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Agnes was an incredible older woman and could she ever hum Dixie.
NOTE: To those of you that are not familiar with the American song Dixie, it is from our American South East about the time of our Civil War in the early 1860’s. The first verse goes like this.

I wish I was in the land of cotton,
old times there are not forgotten,
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.
In Dixie land where I was born in, early on a frosty mornin',
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.

Hummer And Gummer

The very day that I turned twenty-one years old I went out to a bar for my very first legal drink. Two of my good buddies went out with me to help me celebrate my birthday. I spotted a very adorable babe in the corner with an older woman. I asked my buddies to go over with me and help me out but they spotted two other cute girls in another corner and went after them, leaving me all alone.

I walked over to the table and very politely said hello and immediately got the cold shoulder from the adorable chick. But the older woman with her told me that her name was Agnes and that the younger girl was her obnoxious granddaughter. That was all it took, the younger girl got up and stormed off leaving me there alone with her grandmother. Agnes bought me a couple of drinks to help me celebrate my birthday. A couple of hours later I looked around and realized that my buddies had left without me and that Agnes’ granddaughter had never returned either.

We had a few more drinks and then Agnes offered to drive me home, so I accepted her kind offer. I really did expect her to drive me to my house but instead she drove me to her house. Agnes poured me another drink and then went to change into something more comfortable. Soon she came out in just a red see through baby doll nightie with no panties. I could see right through her nightie and saw her big hanging breasts swing slightly, her hard dark nipples poking out, and her straggly pubic hair sticking out of the bottom. The hair on her head was mostly white with some gray in it but her pussy was still mostly a brown color. I assumed that was her natural color when she was younger.

I was just too drunk to resist her. Agnes took me into her bedroom and helped me out of my clothes. Then she asked me if she should keep her nightie on. I really wanted it all so I asked her to please take it off for me. Agnes was sixty-six years old and as she stood there naked I could see that she had plenty of extra skin just about everywhere. Her big tits were pretty saggy, her belly lapped over her pussy, and she had bags under her arms. Agnes was the oldest, fattest, and ugliest woman that I had ever been with but she was making me very hard and I couldn’t figure out why. Then Agnes took out her teeth and put them on her nightstand. Oh my God! Did I just see that?

Then Agnes smiled at me and all I saw were her toothless gums. There wasn’t a single tooth in her head. I closed my eyes and was trying to make up my mind weather I should fuck her or run for my life. Just as I was convincing myself that even an old fuck was still a good fuck, Agnes slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and started to suck on it. I couldn’t believe the vacuum that she could draw, so I just relaxed and started to enjoy it.

Then Agnes started to hum “Dixie” as she sucked my cock. She ran her gums up and down my cock shaft in a way that was simply incredible. All the while she was humming Dixie. Agnes bit down on my cock too with her toothless mouth and it felt good too.

Agnes was what the guys call a ‘Hummer and a Gummer.’ She made my cock vibrate like a fine crystal glass during an opera. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever felt. Agnes was in no hurry to finish me off either. She was one very talented cock sucker. She brought me right to the brink of cumming and then let me down gently. She must have been sucking and humming for a whole hour before she finally allowed me to cum in her mouth. When she did I felt like I had cum a gallon in her mouth. Agnes never lost a single drop. When my cock finally slipped out of her mouth it was absolutely clean.

After a few moments Agnes said, “You can fuck me if you want too. As we old girls say, We don’t smell, we don’t swell, and we are appreciative as hell.”

I replied, “I don’t think that I could get it up again after that wonderful blowjob.”

Agnes just turned around slowly and placed her old pussy right on my face and then she went back to sucking on my cock again. Her big baggy tits were hanging on either side of my stomach so I started to play with them.

Agnes was right, her pussy didn’t smell bad al all, it must be from not having periods. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and found out that she didn’t taste bad either. So I dove my tongue right into her pussy just as far as I could. I was really enjoying it too when Agnes swung back around and landed on my cock. I couldn’t believe how good her old pussy felt wrapped around my cock like that. I watched as her tits bounced around while she fucked herself with my stiff cock. I reached up and hefted each one of her big saggy tits in my hands. They were at least twice as big as any pair of tits that I had ever had my hands on before. She asked me to pinch her nipples, which I did immediately. She really loved that. I had pinched other girl’s nipples before and they sure didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as Agnes did.

Every time that Agnes had an orgasm her old pussy would clamp down on my cock like a vice. She sure had an awful lot of orgasms too. When I finally did cum inside her I just drifted off to sleep. I had plenty to drink and I slept very soundly.

