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What is a fine looking schoolteacher like you doing in a place like this?
Math Teacher

Miss Emerson was the prettiest teacher in our school and the youngest one too. This was her very first teaching assignment. She was fresh out of college and had a Master Degree in Mathematics at age twenty-five. She was about five feet six inches tall and simply beautiful. Every boy in the school was in love with her.

Everything was fine until Halloween. My two buddies and I knew where she lived and went by to check her out. We put on some old costumes that we used to wear and knocked on her door. Miss Emerson opened her door and did she ever look good. She was wearing a very sexy little costume. Her tiny skirt allowed us to see her black panties surrounding her nice puffy pussy. Her top gave us a very nice look at her cleavage. She never wore anything like that to school. We were too speechless to even say the words trick or treat. Miss Emerson smiled at us and turned to get us some candy. Then we got to check out her ass in those black silk panties. They were exposed in that costume that she was wearing when she bent over. Oh wow!

We realized that we didn’t even have a bag to hold out for the candy. Then Jimmy pushed her back into the room further and we followed him. Steve closed her front door, locked it, and turned off the outside light. She was done handing out candy for the night. I had no idea what was happening and neither did they. Miss Emerson asked us what we were doing and Jimmy pushed her to the couch. He and Steve got on either side of Miss Emerson and held her down. She wasn’t struggling though.

Then trying to change his voice Jimmy said, “I have some good news and I have some bad news for you! The bad news is that we are going to rape you! The good news is that you get to pick which hole! Three cocks and three holes! It’s your choice!”

Jimmy dropped his pants revealing his fat cock, Steve dropped his pants revealing his long cock, and then I dropped my pants.

Miss Emerson looked at our cocks for a moment then pointed to Jimmy’s cock and said, “Pussy.” She pointed at Steve’s cock and said, “Mouth.” Then even though it wasn’t necessary she pointed at my cock and said, “Ass.” She really surprised me because I thought that she would scream and holler and try to get away.

Miss Emerson stood up and took off her sexy little costume for us. She stood before us completely naked and let us look at her beautiful naked body. After a good long look she pushed Jimmy to the floor and sat on his hard fat cock, she pulled on Steve’s long cock and made him get in front of her face, and then she told me to help myself. I watched as she sucked Steve’s cock into her mouth and rocked back and forth on Jimmy’s cock. Then I smiled to myself as I realized that it is not easy to rape the willing! In fact I started to wonder who was raping whom?

As I got in position behind her and looked down I noticed that Miss Emerson had something in her ass already. It was flesh colored and rubbery. I pulled it out and was just staring at it when Steve started to laugh. He told Jimmy that Miss Emerson had a butt plug in her ass. I stuck my virgin cock in her slick asshole and it felt very nice. It slipped right easily from all of the lubricant that was already in there. I quickly got into a rhythm with Jimmy as Steve tried to slam his cock down her throat.

Miss Emerson was a real woman and we were all fucking her. I lay down on her back and reached under for a tit but Jimmy and Steve were already there. I managed to cop a good feel but I was really ready to cum so I simply picked up my pace and realized that Jimmy had too. Then I filled Miss Emerson’s rectum with cum. Apparently Jimmy had filled her pussy and Steve had filled her mouth all at about the same time. It was perfect timing. Miss Emerson even swallowed Steve’s cum and was licking her lips. She was fantastic!

Then Miss Emerson got up and invited us to follow her into her bathroom. We watched as she sat on her toilet to pee. She called me by name and asked me how it had felt. I told her that it was great and that it had my first time. She smiled and said that she had though that. Then she called Jimmy and Steve by name too so we decided to remove our masks. We had all been virgins and Miss Emerson had expected that. It seems that she likes virgin boys.

Then we got to watch as Miss Emerson took a shower. She left the shower curtain open for us and we got to watch as she soaped up her firm breasts and rubbed and rubbed them with her hands forever. She worked her hands down to her pussy and our eyes followed. She used an awful lot of shampoo for such a small patch of hair but the view was worth it. Her fingers disappeared up inside her pussy many times. Once I was pretty sure that she had two fingers from each hand in there at the same time. Wow! She rubbed her clit and we watched as her eyes closed and her knees started to buckle during an orgasm. She was getting just as excited doing it in front of us as we were watching her do it. Then she turned around and we watched as she inserted two fingers into her asshole to wash out the mess that I had left in there. Good luck! I shot that cum all the way up into her stomach, I was sure of that.

