Part 4
Chapter 17
Mary Goes to Camp

“Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake,” Beth told Mary and the other campers as they got off the camp bus and started looking for their luggage as the driver handed it out the back door. “If you’re new to the camp than stay here with your luggage and the camp director will be here in a few minutes to give you the grand tour.”

Mary collected her suitcase and shoulder bag and turned to head for her cabin when Beth stepped into her path. “Mary, right?”

“That’s right,” Mary said as she stopped short to look over her cabin counselor.

“I thought I recognized you from last year,” Beth said with a toothy smile before she dropped her voice to a whisper, “and you look just like an older version of Dannie.”

“I don’t know if I should consider that a compliment or an insult,” Mary said with a chuckle.

“Let me know when you decide,” Beth said with a chuckle of her own. “Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the camp is overbooked this month so all the female counselors are sharing their private rooms with one camper. I was wondering if you wanted to share my room?”

“Sure,” Mary said returning Beth’s suggestive wink as they headed for the cabin together.

“Hold on a second,” Beth said as she turned to one of boys collecting his luggage. “Bill.”

“Hi sis,” Bill said, giving his older sister a suggestive smile before he frowned slightly. “You look different somehow.”

“Yeah,” Beth said with a quick cough to cover her short laugh, “I wanted to talk to you about that. We’re both a little busy right now, but why don’t we get together after dinner so we can talk.”

“Sounds good to me,” Bill said with a nod that made his wavy brown hair shift back and forth. Mary couldn’t help but notice how good Bill looked, a male version of Beth except that his sister’s beauty was a rugged handsome features. “Maybe I can meet you in your room after dinner.”

“That’s what I have a private room for,” Beth said, giving Bill a quick wink before she turned to lead Mary on toward the cabin.

“Is the camp really over booked?” Mary asked as she followed Beth toward the cabin. “Or is this your way of insuring that you have someone to eat your pussy for the next month?”

“A bit of both actually,” Beth said with a smile. “The camp is over booked, but not enough that the counselors have to give up their private rooms. In fact the plan was to put shift things around in the cabins and bring in some extra cots - which is what we usually do when something like this happens - but when the head counselor mentioned the booking problem yesterday afternoon I stepped up to volunteer the space in my cabin so I could share it with you. But no one else followed through so I’m the only cabin counselor sharing a cabin.”

“The room isn’t exactly soundproof but we should be able to talk and do some other things without being overheard,” Beth said as she led Mary to her private entrance and waved the younger girl in ahead of her.

“Officially you have the bunk over there in the corner,” Beth said, pointing to the single bed in the corner, “but if you want to share my bed I’m not going to kick you out.”

“Especially if I eat your pussy and suck your tits,” Mary said, licking her lips in anticipation.

“I will be reciprocating of course,” Beth said, giving Mary a wide grin and a quick wink. “Your sister did teach me how to eat pussy, and she made sure that I knew just what you like from another girl.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be a fun month,” Mary said as she put her bags on the empty bed, “all the pussy I can eat and all the cock I can fuck since we can come and leave with no one else in the cabin knowing that we’re doing it.”

“From the way you keep looking at me belly and tits I assume Dannie told you that I’m pregnant,” Beth said as she pulled her shirt up to give Mary a good look at her slight belly bulge.

“She told us,” Mary said with a quick nod and smile, “she also told us who the father really is. And I’d love to be there when you tell Bill that he’s going to be a father.”

“I thought you might,” Beth said with a chuckle as she sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the covers next to her, “that’s why I decided to talk to Bill after dinner and here.”

“By the way,” Beth said as Mary sat next to her and pushed her blond hair back from her face, “have you had a pregnancy test yet?”

“Not yet,” Mary admitted, “I didn’t want to take any chances that our parents would find out about the baby before I had a chance to set up a few extra guys to cover the fact that Ken’s the father.”

“I can understand that,” Beth said with a nod, “and I’m sure you’ll find George, Ben, and Jake more than willing to fill your nice little cunt with enough cum juice to cover Ken for you. In fact I bet that Bill will be happy to add his juice as well.”

“I hope so,” Mary said with a weak smile.

