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This actually happend to me today. This is reality through fantasy, start to finish
So I was driving down I-81. I was about 3-4 miles from the Ironto (Virginia) exit heading South.
I drive a big ol' box truck. It's really a Dodge 3500 pick up, but instead of a pick up bed, I have a 12 foot long box on the ass end. I sit up higher than most vehicles on the road, except the 18 wheelers. It was about 6:15.
I have been on this job for about a year, and I have seen some rather nice sights. You know, college girls, scantaly clad going between home and school. Some like to flirt by blowing kisses and honking and waving.
This is nothing like that.
A small mini van, maybe dark red in color, pulls up beside me like it is going to pass me, which is normal in the interstate. I notice that the van has a VT football helmet magnet on the side, so the driver is cool in my book.
Something caught my eye...the inside light was on, which I thought was odd. As the van slows down so we are exactly door to door, I look in and notice the driver, a man, had his very hard cock out of his pants and was jerking it off. My cruise control must have been set faster than his and my truck started to pull away. As not to be too obvious I did not hit the brakes to slow, I just pressed the decel button long enough to get this back into my view.
I am not sure if the driver of the van ever noticed because he kept waxing the dolphin.
He was reclined in his seat so I could not see him, which leads me to belive that he knew exactly what he was doing.
He kept his van next to my truck for about a minute, all the time his had working his cock viciously.
All at once he slowed down quickly, cut in behind me, and too the Ironto exit, not to be seen again.

What makes this story...most early mornings, when it is still dark outside, I often pull out my 6 inch cock and jerk it off. Not 10 minutes before I saw this 'road warrior', I had pulled out my dick and started playing. I was fully hard and was working to a massive explosion into one of the napkins that I keep readily handy in my truck. Seeing this guy, enjoying the same alone pleasure that I was almost sent me over the edge. I was able to withhold cumming for a little while because I wanted to take it all in, and then think about it.
I started thinking about me flagging him down to stop at the next rest area. I imagined getting into the passenger seat of his van, with my knife at my side (if he gets out of hand). Since I did not see his face, I could only imagine him leaning back in the darkness of the back of his van, the map light only shining light on his cock. Without saying a word to each other, I lean over and take his cock into my mouth. I imagined him to be about the size of C. (At least that is what it looked like to me while driving.) I take my left hand and start stroking his cock while it goes in and out of my mouth. I always keep my right hand on my knife, just in case.
As I keep sucking his hard cock, I feel his hand reaching for mine. He starts stroking my cock. Softly at first, but the harder and faster I suck his cock, the harder and faster he strokes mine.
I feel him getting tense. He lets out a moan and thrust his cock deep in my throat. I gag on it, but never let up. I know that he is about to cum, and I want to taste all that this stranger has to offer. I keep my left hand at the base of his cock, squeezing tight and releasing with every violent thrust. I keep taking this strangers cock deep in my mouth and down my throat. His right hand still pulling vigorously on my cock, he puts his left hand on the back of my head and forces me all the way down on his cock. As C. will tell you, I have never been able to take a cock that size all the way in my mouth. He starts squeezing my cock tighter and tighter as he fucks my throat.
I hear him let out a loud moan as he starts to cum. He shoots one string of cum down my throat, but I could not taste it, so I back off some so I can take it in my mouth. I feel him shoot 3 or 4 more strings of hot cum in my mouth. I swallow it. I gag as I swallow his load, but I keep sucking his cock. I want to suck it dry. He starts moaning even more loudly and gyrating has he reaches the ending point of his orgasm.
I sit up, wipe my mouth and start to get out of his car when he hit the lock button. I grab my kife, ready to fight. I am getting pissed off because I just gave this asshole stranger a blow job that his wife could never dream to match. He says only a few words to me.
"Sit back, its your turn."
With that, he takes my cock into his mouth. I can tell that he has sucked a cock before because he starts working one hand around my shaft, and with the other hand he massages my balls. He takes me all the way down, my cock into his throat. I decide that I am going to give him a taste of his own medicine and I put my left hand on his head. (keep in mind my right hand is still on my knife) I force him all the way down on my cock and start thrusting deep into his throat. To my surprise he did not fight me, but pushed his head down to make me go deeper into him. After about 5 minutes of throat fucking him, I feel my nuts start to get tight and I let out a moan. He makes a vaccuum around my dick and keeps me deep into his throat. I wanted to hold back to keep this blow job going for as long as I can, but I had to let go. I blew my load deep inside his throat. I felt one string of cum after another erupt from my cock. This stranger never stop sucking my dick. It was if he hand an addiction, an addiction to cock, to cum. He could not get enough. He sucked my cock until I went soft.
The stranger sat back in his seat, unlocked the doors and I exited his van.
He said "That was good, thank you." and drove off.

I finished my fantasy, threw my cum soaked napkin out of the window, and took my exit, off to see my first customer of the day.


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