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Hey I’m Evan and as a young man I have always thought about how it would be to have sex with each of the girls in my grade. I have thought about having sex with the short ones with small tits and tight, little asses. I have thought about having sex with the tall ones with larger tits and bigger, asses. I have thought about sex with the white, black and Asian. I have also thought what it would be like to have sex with some of my friends. I would jerk of all the time just thinking how it would feel to have that cock in my hand embedded into a young 9th grade pussy. The person who I thought about the most was Sarah.


“Finally the last day of school,” said Evan.

“Yeah finally,” asked Sarah.


The two packed up their tests into their bags and departed from the room. They walked down the hallway side by side excited about the upcoming weekend.

“What are you doing this weekend?” asked Sarah.

“Uh well nothing, you?”

“I’m just going to the movies on tonight with some friends, you in?”

“Sure I’ll see you then, give me info on bus.”


They continued walking down the hallways until they walked out of the front doors of the high school. The sunlight made Sarah’s straight, orange hair glisten. The two of them strolled down the sidewalk until they saw bus 33.

“After you,” said Evan letting her walk on the bus first.

Sarah let out a cute little giggle as she stepped onto the bus. Evan saw her round ass sway side to side as they walked down the narrow corridor until they saw an empty brown seat. They sat down and started listening to Sarah’s Ipod. Halfway through the ride Evan looked over at Sarah. She turned to face him and he saw her beautiful pale face bordered by her brilliantly orange hair and her deep, blue eyes made Evan’s heart melt. The sunlight seemed to hit her perfectly and made her look more beautiful than ever.

“So what is happening at the movies?” asked Evan.

“Well you can meet us in front of the theater,” said Sarah.

The remaining bus ride went the same as the first half until it was there stop. They walked off the bus and down the sidewalk. Evan’s house was 4 houses down from Sarah so Sarah turned into her driveway.

“See ya Ev,” said Sarah.

“Later Sweet Sarah,” said Evan.

The remaining walk home Evan’s cock started to rise. He thought of pounding her sweet pussy while grabbing hold of those supple ass cheeks. He thought about licking her pussy juices and sucking on those developing tits. He thought about how it would feel for his manhood to be shoved to the hilt in Sarah’s mouth. He thought of just him and her being boyfriend and girlfriend and just how it would feel to just kiss her one time.

Evan thought of their friendship as he walked through his front door. He thought of how beautiful she looked even in 4th grade when he moved here. He thought of how she has developed of the time they have known each other into the beautiful young women she was right now.

Evan slipped off his backpack and went into his room. He got onto the computer and went into his folder. He went to the Sarah section and got out his cock. He looked at pictures of Sarah by herself jumping into his pool with just a skimpy bikini covering her.
He saw pictures of them lying on the beach and of her on different Halloweens. The one year she was a sexy little Nurse. She wore a tiara and tight white dress that barely went past her round ass and you could see part of her panties showing. Looking at these pictures Evan now had his hand stroking his hard cock. He pumped up and down the shaft making his balls bounce. He looked at more pictures of Sarah and he felt his balls clench with the feelings of an organsm building up until he could take it no more. His cock sent out 6 large shots of cum before dribbling down his cock head. He cleaned off the computer screen and his stomach with his dick still half hard with thoughts of Sarah.

Meanwhile Sarah had been busy herself. She wanted to go out with Evan so bad, but she didn’t know how to ask him and she just wanted him to ask. She loved Evan so much; he treated her with respect unlike most of the boys who would grab her ass and tits all the time. She wanted Evan to be hers and no one else’s. Her nipples were jutting off her rather large tits and making indents through her tight shirt. Her pussy started to get wet and she felt her hand going under her short skirt and around her thong. She felt electricity run through her as her fingers came in contact with her pussy lips. She lay on her bed and soon her thong was around her ankles and her shirt and bra were off. She lay there with one hand massaging her tits and another working the rather large dildo in and out of her young slit. She moaned and panted wishing that that hard dildo in her cunt were Evan’s manhood pounding her for all she was worth. She pulled one of her tits to her mouth and started to suck on the nipple wishing it were Evan sucking it. The pussy that was now running juices like crazy was starting to prepare for the organsm. She screamed out as her organsm hit her like a wall. The pussy juice flowed freely out all over the large purple dildo. After she was finished she licked the dildo clean and went to get something to eat.

The time was approaching for the movies. Sarah was trying to find the perfect outfit to wear while Evan brushed his teeth. Then both had their mother take them.

“So who is going?” asked Evan’s mom.

“Well Sarah and some other people,” said Evan.

“Oh that Sarah is such a little cutie with don’t you just go out with her?” asked Evan’s mom.

Feeling awkward Evan just answered with an ‘I don’t know’ and then listened to his Ipod.


