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Three teenage girls make love while trapped in a snowstorm.
NOTE: The guy in the story never does fuck the girls. You might want to read another story if that is your only desire.

Snow Storm

Here in the Adirondack Mountains of New York we are certainly used to harsh winters and heavy snowfalls. So when the local weatherman called it the Storm of the Century I had to laugh. After all it is only seven years into this century and that leaves ninety-three more years for a bigger storm to come by. I figured that the odds were in our favor that this was NOT the Storm of the Century after all. However I also know better than to tempt fate.

I live on a small body of water called Loon Lake, which is seventeen miles north of Saranac Lake, which is nine miles east of Lake Placid where the Winter Olympic took place several years ago.

Loon Lake is a very beautiful place to live, even in the winter. The Canadian geese called Loons make our lake a stopping place to feed on the way south for the winter.

I keep extra cans of food and supplies in a deep cave out behind my cabin. It stays a constant temperature summer and winter. It is a god place to store my pelts before I sell them. Hunting, trapping, and fishing provide all of the meat that I ever need. I cure the pelts myself and even make jerky too. I have been self sufficient for a number of years.

I did drive into town for supplies though. I picked up coffee, tea, rice, flour, and sugar to last me through most of the winter. I also needed things like toilet paper, batteries, lamp oil, and gasoline too. I got everything in one trip.

When I got home I filled the oil lamps, my snow blower, my snowmobile, and the generator. I put a big stack of firewood inside and plenty more on my front porch. I settled in and waited for the snow to fall. I knew that I could last all winter now if I had too.

It started to snow just about dinnertime on Thursday and by noon on Friday I calculated that three feet had fallen and it didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon.

As I was getting ready to make myself lunch there was a banging at my door. When I opened it up there were three very attractive young ladies standing there in their snowsuits.

Emily said, “Hi! Can we come in?”

I said hello and then invited them in, out of the cold. Emily is one of the girls that live in the community of Loon Lake, which is located on the southeast end of Loon Lake. My cabin is located on the northwest end of Loon Lake. It is a four-mile walk around the lake itself so these girls came two miles to get to my house.

Emily is the daughter of one of my best friends. Her father and I fish and hunt together all the time. She is a cute little thing and I have watched her grow up ever since she was a little baby. Emily was my Goddaughter and practically my adopted daughter.

She introduced me to her two cousins that were staying with her. It had been a few years since I had seen them. It seems that they had decided to go cross country skiing around the lake but the snow had gotten so bad that they had trouble even getting to my cabin. Emily used my phone to call home and let her parents know that they were safe and that they were with me. Her mother told her to stay with me until the storm had passed however the latest word was that it could be a couple more days. Then her mother wanted to talk to me. I got the same information and then I was told that the girls had disobeyed her and run off without her permission. She told me that if there was anyway that I could punish them for doing something that stupid to feel free.

Emily is fifteen years old. She has dark brown hair and is becoming quite a lovely young woman. Her cousin Evelyn is fourteen years old and a cute little blonde. Elizabeth is also fourteen years old but has bright red hair like her mother. I had seen both of their mothers before and I felt that they sure looked a lot like them. In fact all three of the girls looked like their mothers. All three of their fathers were brothers.

I finally said, “So you three little scoundrels snuck out of the house without permission huh.”

Emily smiled and said, “Yes we did.”

Evelyn said, “It was so boring there.”

Elizabeth said, “Please don’t take us home. Not yet anyway.”

I replied, “Well you are getting your wish. The storm is picking up and you may be buried in here with me for a couple of days. You’re just damn lucky that you got here. You could have been stranded somewhere and frozen to death.”

Evelyn said, “You’re exaggerating. Aren’t you?”

I looked her right in the face and very seriously asked, “Do I look like I’m exaggerating?”

Elizabeth said softly, “No sir.”

Emily said, “I’m sorry. It was all my idea.”

Then the girls got out of their snowsuits. They looked like a bunch of rich big city girls on the bunny slope of some fancy resort. They had practically nothing on underneath their snowsuits. It was a good thing that they made it this far. Those three silly girls were wearing just their bras and panties. When they went over to the nice roaring fire to warm up I saw that they were all wearing thong panties too. They had three of the cutest little asses that I had ever seen. As I felt my cock stir I made a slight adjustment.

