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I was on summer break from college and trying to make some money applied
at the State Fair Office. I was hired as a security guard at night. I
was to work the graveyard shift, but the fair wouldn't even start for 3
weeks yet.

The only thing I hated about working nights was the sex I was missing with
my boyfriend. I am 5' 10" tall blonde and blue eyes, with a set of tits
that all my girlfriends were envious of. On my first night I was bored out
of my gourd until I met Marcus. He was a Carney for the season. Hold on - I
know what you're thinking, but he was not like any Carney I've seen. He was
gorgeous, also a student like me trying to make some money. He was tall
blonde and built like a Greek god. As soon as he started talking to me I
could feel myself getting moist and feeling an aching in my loins. I really
wanted this guy!

I had the keys to the sheep barn, because some farmers were arriving in the
morning with their live stock. I had an hour and a half for a break. So I
was excited when Marcus suggested we meet at the sheep barn. He had such a
heady smell from the hard work he was doing putting up rides. I wanted a
ride of my own! The barn had shower facilities so that's where we headed
first. I was in awe as this hunk of a man started undressing. I felt as if
I was about to cum just looking at his glistening body. When he undid his
jeans he had the most ferocious looking cock I have ever seen. It was about
10 inches long and 2 inches wide! The eye on his cock looked red and
pulsating. When he helped me off with my bra I was on fire just from his
touch on my breast.

We turned the shower on and started lathering each other. Marcus took
the soap and started washing my pubic area. I could tell he had done
this before because he was a master. He made me cum so hard I nearly
fell on my ass, which was convenient for Marcus. He took that
magnificent cock and put it in my dripping pussy from behind. Marcus
started pounding his hard cock against my vagina walls I started to
respond to the deep jabs in my body. I could feel myself ready to
climax. Marcus and I came together. I couldn't believe the energy we
spent on that climax alone.

We got out of the shower and were looking around. Marcus found a pair of
shears that are used on the sheep and suggested a trim. I was delighted to
volunteer. Marcus had me lay back on the table that the farmers use on
their animals when they get sheared. Marcus found a leather strap and bound
my hands above my head. He also rigged a stirrup device to stick my ankles
through so my mound was exposed. He wanted to do a first rate job. As I lay
exposed, Marcus started giving me deep kisses. As he was kissing me he
turned the shaver on and laid it along my upper thigh the vibration of the
sheers were getting to me. I arched my back as I felt myself cum again. As
I was cumming, Marcus stuck his massive rod down my throat. I couldn't get
enough of his cock! I just wanted to swallow that rod down my throat.
Marcus started cumming and his cum was the sweetest nectar I have tasted in
along time.

He finally got down to business and started shaving me with the shears. He
knew what he was doing. He took one hand and started rubbing my clit, then
he would bring the shears nearer to my clit. I was trying to stay still so
I wouldn't get nicked. I couldn't take it anymore! I started arching my
back and struggling to get free. As I was trying to recover Marcus finished
up with the shears. He did an excellent job my pussy was as smooth as a
baby's bottom.

Marcus undid my legs and my wrist, then he turned me over and had me get
up on the table on all fours. He then put my head through the leather
strap that was used to keep the sheep from moving. All of my wet juices
had dripped down around my ass. Marcus started rubbing my juices around
my anus. He was very gentle. Entering me, he kept one hand on my clit
the whole time.

Marcus started to ram his massive cock inside of me. I love that feeling!
It just makes me hotter to be entered from the rear. I started to feel
myself climax and Marcus wasn't far behind. He was hanging on to my hips
for dear life, then he started bucking like a horse. I could feel his
juices slamming into my rectal walls. We both were exhausted afterwards and
decided to take another shower.

When I got home from work I crawled into bed with my current boyfriend. He
asked how my first night went, and was I able to stay awake. As he was
reaching to touch my pussy. I told him it was a piece of cake. When he put
his hands on my pussy he said,

"I am so glad you shaved your pussy again I really get turned on
when it's bald."

I thought to myself, "I really am going to enjoy this job!"
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