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From the first time I saw her sitting in that bar I knew that I had to
have her. Don't ask me why I homed in on her more than the other T-girls
who were there, putting out "cum-ons" to all the admirers that night.
Maybe it was the shape of her body, the softness of her skin, her pretty
eyes or luscious long hair. Maybe it was her alluring smile or the way
she tilted her head, so proud of herself yet with a certain hint of
submissiveness about her. I am not sure what it was but I knew that I
just had to have her.

Subsequently, of course, I got to know that she was not proud at all,
not in that negative sense of the word as many girls are. No, she was
quite a demure lass and quite submissive too. At any rate, I did buy her
a drink that night and we did get to speaking and when we were very up
close and personal, those eyes boring into me, and that smile, those
lips that I could just imagine her knowing how to use on a man in every
sense. Those lips of hers were made for serving men and for loving them,
yes, and later on she said so. Later on she said, "You know, I
just love to drive men crazy when I get them in bed with me, close to
me, their wonderfull maculine chests heaving passion for me. And I know
how to do it too. Don't you think I know how to do it, sweetie?" She
asked that question with lowered head so that her eyes came up from
behind her drink in a very puckering provocative way. She smiled and
licked her lips, and she whispered, "Thanks for the drink, darling", as
she lifted her hand to stroke my face. "You're sweet", she said and
again smiled that smile that drove me crazy, and ran her index finger
down along my jaw, then around my ear lobe, then down along the length
of my throat, and let it linger there. I sat there at the bar with her,
my penis bulging and throbbing and trying to rip its way out of my tight
pants. She leaned in and lightly brushed her sweet red lips against
mine, holding on sweetly to the back of my neck, carressing there with
that one finger, and my mouth opened to take her tongue in, but she
pulled back slightly and smiled, and I got a hint, there and then, of
how she loves to tease a man. "Yes, Bobby", I thought to myself, "You
just LOVE teasing men. I know it."

I placed my drink down on the bar and raised by hand yo cup her face and
jaw, and quickly lowered it to take her throat in my grasp, very
lightly. The skin of her neck is so unbelievably soft, just the way it
looks, just the way I knew it would be to a man's touch. It drove me
crazy just carressing her soft warm throat, and she didn't stop me.

"Oh, so you like a girl's neck, do you"? She laughed and threw back her
head, her hair moving slightly back and forth with the gesture. The
black choker she wore intensified the soft whiteness of her sweet throat
and I thought that I would go mad with desire. I could have loved that
sweet throat all night long. But soon she removed my hand and went back
to fininshing her drink.

I knew that the place was going to close soon and I didn't want her to
move away from me and leave so I asked her to dance.

The juke box was playing something slow, Sinatra I think, and I was
feeling very warm all over as she took my hand and let me lead her to
the dance floor. There were not too many people dancing so we had a lot
of room to move over the floor.

Bobby is a very good dancer. She knows how to move that incredible body,
making the most of that black lace clad sweet skin. She smiled up at me
as we embraced each other and began to dance. As my arms wound around
her and I took her into my embrace and held her tightly against me, I
thought that every load of cum that I ever had in my balls was going to
squirt out. But I did control myself and only the precum leaked onto my
jeans, but because they were dark, it was hard to tell that they were
wet. But I am willing to bet that that little minx in my arms knew it
because she looked up at me in that knowing way and smiled a certain
smile that said "You are moving deeper and deeper into my power, aren't
you?" No words were necessary. It was like each of us could read the
other's thoughts. My heart was beating so fast and my breath was also
coming fast as my grip on her body tightened. I felt that I just could
not let her go, as thought this dance could go on forever and I wuuld
never get tired of dancing and holding Bobby.

Now as she also held me more tightly, I moved my mouth down to hers. She
turned her face away but only for a few seconds, and then abruptly turn
back and opened her golden honeyed mouth to me. I stared into that mouth
as thought it were a lost Paradise newly discovered, perfect white
teeth, lips made for love, a tongue pointing generously, giving itself.
The universe collapsed around me and everything faded away. All reality
disappeared with the exception of that mouth that my own was moving

I wanted to keep my eyes open and watch her as I kissed her but that was
impossible. Her eyes closed romantically and my own followed suit, and
the next thing I felt were her lips come up to meet mine. They parted,
as did mine. Lips and tongue meeting in a rush of heat as we kissed and
kissed and kissed. The pleasure of that first lingering kiss was
excruciating, almost painfull, but the kind of pain that you pray won't
stop, because, you fear, if it DOES stop, the pain of the end of that
kiss will be much more than you can bear.

My amrs were now crushing her against me and she responded by tightening
her arms around my neck and kissing me harder and harder with each
passing minute. Both of us were pressing the lower part of our bodies
against each other too, and I could feel that her sweet throbbing cock
was every inch as hard as mine. I thought that I was going to faint from
desire. The passion was constricting my chest. Finally, after what
seemed like too short an eternity, she pulled her mouth away from mine
and kissed my ear, whispering, "Oh Baby, you feel so hard and thick and
wonderfull! I bet you just know how to fill a girl's aching throat and
mouth with that huge thing! Oh baby, you feel like you have the
lovliest, biggest, thickest hard fuck rod in the world! I bet its filled
with such sweet creamy sweet tasting milk that a girl needs to swallow
to live!"

