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Mort Ashton had been a school bus driver for 30 years. He was 55 years
old now, short, balding, and sporting a handlebar mustache it had taken
him months to grow, let alone maintain. His gray beady eyes flickered
from one teenage girl to another as they boarded his bus, wearing those
wicked short skirts and low cut blouses with their ridiculous high
heels. Little whores, that's what they were. And he lusted after each
one of them hungrily. He hid his bald spot with a fedora that all the
teenagers made fun of.

"Hey, Mort, who do ya think you are? Indiana Jones?" They would tease.

"Aw, shuddup and sit down," was Mort's constant reply. Then he would check
his appearance in the mirror, wondering how much longer the hat would be
big enough to cover the greasy brown hair he had remaining on his head.

The teenagers knew he was sensitive about this and they also knew what a
lecherous old guy he was. The girls made a point to give him an eyeful when
they boarded the bus, leaning over and bending over, the naughty ones
knowing that he was sporting a woody in his tan uniform trousers that he
would love to plant in them if he got the opportunity.

One day his wish came true. He only had one young lady to drop off at the
end of his route and it was a long way to her home.

As he rounded the crest of the hill, the bus began to sputter and shake. He
made it to the top of the hill and the vehicle died as he managed to guide
it to the side of the road and park it in the gravel.

He was still 5 miles from civilization, alone with his passenger.

His passenger was Tootie Adams, a senior. Tootie came from a poor family, a
"large" poor family. Nobody knew exactly how many brothers and sisters she
had, but there were numerous rumours of incest and other shenanigans about
the brood she lived with. Like all the other teenage girls, Tootie dressed
in short tight skirts, low cut tight blouses, garter and thigh high hosiery
and spiked heels. Tootie was African American, but Mort found her all the
more enticing because she WAS black. He'd never fucked a black gal. Today
he might get lucky if he played his cards right. She was good looking black
girl, big tits, round ass, long slender legs. She wore her hair cut short,
in what Mort would call a "crew cut". It didn't detract from her feminity,
though. Nope, it sure didn't.

He checked in the mirror and saw her get up from her seat and walk toward
him, a look of genuine concern on her face.

"What's the matter, Mort? What happened?" She asked.

"Aw, the bus just died. You'll either have to walk the rest of the way home
or wait until I can get some help out here to fix it and take you home." He

"Walk! I can't walk five miles in these shoes!" She squealed, pacing back
and forth down the aisle.

"Well, I'll radio for help and we can just sit back and relax then, I
guess," Mort offered.

"I guess that's what we'll have to do, then," Tootie answered, sitting back
down in the seat.

Mort radioed in to the garage and was told it would be an hour or two
before help could get there.

"Looks like we're in for a long wait, Tootie," He told her, "Why don't you
move up here closer and we can get to know one another better?" He asked.

"Oh, okay. I guess so. Why not?" She replied, bending over to get her books
from the seat to bring them up front with her. "I guess I can study while
we're waiting."

"Yeah, sure." Mort replied, eyeing her long, slender legs.

They sat in silence for several minutes, Tootie studying her books, Mort
studying Tootie. He became bold and reached out to stroke her leg.

"Mort, what are you doing?" Tootie asked coyly.

"Just checking out those long purty legs," Mort replied, moving his hand up
her leg a little further.

"Oh. Well, help yourself. Don't worry, I like it when men touch me," Tootie
explained. She leaned back and opened her legs a little, giving Mort a good
view of her bikini pants with the crotch cut out.

"Like what you see, Mort?" She teased, opening and closing her legs slowly
and seductively.

"Mmmm...sure do! Can I move up a little closer and get a good look?"

"Yes you can," She answered, spreading her legs wide apart and throwing
her book aside, "Look as close as you want. You can touch too, if that's
what will make you happy. My daddy does it all the time, so does my
uncle and my big brother. We have alot of fun at my house."

"That's what I hear," Mort told her as he moved closer between her legs,
sliding his hands up her soft, supple thighs toward the sparkling
moistness beckoning him from within.

Tootie lowered her hips closer to Mort. She took his hand and placed it in
her crotch, "Feel it, Mort. Ain't it wet?" She teased, taking his finger
and inserting it into the dampness.

Mort thought he would faint! Never in his life had he dreamed he would be
doing this when he left his meager home for work this morning.

"Oh, baby. It's wet. It's hot! I want to fuck it!" He moaned.

"Well come here and let me see what you've got to offer," She commanded
him, moving his fingers from her crotch and licking the fluid from his
fingertips. She reached forward and squeezed the huge erection straining
against Mort's trousers.

"Oh Mort! What a big cock you have! I want you to put it inside me!" She
squealed as she stripped off her blouse and threw it aside. Her enormous
brown breasts joggled as she unzipped Mort's pants, pulled them down to his
ankles and the freed his monstrous appendage from his underwear so she
could get a good look at it.

"Well, well, if I had known what a monster you had been hiding from me all
this time, we'd have done this alot sooner," She told him.

Mort leaned back in the seat and Tootie straddled his lap, sliding her damp
cunt over his throbbing dick. Mort reached up and squeezed her tits,
pinching and pulling on the nipples, then he took them into his mouth, one
at a time and suckled hard, like a newborn baby.

"Oh, Mort. Suck them, baby. That's it! Suck them hard!" Tootie squealed in
delight as she lowered herself over his erection. "Oh yes! Your big fat
cock feels soooo good! Fuck me, old man! Fuck me!"

"Oh, yeah baby, I'm fuckin'. I'm fuckin'," Mort replied bucking his hips up
and down like a piledriver inside the tight, hot hole of this beautiful
young girl.

They fucked and bucked fast, then slowly, then faster again, each of them
drunk with the drink of lust and desire, working toward a satisfaction of
their thirst for climax, faster, faster, deeper, deeper, until Mort's huge
penis began to twitch and buck, emptying his seed into the teenager's womb.
As his huge cock pumped his spend into her, she jerked and writhed in her
own orgasm, twitching and tightening her cunt muscles around his throbbing
cock, until both of them were spent, exhausted and satisfied.

"We're gonna do this again," Tootie promised Mort as she put her clothes
back on

"You can bet on that!" Mort replied, pulling up his trousers and watching
the bus service van pull up behind their stalled vehicle.

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good story line , but younger with more detail would be better


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she was too old


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i've always thought something like that was going on with one of my friends and our bus driver...always been jealous too :P

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