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Leo and I had been lovers for several months and we were looking for a
way to add some excitement to our love life. Leo was several years older
than me, quite attractive and a kind, generous lover. He was six feet
tall, slender, and had beautiful silver hair and blue eyes. We had met
on the internet and after corresponding for several months became cyber
lovers before finally meeting one another.

I am not quite five feet tall, and am amply endowed with a rubenesque
figure that tends to turn heads wherever I go. I have long brown hair and
twinkling, green cat eyes that I've been told are my best feature. I also
have an outgoing personality and love being the center of attention. I
guess that's why I was so excited about fulfilling Leo's fantasy of
watching me make love with another man and then giving me oral sex to
cleanse my lover's juices from my treasure box.

We had just finished making love in the hotel and were lying in each
other's arms, sharing our biggest fantasies with one another.

"Let's go shopping for sexy lingerie and slut clothes, Leo," I suggested.

"Sure, sweetie." Leo replied, knowing that I must have something nasty up
my sleeve.

As we park in the lot of the shopping center, I notice that there is some
construction going on and there are a lot of tanned, muscular bodies spread
out over the construction site.

"Drive by that construction." I order. "I want to check out the bodies."

Leo pulled the car over so I can get a good look at the "crop" as I
slid my hand over to his thigh, squeezing it tightly as I select the
one I want to play with.

"Drive slower," I commanded, rolling down the window. "Pull over there."

Leo pulled the car into a parking spot nearby and I opened the car door
after telling Leo to stay in the car and watch. As I walk toward the
construction site, a huge black man comes toward me, a big grin on his face
showing his beautiful teeth. He is about 6'6" tall, with ripples of muscles
over his chest and back and his tight jeans are almost transparently
revealing a huge cock beneath.

"Hey, there, big fella." I tease, "Would you like to have some fun later?"

"Sure, baby. What do you have in mind?" He asks, grinning even wider.

"Here, take this card and come to the address on it at 8 pm tonight for a
good time."

"I'll be there, by the way, nice bootie." He promises, with a wink.

I walked back to the car and climbed in, telling Leo to drive closer to the
mall so we won't have to walk so far with our purchases.

"I'm going to fuck that big, black hunk tonight so I need some sex clothes
to entice him. You're going to buy them for me." I command, watching Leo
try to hide his smile from me. "That little mushroom dick of yours can't
fill me up. I'll show you what a real fuck is like when I get that big
black cock inside me."

After Leo pulled into the parking place, he got out of the car and came
around to open the door for me. I made a point to raise my skirt so Leo
could get a good look at my legs, and the fact that I'm not wearing any
panties for our shopping trip. We went into the mall, walking from store to
store until we arrived at Veronica's Secret.

"Come on, let's go inside." I suggested, taking Leo by the hand and
leading him to the most intimate apparel section. I took several items
from the rack and went into the dressing room to try them on. After a
while I came out of the dressing room into the doorway wearing a skimpy
red and black bra with panties and a garter belt to match and black

Leo's face lit up when he saw me. The store was full of people and I was
almost naked.

"Do you like it?" I asked Leo, turning around to model it for him.

"Do you think that black hunk will like it? Do you think his cock will get
rock hard when he sees me in it?"

"Yes, dear." Leo replied, looking downward.

"I want it then. Let's go get some more clothes." I ordered, going back
into the dressing room to change. People looked at him sheepishly, knowing
I had complete control of Leo and I didn't care if I embarrassed him. Leo
waited for me to come out of the dressing room and we went to the register
to pay for the items.

"Let's go to Dominick's of Hollywood now!" I squealed as I pulled Leo down
the mallway.

We went into Dominick's and once again, I tried on the sexiest outfits, but
this time I sneaked Leo into the dressing room with me so he could watch me
put the clothes on and take them off, turning and modeling for him, asking
over and over. "Is this sexy? Do you think I look hot in it?" until once
again I leave the store with a sexy ensemble to wear for my black lover. By
now it was about 5:30 p.m. and we had to hurry home.

"We'd better get home, Leo. I want you to give me a bath and get me ready
for my visitor."

"Yes, dear," Leo obediently responded. As Leo drove in the car, I leaned
back against the door and spread my legs wide so he could see my glistening
pussy, then I dipped my fingers into it, one at a time and brought them up
to my mouth to suck the pussy juice from them. Once again I dipped my
fingers inside and brought my fingers up to Leo's lips for him to suck the
pussy juice from them.

"That's enough. We're almost home." I said, closing my legs and returning
to my prim and proper setting. We pulled up into the driveway, took the
parcels from the car and into the house.

"Draw my bath, would you, lover?" I commanded gently, reaching over to
squeeze Leo's little dick gently and I started removing my clothing.

"Yes, dear." Leo replied, going into the bathroom. The bath was prepared
and I slipped down into the warm, bubbly water.

