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I am the lover while my sister is the fighter in the family.
Lover Fighter

I am a lover not a fighter! However my sister was just the opposite. Rachael was a real scrapper. I didn’t know why until recently.

It seems that when Rachael was thirteen years old she had told some of the other girls in school that she was a virgin and that she was saving herself for marriage as our mother had drummed into her head.

One day the other girls found Rachael alone in the locker room. That was all it took. There were five of them and only one of her. Four girls held her down as the fifth one pulled her short off and then removed her panties too. Then while the two girls holding her legs, opened them up the fifth girl fucked Rachael with a mop handle. She broke her hymen and caused her to bleed internally. It was devastating for a girl of her age. Hell it would be devastating for a woman of any age. Rachael had not told anyone about it, not even mom.

After that Rachael wore baggy clothes that did not reveal her developing body. She wore a lot of black clothing and became a loaner. She tried to never go into a bathroom or the locker room alone. She avoided all contact even with most of the boys. I seemed to be her only exception.

Rachael got into physical development to build up her strength. She talked mom into making me go for a run with her before dinner too because she didn’t want to run alone. We were signed up for Karate classes too. At first I was against it but I soon realized that I was building up some pretty good muscles and learning a lot of self control in Karate class. However Rachael seemed to just get into more trouble. She got in a lot of fights with the other girls in school. She got her ass kicked several times but she never seemed to learn.

Now at fourteen Rachael is a terror. Well that’s what dad calls her I usually just call her a terrorist. That usually pisses her off and we wind up wrestling around on the floor until we break something. Rachael is certainly getting stronger.

Then one day in school I saw some girls push Rachael into an empty classroom. I rushed over to the door and just peeked in to see what was going on. They had her pushed into a corner and they were shouting at her. It seems that Rachael has been getting even with them one at a time and they decided to ban together and stand up to her. As I listened, I then knew what had happed the year before. ‘Patty the Bitch,’ as most of us boys called her, had rammed a mop handle up my sister’s pussy and done her some real harm. Not only had she broken Rachael’s hymen but she had also scratched up her vagina and caused her to bleed for a week afterwards.

Then I opened the door and stepped in. That was just enough to distract Patty and allow Rachael to spin Patty around and lift her top and her bra up covering her face and exposing her big tits to me. I hadn’t realized how big Patty’s tits really were. The other four girls rushed out of the room leaving Patty behind. Rachael had her sitting on the floor then, with her arms trapped inside her top so that she was not only blind but totally helpless too. I checked to see that the door had closed itself behind the girls then I grabbed Patty’s ankles to keep her from kicking me. Rachael pushed Patty’s head to the floor and sort of sat on it. Then Rachael grabbed Patty’s skirt and bunched it up around her waist exposing her panties. I was just staring at Patty’s big tits. They stood up nice and firm not like mom’s tits when she lies on her back. Of course I checked out Patty’s panties too. They must have been her ‘little girl period panties’ because they were old and stained. I wondered just how embarrassed she would be if I showed them to the boys. I reached up to her waistband and pulled them down to Rachael’s delight. I pulled them all the way off and put them in my pants pocket. Now that Patty was helpless on her back on the floor I couldn’t resist her and pulled my cock out of my pants. I shoved it into Patty’s pussy hard. The fucking bitch had been a virgin herself all this time. She had let out a muffled scream as I broke her cherry. I felt bad that I had broken her hymen and hurt her but fucking her sure felt good. I didn’t really care one bit about her pleasure. I just thrust it into her as fast and as hard as I could. I was a virgin too but she didn’t need to know that. When I cum in her I realized just how great sex was and swore that I would never jerk off again.

When I pulled my cock out Rachael released Patty. She struggled to get her head and arms free but she didn’t try to get up or leave. She was crying but not from the pain of being raped. Patty was crying because she now knew what a bitch she had been to Rachael last year. She told me that she wouldn’t tell anyone what I had done to her. I thanked her.

Patty looked up at Rachael and then asked her for forgiveness. I just stared as my sister Rachael removed her pants and her panties and then squatted over Patty’s face. Patty lifted her head up and kissed both of my sister’s ass cheeks but that was not good enough. Patty then started eating out Rachael’s pussy. Rachel pressed her knees against Patty’s ribs and moaned. The girl-girl action was getting me hard again so I slipped my cock back into Patty’s pussy. I had to smile as I realized that Patty was having sex with both my sister and I at the same time. This time I fucked slowly into Patty as I looked at my sister’s pussy. I lifted myself up just enough to compare their pussies. They looked just alike. At fifteen years old I knew that girls had clits but I had never felt one so I reached out and fingered Rachael’s clit. It made her open up her eyes and look at me then she smiled. As I rubbed her little nub I could tell that she was enjoying it very much. She had a big smile on her face. Soon she was squirming around on Patty’s tongue. Apparently I had jerked her off. Rachael sat back revealing Patty’s face. It was all covered with Rachael’s pussy juice. I reached down and rubbed Patty’s clit too. I wanted to jerk her off for letting me fuck her again. It was the least that I could do in exchange. After Patty squirmed around I cum in her pussy for the second time and pulled out.