Then she washed each of our cock off and invited us into her bedroom to change holes. This time Steve got her pussy, Jimmy got her ass, and I got to fuck her face. She was good too and I never felt her teeth scrape my cock even once. I liked the feel of her mouth just fine. It was wet and slick and could she ever suck a vacuum on my cock. She was just as good as mom’s vacuum cleaner. Jimmy had told me about his mom’s vacuum so I just had to try if for myself. Later we each got another hole and this time I got to lay under Miss Emerson as she sat on my cock. I didn’t like being pinned to the bed like that. I much preferred to be in control of my own movements. But what to hell it was a pussy and my very first one at that. As I lay there with my cock in her I could feel Steve’s cock in her asshole rubbing against mine. The membrane between her two holes wasn’t very thick. As Steve’s cock rubbed against mine I got more and more excite. I prayed to God that this wouldn’t make me gay. I must have done the same thing to Jimmy. I forgot all about it when I started pumping my third load into my beautiful math teacher. I had gotten to fuck all three of her holes and I loved every one of them.

The next day in school Miss Emerson smiled at me and asked me to stay after class. She told me that she wanted another three-way but with three other virgins. She also wanted it during her lunch period and in her classroom. She told me that she trusted me asked me to stand guard too. Getting three virgins to fuck Miss Emerson was no problem what so ever. Every boy in school wanted to fuck her anyway.

At lunchtime I took the three boys I had picked out into Miss Emerson’s classroom and looked out her tiny window as she undressed for the teenagers. I could keep an eye out for intruders and an eye on her at the same time. She looked even better naked in school than she had in her bed at her house. I figured that it was the possibility of getting caught that gave her that glow. After all she was completely naked. The three boys had their cocks out and ready but she made them remove their pants and underwear so they would get cum on them. Miss Emerson was really into that triple penetration now. She let the three boys fuck her three holes. The boys recovered quickly for a second fuck and then Miss Emerson sucked them all hard for the third fuck. They just barely got dressed before the bell rang. Miss Emerson thanked me and told me to come by her house after school for my reward.

Miss Emerson told me that she had loved the school sex and that she wanted more of it however she was also afraid of getting caught trying to satisfy three boys in just one lunch period like that. So she suggested that I line up six boys to fuck her in her home, three after school and another three after dinner. She only wanted virgins for as long as she could get them and then after that she said that it wouldn’t matter.

She was even keeping track of all of her virgins in a notebook that she kept in her bedside drawer. I watched as she added the three boy’s names from school to Jimmy’s, Steve’s, and mine. Then I got to fuck Miss Emerson in any hole that I wanted too, so I chose her pussy. She and I were naked on her bed all alone for the very first time. She wasn’t any bigger than I was so we were a perfect fit. I loved playing with her breasts and couldn’t get enough of them. Miss Emerson let me suck on her nipples and play with her tits all that I wanted too. She said that it was my reward for getting her the three virgins. I got to fuck her pussy twice before I went home to dinner that day. It was so much better being on top and being able to slide my cock in and out of her love hole as fast or as slow as I needed too and not just be in there while Steve set the pace with his cock in her ass. Yes this was much better.

Every day after that during school I would line up three kids to go to Miss Emerson’s house right after school ended and three more to go after dinner. I figured that she would get through all of the virgin boys in just a matter of weeks. At thirty virgins a week it would only take ten weeks for her to turn three hundred virgin boys into men. There weren’t too many more boys that that I our middle school. Soon Miss Emerson was certainly the talk of the entire school.

It sure didn’t take very long at all for the girls to get word of what was happening either. After all we boys sure do like to brag about our sexual conquests.

So in the middle of the second week of Miss Emerson taking the boy’s virginities she helped Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, and myself organize the girls that wanted to loose their virginities. Miss Emerson even let us use her house. The three of us guys then started to de-virginize the girls in my school. I was looking forward to fucking a hundred or even two hundred virgins in the next ten weeks. I knew that I was much quicker to recover than the adult teachers were and then I had the weekends too. I figured that I could equal what Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones could do put together. It was just wishful thinking but I sure could imagine it.

That first day after school three girls arrived at Miss Emerson’s house. The two male teachers let me pick my girl first so one picked Becky Sue to deflower. She didn’t know it but I had been in love with for about two years now.

I was an eighth grader and Becky Sue was in the seventh grade. She lived just down the street from me and her brother was Jimmy, the kid with the fat cock. Becky Sue said that Jimmy had wanted to fuck her ever since Miss Emerson took his virginity last week but that she wouldn’t let him. She wanted me to be her first. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. That was the best news that I had heard. She didn’t seem to care that I had fucked Miss Emerson before her.

