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Crotchless panties and barks like a dog my ass. She was simply wonderful.
Crotchless Panties

One night my buddy Tim and I were watching “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” when we heard one of the actors say, “She wears crotchless panties and barks like a dog.”

As we laughed Tim said, “I know a chick like that. You know her too, Samantha Ferguson. We used to call her Fergie. Oh you’ve got to remember her.”

I finally remembered who he was talking about and said, ‘Oh yes, you mean the coach’s daughter from high school.”

Tim said, “Yes that’s her. Well I met her a few weeks ago. Did she ever grow up. She works at the Blue Pussycat down on Elm Street as a waitress. Too bad she’s not one of the dancers. She has a killer body.”

I said, “Really. I haven’t been in there in years.”

Tim said, “Well you should check it out. Fergie is easy too if you get there just before closing and she has had enough to drink. The night I was there I offered her a ride home, went in, and fucked the shit out of her. She was wearing crotchless panties and I didn’t even take them off I just stuck my cock into the opening and then into her opening. Just as she reached an orgasm I swear to God that she barked like a dog.”

I smiled at him as I said, “You lying sack of shit. You really expect me to believe that about the coach’s daughter?”

Tim said, “It’s true. I swear to God. If you don’t believe me go check her out yourself. I’ll even bet you twenty bucks. She even squirts cum like you and I do. I couldn’t believe that either.”

Well the very next night was Friday so I went down to the Blue Pussycat like Tim had suggested. I thought that I saw Fergie but I wasn’t sure. After all that was about fourteen years ago when I was eighteen and she was eleven. She recognized me and came right over. She was the girl that I had thought it was earlier. She had certainly grown up very nicely. Just like Tim had said. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful young woman had let Tim fuck her, let alone bark like a dog. She was no dog!

As the evening progressed I watched Fergie just as much as I watched the girls up on the stage. She was even prettier than most of them. She had a much better looking body too. All evening she charged me the regular price for my drinks but told me that they had double shots in them. She even warned me to be careful if I was driving home.

I was still there at closing time and feeling no pain so Fergie offered me a ride home. I was just a little woozy but I accepted her offer. A few minutes later she came back to my table to get me and took me out to her car. As she drove me to my house she talked about old times and how she had a crush on me when she was younger. As she talked I reached over and placed my hand on her leg. She just smiled at me and kept talking about old times. I moved my hand up her leg toward her crotch. I pushed her mini skirt up with it. Then she stopped at a traffic light and helped me by lifting her ass up off her seat and pulling her mini skirt up to her waist.

Fergie said, “There that should help give you a little better access.”

I was amazed that this attractive young woman would offer herself to me so easily. Maybe Tim was right about her. Maybe she was easy after all. So I moved my hand up her panties. Her crotch was warm and moist. I tried to slip a finger into her panties but I couldn’t get it in her leg opening. Then Fergie opened her knees up wider for me so that I could. When I slipped my finger inside her panties I knew that she was wet so I slipped my finger into her slit and found her clit. As I rubbed it Fergie squirmed all over the place from the pleasure.

Soon Fergie said, “Could you please stop that. It feels way too good but I’m driving. If you can wait until we get to your house I promise that you won’t be sorry.”

So I went back to rubbing the outside of her panties. Then I slipped my hand up under her T-shirt and started to play with her tits until we got into my driveway. She pulled her mini skirt back down in place and then we got out and went into my house.

Fergie said, “Why don’t we just get you into bed.”

I pointed the way and she took me in. She helped me get undressed too and sat me on my bed as if I were an invalid. Then I watched as Fergie got undressed. She had certainly grown up to be a very attractive young woman. It was obvious that she took after her mother instead of the couch. He looked like a big old wrestler from what I remembered. He was sort of mean to us guys too. As she removed her T-shirt I checked out her nice tits and her very hard nipples. When she removed her panties I checked out her shaved pussy and her firm ass. Then I got into bed and she climbed in with me.

I just had to say, “Tim said that he ran into you the other day.”

Fergie said, “Tim Smith? That bastard! He got me drunk, took me home, and took advantage of me. Talk about date rape. That bastard cut a hole in my panties and fucked me in them. All the while he was fucking me he kept yelling at me to bark like a dog. Finally I did it just to shut him up. I was so glad that he was gone when I woke up in the morning. I sure didn’t want him fucking me again before he left. Once was more than enough. He’s a gross pig. That bastard! I hope he rots in hell for what he did to me. I could just kill him.”

I couldn’t help but say it, “But your going to let me fuck you. Aren’t you?”

Fergie smiled and kissed me very passionately then said, “You bet your sweet ass I am. But then again I have always wanted you to fuck me. Sometimes I would sneak into the locker room when you were changing after practice and catch you in just a towel. Then Tim would pull it off from you and you would chase him around. I have wanted your cock in me every since those days. That’s why I gave you doubles all night long. I wanted to take advantage of you like Tim did to me.”