Rachael looked right at me and said, “God that was good.”

Patty said, “I’ll say.”

I patted Patty’s pussy and said, “God that was good.”

Rachael patted her pussy and looked at Patty as she said, “I’ll say.”

Of course Patty then patted my cock and said, “God that was good.”

Then it was my turn to say, “I’ll say.”

We all laughed. It sounded like a mutual admiration society. We let Patty get up and I watched as she pulled her bra back down into place and tucked her big breasts back into the cups properly. She lowered her top and her skirt and straightened them up. Rachael then pulled on her panties and her pants. Patty realized that her panties were missing so I pulled them partway out my pocket and showed them to her. She decided that I could keep them if I really wanted too. She said that she had much prettier ones that I could have. I told her that I wanted those because they would remind me of our first two fucks. Patty smiled at me.

As we left the classroom the two girls headed toward the lady’s restroom. I stood outside because I know how much Rachael disliked being in an enclosed place like that.

When the girls came back out they seemed to be the best of friends. Rachael had invited Patty for a sleepover at our house for both Friday and Saturday nights. We were sure that mom would give her permission.

After school Patty and Rachael were waiting for me. As we walked home they were arm in arm with me in the middle and we talked. Rachael and Patty had buried the hatchet and really were becoming good friends. Patty wanted to be my girlfriend and the thing was that she also wanted to be Rachael’s girlfriend too. That could be seriously interesting. All day long I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about our threesome earlier. I could definitely get used to doing it more often. Then I smiled as I thought about what we could do this weekend.

Patty walked all the way home with us. Mom greeted her and offered us an after school snack. We sat at the kitchen table and ate chocolate chip cookies that we dunked in our chocolate milk. We were sitting pretty close together with Patty between us. Rachael and I both had our hands between Patty’s legs. I still had her panties in my pocket.

I said, “I know where I’d like to dunk my cookies.” Then I shoved a finger into Patty’s moist love hole.

Patty reached between my sister’s legs and gave her crotch a squeeze as she said, “I know where I’d like to dunk my cookies too.”

Rachael said, “Okay you two. But first we had better go up to my bedroom to do it before mom catches us here.”

We took the bag of cookies and filled our glasses before we went upstairs. Once inside Rachael’s bedroom she locked the door. Before I knew it Patty’s skirt was on the floor followed quickly by Rachael’s pants and panties. Patty smiled as I picked up my sister’s panties and put them in my other pocket.

I asked, “Would you girls take your tops and bras off too so that I can see your tits?”

Rachael said, “Only if you get naked too.”

So the two girls watched as I undressed. My cock was hard and sticking straight up. That put a smile on Patty’s face.

The next thing I saw was Patty getting on Rachael’s bed, opening her legs and her pussy up, and saying, “How about a little cookies and cream?” As Patty said the word cookies she held one up and when she said the word cream she pointed at my cock.

Rachael grabbed another cookie and went over to Patty. While Patty continued to hold her pussy lips open Rachael shoved a cookie into it breaking the cookie in half. She put half of the cookie in her mouth and poked the rest of it into Patty’s hole. I walked over to Patty and poked the cookie particles further into her hole with the head of my cock. It was kind of scratchy but I did it anyway. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it around her pussy lips trying to pick up some more crumbs then I poked it back into her pussy. Patty loved it. Every time I thrust into her she lifted up her ass to meet me. We got into a very nice rhythm and soon we were both adding the ‘cream’ that she had wanted.

After I pulled out Patty said. “Rachael would like a taste?”

Rachael when straight to Patty’s pussy and dug in with her tongue acting like a shovel. I knew that it was Rachael’s first taste of pussy because I remembered it being mentioned in the classroom when she sat on Patty’s face. That had not been Patty’s first time though. She and her ‘brat pack’ had been eating each other’s pussies long before they had fucked Rachael in the locker room last year.

As Rachael was finishing up Patty said, “I want some cookies and cream too. Get on your back Rachael.”

Surprising Rachael did get on her back and let Patty shove half a cookie in her still virgin pussy. I was hard again and I poked it into her with my cock, the very first cock to enter her pussy. As I have mentioned the girls had very similar looking pussies and now I knew they also felt the same too. I wondered if all pussies were alike. I fucked into my sister as I had fucked into Patty, poking in as much chocolate chip cookie as was possible. Then just before I could cum Rachael had an orgasm. When she did her pussy squeezed my cock tightly. It was almost like what I do with my hand just before I cum too. It was wonderful. I started fucking into my sister for all I was worth and her pussy squeezed me ever time that I tried to pull it back out. Rachael came first but I wasn’t very far behind her that’s for sure. Her pussy was nothing at all like Patty’s pussy. It had a life of its own. After we added the ‘cream’ Patty jumped right in and started eating it out of Rachael’s pussy.

We cleaned up and got dressed just in time to be called down to dinner. Mom asked Patty to stay to be declined. When mom told her that we were having ice cream for desert and that it was Cookies and Cream Patty laughed and said that she couldn’t pass that up and stayed for dinner.

The End
Lover Fighter
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