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A run away boy gets involved in an automobile accident.
Car Accident

I was sixteen years old and running away from home. My parents pissed me off so I left. I was somewhere in Pennsylvania at the time, out in the boondocks, and at this rinky-dink ‘Gas Station.’ It wasn’t even a ‘Convenience Store’ like we have back home. All they sold was gasoline, motor oil, and some road maps. Oh yes and they had a bathroom but you had to get the key from the attendant. The key was chained to a hubcap off an old Lincoln Continental. Yeah I got the complete story while I was crossing my legs and trying hard not to pee my pants. There was only the one bathroom too. That place belonged in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest Gas Station in the World.

I had just finished peeing and was washing my hands when someone started pounding on the door. I dried my hands off as quickly as I could and the person was still knocking on the door when I opened it. That’s when this cute little babe came flying into the bathroom with me, lifted her mini skirt up to her waist, dropped her panties to her ankles, and then squatted down on the toilet seat. All while I was standing there holding the door open.

She finally looked up at me and said, “Would you mind closing the door? Please!”

So I closed the door but I stayed inside the bathroom with her. She smiled at me and I heard her pee splashing into the water in the toilet bowl. I saw the look of relief on her face and had to smile because that was the expression that I had just a few minutes ago too.

Finally she said to me, “Well my name is Amanda and I really had to go.”

I replied, “Yeah! I could tell. I did the same thing a few minutes ago too.”

Amanda said, “I’m fourteen years old and I’m traveling with my parents. What about you?”

I replied, “Well I’m sixteen years old and I’m running away from home but please don’t tell anyone that. They’ll just send me back again.”

Amanda asked, “Do you need a ride?”

I replied, “Yes! That would be great. Which way are you going?”

Amanda replied, “South toward Tennessee.”

I said, “I’d love a ride as long it’s not back home to my parents.”

I just watched as Amanda opened her legs up wide, got some toilet paper off from the roll on the floor, and then wiped her pussy right there in front of me. When she stood up and I got to see her brown pubic hair just before she flushed the toilet, pulled her panties back up, and lowered her mini skirt down into place.

Together we walked out of the bathroom hand in hand and returned the hubcap to the attendant before we got into the backseat of her car. That’s when Amanda introduced me to her parents and told them that I needed a ride. Her father looked me over, frowned somewhat, and then said that I could go along with them. Amanda was sitting right behind her mother and I was sitting behind her father who was driving the car. After a few miles Amanda turned in her seat such that I could see her panties very clearly. She sure was a sexy little thing. She was also lifting her little top up so that I could see her small breasts when her father caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye and turned around to look at her.

Just then a deer jumped out of the woods on one side of the road and scared her mother into grabbing the steering wheel and jerking it out of her husband’s hands. That’s when we drove off the road, went down the steep embankment, and then landed up against a tree. As we were going down that hill I had forced Amanda to the floor of the car and had covered her with my body to protect her. When we hit that tree we were safe but a little shook up. Amanda’s father was hit in the back and side when the airbag exploded. He hurt his back somewhat. Her mother had hit the dash of the car with her forehead and was out like a light.

After a few moments to clear his head her father checked to make sure that we were both okay in the backseat and then he checked on his wife. I helped him get his wife’s seat to tip back almost flat. Then we managed to get her shoulder strap loosened up and tried to make her more comfortable.

The car would still start but he couldn’t back it up the steep incline. The tree had only dented his bumper in a few inches however it wouldn’t be cheap to fix. After assessing the situation and trying his cell phone just to find out that there was no phone service in that area he said that he was going back to the Gas Station to get help. I offered to go back instead since he was hurt and I wasn’t but he was a take charge kind of man and he had already made up his mind. He told Amanda and I to take care of his wife and then he climbed up the hill to the road.

Knowing what I know now Amanda may have been in shock but anyway as soon as her father was out of sight she started to kiss me.

Then Amanda asked me, “Do you want to fuck me? I’m not a virgin if that matters.”

I replied, “Well I’m a virgin but sure I’d love to fuck you. Will you teach me how?”