"Take your pants, off, Leo. I want to see that little dick and those weird
nuts of yours. Take your shirt off too. I want to suck on your big tit and
pinch your little one while you wash my hair."

Obediently, Leo removed your clothes and leaned over the tub, taking the
shampoo into his hands and lathering my head as I reached over to play with
his mushroom dick and balls and sucked on his nipples. As Leo rinsed my
hair, and proceeded to lather up the rest of my body, I saw his little cock
begin to stir. It was semi-erect and I began to stroke it with my wet
hands. The wetness and my tight fist felt like a pussy to Leo as I stroked
it up and down, up and down, squeezing gently. I slid my hand down to
stroke his balls and slipped my finger inside his asshole.

"Look at that! That little cock is rock hard! Too bad. I'm going to fuck
the black guy first. "Keep that cock hard. I want you to stroke it while my
visitor is here and then you're going to eat me and fuck my pussy when I'm
done with him." I ordered him as I climbed out of the tub.

"Dry me off." I ordered. Leo complied, then hung up the towels as I dressed
in my black bra with no cups, my black lace panties with no crotch, my
black garter and stockings. I slipped a sheer black negligee over the
outfit, as Leo watched me dress, cock in hand.

"You have to watch us from the closet, Leo. I don't want him to know you're
here, okay?"

"Yes, dear." He replied, still stroking his little hardon.

The doorbell rings and I answered it after slipping on my black, stilletto
heels. I walked slowly, letting Leo follow my ass at it swayed and my tits
pressing against the sheer material of the negligee. After looking through
the peephole, I opened the door to find the big black guy standing there in
his work clothes. His eyes pop out when he sees my outfit and I can see his
big boner starting to bulge from his jeans.

"Hello, please follow me. Don't say a word." I said to him.

He followed me into the bedroom, the bulge in his jeans growing as he
watched my ass moving toward the bedroom. I stepped over to the bed,
climbed up on it, and lay back against the headboard, my legs spread wide.
He took his cue and stripped slowly as I stroked my wet pussy for him and
pinched my nipples through the material of the negligee.

My nipples hardened, begging to be sucked. As he removed his jeans, I saw
that he didn't wear underwear either. A huge, 12 inch cock popped out,
looking like a baby's arm holding an apple. The tip of it was like a ripe
plum begging to be sucked. I opened my mouth and signaled for him to give
it to me to suck. He obliged by climbing over me, his big rod in his hand
as he offered it to me. It was so big I could hardly get it between my
lips, so I flicked and licked and sucked the precum from it. I took it into
my hands, but it was so big it stretched beyond my tiny grasp.

I had to feel it inside me, but I knew it was going to be difficult because
of the size. Perhaps doggystyle will be the easiest. I gently pushed him
back, licking his huge cock up and down, savoring the muskiness of it,
moving down to lick his balls.

"AAArrrghhh!" He moaned.

"Fuck me now!" I squealed, turning to offer him my backside. "Not in the
ass, in the pussy!"

He slid his great big cock into me from behind, slipping it into my pussy
lips a little bit at a time. I could feel it stretching me wider and wider.
He pushed slowly deeper and deeper until it was all in. What a feeling! I
was filled with this black cock. Leo watched in awe as my black lover
started to pump in and out of me, wondering how in the hell I could fit it
all in.

Leo stroked his cock faster and faster, as it grew longer and harder. My
black lover started bucking and fucking, reaching around to pinch my
nipples then down to finger my clit as he pounded into me harder and
harder, rocking together on the bed. His engorged balls slap against my
ass. Leo moved so he could see us fucking in the mirror.

My face had the look of ecstasy and Leo's cock started to seep precum as he
stroked it.

"Look at us in the mirror, you black hunk!" I scream. "Isn't it beautiful!"

"Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, oh yeah." He responded, pumping harder and faster
now that he could watch himself doing it.

"Mmmph....Mmmmph.....ohohohoh.......I'm cumming!" I scream, "I'm cumming!"

"AAAIIIIEEEEE!!" He screamed, shooting his load into my pussy.

After a little while, his limp black monster slid from my pussy and I
collapsed on the bed.

"Okay, get out now." I ordered quietly.

"Is that all I get?" He asked.

"Yes. I'll contact you if I want to fuck you again."

"How?" He asked.

"I'll come to the site. Find a friend for the next time, okay?" I

"Sure! Talk to you later, baby." He replied as he got dressed and left.

"Come here and eat me, sweetheart." I ordered. Leo came out of the closet
and his little mushroom cock had grown into a rock hard beautiful mushroom

He proceed to lick my ass and knead my breasts as he reached up underneath
me. Then I turned over toward him, taking his face into my hands and
guiding him up to my mouth for a deep passionate kiss.

"Fuck me now, Leo. You're my real love." I whispered in his ear.

He slipped his cock into me and rocked me up and down, back and forth,
until we both exploded in ecstasy.


2004-05-23 15:32:49
Someday, maybe Leo will get some, too. Thanks for your imagination.

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