“Who’s going tonight?” asked Sarah’s mom.

“Evan and some other people,” said Sarah.

“Oh Evan is such a nice guy and a hot one at that why aren’t you going out with him?” said Sarah’s mom.

“Mom I don’t know,” said Sarah feeling a bit creeped out by her mom calling her best friend ‘hot’.

They both arrived at the theater around the same time and met up with the group. They decided to watch a horror flick and so they got their tickets and snacks and sat to watch the opening previews. The movie started and already all of the people in the group where locking lips. Only Evan and Sarah were watching the movie even though it was hard to concentrate with the entire group making out around them. As the movie progressed it got scarier and soon Sarah grabbed hold of Evan’s hand. Evan didn’t know what happened, but felt extremely happy as he looked over and saw Sarah’s soft hand entwined in his.

The guys around him were now feeling up their partners and Evan even saw one girl with no bra on had her tits exposed as the guys sucked on them. The tits were of the biggest in the school and he knew exactly who it was. He had fantasized about her many times and even had a Melinda folder. She was Sarah’s best friend with blonde hair and her tits were at least a D-cup and her areolas were the color of bubble gum. The huge tits made her look chubby because of her small frame and her ass was big and full.

Evan then looked over at Sarah and Sarah looked at Evan. Evan looked into Sarah’s deep blue eyes and Sarah looked into Evan’s brown ones. They both knew it was now or never so they both leaned in. All the built up emotion, lust and love came out in that one kiss as their lips met and tongues penetrated and electricity ran through both bodies as though they both got the electric chair. They both didn’t know how this would affect their upcoming lives, but they both knew that this was an amazing sensation that they never wanted to end.

The two sets of lips broke off from one another and nothing happened the rest of the movie, but holding hands. The movie ended and the lights came back on and Melinda hurried to get her bra and shirt back on, but everyone already saw the beautiful tits. Evan and Sarah didn’t pay attention to any of the people around them as they joked about the two going out. They didn’t pay attention because they knew they were going out and nothing else mattered right now except for the hands that were intertwined…


Evan walked out of his house the next morning and went down 4 houses. He knocked on the door and waited until he heard footsteps from inside. The door opened and there stood his girlfriend with her orange hair pulled to one side covering her one eye.

“Hey baby,” said Evan.

“Hi boyfriend,” said Sarah.

Evan had always wanted to go out with her and he always wanted to hear her call him her boyfriend. Sarah had always wanted to say that to Evan knowing that now he was hers and only hers. They walked around the block all the while holding hands.

“How’s it going?” asked Evan.

“Just was going to ask if you wanted to go to the mall tonight,” said Sarah.

“Sure I’ll have my mom pick you up,” said Evan.

“Okay,” said Sarah.

The rest of the walk they just talked and walked, but at Sarah’s house before she went into her house she pressed her tits against him as she leaned in and kissed Evan.

“See ya,” said Sarah.

The rest of the day was usual with Evan doing his homework. At 7:30 he told his mom him and Sarah were going to the mall. Evan’s mom picked up Sarah and drove them to the mall.

“I’m going to a friend’s birthday party so you should get a ride from Sarah’s mother is that all right Sarah?” asked Evan’s mom.

“Oh yeah that is fine Mrs. Thompson,” said Sarah.

“Mom I just wanted to know if Sarah could stay the night,” said Evan.

“Sure,” said Evan’s mom.

Evan’s mother drove away and Evan and Sarah walked into the mall hand in hand. They bought clothes and other stuff and they ate some snacks. At one point when Sarah was trying on clothes she walked out of the dressing room in just her bra and thong and when she turned around Evan watched her bare ass sway and it caused his cock to twitch. Sarah called home and told her mom to pick them up and take them to Evan’s house. Sarah’s mother took them to Evan’s house.

“Mom I’m going to stay the night okay,” said Sarah.

“Did your mom say it was all right?” asked Sarah’s mom.

“Yeah she said it was fine,” said Evan.

They got dropped off and walked inside. They both collapsed onto the living room couch while Evan clicked the ‘POWER’ to turn on the television.

“So what do you want to watch?” asked Evan.

“Just go to that movie,” said Sarah as they looked through the channels.

Sarah cuddled up next to Evan as they settled in for the movie. The movie an R rated movie for blood, gore and sexual content. They watched and then the sexual content came in when the main character fucked a woman that he loved. Evan couldn’t help, but become horny at the big boobed blonde. Sarah couldn’t help it as her pussy became extremely hot as she watched the large, veiny cock with huge balls.

“You like what you see?” joked Sarah.

“Hell yeah more than you just kidding,” said Evan.

“Really she is better than this?” said Sarah as she removed her top and bra letting her firm C-cup tits fall out.