I really wasn’t a virgin but I had found out that girls really liked virgin boys. If the girls were virgins themselves then they felt better about loosing their virginity to another virgin. If the girls weren’t virgins then they loved to break one in. In either case I win. After all no one could tell if I were a virgin or not. It’s not like I had a hymen to break or anything. So as far as Amanda was concerned I was a virgin and she was in charge. She had all the knowledge. Girls really eat that shit up.

Amanda pushed some button in glove compartment and popped the trunk of the car open. Then she took out a blanket and laid it out on the ground behind the car where her mother wouldn’t see us.

I asked, “Won’t your father be right back?”

That’s when I found out just how smart that little babe was. Amanda laughed at me and said, “No silly. Weren’t you paying any attention? We didn’t see a single car on this road before that rest stop and we haven’t seen one since then either. Dad is not walking up to par the way he was moving. I checked the trip odometer that dad resets whenever he fills up with gas and we have traveled about fifteen miles since picking you up. Now as we learned in school the other day, an adult male can walk approximately three miles an hour on flat land. If dad were in good condition, which he is not then it would take him about five hours to get back there. So as you can see you have more than enough time to fuck my brains out.”

Amanda said it so mater of factly that she took me by complete surprise. However I had no more objections. For a fourteen-year-old she sure was a lot smarter than I was.

I watched as Amanda got undressed. She was not fast at it and she wasn’t very slow at it either. She was just your typical teenage girl taking her clothes off. I had already seen everything that Amanda had to offer me anyway. I had seen Amanda’s sweet little pussy back in the Gas Station bathroom and her cute little tits in the back seat of the car just before the crash. So when she was standing there naked in front of me I just checked her out some more as I started to undress. I undressed at about the same speed as she had while she watched me. Amanda seemed fascinated by my hard cock.

Amanda got on her back on the blanket and then had me kneel down beside her. That’s when the fun really began. Amanda told me to start by touching her body all over, to feel of her tits, and to pinch her nipples too. This way I would get over some of shyness around her. I tried to keep up the pretence by touching her gently and then more firmly as I went. She then opened up her legs nice and wide for me and then she told me to look inside. She opened her pussy lips up with her fingers to allow me a much better view. Then Amanda pointed out her various parts to me such as her outer pussy lips, her inner pussy lips, and her round pink fuck hole. She said that it really was her vagina but since she lost her virginity last year she liked to call it her fuck hole. She then rocked back on the blanket and spread her butt cheeks apart so that she could point out her reddish brown puckered asshole to me. Then Amanda laughed and said that her asshole was still virgin but only until she found the perfect cock for it. Mine was that perfect cock! That’s why she had stared at it for so long when I undressed. I had to smile knowing that I was going to get to butt fuck this little hussy. Finally she showed me where her clitoris was and asked me to touch it with my finger. She asked me to move my finger around on it harder. Then I watched as her eyes closed and she started to get that feeling of sexual bliss. I had seen that look several times before and I knew that Amanda was enjoying it a lot so I applied some more pressure with my finger and I swirled it around faster and faster. I dipped that finger into her fuck hole to lubricate it and then went back to work on her clit. I brought Amanda to an orgasm and that was all that she had wanted. She said that I could fuck her then but I didn’t. Not yet anyway. I wanted to give her a couple more orgasms. I had found that girls that had at least three orgasms were much more relaxed during sex and that both her and I would enjoy it that much more.

After giving her that third orgasm Amanda was begging me to fuck her so I got between her legs and slipped my cock head just inside her opening. She accused me of teasing her and I admitted that I was. Then I slipped my cock all the way inside of her pussy until I couldn’t go in any further. Once our pelvic bones struck together I started fucking her with nice long slow strokes. I had found that nice long slow strokes were best in the beginning and then that shorter faster and harder strokes were best at the very end. Stroking my cock into Amanda just felt so good. She was just the right age for me too. I loved them a couple of years younger than me. I loved her small tits too. Amanda was also a very good kisser. I let her keep teaching me what to do and she loved it when I finally let out a moan and filled her pussy with my hot cum.

Amanda said that we should get dressed just in case her mother woke up but she promised me that I could fuck her again later. It was a good thing that we had gotten dressed too because only moments later we heard her mother calling out to her.

