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Stephanie was told she'd be fucked, just not by whom
Stephanie came into the house and turned to close the door. Just as it closed a hand came across her eyes and another across her waist.

"Shhh.," Erik said into her ear. His body was warm against her, she could feel his nakedness, she could feel his cock getting firmer against the jeans covering her ass. "Close your eyes."

Stephanie did as she was told, closing her mouth unconsciously as well. She tried to steady her breathing, but it quivered in her chest, where butterflies seemed to play freely now.

Erik released her and soon a blindfold was put into place where his hand had been covering her eyes. Stephanie smiled and took in a small breath through her mouth. She then felt her hands individually being tied at the wrist with soft rope, then ends of the rope being left to dangle to the floor. She then felt Erik come up behind her, his mouth passing softly over the joining of her neck. He pressed his lips there gently and she felt an immediate tingle in her pelvic region.

She then felt his hands slip around the waistband of her jeans to the front button. Erik pulled the button apart and slid the zipper down and nudged her toward where the table was in the kitchen.

"So, what-"

"No talking, " Erik said quickly. "The only sounds coming out of your mouth are going to be associated with orgasm. And whatever you're told to say."

Stephanie closed her mouth and before she could think of anything else to say she felt her jeans get forcibly, roughly pulled down to her knees. The rush of cool air was a pleasant shock to her. She felt his strong hands guide her legs up and out of them one at a time. She could also just barely catch the scent of her own pussy rising up to her. She had been in a state of arousal since Erik called her earlier in the day, saying that she had better be wet for the surprise she was going to have after work. Told her that she would be fucked blindfolded and tied when she got home. Told her that it would be something she would never forget.

She had not had any problem getting wet. She even teased Jimmy at work a little, brushing her breast up against him when he asked her to come look at a problem he was having with his computer. She had imagined jimmy latching on to her small breasts and fucking her as she bent in front of him while solving his "problem". As Erik slid her pants to the side he placed his face, his nose, directly in the crack of her pantied ass. Pink was the color for today, pink boys short panties. She could feel her own wetness as his nose pressed the fabric against her, felt his mouth press in and heard him inhale her aroma.

"Oh fuck Stephanie," he said, "You smell awesome."

Stephanie smiled and then stepped a little wider for him to have better access to her. But before she could feel his tongue slip into her, he got up and tugged on her ropes. "Follow slowly."

She again did as she was told and felt him position her up against the edge of the kitchen table, a strong, oak monstrosity that would easily hold their weight. In the background she heard the door to their room open slowly. Steps. She turned her head to the sound and felt just a bit of anxiety at her current state of undress and position.

Erik pulled on her ropes, bending her forward over the table at her waist. Her chest landed against a body pillow that had been set there for her comfort. She could feel him tying the ropes to the opposite legs of the table, firmly holding her in place. Along the table and to her side the footsteps continued. They stopped directly behind her.

"Erik-", she started, worried.

She felt his hand cover her mouth. "I told you, no talking."

Erik replaced his hand with his lips and kissed her deeply, his tongue finally going in and darting to touch hers lightly. "I told you you were going to be fucked, I didn't say by whom. you're not going to move. You're going to be a nice piece of ass for our guest here and you're going to let him do whatever he wants."

Stephanie froze as she felt two large hands place themselves on either side of her ass, kneading her glute muscles. Her breath quickened and her mind raced to imagine what man Erik had brought into their relationship without informing her. How long had he known this person? Did he take precautions?

Stephanie felt her chest tighten slightly and the butterflies quicken to high intensity as Erik pressed down on her shoulders as if to hold her. Before she could think anything, she felt a large cockhead bulge against her panties, push in a little, then felt it slide down to where it touched her clit. She shivered and let out a breath. Her following breaths came in and out quick and shallow. Erik pressed his mouth against her lips in a full, holding kiss. Her mouth opened to meet his and she felt one side of her wet panties pull aside. Oh God.

Erik held her and she barely felt his open kiss, her mind was on the probing cockhead now at the entrance to her wet pussy. She could feel there was no condom, only bare flesh.

"Oh fuck, that's nice," their guest said in a deep voice. There was something of awe in it and her mind barely registered the compliment.

"I tell you Erik, I probably won't last long in her."

Erik pulled away for a moment and said, "You do what you have to, do whatever you feel." To Stephanie he said, "I want to have my mouth on you, feel him push into you through it."

Stephanie then felt the cockhead, and a thick one at that, set itself firmly at her opening, felt her hips tilt forward as if on their own to accept him. She then felt his hands grab to hold her at her waist and pull as he pushed forward into her pussy.

"Mmmuuuhh," Stephanie moaned deep from her throat. her head moved against Erik as they broke their kiss enough for her to be shoved forward by that cock. "Oooohh!"

"Oh fuck, I love you babe," Erik said.

Stephanie's mind swam in imagery of the man's cock buried in her. he hit bottom and she felt his thighs against her ass, his balls touch her clit. He let out a moan and folded over her slightly. She felt his stomach warm her back a bit and felt him straighten up.

