit your sister and we mutually satisfy each other.”

Ace said, “Yes! I’ve swallowed a gallon of dad’s cum from mom’s pussy.”

Mom laughed and said, “Hey! Half of that cum was my own thanks to you.”

Then mom turned to me and said, “Let me get your sister all warmed up for you and then I’ll let you know when to jump in.”

Ace said, “Don’t worry about hurting me. Mom broke my cherry with one of her dildos. It had two ends on it and we fucked it together. It was a lot of fun you should have seen us.”

Mom and Ace got on the bed together and started kissing one another on the lips very passionately. I watched as their tits rubbed up against one another. Then their pussies were rubbing together too. They were grinding crotches, nipple to nipple, and they were French kissing. My cock was uncomfortable from watching them. Mom turned around on the bed and put her face in Ace’s crotch. Ace grabbed mom’s hips and lifted her head up to reach mom’s crotch. Soon the girls were lost in themselves and didn’t even know that I was there. Mom settled down onto Ace’s face so that she didn’t have to stretch to get to mom’s hairy pussy. Mom simple leaned down into Ace’s hairless pussy. I was trying to decide which one I liked better when I realized that I actually liked both the hair and the bald look.

I got near mom’s head and checked out my sister’s ass. It was smooth and just the right size for her and her tiny brown asshole puckered very nicely. Mom had Ace’s legs up so far that her nose rubbed into Ace’s asshole as she licked down into her pussy. It was as if she was trying to give Ace double the pleasure. I then went up to Ace’s head to admire mom’s ass. Mom had a bigger butt but she was also bigger so it was just about right for her. Mom’s ass was just as smooth as Ace’s butt was. The hair around mom’s pussy reached her asshole too so that there were a few straggly hairs sticking out around my sister’s nose. She too was pleasing mom with a little nose to her butt tickle. When I went back to mom’s head she was trying to put her tongue in Ace’s asshole. It was kind of exciting to watch. Soon both women were squirming on the bed together and breathing hard. I assumed they had their orgasms. Then mom got up and told me to take care of Ace.

I got on the bed and looked at my sister’s pussy for the very first time. Then I leaned in and started to lick her. Her love mound was so smooth that I couldn’t believe it. No wonder mom liked it hairless. My sister tasted very good.

Mom said, “You don’t have to do that. I’ve got her all worked up for you. Just fuck her.”

I lifted my head long enough to say, “But I want too” and went right back to it. Mom must have had Ace worked up pretty good because as I poked my tongue into her hole, licked her asshole, and nibbled on her clit she had orgasms left and right. I counted three before I crawled up her body and slipped my cock into her pussy. I shoved my tongue in my sister’s mouth and probed both of her cavities at the same time. I felt her fingernails dig into my ass cheeks as she reached yet another orgasm.

Mom said, “Candace, you had an orgasm with his cock in you?”

Ace replied, “Yes! Two! Now shut up. Oh there it goes again.”

I managed to give my sister four more orgasms with my cock in her before I squirted my cum up into her body and collapsed on her breasts. I had been trying to give Ace ten orgasms but I just couldn’t do it. Seven would have to hold her. I had never been that satisfied myself and was drifting off to sleep when I jumped from the stinging on my ass. It was just mom applying some kind of antiseptic spray to my ass. It seemed that Ace had broken the skin clawing me with her fingernails. That’s okay because she actually broke a fingernail too.

Mom asked, “What to hell just happened here?”

Ace said, “He fucked me. Isn’t that what you wanted him to do?”

Mom said, “Yes but he gave you orgasms. No man has ever done that to me before.”

Ace said, “Maybe you have been fucking the wrong men.”

Mom looked at my hard cock and said, “Maybe I have. Your father never gets it up a second time either.”

Ace said, “Oh no you don’t mom. You’ve got dad’s penis, his is mine.”

Mom said, “If you ever want anymore new clothes you had better learn to share him with me.”

I couldn’t believe that I had just gotten to fuck my sister and loose my virginity and now I would get to fuck mom too. Un…Fucking…believable!

The End


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I really did pay attention to all of those readers that left comments with constructive criticisms on my other stories. This story for instance started out as a father/daughter in my head but thanks to a reader that said he wanted more brother/sister stories I thought it over and realized that it did seem much better this way. However mom just sort of slipped in there somehow and for that I am sorry. Another reader has often objected to my use of exclamation points between my quotation marks. For him I have tried real hard not to use them. However, many one word sentences seem to require them. Still other readers wanted better deions so I have put forth an effort in that department too. I hope it meets with some of your expectations.

The End


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