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Two Girlfriends Share Panty Secrets
Panty Buddies
By Honey West

They'd known each other since high school. Ashley and Jennifer had been best buddies, even dated the same guys. They were both hotties and they knew it. Ashley had long blonde hair that hung straight to her ass. Jen was a busty brunette with a tanned, toned butt. One night they both got drunk at a party and found themselves making out with each other at Jen's apartment. They were in college now, dating guys, but their curiousity about what mysteries lay under each other's clothes was finally overcome by the large amounts of alcohol and it finally happned. They had sex with each other.

Ashley drunkenly asked Jennifer if she'd ever heard the term "tribadism".


"Tribadism.....that's the technical term for two chicks bumping their clits together until they cum. I saw it on a porn video and FUCK it was hot. These two girls were kind of in a scissor position, going at it. I can't get it out of my head Jennifer."

Ashley began unzipping Jen's tight, hot jeans, and could hardly wait to see what her pussy looked like. She'd gotten glimpses when they were younger, at sleepovers and slumber parties over the years at their parent's house, but never enough to really get a clear picture. She hoped Jen shaved, just like she did, so she could see the full view of her labia, clit and slit. A shaved pussy in that scissor position would feel god damn fantastic against her own smooth mound.

"hmmmmmm, Jen, I wanna eat you out so bad. I've always wanted to see your cunt, you're so fucking sexy, let me lick you, make you feel good."

As she got Jen hotter by the minute with her arousing words, she slid her jeans down, revealing that she was wearing hot pink, string bikini panties. Slowly, slowly, she pulled them down and could clearly see her pussy juices staining the crotch. She was overcome by an urge to smell Jen's panties. In fact, what Jen didn't know was that Ashley had been sneaking sniffs of her best friend's underwear for quite awhile now.

Whenever she stayed overnight at her house, usually after a party or if they were both so drunk they couldn't drive, Ashley secretly would go into Jen's bathroom, rummage through her laundry hamper, and find
several pairs of her underwear to get off on. She'd lie on the cold bathroom floor, holding the soiled crotch to her nose, and experience explosive orgasms so intense she thought she'd pass out.

Once, she even stole several pairs and took them home to masturbate with. She became an expert on Jennifer's underwear in all their many forms. She had an entire collection, various colors, styles and sizes. Black, white, pink, yellow, you name it. Sometimes she knew just when her best friend had been on her period, the panties smelling funky, musty yet perfumed as women's underwear does when they try to cover the scent of their monthly cycle.

The pungent smell reminded her of her own "period panties" as she called them, the ones she always wore that were her less pretty so if they got blood stained, it wouldn't matter so much. No matter how hard she tried every month, her panties always ended up with a blood spot or two somewhere. She was secretly pleased and amused that her buddy Jen did the same thing. Her period panties were like hers, a bit ratty. Not the worst, but the lesser panties that were
soon going to be thrown out. Women knew these things about each other. They categorized their panties according to their various uses in ways that men could never begin to understand. Men didn't have these particular little problems or secret girlie rituals.

Other times during her forbidden panty searches, she
was able to find out just when Jen was having sex from going through her hamper and finding the ones with the cum stains which smelled rather strong after several days wadded up at the bottom of the dank hamper.

Breathing in deeply she wondered,

"Who's cum is this? John's or Tommy's? Probably Tommy, smells llike him".

They'd shared him a couple of times, swapping him back and forth and both eventually dumping him. He always blew his load too fast. The load that smelled in the crotch of Jen's underwear. Cum panties were always nasty and hot smelling the longer they remained in the hamper, reminding her of her boyfriend's sperm in her own unwashed panties. These scents and smells created an explosive sexual connection in her mind with Jennifer, her best buddy.

She continued to seduce Jen as she moaned and groaned drunkenly. They both wanted it, using the alcohol as an excuse to do what they'd both wanted to do for years. Again she was overwhelmed by the urge to sniff the panties she'd pulled from Jen's bald, beautiful juice soaked crotch. She wanted to smell these panties particularly, because they'd just been in direct contact with her pussy in the "here and now" instead of the stale stuff in the depths of the hamper.

She finally slid them all the way off and saw that Jen was, indeed, shaved bald. Shit, she looked good, better than she could have imagined in her wildest dreams. She was kneeling in front of her now, stroking her thighs gently with her fingertips, toying and playing with her
soft body before going up to her clit.

Impulsively, she held the panties to her nose and took a big whiff. Jen watched lazily and half-drunk, but she could tell how turned on it was making Ashley to sniff the crotch.

"Smell good, bitch? You're one nasty little girl, aren't you? You like smelling me? How do I smell, like fish LOL? I didn't shower just before, I probably stink." She laughed wildly.

This was getting fun, very fun. Maybe she'd be able to work up the courage to confess that she'd come an expert on what Jen's underwear smelled like. Hopefully, her buddy wouldn't kick her ass for invading her privacy that way.