“I’m sure he’ll be willing,” Beth said resting her hand on Mary’s lap for a second before the younger girl opened her thighs so the older girl could reach her crotch and rub her cunt through her pants. “Since you haven’t had a pregnancy test yet, how do you know you’re pregnant? I assume you know - or at least suspect - that you’re pregnant.”

“Oh yeah,” Mary said with a blissful smile as she reached out to stroke Beth’s crotch just like the older girl was stroking hers. “Well, to start with I missed my last period, and I had morning sickness for a week - fortunately I was able to hide that from our parents or else they may realized something was going on.”

“I have to admit that those are both good indications that you have a bun in the oven,” Beth said, patting Mary’s belly before she slid her hand inside the younger girl’s pants and started playing with her clit, but is anything else going on?”

“I’ve grown a full bra size in the last six weeks,” Mary said. “That may be a growth squirt, but it’s more growth than I had in the year before Ken and I started fucking.”

“Wow, I only gained a half cup since Bill knocked me up, and I’ve been pregnant a month longer than you,” Beth said enviously . “Can I see?”

“Sure,” Mary said as she pulled her shirt off and raised her arms so Beth could reach behind her to unsnap her bra. As Mary’s bra dropped to the floor Beth cupped the blond girl’s tits in her hands and squeezed them until her nipples popped erect. “May I?” Beth asked, licking her lips as Mary’s nipples bobbed enticingly in front of her eyes.

“Sure,” Mary said, giving Beth a broad smile as she pushed her chest out even further, “I love to have my nipples sucked. Can I see your tits?”

“It’s only fair,” Beth said, sweeping her shirt and bra off and tossing them to the floor as Mary cupped her tits and sighed.

“Do you think my tits will ever get this big?” she asked as she squeezed the older girl’s tits until her nipples popped out too.”

“Maybe,” Beth said with a groan of pleasure. “For all I know your tits could be larger than mine by the time you’re as old as me. Or by the time your baby’s born for that matter.”

“Do you really think so?” Mary asked as she leaned forward to suck Beth’s nipple into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue.

“I don’t know,” Beth admitted with a gasp of pleasure as Mary pulled her shirt up to rub the older girl’s small belly bulge. “Small breasts tend to run in my family, so it’s possible that your tits will end up larger than mine.”

“Oh God,” Beth moaned as Mary continued to play with her nipple as she slid her hand down and into the waistband of her pants and started rubbing her slit through her panties. “Looks like Dannie told you about some things that I like too.”

“Of course,” Mary said, releasing Beth’s nipple and taking a few seconds to talk before she switched to the other one. “You know how sisters like to talk, especially when their eating pussy. She told me how much you liked having your nipples sucked, she also told me how much Jake hates to suck them unless you beg for it.”

“Yeah, he is a bit of a pig when you get right down to it,” Beth admitted with another groan as Mary switched to her other nipple and slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties to run her fingers across the older girl’s clit as it popped out of it’s sheath. “But he’s still a great fuck with that little cock of his.”

“After what Mary told me about Jake I can’t wait to give him a try,” Mary said with a giggle. “And I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I tell him I’m pregnant at the end of the month. Of course I can hardly wait to fuck all the guys Dannie fucked last month.”

“And I know for a fact that they can’t wait to fuck you, too,” Beth gasped as her body began to shake with her approaching orgasm. “In fact if we play things right I bet my brother Bill will want to fuck you too.”

“That sounds good,” Mary said with a smile as she watched Beth’s eyes roll back in her head as her breath came in gasps. The older girl would have slid off the edge of the bed if Mary hadn’t grabbed her and held her in place while her body jerked and spasmed in pleasure.

“I needed that,” Beth said with sigh as her body recovered from her orgasm. “Obviously Dannie taught you well.”

“Not really,” Mary giggled, “I just know what I like, so I figured you’d like the same.”

“That’s sounds like something I need to remember,” Beth said as she sat back up in bed. “It doesn’t seem fair, here you’ve given me a great orgasm and I haven’t done anything for you yet.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to return the favor before too long,” Mary said, giving her new friend a toothy smile as she started to get out off the bed.

“Hold on, Mary,” Beth said, grabbing the younger girl’s elbow before she could step away from the bed. “I know George is waiting to give you a pregnancy test and a good hard fuck, but there’s time before you have to go, time enough for me to return the favor right now.”

