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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
We left the bathroom and mummy opened the bag she had left beside the door from our shopping tour the day earlier. I had been that focused on drinking her pee and having sex with her and the way my cum had been running down her leg’s inside that I in fact didn’t really remember what kind of doubtless sexy street wear mummy might have bought. So I sat down on the edge of that wet bed which had just been witness of our nameless passion. Mummy took a small package from the bag and put it on the table. I watched her walking back to the bag and didn’t wonder why she hadn’t taken the whole bag with her instead of carrying each part through the room. I simply was fascinated by that strong and beautiful naked woman who was walking through that nice room décor. I focused her toes and watched how they changed from light red to white when she stepped on them. I compared the white of her French nails with her toe tip’s. I let my view walk up the length of her muscular and really well formed legs. I focused on each strand of her long leg muscles under that tamed skin of hers. I reached her butt. And what a great and perfect butt my mummy had! Each ass cheek for itself was like art. Formed like a fresh and juicy apple with this nice little fold at the place where the upper backside leg and the lower ass cheek meat. It moved really sexy whenever she took a step and opened and closed like her little brownish ass hole had done earlier that day. My view left her ass and on her way back to the table I got a brilliant view on mummy’s nice pussy. Her lips seemed to be still a little swollen from earlier and had still that lovely rest of blood red. Since they pressed against each other they opened mum’s vagina a little and I could see a little of her inner pink. The vertical edges of her red and white inner pussy lips remained me on a prison’s grills. But if they were a prison in fact, how joyful would I live between them. My loving eyes stroke her navel. That true sigh of life. I touched my own and thought that once mummy and I had been connected through that navel and that she had been connected with her mum, too. I made a short notice in the back of my mind that I would kiss mummy’s navel once. I lifted my eyes and focused on that well formed bow of her last rips. Her skin lay over those bones like a canvas cover over a tent in summer. I reached her breasts. They moved up and down in the tact of her steps and this of her breath. I loved those breasts of my mummy. That breast enlargement she had had to get more female forms she thought she had lost from all that hard work out seemed to me to have been the best idea ever. As I concentrated my look on her nipples I saw they were still or maybe again hard and I wondered how much sex my mummy needed. Anyways. I reached her trout. There was not the first sign of age. It all was young and red and juicy. Finally my begging eyes found her face. What a lovely and motherly but on the other had hot and nasty face that was! Lips red like blood and soft like all the pillows in the world. And cheeks that seemed to be made from stone by an unknown artist. And eyes like lakes in the Rocky Mountains. Deep and full of grace and glory. I loved that woman and I never had been surer about that than that moment.

As mummy’s eyes met mine and she saw that dreamy look in mine she gave me a sweet look “You really love your mummy, don’t you honey?” I nodded my head. Then I watched her getting dressed. And what kind of breathtaking cloth had she got herself! First she took a tiny white piece of rag from that table. I didn’t know what it was until she stepped into it and pulled it up. It obviously was the tiniest skit one can imagine. Through the white I could really see each part of her ass and pussy region. The thin material stretched over mummy’s lower abdomen. The amazing thing about that transparent nothing she wore was that it wasn’t pulled high to the chest either. It ended that short above mummy’s ass slit in the back that if it only would have moved a few millimeters down she would have been really naked. Not that the rag did leave any doubts… In the front it was the same. Only fibers above mum’s intimate entrance was the upper and of that mind blowing thing that seemed to be still called skirt. As mummy seemed to be satisfied with her lower half’s dressing she took a red something from the table. It was made from a shiny and glossy material. I think it was something like varnish. And she pulled it over her head. Then she pulled a little here and a little there till this red something was over her upper half. But this top was barely covering mummy’s body, too. The two halves of that west like thing- I still don’t know how else to call it- met in the middle, between mother’s breasts in only two buttons. Those were stretched and I thought mum might have taken it one size under hers. The lower and of the material had its final line under, no in fact a little above the deepest point of mummy’s breast’s round. I was surprised that this certain rag seemed not to be as thick as I had thought. Mum’s rock like nipples pointed out like cruise missiles ready for takeoff. Because of that pressure her breasts were pushed together and her neckline was even more mind blowing. When she turned around I could see that this thing had a huge hole in the back. Obviously the designer had some kind of a skin angst I thought. I opened my mouth and mummy looked at me. “Shut your mouth, honey, haven’t you seen your mummy dressed up like a whore for you yet?” I shut my mouth. Mum opened the little package and took a short roll from it. Then she had it on the upper side and let the other part fall. It rolled down and transformed into red and white curled stockings. “Don’t you want to help mummy?” I got on my naked feet and walked my naked self over to mum. She sat down on a chair and I helped her putting on those stockings. They ended under her knees and looked kind of hot school girl like. Then mum told me to get back to the bed again. I did as I was told. Finally mum took red sandals with really high heels from the box. She put them on and let me get a nice view at her pinkish pussy as she leaned over. Because of the plateau she now had my size and was finally finished with her whole dressing. “How do you like that outfit baby?” she asked.