"Oh fuck she's good! You're so fucking hot. You like my cock? Answer me?" he asked.

"Ooohh. yes," Stephanie answered. "Ohh. so thick."

Stephanie almost didn't think about her husband. she felt him holding her down yet, providing pressure against her unknown impaler, but that was it. She felt a deep shiver work its way through her as another man held himself tightly in her, tighter than anyone she has ever had. She felt him flex his cock and she responded by squeezing her pussy around him.

"Oh, you're going to get fucked now," he said behind her. And with that he slid out just enough so she could feel his cockhead at her entrance again. She realized her hands were sweating and were gripping the opposite edge of the table something fierce as she tried to ready herself for him. She stepped to the side, making her pussy lips open some more. That's when he thrust forward, burying himself again. She felt her legs get weak and started to shake slightly. Another man was fucking her in front of Erik. She felt like showing Erik that she was a full slut, and would take this type of fucking anytime he wanted to do this for her. Anyone.

He pulled back again and drove forward faster, back and forward. Her breath came out of her on each push in. She tried to breath properly, but her breath stagger with the thrusting of his thick cock. She felt her pussy squeeze on its own then, felt a drip of moisture slide down her clit and she wasn't sure if it was his precum or her pussy that made the mess. She opened her mouth as her hips slapped firmly against his thighs, as his balls slapped against her clit. She felt it then, the tightening that seemed to start in her mind and in her toes at the same time. Felt an orgasm squeezing her body around his wonderful bare cock.

"Ooooh, oooooh, ooooh," she moaned. She heard slapping sound in front of her and realized Erik must be stroking himself fiercely near her face.

Stephanie orgasmed then, came hard and tight around her wonderful fucker's cock. Came hard enough to make him moan out, "Oh fuck!"

Stephanie screamed out and felt her body shake and weaken, felt her legs give way to where she was glad ropes and her lover were holding her up. She didn't care what happened, she only wanted him to continue.

"I'm gonna cum," he said. "where Erik?"

Erik's own voice was strained with his hand stroking. "Cum in her. Fill her and hold your cock in there."

Stephanie came again then. She couldn't believe she heard Erik say that. "Ooooooh, yesss!".

"Aaaahhhh!" their guest screamed from behind her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" And she felt him spasm. Fast, deep thrusts followed by him holding on to her hips hard as he flowed into her. Her pussy contracted and contracted as if to milk him of all he was. Take all his sperm into her. She could feel some of it leaking out onto her clit again, to no doubt hang pendant for a moment before dropping to the floor to puddle in a small pool.

Just then she felt the hot splash of cum on her face and smelled Erik's sperm, she turned her head to the side and opened her mouth to catch what she could. She felt Erik touch her lips with the head of his cock, felt the last spurts enter her mouth as her lover behind her held himself in her. Stephanie opened her mouth more and licked and swallowed Erik into her mouth. He was still hard as he often was after cumming. She swallowed everything he had. And as she was savoring and licking his cock, she felt her man behind her shrink in her.

Her unknown lover slowly pulled out of her and Stephanie felt the cooler rush of air against her ass take his place. She wanted that warmth again though, wanted to have her pussy filled again.

As if heeding her mental call, Erik pulled away from her and took their guest’s place behind her. He put his face against her pussy and tentatively lick at first and then dove in with careless abandon, cleaning her with his tongue and sending more waves of pleasure through her. He had never done that before and the thought of it stirred Stephanie to another place. Yes, fucking eat my lovers cum out of me, she thought. "Oh God Erik! Oh God!"

Stephanie came again, screaming out loud with Erik's tongue deep in her pussy, his nose against her asshole, his face against her much wetter pussy lips. his arms held her in place as he enjoyed her orgasm. He got up then and replaced his tongue with his cock, and thrust into her while their guest watched, saying "that's fucking hot".

Sometime later she lay on the table with Erik, a dribble of cum running out of her pussy and looked back on the whole event with terrible lust. She stroked Erik's cock while looking at him. Their guest left left half an hour ago, and she never found out who he was or what he looked like, but she would never forget that cock. Inside her a spark flared. I'll never forget that cock, Erik. She thought to herself. I wont forget, and I’ll find it again, find him. I'm going to find him and let him fuck me with or without you knowing my love. And I won't tell you that the next time you're eating me out you may be eating his cum from me. You started something that I don't know if I can't stop. Oh fuck. Stephanie stroked Erik to hardness again and mounted him while he smiled, tired and sleepy. In her mind she was replaying the feeling of being tied and taken. Tied and taken over and over.


2008-04-09 02:55:25
Good story - would love to have more though


2007-12-02 14:56:40


2007-12-02 12:41:59
Excellent job . Very Hott


2007-12-01 04:03:55
Not fantastic.. Just good. 7/10


2007-11-29 13:57:03
Poor stupid Erik. He started something that is taking on a life of it's own. ?She will be fucking a lot of guys now in search of that cock. erik is now relegated to something less than No.1.

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