“I like that idea,” Mary said as she sat back on the edge of the bed. “But if you don’t mind I like to eat pussy as much as I love to have mine eaten. So, how do you feel about a sixty-nine?”

“That sounds even better,” Beth said as she released Mary’s elbow and grabbed her shirt to pull it off as she watched Mary mimic her move. Next they removed their bras, and then stood up to remove their shoes before sliding their pants and panties down to the floor with one quick shove. Once their socks joined the rest of their clothes on the floor the two girls crawled back into the bed and Beth lay on her back as Mary straddled her body so each girl was looking at the other’s cunt.

“I love your pussy hair,” Mary said as she breathed in Beth’s scent and looked at the mat of brown hair that surrounded the older girl’s slit.

“You’re joking,” Beth said as she fingered Mary’s bald slit, sending a shiver along the younger girl’s spine. “I’ve been thinking about shaving my cunt because I hate the way my pubic hair itches when I fuck.”

“I’m sure that’s just your imagination,” Mary said as she ran her finger along Beth’s slit so the older girl’s whole body shivered at her touch. Mary pursed her lips and blew a quick burst of air over Beth’s clit, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her cabin counselor. “Didn’t that feel good when my breath passed through your pubic hair? If it wasn’t there it wouldn’t feel nearly as erotic when I blew across your pussy lips.”

“Maybe,” Beth said hesitantly, “I guess I can let it go for now, but I’ll keep thinking about it even if I don’t do it right now.”

“Right now I think it’s time we stopped talking and started acting,” Mary said with a short chuckle as she grabbed Beth’s thighs and buried her face into the older girl’s crotch and started sucking on her pussy, swallowing her juices, relishing the taste as they slipped down her throat.

Beth gasped when Mary’s lips touched her cunt and then she buried her face in the other girl’s bald crotch and started licking her clean cunt lips and clit. As Mary moaned in pleasure Beth stuck her tongue deep in her slit and started licking the juices out of her hole with the same relish that Mary had for her juices.

“You are so damn good at this,” Mary moaned as her stomach clenched at the pleasure running from her cunt to her tits. “You’re a fucking natural.”

“No,” Beth said with a grin, “I just had a great teacher, and I know what I like and figure you’ll like it as much as I do.”

“You got that right,” came Mary’s muffled reply as she buried her mouth in the brown fur around Beth’s juicy slit. When she heard the older girl gasp in pleasure and as her back arched Mary stuck her tongue out and tickled her friend’s engorged clit with the tip of it until Beth’s whole body went stiff and the older girl let out a muffled scream of pleasure as she shoved her head tight into the younger girl’s thighs and buried her tongue into her tight little cunt.

As Beth’s tongue wiggled around in her pussy Mary let herself go and her body exploded with another orgasm that left her gasping for air as Beth’s body slumped beneath her and Mary used the last of her strength to push herself off the older girl so she could catch her breath as she stared at the ceiling with a satisfied grin. “Oh God that was so good,” Mary gasped. “The only thing that could possibly make it better was if there was a guy or two here ready to fuck us.”

“Yeah,” Beth groaned, “I like eating pussy as much as I like having mine eaten, but nothing beats a good stiff cock slamming into your fuck tunnel until it spews thick baby juice deep in your belly. Speaking of cock and baby juice George is probably wondering where you are by now. As soon as you catch your breath you should get dressed and headed over to the nurses cabin so he can give you a pregnancy test and a quick exam before fucking you silly.”

“I already feel silly,” Mary chuckled weakly, “but I do want that cock so I’ll head over to George’s office as soon as I can.


2008-06-25 02:10:28
Ive been reading all the chapters of this story and this is the first i have been disapointed in. He seems to have lost all sence in what he is writing about. at one point mary calls dannie 'mary', and during this chapter the girls take off 3 sets of tops and bras, each time to start playing/sucking each others tits!!?!? :-s


2008-04-15 09:35:41
Got anymore chapters on the final? Like Mary and Dannie giving birth?


2008-03-06 16:28:28
lovely, my sisters and I have never stop making love now going on for over 45 years. They all allowed me to teach their/our children in the ways of producing babies


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Fucking your sister is the way to go. I started fucking my sister when she was 9. I was 15. Fucked her for 8 years and gave her 4 children. Then I moved away and got married.


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love all the chapters! kepp them coming and keep the characters young

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