I said, “You know. I believe you. Tim always was a bastard. I just never realized it until now.”

Then I buried my face in her nice firm breasts and enjoyed her tight nipples. Her areolas were so puckered that they couldn’t be any bigger than a nickel and her nipples were so tense that they were like tiny peckers. I expected milk to come oozing out of them if she got any more excited.

When I put my finger in her pussy and started rubbing her little sex nub Fergie said, “Its about time. You were driving me fucking crazy doing that in the car and I couldn’t concentrate. All I could imagine was us in an accident and your finger still jammed up my pussy as the Medics took us to the hospital to have it surgically removed. Now don’t stop playing with my clit until I pass out.”

So I worked on her clit for several minutes more. Fergie was having plenty of orgasms but she wasn’t passing out. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and I rolled over on top of her and slipped my cock in between her legs. I fucked into her and that’s about all that I remembered until I woke up the next morning that is.

As I opened my eyes the room light was too bright so I closed them again. My mouth was dry and I remembered all the gin that I had drank the night before. Then Fergie snuggled into me tighter. I opened my eyes again briefly and saw her face lying on my shoulder. I felt her arm over my chest and I felt her leg over my leg. I even felt her moist pussy rubbing up against my thigh as she slept. It reminded me of a dog dry humping my leg. Fergie was no dog. Then I felt her breast in my hand that was around her head.

As I lay there in dreamland somewhere between unconsciousness and consciousness I tried to remember more of last night. Fergie had gotten me drunk so that she could take advantage of me. Now that was certainly different. Then I remembered what Tim had told me about her being easy and barking like a dog. I smiled knowing that he owed me twenty bucks. I found myself rolling her nipple between my thumb and my forefinger. I also found myself getting hard. I was pretty sure it was a piss-hard-on but hey any hard-on is a good hard-on as far as I was concerned. I bent my head enough to kiss Fergie’s forehead. I felt her starting to stir. She opened her eyes and looked at me then she smiled. She moved her head so that our lips could meet then we kissed. She didn’t even have that dreaded morning breath. She smiled and lowered her hand to my cock then she really smiled.

Fergie said, “We should take care of this before you pass out again.”

I said, “Oh. I’m so sorry about last night.”

Fergie said, “I’m not. You were magnificent. You were everything that I had hoped you would be. You drove me absolutely crazy. You gave me so many orgasms that the sheets got all wet. I’m a squirter, you know.”

I said, “A squirter?”

Fergie said, “My urethra is tilted and I squirt when I cum. It’s not very common in women. I can even pee standing up like a man too but I do have to part my pussy lips or they get in the way and I dribble all over myself.”

Fergie then rolled oven on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my hard cock. The blanket slipped down to her ass and onto my balls so I pushed it down further with my fingers. Soon Fergie was rocking back and forth on my cock. I had to pee like a racehorse but I couldn’t with that hard-on. I watched as Fergie bounced up and down on me. I reached up and played with her breasts for awhile and then I held both of her nipples with my fingers as she continued to fuck me. She was tilting her pelvis down so that my cock pressed harder against the front of her vagina. It seemed that she was trying to rub her clit against my cock somehow. Maybe she was hitting her G-spot. Apparently it was working for her. She was having multiple orgasms. I had to piss so bad that I could hardly feel the sperm swell up in my glands.

The feeling just built up until I shouted out, “I’m cumming.”

Fergie shouted out, “Me too.” Then a moment later as a joke she said, “Bow! Wow!”

We laughed together as I filled her with my cum. Shot after shot after shot flew up into her vagina. Then a moment later I flushed it all back out with my piss. I had never peed in a woman before but it sure felt good and Fergie didn’t seem to mind at all. When I was done giving her a piss douche I couldn’t believe it but Fergie then peed too. We were soaking wet by the time we finished. I though about jumping up before it soaked into the mattress but I felt so good with Fergie sitting on top of me that I figured that I would just flip the mattress over later.

I thought that I should probably purchase a mattress cover or maybe some rubber sheets. Once I had heard a guy describe a warm Peanut Oil Party. You warm the Peanut Oil up a little and pour it all over your partner then you slither up against her. It sounded nice getting all oiled up and slipping into your loved one. He said the girls would even do anal knowing how easily it would slip in.

Fergie and I finally got up and took a nice hot shower together. Then we tried to dry out the mattress as best as we could. When I suggested the rubber sheet idea and the Peanut Oil Party to Fergie she loved it.

We made love again before Fergie had to go to work. It was on a blanket on the floor because the mattress was soaked right through but it was just as good. Then she took me back to my car.

I went right over to Tim’s house to collect my twenty dollars and to give him a piece of my mind.

The End
Crotchless Panties
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