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Black Friday, a salute to perverts everywhere.
NOTE: Thanksgiving Day is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks at the conclusion of the harvest season. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada. The earliest Thanksgiving events were held at present day Berkeley Plantation in Virginia in 1619 and at Plymouth in present day Massachusetts in 1621.

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is always a Thursday and is part of a four-day weekend. 78% of all workers were given both Thanksgiving and the day after as paid holidays in 2007. The day after is known as the unofficial holiday of Black Friday, the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season and it’s busiest single day. Many retailers open very early, typically at five o’clock in the morning and they offer door buster deals and even loss leaders to draw people to their stores.

Black Friday

Here in America ‘Black Friday’ does not refer to an African American holiday or even the worst day of the year to shop, which it is of course. Black Friday refers the day after Thanksgiving when people traditionally start to do their Christmas shopping. It refers to the very first time in the whole year that a retail store gets into the black in their accountant’s ledger. All year long they have been operating in the red just for the day after Thanksgiving. Retail stores make ninety percent of their profits in just those four or five weeks each year.

Needless to say my wife and daughter wanted to go shopping that Friday and they insisted that I go along with them. Hell I was still slightly uncomfortable from all of the turkey that I had eaten the day before.

To get me to go with her my wife did not wear a bra or panties but she did wear a very short black dress that was made of stretchy material and fit her like a glove. The neckline was square looking and showed most of the top half of her breasts and a whole lot of cleavage. The hemline just barely covered her bald pussy and she was wearing four-inch high heels too. Her long brown hair was up in a very attractive bun. The fake nails and pedicure from the day before Thanksgiving still looked great.

When I saw my fourteen-year-old daughter Daphne come down the stairs I was simply speechless. Daphne was wearing an outfit similar to that of her mothers, but in white. I couldn’t see any bra or panty lines on her either but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t wearing a pair of thongs or a G-string. Daphne leaned over just a little bit and I got a look down her breasts, she definitely was not wearing a bra.

I just had to ask her, “Daphne are you wearing panties?”

Daphne replied, “No! Mom told me that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want too. She’s not wearing any either.”

My wife walked up to me as she has hundreds of times in the past and said, “Want to feel me up, big boy?”

This is a game that we play quite often however not usually so boldly right in front of our teenage daughter. What to hell! I reached out and placed the palms of my hands over her breasts centering the nipples then wrapping my fingers over her fleshy mounds. After a moment of gently squeezing I then boldly reached right down inside her top with my left hand and cupped the bare flesh of her left breast in my hand. I squeezed and fondled her fleshy mound and then tweaked her nipple before removing my hand. I then reached in with my right hand to molest her right breast too. After an acceptable amount of time I then ran my right hand down the outside of her dress and down her slightly curved tummy to her hemline. As she took in a breath I let my fingers curl under her dress and disappear underneath. As I poked a finger into her bald pussy slit I smiled. My wife had applied a light amount of K-Y Jelly to her pussy lips to facilitate my entrance. This too is something that she has done hundreds of times for me. As I slipped my middle finger into the top of her slit and found her waiting clit I massaged it just the way that she likes me too, vigorously. Her eyes closed, her knees started to buckle, and she experienced her very first orgasm of the day. As she regained her composure she smiled at me, kissed me softly, and turned about ninety degrees to the side. Then she bent slightly as I then ran my right hand down the back of her dress, over her full smooth ass, and then back under her hemline once again. This time I poked my thumb into her pussy just to be sure that it was fully coated with the lubricant before slipping it into her anal opening. I could feel her sphincter muscle resisting my entry but soon she was able to relax it enough to allow me entry to her nether passage. I then took the opportunity to slip my index finger and my middle finger into her pussy hole. After I had enough fun I removed my fingers from within her body and gave her a playful slap on her bare ass. She gave a cute little ‘oh’ and stood up smiling at me.

My wife then asked, “Do I pass the ‘pervert test?’ Master!”

I replied, “Oh yes you passed with flying colors my dear.”

Just then Daphne stepped up to me and said, “Next!”

