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The seduction of fair-water
Once again late in the season, we find Fair-water staying at the Dragons Hearth and Home. She has joined with a band of adventurers who sought her skill as a sorceress and luck (they seen the game of Hearts Desire and resultant floor show). By itself she loved having new friends, including men not trying to get her into bed, or more likely, just between her legs. (this caused a major blush, to the delight of her friends, as she was still a virgin to men)

She was looking forward to having dinner with one of the party, an young man near her age by the name of David. The thought of being near him brought a smile and blush to her cheeks. A simple dinner, maybe a bit more flirting, and as usual nothing ever seems to go right for my simple plans....

Tonight was no exception...

David was waiting downstairs for her to arrive, watching the main room gradually fill with all manner of people, human, elven, dwarf, etc (editor - imagine Lord of the Rings movies for ideas). Having ordered a bottle of rice wine, cheese and crackers to snack on, he drifted away into dreams of new adventures to come. Smiling as he imagined himself as a shining knight saving the fair princess from a dragon, it took some time to realize that someone was calling to him.

"Good sir, may I sit down here with you?"

"What?" he declared, finally gathering his wits about himself. Just over 18 in age, his wide smile showed how delighted he was at the sight before him. Typical of a young man of this age, his brain shut down and his hormones went into default settings of "Rut like a stag in heat"

She stood like a vision of beauty, slim in build, with nary a fault on her maple brown skin, honey blond hair, soft contours of her dress (what there is of it) shrouded her small breasts in a way that was playful and seductive all at once. But it was her eyes that drew him in...suggestive of equal parts mischief and unbridled passion in one.


"Lad are you going to invite her to sit down or not?" Jonathan had rapped the back of his head to draw him again back to reality. Sheepishly he invited her to sit down and introduced himself, she replied "My name is Honey Rose, just Rose for you, if you wish. I know humans like to use short names for most things." It was then I saw the small points of her ears sticking out from under her hair. "Your an elf...."

Her smile and expression showed him that she already was well aware of that fact. Over the next hour, they shared a mixed plate of cheese, cream, bread, fruits, and a bottle of fine elven wine. David was feeling quite giddy and warm right about now, he loved having Rose around, and delighted her with the tales of adventures the party has had, including his role in them.


Jonathan shared a chuckle with the other party members, including one called Rakkia who was...lets leave it at that for now, whom was a very dear friend of his. They were laying wagers as to what would happen with David and Rose, most on how long it will take her to get bored and dump him. He looked at the staircase in time to see the form of fair-water stop at the base of the stairs...and from the look on her face, it was about to get very interesting...time for another bet.


David was fully into his story telling with Rose, getting delighted with her flirting and some veiled references he thought she was making (so he hoped). "So now Rose, what manner of things do you like to do in life, I mean what is it that you really seek out and enjoy?"

She leaned over the table, one hand on her chin the other reaching out for his face. He leaned closer, getting a tittilating view of part of her breasts, causing his heart to go faster, and another part of him to start rising. He got close enough to feel the warm and scented breath of hers on his face, her hand touched his cheek. "I like to entertain the young men I meet, with all manner of ways, and teach them what a mouth and a tongue can do for each other."

She bent closer to him, whispering into his ear, "I know you are staring at my breasts, what i want to know is if you would like to see the rest of them, and me without anything else on? Say up in your room?"

He just stared at her, utterly dumbstruck as her words sunk into his head. 'In my room, and without anything else on her body?' he thought, imagining the possiblilities that can happen tonight. Lower down, he was getting as hard as ever in his life, the elven wine loosening him up more than anything else. Grinning like a cheshire cat, he started to say "Why yes my dear I would be absolutely honored to have such an exotic and lovely thing come to my bed."

Unfortunately before he got farther than "Why yes my dear..." a large mass of cold ale spilled over his head and body; drenching him totally. He managed to duck just in time, more from luck than anything else, when the pitcher went crashing by a moment later into a near wall.