“Maybe let me check,” said Evan as he stood up and kissed her. His hands grabbed the pale globes and started to massage the two pink nipples with his thumbs. Sarah moaned into his mouth as she felt his hands massage her tits.

Evan let go of the lip lock and went down and sucked her nipples. Sarah loved the way it felt when Evan’s tongue rolled over each of the nipples. He then went down and licked her navel before massaging her thighs. He lifted her short skirt up and then pulled down the thong.

He slowly ran his finger around the shaved pussy before shoving a single finger into her sopping wet slit. He slipped in a second and then a third finger and continued his finger assault. He pulled out his fingers and licked them clean of the sweet pussy juice before bending in to smell her scent. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the lips of her pussy.

“Oh yeah Evan keep working that tongue of yours,” screamed Sarah becoming extremely hot.

Evan then penetrated her shaved pussy lips with his hot tongue. He slipped it in farther until it hit a wall. Evan knew it was her hymen and continued to tongue fuck her being careful not to break it. He licked all around the inside of her pussy and Sarah’s juices tasted wonderful.

“Uh uhnnn Evan uh keep going I’m uh cumming,” said Sarah as her juices flowed freely. The juices splashed all over Evan’s face and her thighs. Evan licked all of his girlfriend’s juices before he looked up at her face.

“Thank you so much Ev,” said Sarah, “I needed that.”

“Well how about my turn?” asked Evan.

Evan removed his shirt and his pants leaving him just with a tent in his boxers. Sarah ran her soft hands over Evan’s chest and stomach. She slowly went down and felt his hard cock through his boxers.

“Uhm big boy,” said Sarah.

She slowly pulled down the boxers as the cock sprung free. The cock was nothing special just a normal sized penis with a patch of hair at the end. Sarah started to stroke the penis and played with the balls. A small bead of precum came out and Sarah slowly engulfed the cock.

“Uhn yeah suck that cock,” said Evan.

Sarah worked her mouth over the hot, young prick and she looked up at Evan causing his heart to melt. She continued to work on it until finally Evan could take it no longer and his cock twitched in her mouth.

“Sarah watch uh out here it uh comes,” said Evan. His cock pumped out a large amount of hot, sticky cum down Sarah’s throat as the cock was shoved in to the hilt. Sarah couldn’t swallow all the cum even though she loved the taste. Cum dripped out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin. Evan went limp and looked at Sarah with his cum on her chin. Sarah continued to swallow the cum and not before long the cock was back alive.

“So big boy you wanna get our virginities gone together?” asked Sarah.

“I don’t have a condom,” said Evan.

“Don’t worry my mother put my on the pill as soon as I had my first period. She says never can be too safe,” said Sarah.

“Well let’s do it then little whore,” said Evan.

Sarah lay back on the couch and Evan got between her legs and held the cock at her pussy entrance. He slowly pushed his cock into the pussy. His head slipped in and she let out a moan. He pushed his cock in until he felt resistance.

“You want me to go?” asked Evan.

“Go stud,” said Sarah.

Evan pushed through it and sat still with his cock in to the hilt. A tear rolled down her cheek and Evan leaned in and kissed it off. She said it was okay to go and so Evan slowly pumped in and out. He slowly picked up his pace until his cock was a blur. Evan loved watching Sarah’s tits bounce as he pounded her virgin pussy. Sarah came 3 times as Evan fucked the sweet little pussy. Sarah thought her pussy was extremely full and Evan felt his cock being squeezed. He couldn’t take it anymore and he felt his balls let loose as his cum flew into the tight little pussy. Feeling the cum made her cum again.

“Uh that was amazing,” said Evan.

“Yeah it was,” said Sarah.

Sarah put back of her bran and thong and Evan put on his boxers. Sarah was exhausted and fell asleep. Evan feeling her breathing soften knew she was asleep.

“Goodnight sweet Sarah,” whispered Evan in her ear, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that Evan fell into sleep too…

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2014-12-10 21:08:29
Damn nice story, i emptied my balls to this one

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2009-02-13 14:12:54
It's not completely unrealistic, I've spent the night at boys houses and their parents have said yes :3. It all depends on your parents, whether they're flexible, and also whether they think you're going to rape the poor girl in the bathroom at the first chance you get >:P
The hymen part is right though.
6/10 also.


2008-02-02 02:11:46
Awesome story exept the part wer he askd if the girl cud spend the night. No parent wud ever say yes


2008-01-05 22:45:33
haha i wish i could just ask my mom if some chick could spend the night and shes like YEAH :D


2007-12-31 22:31:37
i liked it you need to work on your writeing a lil and if it is your first time build on it lern from your mistakes and work on them other wise good story

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