I said, “Oh by the way. I was told to punish you too.”

Emily asked, “What do you have in mind?”

I replied, “Well I could blister your cute little asses or I could just admire them until you go home.”

Evelyn said, “Well if it’s our choice I would rather you just admire my ass.”

Elizabeth said, “Me too, sir. Please.”

Emily said, “Well I sure don’t mind if you look at mine. That’s sort of why we came here dressed like this in the first place.” Then the three girls laughed.

I had to smile at them. Those sweet little wenches had done this on purpose. Well it was a whole lot better than being alone and watching the snowflakes fall. It just might even be better than watching a dirty movie from my DVD collection.

Emily had a very nice shape, her breasts were high on her chest and she was an inch or two taller than her cousins were. Emily had on a red bra and light blue panties. Evelyn had on a black strapless bra that was maybe a size too small for her breasts as if she had outgrown it recently and she had on white panties. Elizabeth was the only one wearing a matching set of yellow lacy panties and bra.

The girls seemed all keyed up. Emily was much more excited than she normally was. They obviously had something more in mind so I just sat back and watched them. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Emily pulled two of my bear skin rugs over in front of the fireplace and tossed on a couple more logs too. The three girls got on their bellies facing the fire. That way I got to check out their bare assess some more. Then I chuckled to myself about bare asses and bear rugs. After a while they turned over and started to look up at the cobwebs up in my rafters while I admired their tight little pussies. They each had pubic hairs sticking out of their panties too and the collar did match the cuffs in all three cases. The tiny red hairs glowed in the light from the fire while the little blonde hairs were practically invisible. However Emily’s dark brown hairs were very easy to see against her skin.

Soon the girls were anxiously moving my table around, standing up on it, and removing the cobwebs with my broom at arm reach. They were even taking turns standing up on the table and stretching for me. It was quite obvious that they were doing it on purpose but who to hell cared.

After they finished cleaning out the cobwebs they went up to check out my bedroom in the loft. It is always warmer up there because as everyone knows heat rises. I couldn’t see them but I heard a lot of giggling, whispering, and tee-heeing. I decided to just let them be.

When they finally did come back down they were hungry so I started a nice rabbit stew with potatoes, carrots, and onions. The girls each took a raw carrot and ran off. I couldn’t believe that they ran out into the snow like that. Well I guess that kids will be kids. Soon they were running back in and right to the fireplace. However this time they were completely naked.

I asked them, “What happened to your underwear?”

Emily said, “It’s on the porch. We didn’t want them to get wet.”

Then the girls laughed and giggled as they shivered in front of fire while I looked at them standing there naked.

Evelyn asked, “Would you be a dear and go get them for us?”

Elizabeth said, “If you do we will turn around for you and warm up our backs.”

Emily said, “That way you can see our fronts.”

Evelyn said, “That’s where our best parts are.”

I replied, “The parts in the back aren’t half bad either.” Then it was my turn to giggle.

I smiled and walked to the front door. I tried to be fast so that the cold air wouldn’t get in but those girls had tossed their bras and panties all over the place and in the snow too. Everything was all wet and they knew it. They hadn’t taken them off first like they said they had taken them off afterwards. It was all part of their plan. They had wanted to be naked in front of me. So I’ll let them. I gathered their things up and took them inside. The three girls were now facing me. It was an amazing sight. I tossed their clothes on the floor next to the door. They were all in a bunch and that way I knew that they wouldn’t dry out for days.

I sat in my chair near them and checked them out once again. None of the girls shaved their pussies and I liked that. I also knew that most girls only shaved down there in the summer during bikini season anyway and that in the middle of winter it really didn’t matter much at all. I enjoyed the much better look at their entire patches of pubic hair. The dark brown, the blonde, and the bright red were a very nice combination.

As I checked out their breasts it looked like Emily had a much darker tone to her skin than her cousins had. I was pretty sure that her mother had some Indian blood in her someplace. Her nipples and areolas were much darker than her two cousins were. She had a good size set of breasts on her too for a girl her age. Her cousin Evelyn, the little blonde, had a very pale complexion and her nipples and areolas were a light pink in color. Her breasts were about the same size as Emily’s breasts. Elizabeth, the redhead, had a lot of freckles all over her breasts right up to her neck and shoulders. Her nipples and areola were about the same shade of pink as Evelyn’s. Elizabeth’s breasts were just a little smaller than her cousin’s breasts were but I knew that she would catch up and surpass them soon. Like I said I had seen all of their mothers before and Elizabeth’s mother had a fine rack on her.