"No, bitch, you don't smell like fish. You smell like hot, aroused pussy. I want you so bad. "

The scent was fresher and stronger than any she'd gotten from the hamper, because this lovely pink pair had just been tightly pressed up against her beaver and encased directly in her tight jeans until just a few minutes ago, unlike the ones from the hamper that were several days old and had lost their "tang".

Jen wanted to know more about tribadism. Even in her drunken haze, that word had caught her attention. She was naked except for her bra and wanted to get into the "scissors" position Ashley had described seeing in the porn video.

Ashley quickly stripped off her own jeans and panties, and kneeled before Jen , who was now completely naked for the first time in front of her best buddy. She could hardly believe this sexy fantasy was finally happening. They weren't lesbians; they just dug each other's hottie female bods. Their inhibitions had vanished with the booze in their systems, so tonight was the night.

"Damn, your puss is hot, girl. Let's get into position, I wanna do you bad."

They maneuvered their bodies until they were lined up as best they could, Ashley leading the way and making suggestions, squirming this way and that, since she was the one who had seen the scissor position in the video, their clits now rubbing and slithering together. It wasn't quite as easy as the "pros" had made it look, but Jen and Ashley were making clitty contact and it felt good, hot and nasty. They both started to moan in unison, each alternately letting out little yelps of pleasure.

"Jen, your panties smelled so sexy, I could tell you were ready for me."

"Oh Jesus Ash, fuck yes. I was wet as soon as we got home tonight. I knew something was gonna happen. I love fucking you, make me cum"

They continued for several more minutes, hips moving and bucking, clits rubbing and swirling together, their juices mingling. They were both so slick sometimes they could barely make contact and would slip off and laugh, giggling as they watched themselves become more and more aroused. Giggling was gradually turning into louder and louder groans and moans. It wasn't girlish fun anymore, but solid grinding clit pounding.

Ashley being the more aggressive of the two decided to change positions and get on top and fuck Jen that way, straddling her so that their clits received maximum contact pressure. She didn't want to do Jen with a dildo, she wanted clit on clit action. They both had boyfriends and could have a penis any time they wanted. Tonight was for pussy bumping and grinding.

"Oh honey, this is fuckin awesome, my clit's gonna explode, oh Jen, here I cum here I cum, oh goddddddddddddddddddddddd!"

Jen's legs spread open wide and she also immediately orgasmed as she heard Ashley's cries and felt her cunt spasms. Her legs waved and flailed wildly in the air as they both pushed their pussies and slits tightly together. It hadn't taken more than 15 minutes for them both to achieve incredibe cums.

'Oh my God, Jen, that was the fastest I've ever cum. It usually takes me an hour to get off with Sammy, straight fucking, and then I'm sore for days after. I can't even do it that fast when he eats me out. This was the bomb, babe. I loved it."

Ashley lay on top of Jen for a few minutes, kissing and caressing her, coming down off her cum and gently rubbing her friend's very sensitive clit with her own highly sensitive pussy lips.. She looked down and saw they were both red from arousal and friction. Their thighs were drenched with vaginal secretions which had poured from both of them during their little orgy.

"Hey, Ashley, what's that word again? Tribadism?"

"Yeah, that's what we just did. Silly word, huh?"

"Maybe, but it sure as hell felt great. I loved it when we were in the scissor position, watching your thighs and breasts as we bumped and pushed. Your boobs were jiggling and swinging. Fuckin hot beyond words."

Ashley nodded her head in agreement, but was still overcome with the desire to sniff Jen's panties again. She saw them lying in the corner where they'd been tossed. Did she dare sniff them again? She got up and walked over, picking them up.

"Hey Ash, whatcha doin? Am I that great to smell?"

"Fuck yes Jen." Was it confession time?

"Wow, I'm flattered my cunt turns you on so much. I've always wondered what other women smell like too. Okay, actually, I've wondered what YOU smell like. Where'd your panties go? Oh, here they are."

Jen found Ashley's lacey black boy shorts on the floor and twirled them around her finger.

"Wellllllllll, here they are! Hee hee! Now we'll see how your cunt measures up."

They both laughed. They were having a good, erotic time. Neither felt embarrassed or ashamed. Two girls having a panty party.

Ashley watched as Jen buried her nose deeply in the crotch and took a
loud breath. She knew they might smell strong, since she'd had them on all night, partying and dancing at the club, letting her boyfriend finger her in a dark corner before leaving with Jen for the night. She knew there was some girlie cream slathered in those panties.

"So, what do you think? Is it bad? Or yummy?"

Jen continued to breathe and analyze. She was obviously getting off on this, just as Ashley had loved smelling Jen's underwear.

"You're right, they do smell strong, but I like it. Not bad strong, just woman strong."

Ashley wanted to hear more.

