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Ever since I met Jane ,I fancied her, she is a 33 yr old,about Five feet ten inches tall, weighed arond 10 stone,and was a very attractive mother of two. She,s married to Mark,and lives in our street.She gains great pleasure in teasing me,a man of 55 ,and I always get an erection thinking about shagging her,in fact raping her was a naughty thought, . She has long blond hair,at least a 36 b cup ,and firm bottom and in fact nothing on her was bad.
I was invited to a street party recently,and she and her family were there including her sister Rosie, now she was even bigger in all the right places and like Jane also had a family,but only the children were with her as Dad had gone off with a young worker who worked with them at the local carbide factory.

Whilst I was wondering around the party Jane said ,that she fancied me, flashed a little bit of her midrift, and then told me she was playing ,yet again.I briefy spoke to Rosie,and asked her out for a date, her reply was I don,t go out with old men like you, I like younger ones with a surplus of energy, great I thought,they both can insult me.

A plan was needed, but not just for one,I was going to have them both,I will feed their pussies with my cream, until they shout for no more, Ill teach them to be such harlots. Both their children went to the school where I taught English,and two of them were in my class. The plan was I would record their voices onto tape and use the recording as sexual blackmail.The children were rehearsing a new play,which required them to shout out 3 x Helps very loud, and Mummy twice. I encouraged each child to practice those few words and then got Rosies &Jane,s children to do them for me, with this done my plan was near completion.

Now to set the trap in motion, I went to Jane,s house about three am,and disconnected the fuel line on her car, I new that her husband was away in Australia on business for at least another five weeks,and that the children took the Bus to school, so when Jane & Rosie were due to go to there Excersise morning I new the car would not go very far,as luck would have it, ,they broke down outside my house,. They knocked my front door and asked to call the garage out and secondly could I run them into town.
Come in I said, make yourself at home they sat down, and I put my plan of action into being. Asked Rosie if she could help me in the kitchen, she came through the solid door,and I chloraformed her, she went out like a light, I shouted to Jane that Rosie seems to have fainted, and she quickly arrived,and helped me take her upstairs and laid her one my spare double bed, as Jane turned around to say something,I quickly chloraformed her,and they were both mine for the taking.

I quickly started to tie thier arms and legs to the bed posts,and left them to sleep it off, I did,nt fancy the idea of having sex with them while they were out for the count.Tape was provided for each mouth,and we were off.
About 75 mins later ,I came back upstairs to find them both awake, and cursing me under their taped up mouths.
Jane I said, I told you not to continue teasing me or I would get my own back. Now before of you decide to protest, I will tell you,that I hold your children,and allowed them to listen to the recording, they both were convinced that their children were in immediate peril,if I was not complied with.
Rosie said want do you want of us,Jane replied he wants sex, quite right I replied, I want to watch Rosie to Lick your cunt I said,and the you can 69 each other,and when I tell you to suck my cock,you do it without any form of protest,and after this day is finished you will tell no - one,and only offer yourselves to me when I want sex. Do you understand.They looked at me and said you cannot stop us from telling the police etc about you, Ahah now thats where your wrong, Jane has been screwing not only other men but the VAT man of much money and she has also been pinching cash from her husbands late fathers estate, and I know like me she would also go to prison, and you Rosie have been laundering cash for the local drug baron, and Jane has been putting your cash through her accountancy business ,so I don,t think either of you is going to blow the whistle,as we would all wind up not only in prison,but you two would loose everything including your children.

Well the room went totally quiet and nothing was said for about 10 mins, they then looked at me,and admitted I had them over a barrel.And they both were prepared to comply to my demands ,not only now but in the future. And just in case you decide to have me killed off, as soon as I die three parcels will leave my estate ,they are addressed to the VAT MAN, POLICE & The Tabloid Press, so I would suggest to you both comply with my fantasys desires etc and all will be ok.Well you leave us with very little choice, and after a few mins of open disscusion with each other they agreed. I in turn told them that there children were safe at school and had never been in my charge ,apart from their schooling.

It was too late for Jane and Rosie to do anything about my ploy, so where do we go from here Jane said, well I have always fantised about raping you, but we could do it using roleplay with no-one getting hurt,apart from me tearing your clothes off.OK they said, well before we go ahead,I would like you both to jointly suck my cock, Rosie pulled my flies down, put her hand into my underclothes and pulled my hardening cock out, she then fed into Jane,s waiting mouth, and the sucking began, Oh Jane was good ,,she played with the end of my cock ,until I nearly burst , then she would stop, take it out of her mouth,only to be sucked in again,and taken all the way down her throat, and my self control was no more, I exploded with cum firing down her throat, filling her mouth and so much was extracted ,that it oozed out of her mouth ,and dripped on to the floor.Rosie started to kiss Jane taking my spunk and just swallowing it ,it was sheer be continued

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2011-12-11 18:25:15
Hey be quiet I've seen way worse , good jOb bro keep t up


2009-04-22 03:31:48
Once again .... shit on the writer. If you were so fuckng clever you would not be on this site ridiculing.
ps ,,,, they are right writer ..think ahead a bit about your story.


2008-01-11 23:50:33
wht the fuck , u taught


2008-01-02 03:38:42
why is it called nice pussy? u didnt even get the girls naked...


2007-12-31 02:01:13
this sht iz retarted

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