I looked at Daphne then I looked at my smiling wife as she nodded her approval. I wiped my greasy fingers on my pants so as not to get her nice white dress all dirty. Then I reached out and cupped her smaller breasts in my hands as I had her mother’s breasts just moments ago. This was a first. I had never done anything like this to my daughter before. I quickly found myself enjoying it though. As I was feeling the outside of her dress I was wondering if I should venture inside of her dress as I had done with her mother. Yes I should, I really should, and I really wanted to too. So I slowly slipped my left hand down her neck, into her dress, and then cupped my daughter’s bare breast for the very first time too. On my God it was fantastic. Over the last couple of years I had watched her tits grow and had often envisioned doing this very thing to her but I never really expected it to happen. Yet here I was holding my daughter’s right tit in my right hand. I could feel her small nipple harden against the palm of my hand and I knew that she was enjoying this too. All too soon I changed hands and changed breasts. That nipple was already hard when I got to it.

When I finally removed my hand from her breast Daphne just stood there looking at me. I wondered if I should stop or if I should continue. Daphne didn’t move a muscle. She had seen what I had done to her mother and was expecting more. If I stopped right there would she be upset that I had treated her differently? I was confused, my blood was racing, and I had a tremendous erection that just wouldn’t go away. Daphne was still standing there so I ran my right hand down her breasts, down her slightly curved belly, and to her hemline. This time it was my wife watching as my fingers curled and disappeared under her dress. Daphne was not wearing any panties as she had stated, her pussy was shaved bald like her mothers, and more importantly her pussy lips also had a fine coating of lubricant on them for me. As my middle finger slipped between her pussy lips and found its target Daphne jumped slightly. I assumed that I was the first man to ever touch her there. I very much enjoyed fingering her clit for her. She quickly lost her composure though and started moaning out loud. I reached behind her with my left hand to support her as my right hand started to drive her crazy. She let out a gasp as her first orgasm hit but she managed to get through it okay. However the second orgasm that I gave her took its toll. Daphne let out a much louder gasp then she moaned softly as her orgasm built up inside her loins. Her body started to shake and quiver. Then as her orgasm started to die down her body began to slump, her knees began to buckle, and I held her up until she recovered.

Daphne kissed me on my lips for the first time in years and said, “Thank you daddy.” Then Daphne turned slightly and bent over for me. Once again I looked at my wife and she nodded for me to continue. So once again my right hand made its way down Daphne’s back, across her smooth ass, and under her dress. I was sure that her asshole had been lubricated too but I still slipped my thumb into her pussy first to get it lubricated. I think it was just because it was a habit of mine. Then without further ado I poked that thumb into her anus. Daphne didn’t have the inhibitions of her mother and hadn’t clamped her sphincter muscle tightly for me so that I slipped in fairly easily. After a few moments of probing I slipped my index finger and my middle finger into her pussy too. Then I finger fucked my teenage daughter with her mother just a few feet away watching us. I never wanted to remove those fingers but I knew that I had too. So I slowly pulled them out and slapped her bare ass ever so lovingly.

Daphne stood up, face me, and then asked, “Did I pass the ‘pervert test?’ Master!”

I smiled at her and replied, “Oh yes you passed with flying colors too my dear.”

My wife looked at my crotch and asked, “Would you like to take care of that before we leave?”

Daphne shouted out, “Mom! You promised me that I could if I let a dozen perverts feel me up today!”

I just smiled and thought to myself, “So that’s what all of this is about.” However out loud I said, “No it wouldn’t do any good anyway. One look at Daphne and it would be just as hard again.”

That pleased Daphne and she smiled at me then she stared at my erection too. It was time to go shopping.

As I drove to the mall my wife gave our daughter the lowdown on perverts. She had gone through this many times herself in her life. She actually likes to get felt up in an elevator, brushed up against in a busy aisle, or to have some guy try to look up her dress. Black Friday was her favorite day because all of the perverts were out and about. She told Daphne to just pretend that it wasn’t happening because if she jumped or cried out that the pervert would stop what he was doing to her and try to escape before he got caught. Where as, if she stood still he would know that he could continue to molest her in public. My wife said that she often reaches back and rubs the guys cock while he is doing whatever he is doing to her. Sometimes in an elevator the guy’s cock is already out and he is trying to jerk off and squirt his cum on the back of her dress. Occasionally she will try to help him and sometimes she tries to aim his cock into her pussy so that he can fuck her properly. That has only happened on three occasions though and Daphne should not let some strange pervert like that become her first fuck. Her daddy should be!