"Describe it to does it make you feel?"

"It smells like a mixture of the ocean , being on the rag, sweat, and Chanel No. 5 LOL"

It was true that she'd spritzed some Chanel down into her jeans before going to the club. It wasn't her favorite perfume, just what she happened to have around at the time. She'd just finished her period and still had a little leftover bit of funk that she hoped the Chanel would cancel out.

Jen's honest deion had made her hotter than hell. She felt her clit starting to come back to life and tingle with burning sensations all over again.

But she still needed to "come clean" and confess her panty hamper raids. Not just as a moral obligation, but to test the waters and see how far their sexual adventure might go. Maybe their "tribadism", rubbing/bumping and scissoring clit sessions could become a regular part of their friendship, even when they were with guys, even after they married and had kids. A nice diversion from the same old, same old.

"Jen, there's something I have to tell you. Please don't get mad. I did it out of curiousity and also because I always thought you were so pretty and looked so hot in your pants. I know I shouldn't have, but........"

"But what, Ashley? After what we just did tonight, you can tell me anything. From now on, there's no secrets between us. We've slid our
clits against each other like two cats in heat. What could you possibly say that would upset me?"

It was now or never.

"Well, Jen, I've been going into you clothes hamper, sometimes when you weren't even here or were passed out after a party, and I'd dig down
into the hamper for your panties and smell the crotch. I wanted to know how your pussy juices smelled, or maybe to compare mine to yours. I don't know exactly why. I'm sorry."

Jennifer sat in silence for a moment, pondering this information.

"Gee, Ash, I guess that's where my missing Hello Kitty panties went, huh? LOL"

Ashley did vaguely remember taking some panties like that for one of her jack off crotch sniffing sessions.

"Yes, Jen, I did steal some of them and take them home. I still have them, as part of my collection. I'll wash them and you can have them back."

"EWWWWWWWWW, no Ash, you can keep 'em! If they mean that much to you, I want you to have them. But tell me, what do I smell like? I don't ever smell my own after I've put them in the hamper. I want to know more."

Ashley knew she could break down the panties into very specific categories:

1. Cum/Sex Panties
2. Period Panties
3. Yeast Infection Panties
4. Busy day/workout at the gym/sweaty panties
5. Piss-smelling Panties
6. Perfume smelling panties
7. Hardly any smell panties
8. Hot aroused pussy womanly smell panties

That about covered it. But could she dare tell Jen just how intimately she'd learned about her crotch odors?

"Well, Jen, there's various different smells. I actually dig them all and get aroused by all the different ways you've ever smelled. My favorite is when your crotch smells like a woman does when she's aroused and her juices are flowing. Maybe you were masturbating or something and took your panties off right after. Or maybe it was just before a hot date and you were creaming your panties with fresh discharge, ready to go out.

I always fantasized and built a scene in my head as to what you had been doing just before putting the panties in the hamper. Then I would lie on the bathroom floor and masturbate holding them to my nose and explode."

Holy shit, Jen had never heard anything like this before, but it was obvious that her buddy Ashley was into her in ways that no boyfriend ever had been. Her current guy certainly wasn't going to delight in her female odors beyond going down on her, usually right after she'd showered and had washed away as many traces of pussy odor as she could. That was fine and okay with her - she respected his need for her to smell nice for him. But it was still cool that her friend knew and perhaps even loved her pussy at levels that no guy ever had.

Ashley carefully listed each category of crotch odor for Jen, whose face turned bright red, but at the same time, she was obviously excited and even flattered in a strange way. After getting dressed, they snuggled on the couch for awhile, sobering up and somewhat coming to their senses. It was getting late so Jen decided to stay in the guest bedroom

Jennifer wasn't sure, but she also thought secretly that perhaps this arrangement between them could go on beyond this one crazy night. She also had a proposal for her dear friend and lifelong buddy Ashley.

"Look Ash.....I don't want you having to rummage secretly through my hamper to get off on my panties. It turns you on and frankly, it gets me off big time too, thinking about you masturbating to my female odors. I really care for you and want us to be happy with our new game. We both know we're not lesbians, and we're both gonna continue being with guys forever. But you like to sniff and get turned on by my smell. Here's my proposal. At the end of the week, I'll save all my unwashed panties for you, and you can pick them up and have fun with them, wash them, and bring them back when you're through with them. How about that?"

Ashley could hardly believe her ears. Jennifer truly "got it" and wasn't going to be judgmental about her needs. . She also enjoyed knowing that her panties were playing a role in her friend's happiness.

"Wow, Jen, you'd do that for me? Damn, that's the best. Yes, save your panties for me sweetie, and I'll have fun thinking about where you were and what you were doing in them. Would you like to smell mine too?"

Jen thought for a moment and replied, with a big, wide grin on her face,


So, it was a win/win for these two panty buddies and friends forever.

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