When I finally woke up in the morning I was entirely refreshed and my head was in a soft warm place. As I opened my eyes it took me a moment to realize where I was. I was still in bed with Agnes and then I remembered everything that we had done the night before. Agnes was the best fuck and she gave the best blowjob that I had ever had. She also had the best tasting unwashed pussy too. I was also sure that if I asked Agnes for anal sex that she would not refuse me either. Agnes was the perfect woman and the perfect girlfriend I could ever have, except for her age and her looks. As I lay there on her soft breast I kept wondering if I would have the nerve to be seen in public with Agnes. I had been seen with her last night but then I was also drunk too. Would I have the nerve to take her home with me to meet my parents? I didn’t know.

Then Agnes woke up and hugged me tightly into her beasts. I reached out and pulled one of her nipples to my mouth and started to suck on it. When Agnes told me that I could bite it if I wanted too, she wasn’t joking either so I did. She squealed like a little girl with delight. I nibbled on her nipple for quite some time then I changed positions and nibbled on her other nipple. Soon I was kneeling on the mattress next to her. I lifted both of her tits up to her shoulders. Agnes turned her head and bite onto one of her own nipples as I started kissing the underside of her breasts. They were so soft and warm that I just fell in love with the underside of her breasts. I worked my body around and got both of my knees between Agnes’ legs and then I put my cock head against her opening and pushed it into her pussy gently and lovingly. She was still very moist from my cum earlier that morning. Soon her legs were straight up in the air pointing at the ceiling and her ass was bouncing off the bed with my upward stroke. Just as we were both cumming together the door opened up and her obnoxious granddaughter barged in on us. Agnes never missed a beat and held me tight to her. I think that a marching band could have walked through her bedroom and she wouldn’t have cared. As to me, I’m a guy and when I’m cumming nothing would stop me until I was done.

Martha shouted out, “Grandma how could you? He’s my age and you’re, you’re, you’re just old.”

Agnes said, “And you were a little fucking bitch last night. He’s a very nice young man and he can fuck me anytime that he wants too. Now get out of here!”

I kissed Agnes on the lips and said, “I just love the way that you hum Dixie too.”

That was it Martha stormed out again and left me there on top of her grandmother. Agnes invited me to join her in a shower. Agnes was a very interesting old lady and her sex drive equaled my own. I received another rendition of Dixie in the shower too with her on her knees and the water flowing over her wrinkled skin. After the shower we dried one another off and then I watched Agnes put her teeth back in her mouth. When she smiled at me she looked a lot better. She then allowed me to pick out her clothes for the day and she even let me help her put on her bra. She slipped her arms into the straps and leaned over so that I position her tits into the cups, pull it tight in the back, and then hook it for her. I found a pair of thong panties in her drawer and told her that I wanted her to wear them. She said that they had been given to her by a friend as a joke when she turned sixty. It was also the very first time that she had ever worn them. She let me pick out a blouse and a skirt but I insisted that she roll over the waist a few times to make it shorter.

When we went out to the kitchen for breakfast Martha was sitting there. She took one look at the way her grandmother was dressed and stormed out of the house. Agnes was right Martha was a bitch and I was so glad that I hadn’t hooked up with in that bar. Agnes sure was a good cook, her house was spotless, and she was a very good housekeeper. If she were only forty years younger…I could really go for her.

After breakfast I talked Agnes into going shopping with me. I bought her a whole new outfit. She said that it made her feel very self-conscious but she agreed to wear it just for me. I bought her one of those push-up bras with some extra padding in the bottom to hold those big babies up nicely and give then the support to stick out too. The bra was black and red in color as were the G-string panties and the garter belt that I picked out too. Agnes put on the stockings for me and the tops showed just slightly from underneath the bottom of her new black leather mini shirt. The white lacy blouse that I picked out allowed her bra to show through it just enough to be very sexy. Agnes said that she felt like her granddaughter in that outfit. I told her that I thought that her granddaughter was very cute…for a bitch but that she looked much better in it. I bought her shoes, got her a manicure and a pedicure, and then I talked her into getting her hair colored to match her pussy hair.

I told Agnes that she looked much younger and asked her if she minded the makeover. Agnes said that she felt much younger and that she loved her new look. I told her that I loved her at the very same time that she said it to me.

I took Agnes in my arms and kissed her passionately right there in the middle of the shopping center. Then I proudly took Agnes home to meet my mother and my father.

The End
Hummer And Gummer
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