We walked over to her side of the car and saw that Amanda’s mother was holding her neck with one hand. She asked us what had happened so Amanda filled her in about the deer and the accident. Then she told Amanda to go after her father and help him get back to the gas station while I stayed and cared for her. Amanda just kissed her mother goodbye and took off like a shot. We figured that she would probably catch him in less than an hour at the rate he was moving.

Shortly after Amanda had gone after her father her mother smiled at me and then asked me, “So did you enjoy fucking my daughter? Were you really a virgin?”

I just looked at her. She got out of the car and then rolled her head around on her shoulders as if she were straightening out her neck.

When I didn’t answer her questions she asked them again, “So did you enjoy fucking my daughter?”

I nodded my head yes.

She then asked, “Were you really a virgin?”

Again I nodded my head yes.

So then Amanda’s mother asked me, “How would you like to fuck a real woman? Me!”

I literally could not believe my ears but of course I said, “I would love too.”

So then I watched as Amanda’s mother undressed for me. This time it was much slower and very sensual. She was one very sexy lady I’ll tell you. Just watching her remove her bra was like watching Rembrandt paint a picture. It was gentle, it was precise, and it was incredibly amazing to watch. Her body was the most amazing thing to see. She had curves that were absolutely in all of the right places and just the perfect size too. She could have modeled for a sculpture that I saw once in a museum. When she removed her panties I was treated to the very first bald pussy that I had ever seen and it was nice and puffy too. I could even see her inner lips poking out between her fatter outer lips and the tip of her clitoris too. I had never seen a clit that big before. Amanda’s mother was simply the most amazing woman that I had ever seen. Even the girls in Playboy couldn’t compare to her. I couldn’t help but smile and I realized that I was going to get the chance to have sex with this Goddess of Love.

Amanda’s mother wanted to undress me herself so I let her. I also cooperated with her every need too. I was even enjoying her undressing me. She kissed my nipples when she removed my shirt. She kissed my cock when she removed my underwear and then she turned me around and kissed my ass too. It was incredibly exciting and I almost cum when she did that. My cock was jerking uncontrollably as Amanda’s mother slipped her lips over the head of it. She sucked it in a couple of times and then pulled it all the way into her mouth so that her nose was buried in my pubic hair. No girl had ever done that for me before. I tried to warn her that I was going to cum in her mouth but she didn’t seem to care, she only held my ass tighter and pulled me harder into her. She sucked every drop of cum out of my cock and then kept sucking me until I was hard again. That time she had me lay down on the blanket that she had put on the ground behind the car just like Amanda had. Then Amanda’s mother sat on my legs and told me to play with her tits. I was afraid that I would only get to play with them for just a minute or two like I had with all of the other girls in the past but Amanda’s mother was not like any of the other girls. She let me play with her tits, squeeze them all that I wanted too, and to tweak her nipples too. When I finally had my fill she turned around and sat her pussy on my face as she went back to sucking on my cock again.

If I had liked the view of her pussy before then I absolutely loved it from just inches away. There was not one sign of hair on her pussy and not one sign of stubble either. It was as if she had been born without any hair follicles at all. It was so smooth that when I ran my tongue over it, it was just like licking glass. It smelled so fresh and clean that I was in love with her pussy. Then I took a taste of it. Her pussy tasted just like honey, fresh honey, straight from the farm. It was the most delicious pussy that I had ever tasted. As I grabbed onto her big puffy outer lips and parted them, more of her flavor oozed out for me to lick up. Then I grabbed a hold of her inner lips and pulled them apart too. I not only got another good lick of her pussy juice but I got a good look at her big clit too. Wow! It was huge. It looked like a little pecker. At first I almost didn’t suck on it thinking that I might enjoy it too much and that it might make me gay or something but I couldn’t resist it for very long. Soon I had my lips wrapped around her clit and I was sucking on it just like she was sucking on my cock. She really liked it too. She liked it a whole lot. Amanda’s mother had an orgasm and I got more of her honey to taste. When she had her second orgasm I flooded her mouth for the second time too.

We lay there on the blanket behind the car for a long time holding hands and talking about things. She was the most incredible cock sucker that I had ever known. I just knew that she would be the best fuck too. But that would have to wait until I had recovered some. We got dressed, put the blanket back in the trunk, and got back in the car to wait.

The End
Car Accident
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