Daphne was told to be a cooperative young lady and just to smile politely to the man afterwards. When we were sort of alone then she was to tell us all about it. Daphne was fine with that.

The first hour dragged for Daphne because no one made a move on her. My wife got a crotch pushed into her ass hard in a store aisle and another guy rubbed his arm against one of her breasts as he reached past her to get something off the shelf. Daphne was jealous and wondered why no one wanted to feel her up.

Then it finally happened. Some nice looking businessman in a suit and tie was in the elevator. Daphne smiled at him and snuggled in close as others piled in. Before the doors had even closed Daphne felt his hand on her bare leg. She did as her mother had said and just pretended that she couldn’t feel it. That gave the man the proper signal and he raised his hand and her dress along with it. Then his hand moved slowly around her toward her belly then down to her bare pussy. Soon a finger was back on her clit and it brought back all of her thoughts of me doing that to her at home. Fear set in as she wondered if she would cry out with pleasure or collapse from the joy. He must have given her clit a real workout as he ground his crotch tightly into her ass. He fingered her through two orgasms before he finally got to his floor. He smiled at Daphne as he pushed by her on his way out. Her mother noticed that Daphne’s dress was still up around her waist and that her hand was on the man’s crotch as he moved by her. Then my wife stood in front of Daphne and reached behind to help her pull her dress down.

We got out on the next floor and had Daphne tell us all about it. When she was done with her story my wife told us about the lady next to her that had her hand on my wife’s ass the whole trip. In fact she had to move away from the woman to cover Daphne up. The lady seemed disappointed when my wife moved away but gave her a smile anyway.

Then my wife looked up and spotted the lady from the elevator and excused herself. Daphne and I watched as my wife walked over to the lady and then as they walked toward a lady’s clothing store. Daphne gave them a head start then took my hand and followed them. She watched as her mother just grabbed a random blouse off the rack and then as the two of them headed toward the dressing rooms. Daphne also grabbed a blouse and followed them. I stayed outside the dressing room and watched. Daphne went into the room right next to the one that her mother and the other lady had entered. I watched under the door as my wife’s toes pointed toward the other lady’s toes, then as one of her feet slipped in between the other lady’s feet. Then I watched as one of my wife’s feet came off the floor. I imagined that she had placed it on a seat of some sort. My mouth must have dropped open as I watched the other woman kneel down on the floor before my wife. I imagined that she was eating my wife’s pussy lubricant and all. As I watched her under the door I could see about a foot of the action that was taking place. The woman’s dress was covering her well but then it started to be pulled up. I figured that it was my wife doing it. Soon I was able to see the woman sitting on the floor with just her panties on as she was eating my wife’s pussy. I could see my wife’s hand going down and reaching inside those panties to finger the woman from behind. It didn’t look like she was fingering her ass either because her hand and knuckles were very low. My wife was finger fucking the woman that was eating her out.

Daphne then came out to tell me that she could only hear soft cooing coming from the next room. I whispered to her to look under the door. Daphne did. Then she let out a gasp and then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. So far so good!

After an incredibly long period of time the woman stood up. Soon the two of them came out of the dressing room together without the blouse. My wife saw us standing there and introduced us to her new girlfriend Mildred. They both blushed. My wife said that Mildred would be joining us. Mildred was thirty-five years old, just one year younger than my wife was. My wife was a perfect thirty-six. Not only was she thirty-six years old but she wore a 36-C bra and her hips were thirty-six inches too.