I got on my feet and started a research in the back of my mind to find any words that could closely describe how much I loved that outfit. Since I’m only a man and like to show how hot my girl is to all the others and since I love being naughty in public and since my mummy was my girl and since she had turned out to be all I ever dreamed of I didn’t find any better words than those to describe what I was feeling that moment. “It seems to me, my love,” mummy said, “that your body is telling me your opinion more than clear.” She pointed at my penis. I stood up like a brave soldier ready to do its duty and if it was to die for home and country. She gave me the cutest look and said:”Now, get your naked ass over here and give mummy that nice boner of yours or she will stop feeding you.” I loved when mum talked like that and simply couldn’t do anything but smile and get my naked ass over to her. She stood in front of me and the top of my pride pointed exactly at her barely hidden pussy hole behind that thin material of white whatever. “Probably you’d feel more comfortable if you put that thing in mummy’s hole?” she said and grinned at her brave soldier. I took a step forward and mum rolled up the ridicules inches of that so called skirt. I lowered and my top softly touched her mons. A refreshing chill rolled over my whole body and mum laughed a little but kept focused on me. Meanwhile I had walked a little closed and my pride was feeling mum’s swollen and sensitive pussy lips. I felt them pulsing and could imagine how mum’s strong bloodstream inside flew through her whole amazing body and kept that true art of flesh alive. “What are you thinking about, my son?” I tried to answer but mum didn’t wait for me to get my tongue ready to speak but decided that there was much better work for it to do. She kissed me and I felt my horny and trembling self being sucked into her mouth and vagina at the same time. Like a wild snake, wild from passion and untamed her muscular tongue massaged mine and I had the idea mum was milking me like I had been milking her with my hungry mouth when I had been a baby. At the same time my shaft was sucked into her pussy and I felt my pulse raising and my cock getting even harder. I walked a little more forward and pressed mum against the wall. As her almost uncovered back touched it my cock drilled itself even deeper into this beauty. Our lips split for seconds. “Will you show mummy how horny she makes you, you little prevent? Do you know that you are just fucking your own mother? Do you know that you ate her shit and drank her pee and that you just minutes ago even showed her how far you would go and ate her undigested breakfast?” Blood raised and I saw a red and white fog in front of my eyes. “Oh, baby you really love hearing mummy talking like that, don’t you?” mum moaned now. I speeded my moves up and bare flesh was crashed on bare flesh. “Oh, give it to mummy. Jesus Christ, baby yeah make mummy cum” I felt like a machine or an animal only led by its instincts. I forgot everything as I kept pumping my mum there on that wall in that hotel room. Tightness wrapped around my penis, screams of bare lust forced into my ears and myself sticking in the most adorable woman on earth. “You feel that wetness, honey? You really are showing your mummy what a real man is, aren’t you.” Mum whispered or better said groaned in my ear while her nails scratched my back. “Oh my god, baby mummy needs to cum so bad” she was almost crying now “don’t you want to shoot your load into your mummy, too. Yeah my lovely son lets cum together this time” my balls tightened and I felt my load building up. And as mummy’s first signs of her massive orgasm waved trough her body and her inner muscles milked me even harder and her whole lower part started shaking and I knew she was almost done I left my force out and a white invisible stream of lust shoot deep into mummy. “Honey, I can feel your herd stream touching me inside. It seems to me that mummy made her baby cum really hard, didn’t she?” I was still shooting and I felt wave after wave flashing through my body.