I was gulping the air into my throat, gasping at the heat and desire
that this sweet fuck bitch was rousing in me by her words and her
touches. I found it almost impossible to breathe. For as she spoke to
me, she was running her hands up over the exposed skin of my neck and
face and arms, and then running her fingers down my sides and back.

She raised her face up to me and smiled sexily, and said, "Let me feel
that thing, please!" It was almost as though she were BEGGING me to feel
it. I looked down at her and silently I nodded my head yes. "Caress my
neck as I caress you down there. I know you like the feel of a girl's
throat. Caress me, darling. She threw her head back and offered me that
sweet flesh as she unzipped my fly, slowly inserting her fingers and
finally her whole hand into my pants. My lips cought hers again and my
fingers caressed and probed that beautiful neck of hers and her fingers
circled around my cock and found my balls.

"Oooh, such soft silken balls", she purred in my ear through the kiss.
"So sweeeeeet! My God, baby, you have really hot beautifull balls. I
could make love to them with my fingers and my mouth all day long." Now
I must mention to you that my testicles are a VERY VERY sensitive part
of my anatomy. Any lover who works them, even for a short time, gets to
have me pretty much in their power, and this delicious slut bitch had me
captivated and bewitched with her touch and her girlish ways. I have
seen many feminine men but Bobby is such a feminine man that you tend to
forget she is not a real woman. "But", I am thinking, "Who wants a real
woman when a man can have such an indescribably soft warm creature like
this to be his lover? For she is man and woman, bitch and angel, whore
and goddess, slut and lover, all in one magnificent package!

Then after a few moments of fondling my balls, she moved her fingers
around and clasped my thick hard cock, not too tightly and not too
loosely, but just with the right amount of pressure to feel really good!
My shirt was open and my neck and chest were exposed. As we danced and
swayed, and as she rubbed my bulging tuminescence, she leaned into me
and started kissing my throat and chest. Her lips found my tits and she
began to sweetly suck my nipples, first one, then the other, and I knew
suddenly why a woman wants a man to suck her tits as he plays with her.
It was not an intellectual knowing but a deep intrinsic knowing, and a
feeling came over me that said that if I were a real woman, I'd want
Bobby to bring out the man in her and be my lover. So man or woman, I I
know I would want her with a deep, deep passion and desire that I had
never felt for any other man, queer or tgirl!

Her hands were now stroking me faster and faster and her mouth was
kissing me frantically and hungrily, GREEDILY you might say. "Honey, I
just LOVE to do this to a real man and drive him crazy", she whispered
in my ear. "And this is nothing! Just my fingers! Wait until you look at
and take my mouth and my man-cunt."

Those last words were just too much. I felt the pump in my cock quicken.
I knew that I could not contain myself. I screamed her name as the hot
liquid fuck milk shot out my my pee slit and covered her hand and the
inside of my pants. My mind must have gone blank for a moment and when
awareness return, my one hand was pressing deeply into her throat and
the other was holding her around her shoulders. She had pulled her hand
out of jeans and was licking at the residue of cum on her fingers until
they were clean of all traces of my spunk.

At first I was worried that I may have gone into a trance and hurt her
neck. But she assured me that it was alright. She said that my mild
choke hold made her hot because it reminded her of all her rape
fantasies. She said that if we ever made "real" love, that is, if we
ever went to bed, she wanted to be choked while being fucked and have
her hair pulled.

I noticed that we had danced into a dark corner so only a few people in
the bar were aware of what was happening between us, and those few
pretty much just stared and were silent. Some of them were smiling and
licking their lips. Apparently the clientelle in this bar were
accostomed to seeing all sorts of things and nothing seemed to shock
them. Still it was embarrassing to me but did not seem to bother Bobby
at all.

"Some people are looking at us", I said to her. She just smiled and
replied, "This is one fuck slut whore bitch that likes attention."

I said to her, "That might be. But I am a more private person and I'd
like to take you home with me or go home with you."

She shook her head slightly and said, "Not tonight, baby. Sorry but this
girl has to be up early tomorrow and you are just too much of a
distraction. Some other night."

I was disappointed but didn't want to pout about it. I Said, "OK, give
me your number and I will call you."

"NO", she said. "I don't gove my number out to men I meet for the first
time. We can meet here again and make plans then."

Now I was really disappointed. It felt that she was fucking with my head
and I was a little mad but still held my feelings in. Nevertheless Bobby
knew how I was feeling.

"Aw", she cooed, and caressed my face. "don't be disappointed. I
promise, we will meet up again."

"When?", I asked.

"Oh, I am in here most nights. Just come around and look for me."

Then she leaned over and kissed my face, turned around and walked out of
the bar, leaving me with wet pants and a sad heart.

I went home to an empty bed and thought about Bobby and about how
wonderful she felt, and I could not help myself from doing what anyone
would do to relive that wonderful feeling of being with her.



2005-12-05 19:53:29
What a hot beginning, I'd love to dress up like a slut like that and cruise guys at a bar! Makes my cock hard just thinking about it.

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