Only one person has a voice like that when she gets riled up (he hated to imagine what mad must look like). Sure enough, Fair-water stood just a short distance away, hands clenched to her hips, and the promise of hells own fury laying upon him from her eyes. "You CRETEN! It should have been ME taken to your bed! Not HER! Tell you what I will just bed the next elf who will have me, male or female, or a group of them just to spite you!"

With that, she showed a display of pure feminine pique, turning her nose up at him and storming off towards the bar.

The crowd started laughing at his misfortunes, and even a bet changed hands between many of his adventuring friends. (Made over what would happen, not if anything would happen, when Fair-water seen David and Rose.)

Picking himself up from his chair, he figured tonight to be a total washout. A hand took his, and he saw Rose staring at him. Not with a frown, but a huge smile. "Come on now, at least you have an excuse to get a bath. Lets get some fresh clothing for you to put on, and get you cleaned up."

Sparkle lined her eyes, "And then we can move onto other things in your room for tonights activities...if you get my meaning...Besides the fun we will have in the tub to get you cleaned up. Oh yes my boy, I will be IN the tub with you, making sure every part of your body is cleaned up...and how ticklish it is."

Wolf whistles and bawdy cat calls followed them to the base of the stairs. She smiled back at the other diners, with one hand suggestively on her hip, "I will bring him back down in the morning boys and girls...if he survives tonight that is...if not, he will have one heck of a smile on his face..."


Fair-water was fuming as Rose led David upstairs to the bathing room. Most men and women gave her a clear space at the bar, where she was ready to spit nails.

"I can't believe that...that...that..."

"Trollop?" asked a melodious voice from behind her.


"You mean the one going off with the young human?" again asked the voice whom sounded like the flowing of gentle waves upon a ocean beach.


"Here have a drink." A mug of fine ale was placed into her hand, and she drank it down in one pull, letting her temper stew even more.

"Thanks, I can't believe he actually wanted to bed HER! Instead of asking ME!"

"Instead of the, how was that word used? 'Trollop!""

"YES!" Throwing her arms out, she reached for another mug placed on the bar.

"Ah yes, the one who also is my sister?"

Whirling around in utter shock, she seen a lovely elven man, no taller than her, but his muscular form honed to near dream-like perfection. Hair the color of fine-spun flaxen and emerald-jade eyes around his firm, yet subtly sculpted face, drew her attention. Totally abashed, she started blushing deeply, highlighting the freckles upon her face.

"Uhhh...I didn't mean to imply she is a...." She stopped when his hand touched her cheek, caressing it in soft, sinous circles, moving down to the back of her neck. A great big gulp escaped from her, audible across the room, as his hand slowly moved over her bare shoulder and to the top of her chest.

"Now then, my name is Sin-bad, indeed she is my sister and indeed likes to act the part of a seductress on occasion. Rose just loves to bed young human males, even ones as innocent as your young friend."

Consternation crossed her face as Fair-water felt his hand move ever so lower down her chest, always in that slow and sinous dance - like that of a feather played across the skin. It tantalized her, pleased her, tickled her, and frightened her all at the same time....the possibilites promised and softly spoken in that touch lay before her.

He smiled like the sunshine of a spring dawn when his hand reached the soft folds of her breasts, teasing with its touch to the sensitive skin of hers. Seeing her shiver with a little bit of delight, he slowly teased down the edge of her gown over one of them, a little at a time, displaying more of its soft roundness to the light.

"Now then, I seem to remember you mentioning to your friends here in the inn that you would bed the next elf, male or female, or group of them, who will have you?" His look promised much to her, as did his hand, gently caressing her mostly bared breast.

Now sure she was screwed by her own words, or soon would be by him. She just nodded.

"Well my dear, I am interested in bedding you, and wish to soon see more of you, very soon...say after dinner?" He covered up her breast again as she nodded yes.

After dinner with Sin-bad, Fair-water led him upstairs almost as if on remote control. She did not feel like she was present in the ongoing events, like watching a story being acted out, instead of as a praticipant. Her gasp was short at the sight of David leading Rose into his room...and grasping her towel clad form boldly about her hips and her breasts.