Emily smiled at me and asked, “So what do you think?”

I had a pretty good idea what she wanted to hear. So instead I said, “Well I think the snow is getting worse and that the rabbit stew is done.”

Emily stomped her foot and said, “That’s not what I asked.”

I said, “Too bad little babe. Let’s eat. Maybe I’ll tell you what you want to hear after you do the dishes.”

The girls ran to the table while I threw a couple more logs on the fire. I sat the pot in the middle of the table and put some in each of their bowls. The two cousins weren’t sure if they would like rabbit stew or not but Emily told then to try it and they did. They even decided that they liked it too. All of us had two bowls each and it sure warmed us all up.

The girls did the dished and even dried them and put them away without being asked. After that they got between the fire and me again.

Emily said, “Okay now answer my question. What do you think?”

Evelyn added, “About us.”

Elizabeth added, “Our bodies.”

I just smiled for a minute because it seemed to drive the girls crazy. Then I said, “Do you wish me to judge you strictly on appearance alone or can I touch, taste, and smell you too? Personally I would rather give you an answer based on all of my senses rather than just the one.”

Emily looked at her two cousins and then said, “Okay I think I would like you to fell of us.”

Evelyn added, “And to taste us too.”

Elizabeth added, “And to smell of us also.”

Emily said, “We were doing all of that to each other up in your loft earlier.”

I just smiled at their honesty. That was what I had thought they were doing anyway but it was nice to hear them admit it.

I stood up and asked them to lay back on the rugs. Then I got down near Emily and started with her. Keeping my head at a close proximity I went from her head to her toes examining every inch of her front. I repeated the process getting closer to the good parts and sniffing. Other than just needing a shower Emily smelled very good especially her pussy. She had a nice strong womanly fragrance. Then I got between her legs I opened up her pussy lips and started my taste test. She had a very nice strong taste and I liked it. I swirled my tongue around inside her opening for a good minute. She gave me an erection so I guess that she tasted just right. While I was right there I folded her knees into her breasts and sniffed her asshole. Then I licked it. It had a powerful taste but I stuck with it and licked her clean tasting of her very well. I then changed the taste in my mouth with some of her pussy juice. Next I had her roll over on her belly so that I could inspect her backside. Her skin looked nice especially her creamy ass.

She brought back memories of the times that her mother and I had made love. We usually make love once in the summer and once more in the winter. After all I don’t have a wife and she knows that men have certain requirements. I am certain that her husband knows about our relationship even though he and I have never spoken about it.

Evelyn was next and she certainly passed my visual inspection. Her blonde pussy had a nice sweet odor to it. I got right between her legs for my smell and taste test since that was all I had really done to Emily. As I opened her up I could see that she was even wetter than Emily had been. As I poked my tongue into her I realized that she tasted just as good as she smelled. It was a pleasant surprise that her asshole tasted good too. I tried not to spend more time slurping up her juices than I had Emily, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Elizabeth was the last of the girls but she sure was worth the wait. Like her blonde cousin she was very juicy. I opened up her pussy lips and looked inside her love tunnel. She had a unique tasted but it was similar to that of her blonde cousin. She really liked it when I ran my tongue over her tightly puckered asshole. I finished her off with my backside inspection. She passed all the way around.

Then I told all three girls to get on their bellies. I then did a palm to their ass cheek touch test. I didn’t spank them very hard, I just wanted to tease them a little. However at the same time I was checking out the firmness of each of their adorable derrières. Evelyn seemed to have the softest most elastic posterior of the bunch.

Next I had them roll onto their backs for me again. This time I gave each girl a breast exam. Not only did I poke my finger into every inch of their wonderful mammary glands but I pinched and twisted each of their nipples too. Then I sucked each and every one of them to stiffness and looked at them.

For my final examination I moistened my middle finger, reached down between Emily’s legs and inserted it. My finger went in fairly easily. Then I rubbed her clit but not long enough to give her an orgasm. With Evelyn my finger also went in fairly easily and then I tickled her clit too. However when I got to Elizabeth I felt some resistance from her intact hymen. All three girls said that they were virgins but Elizabeth hadn’t even shoved anything into her hole yet. She loved my finger on her clit too.