Becky Sue was the cutest girl I knew. At thirteen years old she had very sweet little breasts, a rounded belly, and a very nice bubble butt. My mother called it baby fat but I called it luscious. At fourteen years old I had jerked off to thoughts of Becky Sue a lot. After loosing my virginity nine days ago I had though about Becky Sue an awful lot.

I had picked her immediately and taken Becky Sue up to the room that Miss Emerson had assigned to me to use. I locked the door and looked at Becky Sue in a way that apparently made her very nervous. She may have thought of herself as just a piece of virgin meat but I looked at her as a girlfriend that was giving me a gift…her body.

I asked Becky Sue if she wanted to undress first or if she wanted me to. She decided that we should do it together. Okay! So as Becky Sue pulled up her top I pulled mine up too. However I was topless and she still had on a training bra. She smiled at me and started to remove her pants so I started to remove mine too. We both stood there in our underwear but my boner was sticking straight out. Her little nipples were too. She giggled then decided to remove her bra next. I had nothing else to take off except my underwear so I decided to wait until she removed her panties to drop them. I watched as Becky Sue reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. It was a rather smooth and plain looking bra and not anything like the ones that Miss Emerson wears. Becky Sue removed her training bra and stood there before me so that I could look at her beautiful budding breasts. They were so sweet that I just wanted to suck on them, so I did. I walked over to Becky Sue and pushed her back onto the bed. I leaned down and sucked one of her tiny titties into my mouth. The whole thing almost fit in there too. I kept the suction and swirled my tongue around her entire breast including the little sword fight that my tongue had with her hard nipple. Then I released it and latched onto her other breast. Now I was able to see the one that I had just been sucking on from the side. Her little breasts sort of did a bell shape thing or better yet like a pear. The main part of her breasts swelled like half of an orange. Then her breasts swelled up from there like a half of a golf ball. Then there was her nice hard nipple. It was just about as tall as it was in diameter with a flat top. Becky Sue said that her mother calls her boobs ‘puffies’ because of their shape. What ever you call them I sure like them. I worked on her nipples for quite awhile. I was in no hurry for this opportunity to end.

Finally Becky Sue asked me if we were ever going to take our panties off. I smiled, stood up, and dropped my underwear to the floor. I accidentally caught my cock with my waistband and it twanged like a well-tuned guitar. Becky Sue smiled as she saw it bouncing up and down from the shock waves that it had created. When she dropped her panties she looked so beautiful. I lay her back on the bed and went straight for her pussy. Miss Emerson had taught me a few things that I couldn’t wait to try out on Becky Sue. Her soft downy hairs tickled my nose as I buried my tongue in her pussy. Her pussy had a much lighter smell than Miss Emerson’s pussy had and I found it quite refreshing. As I licked her slit she moaned with pleasure. I don’t know why but I sure liked licking Becky Sue more than I did Miss Emerson. I think it was because I was in love with Becky Sue. She opened her legs further and I opened up her pussy lips more so that my tongue could get in further. The further I got in the better the taste became. She had a sweet juice that she oozing from her love hole. Then my tongue hit her clit. That threw her up off the bed a few inches. She shrieked with joy as I gave her, her very first oral orgasm. I was going to do that to her a lot more but not right now. Right now I just wanted to slip my cock into her pussy more than I had ever wanted to do anything before. I knew that Becky Sue was ready too by the way her eyes were rolling around. So I very gently slipped my cock into her. After about an inch or so I hit her hymen and stopped. I took a deep breath but Becky Sue didn’t because she didn’t know what was coming so I told her to take a deep breath and hold it. When she did I thrust my cock into her. She exhaled all of her air in a panicked rush. It was a long time before I heard her take another breath. By then I was gently fucking her. Her breathing soon regulated, her eyes began to focus on me, and I kissed her passionately. Becky Sue didn’t move a single muscle she was just allowing me to use her body for my own pleasure. Once I realized that, I tried to speed up but I also tried not to hurt her any more than I had too. After all Becky Sue was my very first virgin and I didn’t really know what to do. When I started to cum it was such a relief for me. When I was done I left my cock in her until it shrank and slipped out by itself. Becky Sue said thank you and kissed me. She said that it had gotten much better after the initial thrust. I was pleased.

While we cuddled afterwards I asked Becky Sue to be my girlfriend. She smiled and asked me if I was still going to fuck hundreds of other virgins. I told her that I would give my job to her brother Jimmy. That made her very happy and she said yes to becoming my girlfriend. Becky Sue kissed me and asked me how soon we could do it again. I smiled and told her that I was ready anytime that she was. She was ready.

The End
Math Teacher
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