Suddenly she decided that going in with Sin-bad will not be so bad after all. Anger set alight like hellfire, she pulled Sin-bad close and layed a kiss on him as fierce as she knew how. "Dear sir, lets make this night one to never forget for either of us."

With the door closing behind her a moment later, the audible click left her no doubt what was finally going to happen. Suddenly nervous beyond reason, she saw Sin-bad approach while removing his shirt. His muscles hinted at well honed power and skill seen in few men.

She shivered at the sight of his wide smile, suddenly seeing the sheer evil learing at her in his eyes. 'on no, now i know what the rabbit feels like in the face of a wolf!' she thought to herself. This encounter was no longer one of getting even with David, or of a romantic romp in bed with a man. Now it became one of sheer desperation. As he slowly advanced, she quickly looked about for anything that could be of assistance, but once again, luck failed to smile on her.

"Now my fair flower, lets get this slip of a gown off of you, and I can entertain you all nigth with pleasures undreamed of by a meer human girl." He reached for the top of her gown at the same instant her fist slammed into his jaw. Strong as she was, even with a boost of a quick magical spell, he was unphased; and the bruise vanished before her very eyes.

Horror dawned in her mind of just what she now faced. "Your...your a...." He struck her a blow to the side of her head, savagely sending the world spinning around as she went to the floor. He kicked her repeatedly in the chest and gut, savagery for the sake of cruelty itself. He tore off the top of the gown in one pull, shredding fabric like a hot knife going through butter...revealing the well formed breasts of hers to his feral glare.

Sharp teeth, with twin fangs of white ivory glistened in the faint moonlight coming in by the window. "Ah my dear, indeed you have figured out what I am, and what you and the young fool next door shall soon become....oh dont be ashamed my dear, you will have life eternal, and for the next few centuries I shall have you whenever I desire, for whatever I then lets..."

The rooms door suddenly tore open, letting Jonathan come in from the hall, a loaded crossbow in his hands. Sin-bad looked at him, momentarily shocked by his abrupt entry, then laughing at the thought of this old human trying to stop him. Him! Eldest of the vampires! "So human, is this where you confess your love for the girl, decide to avenge the wrongs I have done to her and humanity, and then declare that you will hunt me down even if it takes forever?"

The sharpened stake slammed into his heart, sending shockwaves of purest fire and agony through him, unlike anything he has ever felt before. His eyesight started to fade, and saw the image of Jonathan coming over to him. Face to face, Jonathan looked at him from inches away. "No suck-head, I decided to kill you first and talk later. Saves me a lot of trouble with your kind. By the way the sister of yours is also dead, my friend Rakkia was a lot less easier on her than I was on you."

With that, Sin-bad closed his eyes for the last time and descended into the waiting darkness of hell.


Several days later, the party was gathering to head out on a last adventure before the winter closed in. Jonathan found Fair-water watching by the grave of David, the last victim of the vampires. He had perished of a poison from an unknown party, one more mystery to solve for the friends.

"Come on lass, say the goodbyes and lets set out. You had nothing to do with his end, just those suck-heads and whomever poisoned that wine. So, lets go find them and let the dead of ours rest in peace."

"One question Jonathan, how did you know he was a vampire at the end?"

Looking back at her his grin lifted her somewhat from the heavy gloom of her heart. "In a simple way, they always overlook the smell of graveyard dirt upon them. Comes from the way they sleep in graves and tombs. They were two of over 100 vampires me and Rakkia have both killed in our travels."

"If you wish, I can teach you how to hunt these beasties down like a pro. And before you ask, no I did not use you or David as bait. That part just happened by chance, but I did it mostly for you. If your willing to see an old man for a date, I am here."

Walking silently for a time, they joined the others at the stables where there horses were waiting. Smiling at him, Fair-water spoke into his ear, "Does that include me and Rakkia in a threesome with you or not?"

From the look on his face, she believed there may be hope for her future after all.

Lady Luck smiles sometimes in the strangest of ways.


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