After what seemed like ages I finally felt my last drop being milked from me and looked into mummy’s smiling eyes. “I swear next time you fuck me so hard I will shit really hard my love” she said and gave me a sweet look. I made a move to the back and wanted to pull my cock out of mum’s heated pussy hole before it became completely soft but she grabbed me on the shoulders and forced me to stay inside. “Leave it there, baby, I love to have it in there as long as possible.” Meanwhile I felt her and my juice laying on my penis top inside mum like a certain but acceptable cargo. My pride was getting softer and softer and I didn’t wonder it was doing pretty fast after that shot I just had had. “Now pull it out but do it slowly and look what happens.” She said and sounded smooth and gentle. So I moves slowly to the back and once more enjoyed the tightness of mummy as my shaft slid along its full length. And then like a cork that pops out of a bottle of champagne it exited mum. The next thing that happened was maybe the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen until then. A nice mix of mum’s clear, bitter sweet lust and my white explosion shoot out of this beautiful lady’s vagina and ran down her perfect legs to the tie of her schoolgirl stockings and flew over it like a little waterfall and the whole inside of those sexy stockings was covered. The same tome the first drops of that pleasurable mix were forced out with such a massive power that they covered the front side if mums short skirt. Since it was white and a really thin material it didn’t take seconds and the whole front of mum’s lower front cloth was all see through. Not that her outfit had left any doubts before she had covered it with our juices but now even a blind guy would smell the rare lust and passion, that were our mainspring.

I got dressed in my brand new jeans. For sure I didn’t wear any underwear because that was what we had agreed. Meanwhile mum packed all the things into our suitcase and waited, for sure still with all the mess floating between her legs and with her, this time really, completely seeable lower glory for me on the door. “What do you think will they say when they fix the room again?” I asked. “Mhm, maybe that a mother and a son with an extreme prevent relation lived in here and that they used the room for their sexual pleasure?” mummy said and kissed me on the lips. Then she gave me the suitcase and put the key card into my pocket. I followed her down the hallway to the elevators and kept my eyes focused on her high heeled feet which meanwhile got slowly covered by the mixture that still floated from her pussy. Damn, I had a sexy mum.

We left the elevator and went to the receptionist. He was an older man and seemed to be well established to all the nameless things that happen in a hotel. So he did his best to ignore this half naked women who was walking up to him with a liquid running down between her legs which didn’t leave and doubts what must just have happened. Mummy said that we wanted to check out and that we liked the hotel very much and all the things you say when you have used a hotel room in a way that they wished a rock band had stayed there. She gave him a gigantic tip, then he asked her for the key card and I wanted to put the suitcase down to give it to him. But mum was faster. She put her slim fingers deep in my pocket and stroke me cock through the cotton. And since I was not an old man and I loved mum and she was the hottest little thing on earth to me I certainly developed a semi hard on until she had figured that key card from my cock and pocket. She handed it to the receptionist and he checked us out. Then followed mum’s grand entry. This beautiful lady walked through the crowd of people this morning in that lobby and let each of those know that she was wearing nothing under that nothing she was wearing anyways. She let them know that she just got fucked by the juices streaming down her legs. She let them know who just had fucked her by the guy with this tent in his jeans walking behind her carrying the suitcase. And she made the peoples guess who this young man was. Maybe her son.

I wrote a tenth part. Obviously. lol. It is not as hard and "disgusting like the others, anyways I'd really be thankful if you wrote more comments, cuz I want to to know whow you like it and not only a anonym rating. so i hope you enjoy (ed) this part. If you wish for more i will wrire more, but the new parts will not be like this one, they will content more of the hard stuff....


2007-11-25 16:01:31
fuckin great mate hurry up with 11!!!!!


2007-11-25 02:29:01
Good story...only thing I found annoying was the use of the word 'prevent' over 'pervert'. Good job and keep writing.


2007-11-24 05:57:23
great to see the good old usa is populated with mother fuckers


2007-11-23 15:30:10
Brill keep these tales up,


2007-11-23 10:35:16
I liked this better than those with eating shit and drinking piss. Forbidden sex is much more enticing.

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