I sat back in my chair and asked, “So exactly what do you wish to hear?”

The girls just repeated themselves and said, “What do you think?” “About us.” “Our bodies.”

I said, “I take it you want me to be brutally honest with you.”

The three girls nodded their heads so I said, “Well first off I really enjoyed touching, smelling, and tasting each one of you. Second it is very hard to pick one of you over the other two because you each have some very nice qualities. Together you three would make one very wonderful woman.”

Emily said, “Okay. We get it. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Could you tell us something, please?”

I smiled and said, “Okay. Emily you have a great dark complexion, nice firm tits, and a very strong tasting pussy. Evelyn you have the wettest and best tasting pussy and the softest ass too. Elizabeth you still have your cherry and from what I have seen of your mother your breasts are going to be better than your cousin’s beasts in the near future. You all have great nipples too. Is that enough?”

Emily looked at her cousins and said, “I think that was just what we wanted to hear.”

Evelyn said, “Your right about Emily’s strong tasting pussy, my flabby ass, and Elizabeth’s boobs.”

Elizabeth asked, “Would you mind if we got in touch with our lesbian side in front of you. We wouldn’t be able to do that at Emily’s house.”

I smiled and replied, “Right in front of me. Yes. I would like that very much.”

Emily said, “Thank you. It really means a lot to us to have you watch.”

Evenly said, “We all liked you touching us too.”

I said, “Thanks girls. Now enjoy yourselves.” Then I sat back in my chair and watched them.

That night the girls were really ready to crash after they took a shower together and climbed into my bed. I of course slept on the couch. Don’t knock it, it’s a pretty comfortable couch.

Saturday the girls made love to one another all day long and occasionally in between they played naked in the snow and helped me in the kitchen. They each talked to their mothers on the phone also.

I had a pretty good collection of girl on girl DVDs that I have watched but nothing is ever as good as watching it live. Those cute little teenagers could give that goddamn Energizer Bunny a run for his money. They licked, sucked, and probed one another constantly. It was non-stop action as long as they were awake. Girls are lucky because they don’t have to get hard and build up in between climaxes like boys do. They were having orgasms all over the place.

I watched Emily attack Elizabeth once. She kissed her, tongue and all. She sucked her nipples and bit them just hard enough to make Elizabeth beg her for mercy. I watched as Emily kissed her cousin’s pussy, pulled on her pussy lips with her teeth, and then nibbled on her clit until Elizabeth passed out from pleasure.

I watched Evelyn attach Emily. She wrestled her to the floor in a playful way, sat on her face, and jammed three of her fingers into her pussy. No wonder those two didn’t have a hymen anymore.

Sunday was just another day of the same thing. They stayed naked all day, played in the snow occasionally, and fooled around constantly. Then about dinnertime the snow stopped. The plows wouldn’t have the road cleared to Emily’s house until sometime Monday afternoon though. I told Emily’s mother that I would bring the girls home on my sled sometime Monday. I can pull my sled behind my snowmobile and it would hold all three of the girls.

Emily’s mother told me that if I got the girls home by noon that I could bring her and her two sister-in-laws back to my house for a couple of days. Then she told me that they also wanted to get in touch with their lesbian side too if I didn’t mind. Wow! I told her that I wanted to get in touch with my lesbian side and she just laughed at me. She said that her sister-in-laws not only wanted to get in touch with their lesbian sides but that they all wanted to try out my cock a few times each too. Okay!

When I asked what they were going to wear I was told just a bra, panty, and a snowsuit of course. Boots, gloves, and goggles were always a part of the snowsuit. I was also told that they didn’t intend to wear their bras and panties very long though. I told her that I would be there by noon if I had to drag that sled there by myself.

Emily’s mother laughed and said, “Okay lover boy. You just get here by noon. I can’t wait to feel your cock in me and after three days with those girls I bet you can’t wait to slip it in me either. Tell you what. As soon as we are out of sight I’ll let you fuck me in a snow bank. I know how much you like a cold piece of ass. Love you.” Then she kissed the phone.

The End
Snow Storm
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