Apparently Mildred had been told of our pervert outing that day. As we got into the elevator I watched as my three women backed in toward three gentlemen while I got near a fine looking lady myself. As expected when I brushed up against my lady she pulled away instead of backing up for more so I just looked over her shoulder at a cute little teenager that was with her. Soon I could hear Daphne cooing. In fact everyone in the elevator could hear Daphne cooing. Soon the lady in front of me pushed back into my hand. That was the signal that I needed! I reached down to her hemline and around to the front. She covered my hand up with her large purse. I then slipped a finger into her panties and found a nice patch of fur. I found my way into her slit. It was already wet and I was sure that it wasn’t from any lubricant either. Just as the door opened up she hit her orgasm. Her daughter started to leave but she pulled her back. She was unable to answer her daughter’s questions until I had finished and removed my finger from her panties. As she was trying desperately to come up with an excuse for missing her floor Daphne let out a big sigh and had to be held up by the man behind her. My wife then turned to face the man that was fingering her so he could do so easier. Mildred faced her man too and let him feel her up properly. That elevator was full of perverts and willing women. The only one that hadn’t gotten off by the time the doors opened up again was that poor teenage daughter that was dragging her mother out of the elevator car.

Since the men remained on the elevator with us, the girls simple changed places and let another man have some fun too. Mildred came over to me so that I got to put my fingers were my wife had hers in the changing room. When we finally got out of that elevator Daphne had let all three of the men feel her up and announced that she was now up to four with only eight more to go.

We decided that it was time for lunch so I picked the restaurant that I wanted to eat in. After we ordered our food Daphne excused herself to go into the lady’s room. She was gone quite a while but when she finally got back she told us that she was now up to eight with only four more to go. Daphne told us about seeing three guys going toward the men’s room and she followed them. She brazenly walked in with them and asked them to feel her up. She told them that it was part of a bet that she was trying to win. So of course they did as she asked. Before the third guy was done poking his fingers into her pussy and asshole a forth man came into the men’s room. She gave him her very first blowjob ever. She said that it had either come naturally to her or that the guy didn’t care how badly that she had blown him because he came a lot. After putting his cock back in his pants he thanked her and left. Then Daphne cautiously pointed him out to us and told us that he was her science teacher.

After lunch was over Daphne had no trouble what so ever in getting felt up. By dinnertime she had fifteen notches in her belt and was ready to go home. My wife asked her new girlfriend Mildred to come home with us and witness Daphne loosing her virginity to her father. Of course she accepted, there was no way that she would pass that up. Her brother had taken her virginity but her father had fucked her too when she was younger.

All the way home the girls just raved about what a great day that they had. When I reminded them that they hadn’t bought anything they wanted to go back. No way! It was my turn for some fun.

Inside the house I stood Daphne before me just like she had been before we left the house. I placed the palm of my hands on her breasts, I reached inside to cup her breasts, and I fingered her tender clit. She had never played with it as much as she had let all of those men do it for her. She came easily then turned so that I could thumb fuck her asshole too.

I then stood Daphne up straight, grabbed the hem of her dress, and lifted it straight up and over her head. She raised her arms up to help me. Now naked except for her shoes I repeated the process. I checked out her naked form as I palmed her breasts, cupped her breasts, and ran my hand over her bare tummy to her shaved pussy. As I finger fucked my daughter there in our living room she told me all about her mother shaving her pussy that morning, about her mother eating her out for the very first time, and then smearing the lubricant around her pussy lips and probing her anus with two fingers to get her used to it before I shoved one of my bigger fingers into her.

As Daphne approached yet another orgasm at the fingers of a man we watched her mother and Mildred roll around on the floor naked vying for position. It seems that they both wanted to be on top in their sixty-nine.

Meanwhile Daphne was sliding my pants and underwear down to the floor. She was more than ready for her first fuck. As I removed my clothes Daphne got on the floor close enough so that her mother could watch us. Then I got down between her legs.

As I entered my daughter’s virgin pussy I contemplated all of the build up throughout the entire day and wondered if I could live up to her expectations. I know that with my wife sometimes the anticipation is far better than the actual act its self. I had wanted to enter her dearest bodily part for hours and now that I was in there I was sure that I couldn’t last long enough to enjoy it. I came all to quickly but Daphne didn’t seem to know that. Oh the bliss of ignorance. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. However that wasn’t good enough for me. I pulled my cock back out and sucked on her delicious nipples. I recognized the cherry flavor. It was an eatable lotion that I had bought for her mother some time ago. I then kissed my way down her tummy to her pussy and then I kissed it and used my tongue on her clit to excite her some more. That also excited me so I kissed my way back up her body and reentered her pussy.

This time I could do her justice.

The End
Black Friday
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